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interview w/mike z.owner of paragon rec.vocalist of dimentianon/sectioned.done patrick

metal hails!!!
here is a new interview i did with one my longest friends in the underground.if you have never checked out paragon records web-site/store defintly do it after you read this interview. tons of
metal{black,death,doom,thrash,grind,and more!} from some of todays bigger bands as well as huge variety of smaller more obscure bands,and labels. enjoy and keep the flames of metal alive and burning!! and mike is also the vocalist of dimentianon a very good blackend death metal bands.and sectioned a old-school pure death metal check out the label and bands be sure to "click" the addresses at end of interview.
best regards
patrick and winter torment e-zine

interview with mike of paragon records,vocalist for dimentianon and sectioned.done by patrick

1.metal hails brother!! how is your weekend been so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Hey brother. i am ok. Just moved and went on vacation a little before that those things have been a little crazy. I am a 34 year old die hard metal head. That is all that is important i guess heh heh. what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? was it long until you discovered the underground? who are some of your "current"favorite bands?

I first started with rock when i was a little kid and it gradually went over to metal as i wanted something heavier and with more substance. Some of the first metal bands i heard were the usual such as Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Bathory, Possessed, Kreator, SOD, MOD, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden. Black Sabbath, Blood Feast, Hirax among some others.King Diamond was the one who changed it all for me though!! I discovered the underground in my teens when i first starting writing bands in 1991 i believe. The first band i wrote was Mega Slaugther from Sweden and i still have their 91 demo till this day and it's killer!!! I truly realized how big the underground was when i ordered the "gods of the pit" demo from belial of finland, because when he sent me the demo he sent me all these flyers of all these other bands who had demos and albums out that i didn't even know existed!! it really blew me away and it was truly an exciting time for me. i wanted to hear every single band i could get my hands on. I also use to order from Adipocere out of France for many obscure underground bands cds and 7"'s at the time. and though i am not in touch with him as much these days he is till a good contact of mine today. Some current favorites are Aldaaron, Embalmed Souls, Nomad, Allegiance, Beherit, Denial Of God, Blodsrit, Swallow The Sun, Burial Hordes, Aetherius Obscuritas, Faust, Asphyx, Necrophobic, Azaghal, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, Gorgoroth, Forgotten Winter, Dreaming Dead, Deathevokation, Khors, Astrofaes, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Megadeth, Kozeljink, Graveless, The Thorn, Deranged, Repossession, Act Of Fate [RIP], The Damnation, Thanatos, Frostmoon Eclipse, Blood Of Kingu, Death Invoker, Solgrav, Grafenstein, Sarkom, Osirion, Wisdom, Great Vast Forest, Dark Celebration, Spirit Of The Forest, Forgotten Words, Les Chants De Nihil, Svartsyn, Watain, Sinister, Requiem Aeternam, Darkestrah, Northwail, Velonnic Sin, Kozeljnik, Nihil Kaos,
just to name a few and of course the one and only King Diamond/Mercyful Fate.

3.when did you guys form "dimentianon"? how did you all come up with band name does it have a special meaning?what is the "current"line-up? for the readers who have not had the chance to hear the would you describe dimentianon's music?

Dimentianon was formed as a continuation of The Forgotten in 2002. But the way i personally see it the band was formed in summer of 1995 and we changed the name in 2002, end of story. The name Dimentianon comes from basically saying the name The Forgotten in Italian but we changed it by adding anon at the end. And it was Marc our original drummer who had this idea and our old guitar player Joe who added the anon at the end of it. Dimentianon's music is not easy to describe to a certain extent. But we are not the most original thing out there either. i always just like to say we are an "extreme metal band". but anybody who likes black metal, death metal, and even some doom or thrash can find things i think they would like with Dimentianon. We also do have an experimental side to us as well. It all fits in to what we call Dimentianon.

4.please tell the readers a little about each of dimentianon's releases? do you guys still have copies availble to the public? does the band have any other merchandise availble for the fans?

Here are the releases when we were called the forgotten and a brief description of each

The Forgotten/rehearsal demo/1997
our first recording, sloppy and not very professional but truly it was a great experience making it and a very exciting time for the band. easily our most primitive and primal release to date. they were all made by the band members and their were not many of them spread.

to walk the forest black demo 1998
our first official release. and there were a 1000 of these pressed and it was self-released. very professional looking tape and layout. still probably one of the most professional looking underground releases to come out of long island new york or at least that i have seen. it was a better recorded versions of the 2 songs from the 97 demo. it was also out first recording with a full line up. the mix got fucked up and some things should have turned out sounding differently then they did but this is also where we really started experimenting with samples and kind of bringing these songs out in a more professional manner. it has a very cool aura going on the whole time to i feel.

casket full of noise cd 1998
this was something our old drummer marc did on his own and it included 5 discs i believe of rare rehearsals and even some songs that were never released till this day. it also included rare photos, interviews, and reviews of the band. they were maybe 15 of these made. i also believe marc made a smaller version of it with just 3 discs of material and nothing else and their were even less of these made.

the grave demo 1998
this was a song where i really first started putting in my lyrical ideas with our old guitar player ed. it was also when we started branching out from what the original idea of what the band was suppose to be according to ed's vision who found the band. it also was a promo tape just to keep our bands name out there that we handed out at shows we played and to some contacts. again very limited and they were all made by us and it was a raw and brutal recording more like the debut demo but not as sloppy as that . it simply was "the grave" song recorded twice. both versions were slightly different then the other. their also was a recording of the grave that featured only ed on vocals. i am not sure if it was put on this tape and may only have been put on the casket full of noise release. to long ago to remember but it was a viscous recording that's for sure.

l'aldila full length 2001
our first full length. a lot of line up changes lead to this recording and it was a rough recording for us that we did all ourselves. but again it is viscous and is a very unique recording. i personally think this is one of my best vocal performances to date. it had all of the personality traits that the band had developed to this point. this was also the first release on Paragon Records and these were pressed to a 1000 copies all in blue jewel cases. It also featured Will [ex-Biolich, Buckshot Facelift] on guest vocals.

the forgotten/rigor sardonicous split 2002
this was by far our most professional recording to this point, and also our first and only release on vinyl up to this point as well. we did this in a real studio and you can hear that. this also features one of our most popular songs to date namely azarel. their are some flaws of course but it was a really nice piece of wax. these were pressed to 500 copies.

After the split 7" we changed the name to Dimentianon and we stated it on the back of the split 7" as well.

Untitled Demo, 2002
this actually does have a title but only the band members know it. This featured songs that would later appear on our 2nd cd Seven Suicides. Again it was a raw and brutal recording but with the line up changes to the band at this point we were getting tighter and more professional as a band. These we did have made up in limited quantities and after we got rid of all of them i believe we made some up ourselves for awhile and spread them.

Seven Suicides
This was the 2nd album and of course the first under the new name. And though we were in a professional studio for this we did do this all ourselves and you can hear that as well. it was a primitive and brutal recording. This came out on Paragon Records as well and was pressed up to a 1000 copies. Once again it featured Will [ex-Biolich Buckshot Facelift] doing guest vocals.

Promo 2005
This was a promo that featured songs that would later appear on our 3rd album Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum. This recording was again done by us and though it was not recorded in a studio it had a better recording then our 2nd cd. It also showed the band was getting faster and writing even more complex material.

