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interview w/earthdog promotions done patrick

fans of doom,drone metal should know the name of earthdog promotions very well.ed is one of the most dedicated,honest people i have met in 15 plus years in the underground.if you are band/label looking for honest,indepth review or possible interview defintly check out ed and his MANY zines/promotion pages or forums.ed is also a huge supporter of black,black/death etc. so if your not really a doom fan take a few check out his pages as he also has some interviews with various other bands and genres.enjoy!!!

nterview with ed editor/owner of earthdog promotions,doom metal
aliance and doom room forums.done by patrick

1.hello ed how is your week going? please tell the readers a little
about yourself.

ed - Its been another busy week for me,don't get much time to rest
anymore.With a full time job,the websites and a baby to take care of
it makes it pretty hard to relax ever !

2.i believe you started listening to doom,rock,metal the mid to late 70's
correct? who were some of the first bands you listened to?

ed - I have been listening to Heavy Rock/Metal since 1973 when i was 8
years old.Sabbath was the band that really kicked things off for me
but it was in the 80's with bands like Trouble and Saint Vitus that my
affection towards Doom Metal really grew.

3.besides the obvious creation of the internet and would
you say the underground metal/music scene has changed over the years.

ed- It has changed in so many ways,one of the biggest changes has been
the creation of sub-genres for Metal bands.In the Doom Metal genre now
days there is Stoner Doom,Traditional Doom,Gothic Doom,Progressive
Doom,Viking Doom,Drone Doom,Death Doom etc etc.When it first started
it was all under the banner of "Doom Metal".The sub-genres can be
useful for describing a band's sound but its also confused things a
little.The Internet age has made a huge difference because now anyone
can get their music heard,in the old days you were doomed to remain
bashing out the music in your garage or bedroom and that is where the
music stayed.The underground used to be real underground in the old
days,the only way you got to hear underground bands was through tape
trading,now you can discover new bands everyday just by turning on
your computer.

4.anyone who has you read your zines/promotion pages can see you are a
true fan/supporter of all things doom.when did you begin listening to
doom? who are your all-time favorite doom bands? what about in the
"current"scene are their any bands the readers should watch out for?

ed - It was in the 80's when Doom really got into my blood.Bands like
Trouble and Saint Vitus in the 80's where so different compared to
other Metal bands at the time.It was the beginning of the whole
Speed/Thrash/Black scene and bands like Trouble and Saint Vitus didn't
fit in at all with that.My favorite bands in Doom Metal would have to
be Saint Vitus,Trouble,Electric Wizard,Early
Cathedral,Sleep,Candlemass and of course Black Sabbath.I know they
were never a real Doom band but it all stems from Sabbath in my
opinion.The current scene has so many great bands like Dawn Of
Winter,Doomraiser,Church Of Misery,Black Pyramid,Kin Of
Ettins,Brigantia,Iron Void,Alunah,Tank Destroyer, Altar Of
Oblivion,Acid Witch,Hooded Menace,Stonehelm,Elliotts Keep and that
list can go on forever.I wouldn't like to try and name every band
because i know i would leave someone out and that wouldn't be fair.The
Drone/Doom scene is also alive with so many great projects happening
like Within The Torn Apart,A Death Cinematic and Desolation.

5.i believe earthdog promotions.was your first page/zine. when did you
get the idea to create earthdog promotions? how did you come up with
the name for the zine?

ed - Actually there was another zine before that one but it got
deleted by the powers that be on Myspace.It was at that point i
decided to start again but with a more professional/serious
approach.Last year Earthdog Promotions became a registered company and
i started dedicating the entire site to Promotion,Reviews and
Interviews.In real terms the site has been around over 3 years but its
really only been the last 18 months that its really taken off.The name
stems from the fact my nickname has always been "Dog",i don't really
know why ha ha.The "Earth" part came from the Iron Maiden album
"Maiden Japan" which on the back cover they thank all the
"Earthdogs".I have never seen that written anywhere else so i thought
it was kind of unique.To be honest i wish i had a better name for it
but its too late now.Earthdog Promotions it is !!

