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interview w/beyond ye grave

dark hails!!
first off i want to let all our new friends and subscribers know that if you have missed a interview or blogs of reviews we have a blogger page.this is set-up so we can bring you alot more interviews/reviews of the undergrounds finest black,dark metal bands out today.below is the address..and thanks for the continued support.
on with the interview!!!
we have a new interview with beyond ye grave.a band coming out of the russian black metal of dirty,raw old-school black metal will defintly want to check these blaspemous maniacs out.enjoy

interview with hater vocals,guitarist for beyond ye grave,done by patrick.

1.dark hails brother!! how are things with
you this week? please tell the readers a little about yourself

Infernal Hails! I am the leader of Russian Black
Metal Band – Beyond Ye Grave. There were a lot of alkogolical
adventures of Total Black Metal Madness in last month. We played two
gigs in Russian provincial towns and we shall play one gig in April!

2. at what age did you discover metal? who
were some of the first bands you listened to?

I was 12 years old when
I heard Judas Priest! Also I was possessed by Korrozia Metalla, Iron
Maiden and Manowar! These bands are still my favorites!

3.was it long until you discovered the
world-wide underground? who were some of the first underground bands
you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite

In the year 1998 I have
listened Marduk’s “Dark Endless” and it was awesome!

My favorite black..death bands are –
Dissection, Necrophobic, Marduk, Diabolicum!

4.when did you guys form beyond ye grave?
what is the "current" line-up? for the readers who have
never heard your band's music how would you describe the sound?

I started BYG in the year 1999 a.b.
whit guitarist Daemonium! After a several years of stupid drinking
we split up the band and I started my own project. Also I played in
a few black metal bands. Whit Daemonium we recorded just one demo in
the year 2002.

In summer 2007 Beyond Ye Grave was reformed!

Beyond Ye Grave performs a
fast old school Black Fucking Metal with some melodic parts!

Nothing new here! But our songs will crush your

5.the new cd "raping the creation of
god" is a masterpiece of hateful old-school black
long did it take you guys to write/record this release? are you
happy with how the cd came out?

We wrote and
recorded all material for two weekends! There was only a one riff
that I wrote before recording! Two years we searched for a label.

I not satisfied with our debut! There are many
moments that I want to do better.

6.besides the new cd,does the band have any
other merchandise availble for the readers?

Yes! We have three -way split CD “In nomine
Satanas – First Curse” with Byblis (Italy) and Pogost (Russia)
In this year two split CD’s with Black Mass Ritual (USA) and
Doomguard (Russia) will be released. So watch out! you and inquisitor {bass/guitars} have
plans to look for new members to join beyond ye grave. or do you
plan to keep the band a 2-piece?

Inquisitor left the band in December 2007 after
first gig. Actual line up is Hater – guitars..vokills, Frosgart –
guitars and Sallustias – Bass. N
ow we
are looking for a good drummer.

8.the band comes from the russian
underground.i know some russian bands but not i would like to know
your thoughts/opinions on the scene in your town and country?

I live in suburb of Moscow and here we
have just a few interesting bands. Most interested bands located in
province of Russia.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite
russian underground bands? are there any new bands you think the
underground fans should watch out for?

I don’t really like
Russian Black Metal of 90’s. But now we have a Legion of bestial
bands. Bands that I support – Melkor, Pogost, Pro Inferis,
Inferious Torment, Doomguard, Storming Darkness!

Early albums of Blackdeath is outstanding!
Belarusian band Kruk is great!

I totally recommend you a project’s of our ex-member Sir Northdark
(R.I.C) Taniniver and Northdark! you play in any other bands or have
side-projects? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.

I have a one-man project – Omnia Orta Cadunt.
It is experimental misanthropic Black
Metal with samples and keyboards but it is not gay-sympho or gothic
vampiric shit.

Also I played in Gelida Obscuritas and
Ithdabquth Qliphoth
some time ago. what age did you start playing the
guitar? who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?

I was 15 when a started to play and it was
, ha ha! My favorite
guitar-Masters are Glen Tipton, K.K. Downing, all guitarists of Iron
Maiden, all guitarist of Necrophobic, and of course Jon Nodtveidt.

12.are you self-taught or did you take
lessons when you first started? do you play any other instruments
besides guitar?