Promo 2007
This was the same promo as 2005 other then the fact the cover was different and also it featured one tracks that took the place of one of the tracks on the 2005 promo. again done by us and it had a a good brutal raw recording. It also featured Will [ex Biolich, Buckshot Facelift], and Will Ramher [Mortician] on guest vocals.

Amores Defuntus Tuus Mater
Another split with Rigor Sardonicous and this time it was a cd. This was recorded in a studio as well and again was done all by us. and to this day it is was probably the most professional recording we have. Though i feel it could have had a more heavier production. It also featured a re-recorded song off l'aldila. this was put out by Largactyl Records out of California and was limited to a 1000 copies and is still available

Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum
By far the most brutal recording up to this point and it featured some of our most diverse tracks as well as heaviest. it also featured a Rigor Sardonicous cover. It had several guest vocal appearances such as G [Evol RIP], Will [ex Biolich, Buckshot Facelift], and Will Ramher [Mortician] amongst others doing guest vocals.This was released by our long time friend Anthony on his label Non Compos Mentis. It was pressed to 1000 copies and is almost sold out.

Promo 2008
This is a live recording when we opened up for Obituary, Merauder, Incasntation, Malignancy among others. and is our first live recording that we released. this also was the last recording for 2 of our members at that time. it is a brutal and primal recording and you can get the feel of the energy we have live. their are a few mistakes and the recording is not the best. but it is good for a live raw recording and we did have it mixed as well to bring out a better sound. we have spread probably close 5000 of these give or take and we still are spreading them today. originally we made them all up ourselves on cdr, but just recently we had a 1000 pressed up ourselves onto actual cd. these will continue to be spread until all the covers are gone!!!

that is it thus far. these are the items below that are still available

Amores Defuntus Tuus Mater split cd $12
Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum cd $12
Promo 2008 promo cd FREE

the merchandise we have right now are our one sided logo dimentianon t-shirts which are $12. they come in s, m, l, x-large, xx-large sizes. they are limited and they are going fast. we have a few stickers left as well which are free also.

 often does the band get to practice? when the band begins working on a new long does it usually take to complete?

We usually practice once a week as a band. It is not as often as we would like but with work and school it is the best we can do. The band has been in this situation for years so we are all use to it and we work the best we can with the time we have. Working on a new songs usually can take awhile but it depends how quick things come together. But even after a song is done and we jam it several times we sometimes go back and scrap it as we realize we do not like it after jamming it several times. But it can take several months if not a year sometimes to complete a song or a few songs or it can take a few weeks. We never know what is going to happen. We are all different and do not agree all the time on the ideas and we have to work with with the song to come up with something we all like.

6.does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?who usually handles the lyrics? what are some subjects/topics you all write about?

On the music side everybody but me really works on it. i do not play an instrument. however i will give my view on whether i like a riff or an idea or not or even make a suggestion on a riff or drum part or something like that. Usually everybody or almost everybody in the band in the past has done lyrics for the band. For the most part right now though it is greg and i who handle them. but this will change as maureen, pete, and zolatn give more input by the day which is fine by me. A s far as topics we talk about some of the same topics as other bands do such as death , depression etc... But i personally try to touch on other topics that people would rather choose to ignore. As i feel they are far more interesting. And i will continue this as we go on. Also we have an approach to our lyrics that stands out i feel and you know it's us.

7.speaking of new dimenitanon music.has the band begun work on the new cd? how many songs will you have on the release?have you guys set a "release"date or time period you would like it done and released?

Yes we have, after we got the new line-up together, we started working on new songs, and in march and april of 2010 the new album will be recorded. are co-owner of the mighty paragon records! when did you guys decide to form the label? are you guys happy with how things have progressed over the years?

Jim found the label in late 1999. The idea behind the label was to put out the first album by our band The Forgotten since we were not getting the offers we wanted for the band at the time. Jim left at the end of May 2009 and i am now the owner of Paragon Records. i would not say we are satisfied really on any level and though it has been extremely frustrating we still really enjoy what we do or in jim's case enjoyed what we did. I personally really hope to make something big out of Paragon Records but on very different terms then most labels. But i will do this label until i decide i do not enjoy it anymore. But if we left a mark in the scene and all our bands, customers, traders, etc... were very happy with what you did then that personally means a lot to all of us. have released some great releases over the years.would you please tell the readers about some of your more "current"releases.
do you all have new/upcoming releases the readers should watch out for?

Thanx for the nice words i appreciate it. A lot of our releases are sold out. but here is what we have available right now

seges findere - bound by hatred 7" COMES IN 3 FORMATS BLACK/ARMY GREEN, BLACK/SMOKE
aetherius obscuritas - black medicine cd
faust - from glory to infinity cd
dark celebration - phlegeton: the transcendence of demon lords cd
khors - mysticium digi cd LITTLE OVER 30 COPIES LEFT!!!
copremesis - muay thai ladyboys cd VERY FEW LEFT!!!!

Here is what we have coming in 2010 so far.

Sectioned – Purulent Reality CD *Early 2010*

Khors – Flame of Eternity’s Decline / Cold DOUBLE CD SPRING/SUMMER *2010*

Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road CD [Repress] EARLY *2010*
Aldaaron - Nous Reviendrons Immortels CD EARLY *2010*

Be sure to look out for these killer releases!!!!!!!!!

10.what would you say is the hardest and the easiest part about doing a label? do you have any advice for someone reading this who might be thinking of doing a label?

Time has to be the hardest. It requires a lot of your own time and it can be frustrating to do other things or just keep your mind focused on other things because the label is always on your mind. The easiest for me has to be i always come back to how much i enjoy it so much and know it's something i have always wanted to do. It makes it all worth while. My advice would be take it slow and make the label the way you want it to be. Do not sign to many bands all at once and allow your releases to have the time they deserve to get the exposure they need.

11.the distro section of paragon is huge with a lot of various metal styles and labels.but just curious if you had to pick what are your "personal"favorite genres of metal?

For me it will always be black metal and death metal!!! Their is always so much going on with those styles in my view. But i like some more atmospheric, doom/death, doom, heavy metal, gore/grind etc... bands to. gave me some pretty big news earlier this week.and that is in december.paragon will be ten-years old? when you all started the label did you ever think you would still be going strong after a decade? also you had some bad news one of the owners/workers will be leaving at the end of this year? will you guys try to have someone come in and fill his workload or will you just keep it the way it is?

Yes that is correct. I really am not sure to be honest with you. Never thought about it that much until i realized it was going to be 10 years this coming year heh heh!!! but it was a little shocking when it did finally cross my mind. Buddy one of the workers not owners is leaving at the end of the year. Greg and i will keep it between us and of course you Patrick will be helping us out with the my space site. Thanx brother!!!! your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? and what does "underground metal"mean to you? Worst. their are so many things.

Though the internet and such things as my space have helped things out it really has done a lot of damage to the underground. anybody and i do mean "ANYBODY" can be involved in the underground. and though it can make things easier you get a lot of people in this scene who just do not belong at all.

The shit talking or a lot bands saying i do not like 90% what is out their today is just annoying and makes no sense at all. I mean if you do not like 90% what is out their then you simply are not into the underground and do not care about it. their are some great bands that are out their!!! Just dig for them. I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE AND I QUOTE "ONLY A FOOL IS APART OF SOMETHING HE HATES"!!!!!