6.obviously doom and it's sub-genres{stoner,
sludge,drone etc.} are your favorite genre's but i have also seen some
reviews and interviews with black,death,thrash bands on your
sites.would you say you have a open-mind towards metal?

ed - Yes i have always listened to different kinds of Metal but i draw
the line at hair bands/glam commercial and real mainstream stuff.Most
of that stuff i don't class as Metal anyway.I am still obsessed with
old school Black/Death Metal and these days that style has made a real
comeback so its been great.I will always interview/review anyone but
if the band has a Doom edge then its a bonus.I am also a huge fan of
the Progressive and Proto-Metal bands of the early 70's.

7.if any bands or labels are reading this are you currently looking
for new bands and labels to work with? where can the interested
labels/bands get in touch with you?

ed - Bands can contact me through Earthdog Promotions @ or The Doom Metal Alliance
Site @ is also my main
blog site @ where you can
send a message or leave a comment.There is also my email at

8.besides earthdog promotions you also created/run the doom room
forums.when did you start this up? for the readers who have never seen
the doom room please give some information about it.

ed - The Doom Room is a group page on Myspace for Doom/Drone/Stoner
Metal fans and bands to discuss and promote music.It was started a
couple of years back but despite having nearly 800 members its pretty
much dead these days.The page was set up to provide a alternative to
the regular Myspace forums which are full of trolls who do nothing but
criticized things people post.None of that goes on in The Doom Room,if
they do they are removed. you have any advice to anyone reading this who is thinking of
starting up a promotions page/site or even a zine?

ed - If you are serious about it,be prepared to spend every spare
moment you can on it.Its real hard work if the site becomes popular,i
spend every spare second working on the sites.With 4 main Myspace
sites,a blogger site and a DMA forum on the Napalm Drones site which
you can find at my spare
time is 100% devoted to these sites.Its has got to the point now where
i can't even sit down and have lunch at work,i have to spend the time
keeping up with the Zines/Webpages.The main thing you have to do is be
dedicated to what you love and be real about it.Don't promise bands
things you can't do and follow through with what you say.There is a
lot of fake people on the Internet so keep it real and you will
succeed. if working on earthdog prom.and the doom room
recently took over the site/page "the doom metal alliance".when did
you begin working on this site?

ed - Yes been doing for a while,i can't remember exactly when i took
it over but its close to a year.Thanks has to go out to Derek Edward
Kellington who started the site,he really made the site what it is
today.The site is huge,comments,messages never stop and Friend
Requests push the 100 mark every week.The site has become so big the
DMA name is everywhere,i have a google account that traces the hits
and pushes the site name up on web searches.I can see it becoming the
number one site, on Google if you type in the word "Doom Metal" you
will see its almost there now !

11.for the readers unfamiliar with the DMA.please give a history of
this site/page?

ed - The site was started by Derek Edward Kellington because he wanted
to help spread the word on the Doom Metal underground.The site became
so big he felt it was taking up too much of his time so he offered it
to me.To be honest i was a bit hesitate at first because i knew the
work involved in keeping up with it.The site is now bigger than ever
and the DMA name is soon to extend itself to T-Shirts,Patches,Buttons
and hopefully to CD distribution.The DMA logo is everywhere and its
almost outgrown Myspace now,it is time to take the DMA to the next

12.i know one feature on the the sampler.which people
can download for free from the many samplers have you all
done so far?how often do you all do new samplers?

ed - Yes the Sampler's have been pretty successful with each one being
more downloaded than the last.There is 5 Sampler's with number 5 being
a 2 CD free download.I get many messages from people saying they
discovered a band from one of the Sampler's.This is the greatest
compliment of all because that was the point of the Sampler's to begin
with.Sampler Vol.6 is almost done and should be up within a week or
two.There is already bands sending in songs for Vol.7 so these
Sampler's will continue for a long time yet.The links for the
Sampler's are all posted on the Doom Metal Alliance Site.

13.if any bands/labels are reading this do you only feature doom bands
or will you consider any type of metal genre?

ed - I will consider almost anyone on Earthdog Promotions but the DMA
is all about Doom/Stoner / Drone so i try and stick to that as much as
i can.

14.i know at one time we were talking and you had mentioned about
possibly trying to "expand" and start a small label/ this
something you would like to still try?

ed - Yes i have been in discussions with different people and its a
real possibility.I hope to have something going before the end of this
year,i am also working on setting up a online store to sell
CD's,Shirts etc etc.The site is actually already up but it will be the
end of the year before there is any official announcement.One of the
main differences with the distro is the CD's will be advertised for
free,i know some other promotional companies charged a reasonable sum
of money to promote a CD and some of them don't do much at all.I want
to offer a alternative to that if possible.