I had a book with
guitar lessons when I started to play on guitar and that’s all!
Also I play on the bass and a little on keyboards. also handle the vocals for the
group.when did you start singing? who are some of your favorite

I started to screaming in 1999. My favorite
vocalists are Eric Adams, Bruce Dickinson,
Rob Halford, Borov (Korrozia Metalla). My favorite Black..Death
singers are Legion, Arioch, Jon Nodtvedt, Themgoroth, Tobias

14. itseems like everyone has their own idea/opinion on what
"true black metal i was interested what does "black
metal mean to you ?

Black Metal is a most Misanthropic musical
style! We started Beyond Ye Grave for Glorification of Satan! This
is enough for the title - true Black Metal I think!

15.well hater thank you for taking the time
to fill out this interview. do you have any final words for the

Satan, Black Metal and Vodka! – finest way to

band contact

interview with astral luminous done patrick

we have a new interview with scott and his dark musical/metal creation astral of black metal with ambient/experimental influences should defintly check out astral luminous and their debut cd "lunaric tide" on hypnotic dirge records.
dark hails and enjoy
patrick and winter torment web-zine.

interview with scott johnson inuments and compositions for astral luminous done by patrick.

1.hello scott how has your week been? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

My week has been good, spending time with a beautiful artistic girl who I care a lot about. So emotions have been whirling, but I am still firmly on the ground. This comes from her and other things of course, I have been receiving a lot of inspiration and insight into future direction, as with my life and of course music too.

2.when did you first get the idea to create/form astral luminous? how did you come up with the band name? does it have a special meaning?

That is a very good question... It was a combination of audial and visual exposure, dark atmospheric music and transcendant black metal, art, realities of space, many things. My very beginnings, I was playing guitar and envisioned the idea to start recording whenever I developed a unique melodic style of my own, a very raw insight into my psyche, melodies whispering to me, waiting to be born into audial form. I wanted to create an experimental black metal/ambient project that displays more than aggression, more than depressing lyrics, but one that gives insight into ones' own mind, and hopefully create a blazing wonder about the spiritual and the cosmos. Within the listener, I want them to comprehend my music as more than sounds, but as sounds with a shape, movement, life. To float upon the floodgate of thoughts, and see where it takes you. More inspiration came from hearing recordings captured from space and made intelligible to our ears. Evocative, and very eye opening as far as music goes. Planets, making beautiful ethereal music.

So after thinking for some names involving something unique, the name came from the Burzum song, My journey to the stars. It is a phrase, which I took 2 words from, Ex.- "A quest for knowledge in the Astral Luminous." The way he talks so passionately about entrusting himself into the cosmos inspired me to be more of a spiritual minded person. "A quest for knowledge in the Astral Luminous." From what I understand from the song, and the research ive done, this name is not for a specific nebula, star, etc. His meaning of the term Astral Luminous is sort of unclear, but it seems as if he means it is a place of transcendence, complete and unbound comprehension. It is very hard to explain but hopefully I have given you some idea. The lyric, just inspired me in a certain way.

3.would you say you have an open-mind towards metal and music in general? the reason i ask is you seem to combine alot of different dark styles into the music of astral luminous.

Of course I have a very open mind to music! Ive loved many different types of music, from dark depressing, life threatening sounds to insightful progressive compositions made only of bells and cymbals (for example) played only for fun, not for religion or politics or anything like that. As long as I can stand it really. From black metal, to orchestral compositions. The styles I incorporate into my project are ambient atmospheres, black metal style instrumentation, but also experimental techniques and sounds. The main effect I try to create is an "Engulfing" feeling. I do apologize for the fuzz on my guitar on my debut album! haha! Going back and listening, I have many things to work on as a producer for sure, but that is what it's about experience and learning. The next album I envision will include some more acoustic guitar, and possibly traditional percussive instruments, (tribal drums, other cultural instruments) more natural sounds but also other experimental sounds I am working on now. The album will most likely be completely instrumental, meant for more insightful and meditative purposes, but of course I have some intense metal ideas too! haha Remember Scott, this is only an interview... are the sole member of astral luminous.{with the help of session-vocalist} are you currently looking for new members to join the project?
Yes, I am the only member of the band. Session vocals were placed onto my debut album for certain reasons... like for example, I wanted there to be actual lyrics to create a more concrete perception and understanding. Ok lets say theres someone who has never heard of my project, rather than simply relying on instrumentation for a direction, I wanted lyrics to be included, but I am not a vocalist, barely a melodic singer. As far as my ideas for future albums, I strongly believe that I will record with session musicians, but for the most part keep it simple. After all, it is I who made it, and I am the only one who can truly manifest the vision. A band NEEDS members. Without those parts, it would not be a whole. As far as this project is concerned, I focus mainly on creating it myself, but I do see myself working with many other artists I already know.