Once your successful you are sell out mentality is just silly. It always amazes me that people had no problem with Celtic Frost, Possessed, Venom etc... being successful in the 80's but for some reason on the other hand will have a problem with bands like Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Watain, Marduk, Cradle Of Filth etc... doing the same thing. Again just jealously in my opinion most of the time. And again bands who do not what to tour the world and just want make albums and maybe never want to play live or just do a few shows on special occasions is a great thing to, but neither side should look down on what the other is doing. We all have different goals.

Some bands who fit into this so called "ELITE" category are also some of the most trendy and god awful bands i have ever heard. They should leave the scene or be removed as they have no idea the real history of the underground and truly what it stands for.

As far as the best things. The underground offers some of the best music you will ever hear. And you will meet some of the most dedicated and honorable people you will ever meet in your life here as well!!

What it means to me is simple. LIVE IT... BREATHE IT... BLEED IT...!!!!!!! if doing dimentianon and paragon rec. were not enough you also do vocals in the band sectioned.when did you join/form sectioned? what is the "current"line-up? how would you describe sectioned's music?

I joined Sectioned in 2006 the same year it was formed. The current line-up is as follows.

Zoltan - guitars
Sici - guitars
Cibi/Robin - Bass
Pete - drums
M - vocals

the music is pure death metal!!! If you like bands in the Swedish, Florida vein, as well as old Morgoth, Old Pestilence, you will like Sectioned. the past you have mentioned that a few of the members are from the great country of you all find it hard to write/record music being in two different countries?

No not really. Zoltan writes everything and then records it to a drum machine. Which in all truth is better then most bands studio recordings heh heh!!! He then mostly leave the lyrics for me and i work out where i should be singing. Though it would be easier if we lived in the same country it really is not bad at all.

16.i know earlier this year you traveled over to hungary to play a few shows with sectioned
how many shows did the band play? how do you feel the shows went?

We only played one show which was a festival. The other show and again this one was a festival as well got canceled the day of the first show. It was very disappointing at the time. However the first festival was great. Though we had a few mistakes on stage, we were very heavy with a lot of energy on stage, and the crowd really got into it!!! Also we had such a great time hanging out their for the weekend we ended up not even caring about the second festival that got canceled heh heh!!! would you say the fans/crowds were different in hungary compared to the u.s? or did you notice much of a difference? any plans for sectioned to play/tour the u.s next year?

The crowd/fans was great!!!! Yes i noticed a difference. They are a lot more lose into being themselves i think then people are here. At least in New York anyway. Most people want to fit into something here i think instead of just being who they are. Even though they will tell you the opposite. Sectioned is looking to hopefully tour parts of Europe in 2010. But this is in the works and their are no concrete details i can give yet.

18.well brother i believe we are done.thanks a lot for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill out this mamoth interview! once again congrats to you all for keeping paragon rec.alive ten years.hope to see it going strong for another you have any final comments for the readers?

20 or 30 huh heh heh??!!! i am not sure about that. But i can honestly say i will be a metal head until i am dead heh heh!!! Thanx to everybody for their support to Paragon Records through the years we truly appreciate it. Thanx to you Patrick for this great interview. Anybody wishes to contact me or Paragon Records my info is below. And remember Never Lose Heart!!!!!!

email -

PO BOX 879
11953 USA

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interview with pestilent grave done by patrick

dark hails everyone!!
here is a new interview pestilent grave from the netherlands.the band {which consist of the sloe
memeber vith} has been making a name in the raw/old-school black metal scene the last few months.
if you are a fan of early 90's raw/norse black metal defintly check out this band as it is a great example of
a band paying homage to the gods of b.m while also keeping the music interesting.
hope everyone enjoys,and have a great week!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment e-zine

interview with vith vocalist,and all instruments for pestilent grave
done by patrick

1.dark hails vith!! how is your week going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Greets Patrick, can't complain..haven't been in the best shape mentally so I haven't done much but sit around or sleep. Not much to tell really..I live with my fiance and in my free time i'm generally working on one of my ambient/ritual projects, studying ancient and medieval history, the occult and paranormal..or abusing narcotics.

2,when did you get the idea to form pestilent grave? for the readers who have never
heard the band how would you describe pestilent grave's music?

Pestilent Grave itself came into fruition in the middle of summer 2008, but for a while before that I had been contemplating starting a solo project, when I started to get sick of "full" line-ups and the shit you have to put up with from other people. The music can only be described I guess as very primitive/raw BM with deliberate very-little-to-no production value...

3.please tell the readers about your releases that you have availble for order?

At the moment only the "Esoteric Blasphemy" album is available for order from Svartgalgh Records (i'll include links at the end of the interview). The "Black Majesty Invoked" demo tape was going to get a very limited cassette-only release through Zwaertgevegt of the Netherlands...but that has fallen through for the time being because the fucking waste of life in England to whom I entrusted the task of preparing the tape for release lost the fucking thing, so that is still only available for trade from myself.

4.i know you are currently writing/working on your new release "a new aeon under satan"
how many songs will be on this release? will you work with a label or self-release it?
do you have a "release"date set for the cd?

Yes..the lyrics are 100% complete and now i'm just writing the music. It will have 6 tracks..longer tracks than on the Esoteric Blasphemy album. There is no release date yet but I have got a label to release it already. It's safe to say it won't see the light of day for a little while yet, definitely not in 2009.

5.when you start working on a new song how long does it usually take you to finish? which usually
comes first the lyrics or music? what are some topics/subjects you write about?

It really depends...I only work on shit when I feel inspired, else I don't bother because I know if I try and work when i'm not feeling any inspiration then whatever results will be weak and half-assed at best. But when I actually work on a new song I can usually get the lyrics (at least) done within maybe an hour or two..the music always takes longer but again that's just down to how i'm feeling..sometimes I sit with my guitar and come up with riffs straight away...but if i'm not in the right frame of mind then I usually end up sitting for hours or days getting really fucking frustrated. So I only work on lyrics and music if i'm exactly in the right frame of mind, which means a track could be done in a couple of days or it might take a few months. I always write lyrics first though..there's something fucked in my mind which means I can't right shit musically without some lyrics to structure it. Yeah I can write odd riffs before any lyrics, but I won't even think about arranging them into a song until I have lyrics. I mainly write about the occult...Satanism, Kaos, astral experiences...and minor topics of fantasies about murder, torture and isolation. are the sole member of pestilent grave when you formed the band did you plan on
keeping it a one-man band?what do you think are the advantges and disadvantges to being a
one-man band?

Yeah, i'm pretty intent on keeping Pestilent Grave a solo project, although I will collaborate with other people there will never be any other full-time members other than myself. Personally I think the advantages of a solo project really outweigh the disadvantages. I can do whatever the fuck I wish, I don't have to put up with other people's shit and I can do things at my own pace..I really can't think of anything better! And i'm not really inclined to play gigs with Pestilent Grave at the moment. Maybe in the future at some distant point...but i've got a lot of shit I want to get done before I even contemplate anything like that. Once my mind is exhausted then i'll probably think about gigs to chill out a bit with, but be assured that won't be for a good long while.

7.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you
love to work wiith?

An obvious choice for me would be Dead..get some sick shit done with that fucker. As for musicians who're still with us, there are plenty of people I would like to work with..and i've recently started working with one or two

8.which instrument was the hardest for you to learn to play? which one was the easiest to learn?