5.if you had the opportunity to work/write with any musicians past or present.who would you like to work/write with?

Spencer Nilsen (Amazing ambient artist), Quorthon, Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, Numinas, Hellhammer and Dead, Havard Ellefsen (Era 1), Nobuo Uematsu, Trey Azagthoth, Pete Sandoval, and David Vincent, Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, many other underground artists... Art/music is a another list haha!

6.the new cd "lunaric tide"was just released through hypnotic dirge long did it take you to write/record the songs for this release?are you happy with how the songs came out?

Yes! and I am very excited! Hopefully it reaches far and wide, I know it already has, but even further. I wrote the songs in a few sessions playing guitar, tracked the drums which took a few hours, and recording is quick, not many takes needed. Mixing and mastering is the absolute longest and most mind exhausting to me. I mixed and mastered the tracks for countless hours trying to balance everything, which is hard to work with using alternate recording techniques, fuzzy guitar tone haha!

Considering my equipment, I am happy with how it turned out, and I wont listen to it for a while but will come back and hear it and am really surprised at certain aspects. Besides the music, the album layout design by Ba'al Graphics is so amazing to me. I am so appreciative to call it my own, because it looks so unique and different from whats out recently. The printing is of course very high quality from Smart Productions here, pro cdr and brilliantly colorful and glossy pages and reflective cd face. Please check it out everyone! has the response been from the fans and the press so far?

the response has been good. Reviews, messages and comments, radio and interview offers. You asked for a interview so thats a good sign haha! Its a start, its going to be slow but Im working on it.

8.when you start writing/working on new songs how long does it usually take you to finish one song? do you have to be in a certain mood when you begin writing new material?

I usually write songs very quickly, I have an understanding of drums and guitar and bass, so it comes to me all at once. It actually takes recording a part and playing along, experimenting, determining the direction you know. It helps to be in solitude, with some oil incensce burning to help open the floodgate.. but a certain mood? yes I guess you can say that. It has to be right. It has to feel right.

9drew {of dark procession} contributed the session vocals for the release.when did the two of you meet? are you satisfied with his work?do you plan to work with drew again or would you like to use different vocalist for each astral luminous release?

Me and Drew met probably a few years ago? I think. I discovered Dark Procession and was impressed from day one. Just did not expect to start working with him. I tried to record bass for DP, but being in different locations (no actual physical in your face learning) made it very difficult so eventually I believe he found someone and we talked about vocals and lyric direction. He adapted to it very well, and completed the album. Yes I am satisfied with his performance. I might possibly work with him again, who knows. I do not plan for vocals to be on the next album, and have a feeling I might keep it instrumental. I am not sure yet though... created/played all the music on "lunaric tide".so i was curious when did you first become interested in playing music? what were some of the first instruments you played? which do you feel was the hardest to learn? which one was the easiest for you?

I first started playing music after getting more into rock, and metal (around 9) and around 11 I got my first bass guitar. I learned on my own for a couple of years, then got my first electric guitar. I am on my 3rd bass and my 2nd guitar (both Ibanez haha! but RELIABLE) then around the time I got a guitar I became interested in drums because my best friend was an experienced drummer. So I have been playing the 3 since then.

Hardest to learn...hmm...bass. It hurt. I started my scales on bass, I even remember not being able to hold them down correctly. I laid the guitar in my lap and picked the strings thinking, "This is so cool!" Later on, I flipped it up and held the frets... I knew how to play guitar, it was because that was all I could do! haha small beginnings... Drums were difficult also, very strenuous and excercising for your limbs. The easiest was guitar I would say.

11.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you Patrick for taking the time to create these questions. They were very thoughtful and well some of the most involved interview questions I have read, let alone answered. I am not the best with words, or with interviews, but hopefully this has given you more insight into not just my project, but myself as a person also. I know you have heard it before, but its true. Knowledge is power. Do not stagnate, evolve. Transcend.
to contact astral luminous
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black/dark metal reviews for 4-2-09

well here is a new batch of reviews for your reading pleasure.hope you will find something to your liking.we will have alot more updates in the near future so keep an eye out.or if you have not done so take a second and "subscribe" to our blogs for all the latest reviews,interviews,news
patrick and winter torment e-zine.