In general I can play classical piano, guitars and drums. I would have to say that drums were the hardest for me just because i've always had shit timing geheh. I started playing piano when I was very small so I can't really recall how easy / hard I found it, but for sure the instrument I found easiest was the guitar..I never felt the desire to take lessons and to this day i've never had a single guitar the beginning I just used to get myself a shitload of tabulature of bands I was into at the time (mainly old school punk, early 90's BM and 80's thrash) and sit and play for a minimum of 4 hours a day for the first couple of years. also handle all the vocals for the band.when did you become interested in singing? who are
some of your favorite singers?

I don't know if you can really call it "singing" heheh, but whatever it is I started doing it when I was 15, so 6 years ago. My all-time favourite vocalist is Dead, but apart from that if it sounds like you're having your windpipe ripped out through the back of your throat then i'll enjoy it!

10.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what "black metal" stands for or means. so in your
opinion what does "black metal"mean to you?

Freedom to be myself fully with no limits or constraints, to be able to convey ideologies and feelings that i'd probably get locked away for in "mainstream" society. live in the netherlands so i was interested in your thoughts on the metal scene in the

I can't comment on the "general" metal scene, but I think that the BM side of things is pretty vibrant..think it'd be fair to compare the current Dutch scene to the one in Norway in the late 80's..a lot of activity from bands old and new, and a lot of collaboration also; both between bands and also from people who're just supporting the scene. It's a pretty tight-knit's never boring that's for sure.

12.who are some your all-time favorite bands from the netherlands? are their any new bands you
think the readers should watch out for?

Some of my favourites are Urfaust, Countess, Bestial Summoning, Necrostorm...and there's fuckin' loads of new(er) bands that're decent, to name a few: Smoke, Infinity, Nachtvorst..

13.are you currently working on or with any other projects or bands? if yes please tell the readers
about them.

At the moment I am working on a project with someone which will be quite significant IF it all goes well. I don't wish to say too much at this point as it is far too early. And there might be a suprise or two in Pestilent Grave...but again, too early to really say much other than that. Just have to see how shit pans out.

14.well vith we have reached the end of the intervieiw.thank you for taking the time to fill this out.
do you have any final comments for the readers?

Cheers for the interview. Stay true and DEATH to the posers...just because you found your mother's white foundation and black eyeliner doesn't mean you can walk amongst our ranks!
Link to purchase Esoteric Blasphemy:

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interview with pest web-zine done by patrick

metal hails!!!
here is a new interview with a great romanian web-zine. adrian and his zine covers many styles of
extreme metal and sub-genres. so if you have not had the chance to do so after checking out the
interview i highly recomend it. their is something for ALL FANS Of metal!!!
also on a side-note he started this after the interview was conducted but adrian has started up
a "forum" on the pest webzine site to help promote obscure,underground bands,labels and zines
as well for bands i beliieve he is working on a section to help support and promote metal bands from all over the world so be sure to check out the pest web-zine and his myspace blogs for all
the latest updates/info.
best regards.
patrick and winter torment e-zine

interview with adrian editor of pest web-zine and owner of pest records.done by patrick

1.metal hails adrian!! how is your weekend been going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Greetings Patrick. Well, the weekend was ok so far, I was a lazy ass, just met with friends and had some wine, which will the the same activity this evening as well. Once in a while I like having such a weekend when I do nothing constructive, just chill.
What can I tell you about me, I'm just a metalhead from Romania, a fanatic of the underground movement, and I pretty much ignore the mainstream even if it's the ugliest form of extreme metal, if I consider it mainstream (because that's such a relative crossline) I loose inetrest. I'm the owner of PEST WEBZINE/RECORDS and vocalist in the Groovy Death Metal act LOUDRAGE. what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first metal bands you listened to?

I had my fist contact with metal (Metallica to be precise) when I was 11 and since then it all developed naturally, I started searching for any metal tape. First bands I had in my collection were Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura, Morgoth, Asphyx, Exodus, Metal Church and Pantera.

3.was it long until you discovered the underground? who are some of your "current"favorite bands.

I don't remember. At 11 you don't do the difference and you really don't care. For us Romanians it was hard those times to get ahold of a dubbed or even re-dubbed metal tape, not to mention the original ones but I had some older friends that introduced me their tapes lists and found out sooo many names I had no clue about so curiosity won, I started to get into more and more obscure bands that had no polished sound but were kicking ass with their music alone. I have no current fave bands. Having a zine gives you the oportunity to meet new killer acts every week/month so my top is always changing. I can find something I like in abount 80% of the bands I listen.

4.when did you get the idea to create pest web-zine? how did you come up with name of the zine?

Pest Webzine was started in 2006, but since then it was on hold for about 2 years as I used to relay a lot on local collaborators that eventually left or stabbed me. The name comes from an old fanzine of mine called Tempest that had an extreme metal section called Pest, there's no special meaning behind the name, I just liked it and thought it was powerful enough for an extreme metal zine. Now I run it completely and I'm happy I found honest and serious collaborators as yourself that help me. This is the best "line-up" Pest Webzine had so far.

5.who have been some of your favorite bands to interview? if you had the chance to interview any band or label,zine{past or present} who are some you would love to interview?

To be honest I'm not a big fan of doing interviews so once again I have no faves, but I like people that delop a bit the question and don't answer with a simple 3 or 4 words statement, I like bands/labels/zines that are taking the interview oportunity to really promote their work and tell a bit more about them, without being boring, of course. I would love to interview Marc Grewe from Morgoth, also Illdisposed, whom I'll interview in the near future, Mortiis, Burzum, Asphyx, and many more.

6.if any band or label is reading this what styles of metal do you review/support? where can they send their material to?

Pest Webzine is supporting any form of extreme metal, except metalcore (which is a genre I don't understand, but don't blame it at all either). I'm opened for traditional (heavy) metal, doom, sludge, stoner, gothic, ambient, and other forms of music that have either balls or dark emotions/feelings in it. If anyone's interested in submitting promo stuff, I suggest you contact me on Myspace or email (, I do accept electronic submissions as well, but since I get about 100 materials / month I give priority to the physical materials because that's fair to the ones that are spending time/money/effort to send by snail mail. also have some great "writers"helpin you with pest. when did you decide to add more "writers"? please tell us a little about your "writers?

That's true, as pest Webzine is 100% English written it's easier for me to get honest/serious writers, and here are my great collaborators: you :), I guess you don't need any introduction to your writers, haha, Robert from Naturmacht Prod. (Germany), Laura, a good friend of mine, manager of a local Thrash/Death band called MG42, Maria, another good friend from Mexico, a girl that kicks your ass anytime when it comes to extreme metal, Ed Barnard, one of the most dedicated Doom Metal movevent followers I've ever had the chance to meet, M. from Germany's Dispersed Ashes, the big bad wolf when it comes to reviewing stuff, haha, Alrinack from France, a devoted UGBM follower and Blix from Norway, who's an ace in Brutal Death metal, just check out his Death Metal Vocals tutorial on Pest Webzine and you'll agree with me. More persons showed interest, and hopefully more will become a Pest ;)

8.are you currently looking for more new "writers" for pest or are you happy with how it is now? if you are looking for new "writers" what should a interested person do to be considered to be a part of pest web-zine?

Sure, i'm always looking for more collaborators as the material is plenty so if anyone thinks would like to be a Pest contact me. I'm looking for serious people, I don't have timelines and I don't expect anyone to have a background as long as they know about what they are writing, this is a zine made by fans for fans and I intend to keep it that way. Extreme metal magazines that say they have only professionals they should show us a University specialised in this. The "professional" level is only given by experience, and a fan could have much more experience than a kid writing at a major magazine, that's all. many hours a day/week would you say you work on the web-zine? what do you think is the hardest part about doing a web-zine? what is the easiest?

I'm spending a lot of time on Pest Webzine, I'm always looking to improve it, to make it more how I would like it. There is no easiest or hardest part in it when it's your passion. I know it sound cheesy, but that's how it is in my case. And the reward comes everyday when I open my mailbox or the website statistics. To see more and more people are accessing everyday it's a great feeling. pest web-zine your first web-zine? if no please tell us about your past web/fanzines?

As I mentioned in one of my previous answers, before Pest, I had a fanzine (that after 4 issues went webzine) called Tempest that was dealing with all sorts of rock genres, but that was just not my thing, so I decided to do the Pest. Before that I had a fanzine in 1999 called Underground Chronicles (2 issues out) and another one in 2001 called Ardeal (2 or 3 issues).

11.are you currently working/playing with any bands or solo projects? if yes please tell the readers about them.

Yes, I'm the vocalist in LOUDRAGE. We're around since 2005, have released a Split-DVD (with US based Old-School Thrash death act Rictus Grin), "Groovy Dracula Tour" in 2007, and an EP called "Rage Unleashed" in 2008. The EP sold out its 300 copies, but it's still available for free download from or It's a Groovy Death Metal band that reviewers have labeled a mix of Six Feet Under and Grave. Also I'm starting a new project called GoreBoar that will follow the Old-School Death Metal path. come out of the great country of i was curious what is your opinion of the metal scene in romania? who are some of your all-time favorite romanian bands? are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

I like a lot the Romanian metal scene, but that's most probably because I'm a patriot. I think it has a huge potential, it only needs a bit more balls because the bands inhere were just used to compete with each other and think they were not worthy of the "West". Now some of them are kickin' it hard (just to mention a few: Negura Bunget, Magica, Necrovile, Satanochio) and signed to established labels, so things are moving in a good direction. Old Romanian bands I liked: Grimegod, Disinter, Gothic, Altar. also run/own pest records. when did you decide to expand pest to be a record label? are you happy with how things are moving so far?

I've decided to do Pest Records for the release of the Rictus Grin / Loudrage split DVD in 2007, but had a rough 2008 year financially so I had to put a hold on it. It was a tough decision as I was getting close to release two awesome bands, but that was something I had to do.
This year I've decided to refresh it so I have signed 4 bands for 2 Split CDs I'll release in 2010. I'm happy that I can do this again and that I can afford it, so I'm confident this new beginning will be for good and I'll do it better.

14.please give us some information your current releases? do you have new releases coming out soon the readers should watch out for?

I have no old releases still available, but here are the two I'm working on at this moment:
- January 2010 - Split CD between Spanish Death Grind veterans UNDERNOISE and Italian Old-School Death Metal SLOWLY SUFFERING. This one will be released in CDr with DVD cover & case, and it will be a killer one for all underground death/grind followers that are looking for brutality and dark, cavernous feelings;
- May 2010 - Split CD between Australian Drunkken Black Metal band ALTARS OF SIN and Serbian Old-School Thrash Black Metal one-man-band ANCIENT SORROW. It will be released again in CDr with DVD cover & case, which is a format I like a lot, and will be a great offering for fans of dirty, old-school Black Metal.
Check the bands on Pest Records' Myspace profile ( or on the website (

15.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks a lot for giving me the oportunity to present my work to Winter Torment's readers, Patrick, it was a pleasure answering your questions, and if any of your readers reached this last question without being bored to tears, I would suggest them to check out:
Thanks again Patrick, keep up this great work you do supporting underground, there are so many cool people in it and you're definitely one of them. Now I'll have a glass of wine in your honour. Cheers.
Best regards,

interview with terra australis done by patrick

nterview with invisus,vocals all instruments for terra australis done
by patrick

1.Hails invisus!! how are things going in australia? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Things are going
well, each day see's a new goal achieved progress being made.

2.At what age did you discover metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to?

who are some bands you enjoy listening to today?
I grew up listening to my old mans cds of Alice Cooper and Van halen
etc, but it was until I was 13 that I started to really pay attention to the metal scene. Bands that I frequently listen
to at present are, Xasthur, Darkthrone, Carpathian FOrest, Origin, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Gorgoroth. Bands like that.

3.When did you get the idea to create "terra australis"? how did you come up with the band name?

Myself and a friend of
mine came up with the band name when brain storming for a different project, I always liked it so when it came time for
me to do something on my own it was just a obvious choice.
Does it have a special meaning?for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music? Terra
means southern land, the orginial phrase is "Terra Australis Incogneto" which is what explorers back in the
16th to the 18th centuary refered to as Great Southern Land Unknown, they believed that there had to be a large land
mass in the southern hemisphere to "balance out" the world and to stop it from tipping. Unknown to them at the time they
were refering to Australia.
As for how I would describe the music, I would say. Unique, honest and real. are the sole member of the band when you started terra australis did you plan to keep it a one-man band?are you
currently looking for other members to join to make it a full-band?

I started it with the intention to make a one-man
black metal band and that is how it will stay.

5.what do you feel is the hardest part and the easiest part to being a one-man band?
When writing music your only
writing for yourself which gives you great freedom, but also puts more pressure. Meaning that you are responsible for
its success's and its failures.
if you could work with any musicians past or present who are some you would like to write/record with? Malefic, if no

6.i know you told me are working on new songs for your next release titled "premonitions of life defiled".how many songs
will you have on this release? will you work with a label or will it be a self-released release? do you know or have a
"release date"set?

The release will have 5 songs in total, it is to be a self release. And will be avaiable sometime
early December.

7.speaking of new music when you begin working on new songs how long does it usually take you to finish a song?which
usually comes first the music or the lyrics?

The music is always before the lyrics, it sets the mood and the feal of the
song. What I think and feal when i hear the music played back to me will be the lyrics.

8.what are some subjects/topics you write about?

Satan, Death, War, Disease, Suicide, Destruction.

9.since you handle all the instruments yourself.i was wondering which instrument was the easiest to learn? which was the
hardest to learn?

Each instrument presents its own challenges, but I'am a guitarist more then anything.

10.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what "black metal"stands for. so i was interested in yours. what does "black
metal"mean to you?

It is freedom, to express the deepest darkest of human traits. And to be used as a weapon in the war
against anything that stands in its way. come from the mighty australian scene. i was curious what is your thoughts/opinion on the metal scene in

Every band seems to have there little groups, and the scene is growing slowly.

12.who are some of your all-time favorite australian bands? are their any new up and coming bands the readers should
know about?

The Berzerker and Destroyer 666. As for new up and coming bands, Terra Australis.

13.besides terra australis do you currently play in any other bands or have any other projects going? if yes please tell
the readers a bit about them.

No this is my total focus.

14.well invisus we have reached the end of the interview. thank you for taking the time to fill this you have any
final comments for the readers?