absu- absu cd {candlelight rec.}
{done by patrick}

a 8yrs of silence texas-based absu return! the band has never sounded
better or more intense than they do with their newest masterpiece of
blackend metal. the band mixes in early 90's black metal with some
really complex and amazing progressive guitar
and solo's.and
proscriptor is intense yet flawless with his approach. a true master of the drum kit
if you are familar with absu's past work than you know this bands
brilliance,if you are new to the band or the scene.defintly don't waste
another minute and find this masterpiece of dark art.

aldrlag-advanced copy of upcoming demo cdr
this new project from the u.s has created some of the bleakest/depressive sounds to be heard in sometime.starting with a short acoustic intro the picks up into the realm of raw black metal but this only the beginning of the journey as gramr {all instruments,vocals} plunges himself and the listener into a abyss of depressive ambient/black metal their are event hints of a folk influence in a few areas of the songs.the vocals only add to the darkness with tortured shrieks/screams and more whispery slow pattern.this is a good debut and recomended to fans of the newer depressive black/ambient. hear a few tracks before the demo release {in early spring/summer if all goes well} check out the myspace page.

alunah-fall to earth mcd {catacomb rec.}
this is the new e.p from the u.k's alunah.a 3 songs with a nice variety and mix of traditional doom,blues,and psychedlic rock.i usually am not a fan of this style but i must admit listening to it for about the 3rd time it is really enjoyable release.alunah have done a good job of mixing doom,classic rock and the bands own talented ideas. this is a release fans of traditional doom,classic rock will enjoy.

astral luminous-lunaric tide cd {hypnotic dirge records}
this is a band i have been waiting to hear ever since i first contacted hypnotic dirge.well i can defintly say astral luminious is right at home on the hypnotic dirge roster.4 tracks of ambient soundscapes with some black /noise influences.the harsh black metal vocals are done compliments of drew {of dark procession} but the musical side and strong point of astral luminous is created by scott johnson.the music is created almost flawlessly whether the music has you in a hypnotic trance or is tearing your soul with it's raw viciousness.this is a release fans of dark ambient/metal can not miss.
label contact

beyond ye grave-raping the creation of god cd {cold breath of silence prod.}
this is a russian duo that know what black metal is supposed to sound like! the band plays aggressive,hateful black metal.mixing early 90's norwegian sound with a more straight forward black metal the band does a good job of keeping the chaotic sound and feel throughout the whole cd.the band does show alot of good song writing skills mixing in some memorable guitar riffs and furious yet impressive drum patterns.this is a release old-school fans of hateful,satanic black metal will worship! i look for this band to go far within the next few years if they keep making releases like this one.

blut aus nord--memoria vetusata 11 dialogue with the stars cd {candlelight records}
{reviewed by patrick}

the ava
nt-garde black metal trio from france
are back with their 6th release.this is my first encounter with the
band so i can't really compare the new release to the band's previous
works.but on memoria vetusata you can defintly hear the bands mature
and well crafted get the icy cold mid-paced black metal with
some almost slow doomish interludes in some of the bands tracks.the
vocals are dark and violent screetchs with some more eerie whispers.if
you are a fan of previous releases by blut aus nord then i am sure you
will not be disapointed with their newest creation.but if you like me
are new to the band i would defintly recomend blut aus nord to the
darker avante-garde black metal fans in the underground.

crimfall- as the path unfolds cd {napalm records}reviewed by patrick}
label has labeled the band "epic folk metal".and yes i do agree with
the label for the most part.but the band has also included alot of
various styles to put this band in one catagory is near impossible.the
cd starts off with some epic metal riffs and gentle folkish
interludes.the band quickly raises their swords for battle with some
harsh and barbic sounding black metal influences
and the demonic voices only add to the darkening devestation.but the
band is not just another copycat or clone band.for their is a dark
atmosphere of folk and orchestra style influences to only further the
bands sound of majestic and epic blackend folk of {older}
dimmu borgir,tristania,and fans of epic folk metal
will appreciate this finnish trio's musical genius which is also the
band's debut release! so i can only see this band getting better with

demonic cremator-3 song demo {self-released}
demonic creator are a band i found through myspace and i am glad our paths crossed.this 2 piece from scotland does not follow any of the current trends in black metal.instead they stick to the old-school approach of dirty,raw,furious black metal.intense shrieks/screams overlap some equally raw and filthy guitar/bass riffs and a few solo's here and there.if you are looking for the more "polished" or clean sounds of some of todays black proably will want to stay away from demonic cremator cause their is no melody,no clean production just raw old-school blackness.