Black metal est krieg, Satan est krieg. Thank you.
terra australis "official"myspace page

Saturday, November 7, 2009

new reviews dong on 11-3-09

dark greetings!!
thanks to all who have stopped in to check out our newest blogs of reviews!! i would like to announce we have a new "writer" for winter torment e-zine.robert who recently started up his label "naturmacht prod."the first 3 releases are now out and availble for order so if you are interested in dark,pagan black metal or expirmental black,ambient defintly check out robert and naturmacht prod. here:

we are always on the lookout for new bands/labels to work with so if you are looking to work with a honest zine get in touch!!!
best regards,til next time
patrick and winter torment e-zine

arkona-goi,rode,goi cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
russia's pagan/folk metal metal masters are back for a new battle! fourteen hymns of blackend,epic folk metal.the band really took their time to creating the music for this release.mixing in upper-tempo fast moving folk music and epic,dark metal.the guitars and espically the drums at times give off the sound and influence of fast,chaotic black metal with insane guitar riffs and extremly fast drum keep the interest of the more traditional/melodic fan the arkona incorporate beautifully well-sung femal vocals along with the more harsh,violent scream/scratchy vocal pattern.and for a real treat {and one i personally hope the band uses again in coming releases} is a full-choir only adding to the brillant and epic sounds of of dark,epic folk/metal will not want to miss out on this masterpiece.
label contact
band contact

circle of ghosts-collecting memories cd {beneath the fog prod.}
{reviewed by robert}
First, when I started my player with the first song of that new full length master piece of “Circle of Ghosts”, I thought: Oh no. But just one second. After some rhythm mistakes, which are maybe planned, the song started fully and developed its great atmosphere and it was just taken me with it to a dark, mystic journey into eternal shadows. The sound quality is maybe not the best, but the music is so intensive that it takes you immediately into its cold hands.
You can find on ten tracks complete ambient or black metal songs and either some which are traveling between those both genres. The black metal songs are mostly in mid-tempo, which is the best decision for the whole atmosphere. “Hauntings” is a good example for that. I really like that change between this both contrasts bm and ambient. It is making your mind free for every new song which is starting and with that either your heart for letting the unique atmosphere crow in it. Supporting this, the songs are never to long that they are going to be boring. I never have the wish in mind that a song please should stop or that I am becoming impatient. Either the voice is greatly used: Screams, whispers, cryings. Goosebumps!
Reviewed by Robert


deep pression-blunt razor cd {beneath the fog prod.}
{reviewed by robert}

I rather prefer to die than change for those humanoids", that is a quote of the member M.v.K. of Deep-pression, a five-man band from different countries, and can be taken as a main thought of the music itself. Next to „fucking life“, nature and dark feelings like depression and disillusion, also the deep thinking of existence finds its influence.
With the dark lyrics, which are spoken, the music is dreamy but in a dark, sometimes creepy and deep way. With the main use of synths and some distorted guitar shadows in the background, the particular use of full guitar and bass riffs and drums (for example in „Names“) the compilation „blunt razor“ with 6 tracks is a individual mirror for their influences and keeps your mind flying through a black tunnel with some gray, pale spotlights of self reflection and melancholy.

eterul-verso ascendence cd {beneath the fog productions}
{reviewed by robert}
This great and young black metal band from New Zealand, formed in the years 2008 and 2009, plays on its first debut album “Verso Ascendere” great individual black metal with nice acoustic parts which are fitting perfect to the whole atmosphere. Doesn't matter if it is the undistorted guitar or the piano, either the synths, which are giving the album a touch of ambient, they all underline and create with the fast and depressive riffs of heavy e-guitars and drums a great atmospheric sound. The Vocals are screamed and the vocalist and guitarist Tagovornik makes a pretty good job. That the drums, though they are programmed, are not sounding like that is a proof of the high skills of Keberous who either plays the guitar next to the synths and the bass.
Lyrically they are singing about misanthropy and the existence of us itself in six songs full of coldness. Everyone who likes fast cold black metal but with some acoustic changes and melodic thoughtful parts should not hesitate to buy that album. I love it!

folkstorm-de stemmen van het woud mcd {thorn laceration rec.}
this is a band you will have to listen to a few times to full experience their sound and make a decision on whether their your kinda band or not.from the netherlands folkstorm has created a impressive mcd of music here.five songs of atmospheric,folkish black metal metal.the cd starts out with midpaced rythm guitars,drums and keyboards to welcome you to folkstorm's dark atmospheric world.the second song the band really kicks in with the black metal guitar sound and some harsher vocal lines.without loosing or overlaping any of the melody or atmospheric influences.each of the five songs stays within the same formula of mid-paced dark music never going into the more violent straight forward style.i will admit a few times throughout the cd some parts were a little drawn out and repetitive but for a newer band and for the style of music folkstorm play their not bad at all.will be interesting to hear their future releases and hear them grow.
label contact
band contact.

goat tunnel--window dancing in the grave of the blessed cd {death worm records}{reviewed by robert}
Goat Tunnel”, a one man project from Espoo laying in cold Finland next to Helsinki and formed in 2007, plays a creepy and raw downtempo doom metal. On the the new demo are appearing three songs full of coldness and sounds, which could be directly from a horror movie. A deep cawing and cowling makes the whole thing even sicker. There is mostly not really a melody. The songs are more a mix of riffs and accords with the intense using of the creepy voice. There is no drum or keyboard nor a bass. The whole music is very minimalistic, but that means not, that it would not go under the skin of the listener.
Everyone who likes such kind of dark, sick and cruel music, should give this EP and the other demos a listen. The price of the demo is low, so for such a person it´s a good investigation.


labyrintheory-in memoriam demo #1 {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
labyrintheory is a new funeral doom band from the new england area.the music was written by matthew davis {vocals,guitars,keyboards,drum programing} and is a mesmerizing blend of crushing funeral doom with some nice melody and atmospheres compliments of matthews impressive keyboard writing and the nice violin work of aurora grabill who adds nicely to the dark,haunting sound of labyrintheory.the vocals are arranged and pulled off excellent with some varied styles ranging from traditional clean vocals to a more harsh/brutal vocal pattern.i know this is a strange comparison but matthew's more vicious growl reminded me alot of john tardy from obituary's early days.this is a debut demo release and a great demo of funeral doom with waves of dark atmosphere.not to be missed by fans who enjoy crushing,dark doom.
band contact

nocturnes mist-southern storms cassette {thorn laceration records}{reviewed by patrick}
ever since i became involved in the underground scene australia has always had an amazing matter which genre the australian's never cease to amaze me.
nocturnes mist have a great debut release here.7 songs of mid-paced heavy black metal.evil sounding screams and shrieks along with some amazing drum work and patterns not usually found with this style of of agressive,straight forward black metal mixed with some dark melody within some tracks will want to check out nocturnes mist. another good release for thorn laceration rec.
label contact
band contact

oculus infernum--the hand of satan cd
{self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
oculus infernum is the new band featuring gonark {atrocious depression,r.i.p} on vocals,guitar,drum programming and lamia {guitars,lyrics} the hand of satan starts off with a somber almost peacful sounding intro. but the duo quickly change that with the blazing thin,raw guitar riffs and gonarks demonic screams overlap the insanity of the guitars and drums being brought out.the duo do keep some traces and influences of melody within their violent sound as they have some acoustic and more mid-paced guitar patterns.gonark also changes his vocals around in a few songs using clean vocal chants and screams on a few tracks.this is a defintly good release of old-school black metal with touches of doom.nothing too original but the duo do a great job of creating memorable and intense old-school black metal.
band contact

orbseven-the linear divide cd {self-released}
{reviewed by robert}

This is a powerful one man project of Anthony, who plays really everything. He founded “Orbseven” in late 2004. Since 2005 he worked on this album. A quite long process. But the long work was worth it.
He created a very individual style by using depressive black metal guitar lines, a hard death metal drumming and a changing rhythm setup. His voice is distorted and either a mix of black and death metal. Then there appear either typical complete death metal songs. The ambient sounds developing then a quite unique sound. I cannot yet remember any band which is sounding like “Orbseven”. The only help here is the female singer of the band “Gaia” from Florida. Which fits very good to that quite science fiction style.
The quality of the sound is for a underground project very good and the skills and the quality of playing are very high. It was a pleasure to hear this stuff. As play-tip I could tell you: “Whereas None Remains Infinite”.