fejd-storm cd {napalm records}
this swedish band carry the torch of medieval nordic folk with pride and power.12 tracks of authentic,genuine folk.amazing well sung male vocals and female vocals are also used throughout the cd.sing the hyms sung in the native language only give the songs more of a natural feel.fejid are a new band that know this style well and play it with talent and ease.i would like to point to out that yes some metal guitars,heavier drums are used.this band is more prone to folk genre than the metal it is up to the listener.but if you enjoy folk influenced metal from past napalm bands i would give this band a chance as won't be disapointed.

hellsaw-cold cd {napalm records}
{reviewed by patrick}
this austrian band could not have picked out a better name for their new cd.the band plays a nice mix of cold early 90's black metal but with some majestic and dark atmospheres of some of todays bands.the 5th track "cold aeon" really picks up the pace with a really catchy 80's black/thrash solo.i would label hellsaw a pure black metal band.the guys are not afraid to throw some thrashing riffs/beats in their as well as slow down the pace to add some melody within the songs.the band has created what i would say is possibly one of the best! cd releases of the year so far.this is a must have for fans of black metal.

isole-silent ruins cd {napalm records}reviewed by patrick}
isole is a swedish
epic doom metal band.that fans of this genre need to know!! silent ruins
is a masterpiece of epic,slow and sorrowful sounding doom that
gets better with each release.their last cd "bliss of solitude" was a
good release but still lacked something.but with ruins the band has it
all slow pounding drums that speed up occasionaly. likewise the guitars
are slow and crushing but also speed up to break the pace up and keep
the listeners attention.the vocals are bleak and sorrow-filled with each
note that is sung.each track is a journey into a hellish despair. fans
of epic or traditional/early 90's doom.will want to search out this out

lunatica-new shores cd {napalm
switzerland's lunatica are possibly one of the best
bands to emerge from the "atmospheric metal" scene in quite
shores is the bands debut for napalm rec.{but the 4th release
overall}.11 tracks of melodic and atmospheric metal brilliance!
musically the band ranges from atmospheric progressive heavy metal/hard
rock to more melodic ballad type of song each song a
life and identy of their of female-fronted symphonic metal will

mind odyssey-time to change it cd {napalm
records}done by patrick}

germany's mind odyssey will appeal to the fans of
today with a more rockin/metal style.a few tracks are ok with some
decent guitar riffs here and there.mind odysessey really are nothing to
great but this style seems to be popular in the current if you
like progressive rockin/metal tunes you might like mind odyssey.more
old-school fans will proably want to pass this band

neige et noirceur-demo v {hypnotic dirge rec.}done by patrick}
this is a new canadian band/project.
with a swedish raw black/thrash sound.but also mixes alot of dark atmospheric ambience.the band has some good ideas but i think they need to work on the music some will be interesting to hear the future releases but this one very interesting or memorable.

spellcraft--stripe obscura promo cd.
{done by patrick}
this is a promo of the bands latest release.and is very impressive to these ears.intense and furious black/death with a nice {old} morbid angel sound in the guitar work and the vocalist reminds of abbath {immortal} while the majority of this promo are more brutal straight forward black/death.the band does slow down unexpectedly a few times to almost a doomish pace which only adds to the bands already dark and heavy sound.this is a band fans of old morbid angel mixed with some immortal influence will most likely love! so what are you waiting for? buy it and support the underground already.

interview with gramr all instruments,vocals for aldrlag

dark hails!
we have just recieved this interview from gramr of aldrlag.this is a fairly new project but i see good things for this band.gramr mixes black,some doom,ambient/folk to create a true dark on for more details of the upcoming demo.
thanks to all who support
patrick and winter torment e-zine.

interview with gramr instruments and vocals for aldrlag done by patrick.

1.dark hails gramr! how is your week been going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello Patrick. My week has been going rather well; I’ve been writing, recording, and exploring new Aldrlag material for a future full-length, as well as studying up on various subjects. I can never think of declarative things to state about myself, so I think I’ll leave this section somewhat vague. Hopefully those interested in knowing this will decide for themselves via the other questions in this interview. ;)

2.when did you first get the idea to form/create aldrlag? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands sound?

I’ve always been in bands, writing music and lyrics, etc., etc., so the creation of Aldrlag was really just a natural extension of the sort of musical and philosophical ideas I had been having at the time. Seldom a day goes by where I don’t at least touch an instrument—thus the idea of not writing or creating something seems much more challenging than the opposite.

Describing one’s own band’s sound is always a rather difficult task. It’s sort of like describing one’s own self—we could be this or that at any given moment, but who knows how long such feelings will last. This is how I feel with Aldrlag. At the moment the music is, in my own opinion, folk-inspired atmospheric “black metal” with ambient tendencies. Comparisons to Burzum have been thrown around often, but a strict Burzum-like sound has never been my goal per se. Not that I particularly mind the comparison, but I’ve been influenced by many additional things and composers.

3.looking at the bands myspace page, it looks like you write/create all the music yourself {with help of a session drummer} how long does it usually take to write/complete a song for aldrlag? do you have to be in a certain mood to write the dark music or does it just come naturally?

How long a song takes to compose really varies. All of the songs on the demo were sort of written over a period of years, with some final improvisation during the recording process to truly seal them in place. Right now I’m working on some material for a full length—which I’m almost finished composing—and that has taken me probably about nine months or so to complete. There’s still a lot more work that needs to be done, but the majority of it is finished.

I think when creating any form of art one has to always be in a certain mind set. Not that one need meditate or something like that, but you definitely can’t force creativity. Perhaps I’ll become inspired to write because I heard something, or even read something that caught my attention; there always has to be a spark, really. That being said, the style comes quite naturally. Everyone thinks of music in different terms, thus the best results occur when one simply writes what comes naturally.

4.have you considered looking for other members to create a full-band to help write or possibly play live someday or do you prefer to work alone?

I mostly prefer writing the songs alone. I’d like to play live someday, but I don’t think I’ll ever enter into a “partnership” with others as far as the writing process goes. When bands enter into this sort of “flat hierarchy” the process can take much longer, and even be arrested stylistically, due to the simple nature of the democratic process involved. Some can make this work, and my respect is with them—but then again, in the end I really like to have the final say as far as Aldrlag is concerned.

5.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who are some musicians you would like to write/work with?

I don’t think I would adamantly seek strictly “metal” artists to work with in particular. I’m much more interested in those who perhaps have a respect for the genre, but also occupy themselves in the realms of folk, classical, ambient, and other forms of music. I’m looking to work with a cellist on the full-length, if that tells you anything. recently sent me a "advanced copy" of the bands demo. how long did it take you to write/record the songs for the demo? are you happy with how the demo came out? do you have a personal favorite song?

As stated above, the songs were composed over a period of some years. The recording process took a couple of days for the drums, and then about a week recording at small intervals for the rest. The entire recording process was really a learning experience for me personally, as I recorded and mixed the entire demo (save the drums) myself. This was really the first time that I’ve been able to experiment with microphone placement, decent mixing, and the like.

I’m pretty pleased with the end result, but of course, as with anything, there are some spots that I wish would have turned out better. One is the vocals—especially the clean vocals. The microphone I was using was not really suited for vocal use, nor was the room acoustically adequate. I don’t think these factors absolutely ruin the demo, but they are areas I hope to work on in future releases.

My personal favorite, though, is As Wolves... I enjoy not only the music for this particular track, but the lyrics as well.

7.the demo has a very interesting name to it. how did you decide on the name of the demo? does it have a special meaning?

The actual title itself was somewhat of an after thought. The three runic characters have had significance for me for a number of years. Their creation was, at first, really an instinctual act, and their use together has increased in meaning with the passing of time.

Their meaning, notwithstanding the plethora of interpretations possible here, of course accords to the individual runes themselves: Algiz for birth and protection, Oþala for home and heritage, and Yr for death, misunderstanding, and materiality. Taken together, the implication means something regarding the need for protecting one’s home and heritage from destruction, or a reversal. This need for protection and life may have arisen from an error.

Another interpretation concerns the tree Yggdrasil. Algiz symbolizes the opening of the tree to the sky, while Yr depicts the roots stretching to Niflheim. In this sense, Oþala becomes a symbol for the nine worlds situated between the branches and roots of the tree—sort of a depiction of man’s situation between life and death, “spirituality” and materiality.

8.when you begin to create a new song which usually comes first the lyrics or the music? where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics?

It varies, really. A lot of times I’ll have a poem written that I then fit to music, but other times it can be just the opposite.

As for lyrics, I really draw inspiration from a number of sources. Of course Skaldic poetry and the use of kennings and metaphor can play a large role, as can the works of modern and romantic era poets. Ezra Pound, Friedrich Hölderlin, Nietzsche, W.B. Yeats, and old Norse and English epic poetry have all provided massive and lasting inspiration for me. Folk tales also often have the ability to bestow inspiration in their depiction of settings where the supernatural interact with the living.