pestilent grave-esoteric blaspheme cd
{svartgalgh records}{reviewed by patrick}
if you enjoy your black metal raw,dirty and with no signs of melody or modern influence in their sound you will love pestilent grave! england's pestilent grave start things off with a harsh scream and raw guitar chords.the band defintly draws it's main influence and sound from the more violent/harsh gods of the early ninety's.such as blasphemy,beherit.
production wise think early dark throne.but vith {all vocals,instruments}doesnt completly rip-off the above bands sound instead taking them to a newer more raw level with his own dark and blasphemous musical of raw,dirty straightforward black metal will defintly want to check out pestilent grave.
label contact
band contact

seelenfrost-im schatten toter cd {self-released} {reviewed by robert}
Imagine cold rain falling in big drops and rumbling thunder. A smooth undistorted e-guitar starts some lonely and sad tunes. The song “Als kalter Regen...” (When cold rain...) is a nice break after the two fast songs in the beginning, but then a cut: the next song and the typical “Seelenfrost” sound comes up. A fast and raw coldness of black metal with much blast-beets and a atmospheric guitar riffing. I like very much that there are still some short moments of speakings or some ambient sounds, they make the album a great varied one, because there are appearing either some songs which are not fitting directly in the concept (e.g. D.S.O.N).
The band itself is coming from Germany and includes three (source: homepage) guys. The founding year is 2006. This reviewed piece of music is their first Album, but one split and five demos are preceding. The lyrics are moving between dark nature mystic and sorrow of the human existence.
I really appreciate the listening to this band. Everyone who likes German underground black metal can grab this without any doubting. You can order it over the homepage.


sjenovik-zephaniak cd {beneath the fog prod.}{reviewed by robert}

I am very impressed of this two man project. This upcoming album “Zephaniah” is a great individual and intellectual master piece, using psychedelic sounds, heavy guitars, mid-tempo and blast beats and awesome acoustical parts. The voice is screamed and fits perfect to the whole atmosphere and getup of this six songs. The guys behind all this are Shane Ball (drums & electronics) and James Johnson (guitar & voices). The lyrical topics are mythology, philosophy and occultism, rooting in the slavish roots what you can either see from the name. But there are no folk elements as you maybe would now expect and which appeared on the album before named “Covenant and Nihilism”.
Next to this one, there are a split made this year and some demos from 2006 on, which is either the born date of the band.
Sjenovik created here in 37 minutes a wonderful artistic black metal experience and everyone, who likes something special and new should not hesitate to buy this album.
I hope that there will come yet much more from this two guys.
Reviewed by Robert


temple of baal-lightslaying rituals cd {agonia records}{reviewed by patrick}

french black/death metalers temple of baal return with their third and most complex,mature release to date.lightslaying rituals combines the brutal intense speed of early 90's swedish black metal with with some complex and heavy guitar riffs/solos the heavier guitar tone give temple of baal a slight death metal sound within their intense/chaotic black metal influence.the drums are just as chaotic but well handled mixing in hyper-speed blast beats with some more mid-paced drum patterns.the vocals are deeper death growls with evil sounding blackend shrieks of who enjoy uncompromising,violent blackend death metal will not want to miss out on temple of baal!!
label contact.
band contact

terra australis-in the lost corners of the carpathians 2 song demo,cdr {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
terra australis is a new one man band coming out of the ever-growing australian scene.i know i've said it before but damn their must be something in this countries water supply!! no matter the genre this country has produced some "classic"bands in alot of different genres.which brings us to terra australis as mentioned this is a one man band invisus{all vocals,and instruments}does a good job creating the music on this two song promo/demo.the first track "in the lost corners of the carpathians{the land of phantoms}" starts out with a melodic,eerie intro but invisus quickly brings out his darker side with some raw,scratchy screechy screams followed by the raw razor-sharp guitar riffs.the music is pure,cold and just plain eerie in parts black metal.the second and final track "the un-spoken word"is a instrumental and showcases invius going in a more direct and aggressive direction with the music never going to chaotic speeds but still faster than the first song.overall a good release and i look forward to more from terra of {old}burzum,xasthur,leviathian will enjoy terra australis
band contact

the 11th hour-burden of grief cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is proably one of the best doom releases of 2009!! i know that is saying alot but once u hear the bands magnificent sound and music you will agree.the 11th hour is a two-man band featuring ed warby{clean doom vocals,all instruments,}and rogga johansson{brutal death growls} both of these guys are more known for their death,and brutal death metaal roots.but the 11th hour is six songs of pure doom in many forms and layers.the music is a combination of traditonal doom,atmospheric and crushing funeral doom all rolled into one giant massive wall of sound.the vocals are a nice mix of more epic,atmospheric clean vocal chords and heavy,powerful death growls that fit nicely together with the music being created and played by the 11th hour. it is hard to say exactly or to pin this band to one specific genre of doom.but it defintly a release all fans of doom will want to check out.
label contact
band contact

the uncreation--dreaming in R'lyeh 2006 cd{self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
the uncreation were cool enough to send this release along with their latest two-song promo.the music on dreaming in r'lyeh is proably some of the best and most brutal black/death to be heard in quite sometime.the band wastes little time getting into the aggression mixing old marduk and morbid angel together nicely.the guitarist seem to be influenced by some of the more "technical" death metal guitarist as you will hear some technical riffs/solo's mixed in with the blackend death onslaught but the technical influence is not used in every song so i really would'nt call the uncreation a tech.metal band.the band also uses some keyboards to help add layers of darkend atmosphere. you can really hear this in the eighth song "the testimony".fans of blackend death with some varied influences will defintly want to check out australia's the uncreation.
band contact

the uncreation-2 song promo 2009 {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
wow is this the same band?this is a new two song promo/demo from the upcoming cd "the preparation of eternal magicks" cd to be released sometime in 2010.the biggest and most recognizable is the sound.the band seems to have dropped the death metal influence and goes straight for the kill with semi-raw violent black metal.i hear alot of the early swedish gods within the uncreation's new songs. i was a bit surprised but the musicians seem to have a great deal of musical talent and know their instruments to pull off the bands new more violent black metal sound nicely.i can't wait to hear the new full-length next year!!
band contact

interview with naturmacht prod.done by patrick

dark greetings!!!
hope everyone is having a good week so far? here is a interview with a new label i discovered through my frien cristine {of italy's streben} i recently got his new/debut release and it is amazing band "nokturnal misanthropy" .read more to learn about this up and coming german label!! and all his upcoming releases.
best regards,and as always thanks for the eternal support!!!
patrick and winter torment e-zine.

nterview with robert brockmann owner of naturmacht productions.done by patrick.