9.i know you have mentioned the demo will be released on the polish label "hammerbolt productions".how did you come into contact with the label? any idea when the demo will "officially" be released?

Wojbor of Hammerbolt heard some Aldrlag tracks and decided he would like to release the demo via his label. It was a very simply process, which is what I really enjoy. I’ve known of Hammerbolt for awhile, so I was honored for them to have approached me.

The demo will be officially released sometime around early summer—that is, if no unexpected delays are encountered.

10.everyone seems to have their own opinions/ideas as what black metal means. so i was interested what does "black metal" mean to you?

I’m not entirely sure what “black metal” means, but I definitely do not agree with the opinions of those who would assume that it is primarily the musical manifestation of “Satan.” Rather, this seems to me to be merely a symptom of the polemical nature of this genre all together. It’s almost as if a few pedestrian individuals had no further way of verbalizing what they were feeling in regards to modernity, and could thus only explain it as a result of something “evil.” This is all fine and good to an extent, as Nietzsche often refers to the perceived “evil” natures of higher and stronger individuals with absolutely no reference to the Judeo-Christian personification of “Satan;” even yet, the real error occurred when certain individuals began to take the dualistic and fundamentally alien caricature of “Satan” seriously in a metaphysical sense. “Satanists” in the vein of those who would adopt the term today historically did not exist—one would even question if they truly exist today. Rather, the real “evil” and “heretical” characters of the past were actually pagans adhering to the old faith, and an examination of literary tales such as Le Morte D’Arthur will show fully how paganism was viewed by the recent converts to Christianity.

So really what we can conclude from this is that when a “black metal” musician says “Satan,” he is really using the Christian’s own word for European pagan and folk beliefs.

Perhaps “black metal” at bottom is simply a rejection of the modern condition?

11.well gramr thank you for doing this interview good luck with the band and the upcoming release. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you Patrick for the interview. Best of luck with the future of the zine!

...má ekki forðast sitt aldrlag...

band contact

interview with grave host/d.j of journeys through the black abyss radio show.

Interview with Grave DJ/creator of "Journeys Through The Black Abyss radio/show on B.E.R." and all instruments,vocals for Incidere.>

Interview done by Patrick

metal hales grave!! how are you doing this weekend and please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hails Patrick! I'm doing pretty good this weekend.Well about myself lets see.. I have a band called
Incidere. I created this solo project about a year ago. I live in Florida which I hate because of the weather and pretty much just spend my time making music or working on my show Journeys Through The Black Abyss on Brutal Existence Radio.

when did you first get introduced to metal, who were some of the first bands you listen to, who are some of your current favorite bands?

What first introduced me into metal was when I was about 7 years old and my uncles would always play heavy metal such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and bands like that, of course I was too small to recognize it but I do remember everything. The time when I really got into it was when I was 15 years old I have a Black Sabbath tape I got as a gift and I would listen to it everyday until I got a computer and started researching more and more about metal and then got slowly into it, black metal, death metal. One of the first black metal bands I ever heard was Dark Funeral and Emperor. For death metal the first ones I heard were Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist. After being into metal for about 3 years now its kinda hard choosing a favorite band since I've seen so many and met so many great musicians. But of course there's the ones that stand out a lot. As far as of now I like Marduk, Profanatica, Havohej, Funerary Pit, Watain, Black Witchery, Necrovore and the list never ends.

looking at your playlist i would say your 2 favorite metal generes are black and thrash metal. what is it you love about these genres? do you listen to other metal genres?

I listen to a variety of genres actually. Doom, Dsbm, Death, Grind, Thrash, Black, Old School Punk, Anything that sounds good and catches my attention. But you're right my favorite metal genre's are Black & Thrash, don't get me wrong I love all the other types as well but I guess I just grew to like these more, no special reason other than the fact that black metal has an atmosphere that no other music will ever have.

you are the host and d.j. for the radio show "journey through the black abyss" on brutal existence radio when did you first become interested in becoming a d.j.?

It all started last year around August when I came across an add for DJ's needed so I first applied at Open Grave Radio to start DJ'ing there, I had alot of free time so I figured this would be nice. My first show was in the month of October.

for the readers who have never heard of your show please give some background information on it? how did you come into contact with gazz and fowler (owners of brutal existence radio)

I only did 2 shows in Open Grave Radio because the station closed. Immediately after it banished a salvadorian based radio station called 95X offered me another similar DJ placement. I accepted since OGR was no longer open. I worked in 95X for about a month. I quit 95X because I got frustrated with the fact that I was the only DJ and it was getting hectic for me doing long hours. After that I got in touch with Fowler (co-owner) of Brutal Existence Radio, he used to DJ for Open Grave Radio too so I told him I wanted to become part of the Brutal Existence Radio team, next day he talked to Gaz (also co-owner of the station). Gaz and I talked and in no time I was DJ'ing for B.E.R. My shows are Tuesday Nights from 10p.m. until 3.a.m. EST and Thursdays 7p.m. until midnight EST.

what would you say is the easiest and hardest part of being a d.j., running a show? how many hours a day would you say you spend working on a show?

To be honest with you I don't think there's an easy or hard part about this, I like what I do because I support the underground and I support what I love which is metal, I enjoy finding new bands everyday and helping them get a name for themselves, another great thing about this is meeting such nice people as yourself who have the same interests and the listeners are one of the best things too. They come in and show support for Brutal Existence Radio and for the all the shows no matter what genre they are. That's why I mentioned there's no hard part about it. Very self satisfying. I probably work on a show for more than 5 hours sometimes it takes me 2 days to complete a playlist because I prepare trivia from each band, write it down and inform the listeners what they are listening to. With that everyone learns a little from each band I play.

do you have any advise for someone thinking about being a d.j. or wanting to start a show?

Yes I do, first off don't get nervous hehe, first couple of shows I did, I was terribly nervous. Relax, be ready and have fun that's about it really.

for any bands/labels reading this what styles of metal do you play/support on "journeys through" radio show and how can they contact you for air play?

The Tuesdays shows are mostly black metal and the Thursdays show are mostly thrash but when it comes down to it I play whatever I want in each show as sometimes people request different sub genres. So just for bands in general doesn't matter what sub genre, if you're looking for airplay contact me at or email me the tracks at

in your opinion what is the best and worse thing about the underground and what does the term underground metal mean to you?

The best is the bands are not playing music for money, they are doing it because they enjoy metal and that's why they play it. Worst thing about it is that financially is very hard to put the product out to people, bands need equipment, recording equipment, rehearsal time & place, connections with venues etc. So being a underground band is hard to get money from what they do. That's the only bad thing I see from it. It can be very ironic but its the truth. Underground metal means you stay true to yourself and the music you make, there's no way in hell a mainstream band has the same concepts of mind as when they first started.

besides the radio show you have told me you recently started a band. When did you decide to start a band? Please give us some information on the project.

Well Incidere has been alive since early 2008 I actually made lots music for it but never released it. I want to continue with this project by myself and it will stay that way, if I have a chance to play live I will not take the offer because that's not what Incidere was created for. In about 2 months I will probably have the demo recorded, I need to go to the studio and with economic problems at the moment is kind of hard so just await the new material I have in stored. As for my other project which is raw black metal aside from Incidere which is more ambient/doom. This other project I have not told anyone about yet. And I don't have much information on it yet either but we're looking at a much more aggressive side of the spectrum. I will post more updates later.

How did you come up with the band name Incidere, does it have a special meaning? Have you had time to write/complete any songs for the band? How would you describe the music of Incidere?

Incidere is latin for "Incision" it does have personal meaning to me. Very hard to explain. I have 2 songs up on the myspace site but I will re record them so the answer would be no I don't have anything concrete for it yet, I do have a lot of ideas but lack of equipment and economically bad right now can't do anything with them. Incidere is like my get-away band. Is not a certain genre, is not a specific mode of being its just my ideas running wild and expressing anything I can't express in life musically.

do you plan to keep this a one-person project or are you currently looking for other members to join the band?

Incidere is a one person project and it will stay that way forever. As I said before I have another black metal band I'm starting and I am looking for members with that one. If you play guitar/bass or vox let and interested in playing for a black metal band contact me (

when not working on the show or the band.what do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?

I watch sports, mostly football and baseball. I like to draw once in a while. Go to shows, concerts. Make music, rehearse and anything that has metal involved. I'm pretty calm.

Well my friend we have reached the end of the interview. thanks for taking the time to fill the interview Do you have any final words or comments for the readers?

Well Patrick, first I'd like to hank you and Winter Torment Zine for taking the time to interview me and also thanks to everyone who keeps supporting the underground. Check out Journeys Through The Black Abyss on Brutal Existence Radio and wait for more news from the bands I mentioned. Good luck to ya.

.. ....