1.hello robert how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Good morning Patrick. The weekend was great, thank you. I was at a very good festival called “Waldeshall Festival” in Thuringia with two of my best friends. I saw many favourite bands of mine, for example “Todtgelichter”, a black metal band from Hamburg.
Yeah about myself: Since 20 years I am walking upon this earth, hehe. At the moment I am studying history at the university of Bamberg (North Bavaria). A nice thing, I can tell you. But I am still a complete Saxon, I was born in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Hehe
An important thing about myself is the very deep connection to mother nature, who is something holy for me. It is the biggest reason next to the music that I am what I am.

2.when did you first get the idea to create naturmacht productions?how did you come up with the name for the label does it have a special meaning?

I think it started last year that the situation in the scene became unacceptable for me. I saw many bands which were great but complaining about shitty labels. Next to that, the whole commercial development in the metal scene was going on my nerves. I mean, profit must be but you shouldn..t forget all moral and idealistic things upon it. So I had the thought in mind, that maybe in the future, when I have some money, I could make it better, to make a difference and make something against and not juts talking at the end. But the creating itself was more a spontan idea in April this year. And after I asked lil bit around and some bands showed their interest, I just started it.

The name comes from the forum I am running which is called “Naturmacht Forum”. The meaning of the word is quite simple, “Naturmacht” means in English “power of the nature” or “mighty nature” if you want so. If you think it deeper as a metaphor it means for me, that the biggest power in this world is the power of nature and life. you run the label by yourself or do you have some friends helping you out?what do you feel is the hardest part of doing the label? what is the easiest part of doing the label?

Mainly I run it alone. But I have much supporters. First my girlfriend Ida, who helps me out with the designing and running the homepage. She created also the Myspace-design with me. She is anyway a big support for me in many ways. Then there are for sure my family and friends. Either the bands itself are helping me out when they can, as I do either with them. And you are either helping me, hehe.

Which brings me to the great things. The greatest thing is for me to meet nice people running in my way of thinking and acting. To come in touch and talk with great musicians and artists. Also that my concept of the company and my ideals are not lost, that much people like the whole thing. And of course to explore much great music and support it.

The worse thing is the paper shit for the state. Everyone wants to have something from your cake, either they make nothing for it. For sure there must be taxes, but I have to make also a report to some private company called “GEMA” to prove that I don..t spread out licensed music.

But at the end it makes much fun and it is easy going! you have any advice to anyone who might be reading this who is thinking of starting up their own label?

First be honest and interested in what you are doing, also in the music and the musicians. Nobody wants another ignorant bastard which wants to make just money. And you should have a good idea behind and you should hold those ideals you have, whatever it costs. have just released your first release italy's own "nokturnal misanthropy--eterna notte".how did you come into contact with this
band? for the readers who might not know this band how would you describe their sound? what is the price to buy the cd?

Ouh, I contacted them in the very beginning, it was with “In Dornen” and “NordanVindar”, last mentioned is my own band, the first band who wanted to work with me. I am still very grateful for that. Their sound is quite unique. It is raw black metal with more easy but intense sounds. The piano takes a very big part of it, so you can call it melodic gothic black metal. But it is for sure not that pop gothic trash and the voice is screamed and male. The price is 8 € including the VAT which is quite high in Germany (19 %).

6.i have looked over your sites and see you have alot of good bands coming out soon.please tell the readers a little about some of your upcoming releases and release dates?

He, yes quite full timetable. Hehe
The very next ones will be “In Dornen” with its “Isolation”-album. Some very nice acoustic electro project. And then Tantalos “Fiat Lux”, philosophic melodic black metal. Both guys behind the projects are great persons, we have much contact to each other. Both albums are unique pieces of music. Both will come out soon on 25. October, the birthday of my brother, who helped me either very much, so that is my little thank to him.

7.if any bands are reading this are you currently looking for new bands to sign and work with? what styles will you support and release?

At least now, after my uni has started, I will have less time and either my money is not endless. Because of that, if they want to work with me, which is always appreciated, they would have to wait until May, then I can watch for new projects. But myself I don..t look for bands anymore. I have much good ones. And I don..t want to take too much so that the thing wouldn't go shitty then.

The main thing is that I like the music and the persons behind. In the end, there is no border in musical way.

8.besides naturmacht prod.are you currently involved with any bands or musical projects of your own?

Jop, as I said already above in the two man project NordanVindar in which I am working with my best friend Henrik, who was either at the “Waldeshall”. Hehe
Any interested people just have to go to the NP myspace page and then go to the top friends. There the project is placed at the first place. Of course, hehe! live in the great country of i was interested in your opinion of germany's metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite german bands?are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

Good question! I really like the scene mostly. Germany has a great black metal scene. There is either a good heavy metal scene and very popular pagan metal and medieval scenes. One of the greatest German bands is “Helrunar”. They make fucking cold and very intelligent pagan/black metal. But the whole metal scene is full of those bands and labels, which are commercial and don..t have any deeper relationship to the ideals of the metal itself, what is very sad.

Hehe, they should watch the NP-releases. Fun. But hm, I cannot really give a tip at the moment. I am not that updated with the next releases. hehe

10.when not working on label business what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time?

Much things: reading, watching movies, sword fighting, playing nice pc-games, sport, and of course making music. I also love to write, I am writing in a RPG. Also poems. Walking outside in the nature is either something very great to me, but I should do it more often, hehe.
And being a good boyfriend, of course. ;)

11.besides the label you also are a writer for pest web-zine in romania and a new writer for winter torment e-zine. when did you become interested in writing for zines?

It was like with the label. I always had it in mind, that I could do it sometimes. But just after I created the label and got a tip for the pest webzine and then, when Adrian searched for helpers, I decided to help him out. And with you it just came from your site. hehe

12.what are some of your favorite zines?in your eyes what makes a good/great web-zine? have you ever thought of doing your own someday?

Winter Torment of course! And the pest webzine. But at the end I am not that over big reader of magazines anyway, I must admit. But for me a good webzine must be honest and not to have only those praying for the big bands that somebody reads or buys it. Something special at the end.

Hm not really thinking of it. There are enough good ones!

13.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what black metal means. So i was curious of your opinion on the subject. What does the term "black metal"mean to you?

For me black metal is a way to live or metal commonly. But I am not an arrogant butthead, who thinks that listening metal makes me something like an elitist. All those misanthropical anti-human wanna be true guys are at the end just poor humans, which are the fullest human beings: arrogant, ignorant and narrow minded. And when I see how much people forgot what metal really means, to be better and not just different, then I feel lil bit sad about that.
Because that is what black metal is for me: being better while living in a good way with the good humans and fighting against the shitty ones.

In musical way it is for me the best way to combine different contrasts and create with that deep and unique feelings.

14.well robert thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

I thank you very much for that great interview, it was a big pleasure. I wish you all the best.
My last words: Thanks for reading! I hope there are not too much mistakes! Hehe

to contact the naturmacht prod. just "click"the link below and check out the great releases and distro robert has started!!