15.well ed thanks alot for taking the time to fill out this you have any final words for the readers?

ed - Just keep on supporting the underground and keep it real.Thanks
for all the support people have shown me and the sites.Doom ON !!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

interview with john editor of ancient death web-zine done patrick

here is a new interview with john editor of ancient death web-zine.if you have not had the chance to read his zine i highly recomend it.john puts alot of time and energy into it.defintly worth a look. as well black,thrash,etc fans should check out his radio show "descent to acheron" on brutal existence radio.

interview w/john editor of ancient death web-zine.and host/d.j of descent into acheron radio show {brutal existence radio} done by patrick

1.Hello John how is your week so far? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hey Patrick, my week has gone well so far man. Thanks for asking!

A little about myself...Well I'm 31, from Pittsburgh, PA, married and I love metal. I also try to draw when I can, and am interested in history. I'm always reading or watching documentaries on things like Native Americans, Vikings, War (mostly WWI & WWII, Vietnam & Civil War) and Warfare.

2.At what age did you discover metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to?

I discovered metal at a young age, around the second grade I guess so I was around 7 years old. My cousin introduced me to Motley Crue back then and I had a couple friends in school that got me into Guns N Roses, Metallica and Megadeth as well. I had to keep everything hidden really though, even up through high school.

My father was a Baptist preacher for awhile when I was young and he was pretty strict on what went on, especially with music. I had to get copies of cassettes from friends and keep them unmarked so he wouldnt know what they were and break them. He eased up a great deal though and ended up getting me into bands like Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, etc. I still didn't get to be open about some of the heavier bands I listened to because he still had a line you couldn't cross but I could never hate him for it. He's one of my best friends nowadays.

3.Was it long until you discovered the underground scene? Who were some of the first underground bands you got into? Who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

I didn't get into underground metal until my first year of high school so around the age of 13. Up until then I had only really heard mostly mainstream metal except for some bands like Testament and Prong. I had a screenprinting class and would see all of this cool artwork some other kids used earlier in the day for their death metal band. Turned out the artwork was by Mark Riddick and that's when I got into both underground metal and the artwork that goes with it.

The bands I started listening to back then were bands like Carcass, Immolation, Sodom, Dark Angel, Slayer, Kreator, Morbid Angel and Incantation. I listened to mostly death metal bands back then. The early 90's had some killer stuff coming out. Pittsburgh had a lot of great bands back then too that you would hear about here and there like Sathanas/Bathym, Hideous Mangleus, Chaotic Plague, Rottrevore, Derketa and Exit-13. I didn't get to see a lot of these bands back then but I had copies of tapes from some of them.

My current favorite bands right now would be Generichrist, Sathanas, Deceased, Shackles, Throne of Ahaz, Darkthrone, Sacrificial Blood, Revenge (Greece), Witchtrap, Wastelander, Necrodeath, Korgull the Exterminator, Profanal, Abhorer, and Im sure there's many more but I will be here all day haha

4.When did you get the idea to create Ancient Death web-zine? How do you come up with the name of the zine?

I started out wanting to print a zine about two years ago and back then it was going to be called Anhedonia. I didn't have the money to really get into it so I started kicking around the idea of a webzine since I had all of these interviews and reviews already done. I was, and still am, a big fan of Pentacle and got the name Ancient Death from their EP. I just always liked it and was really surprised noone had used it. A good friend of mine, Tony Anderson is the vocalist for Generichrist and he offered to help me out with it and put it up on his webspace he has for his band.

5.Have you ever written for or done any other fan/web-zines before Ancient Death?

Just little shit here and there, nothing much though.

6.How many hours a day would you say you work on the zine {mail,reviews,etc} Are you the only one who works on the zine or do you have other "writers" that help out?

I try to put at least a couple hours in each day. It doesn't always work out that way and some days I can't seem to get anything done haha. The only other person I have working on the zine is Tony from Generichrist. He writes the horror interviews for the site when he has time and does some of the music interviews as well. He wrote for Rivot Rag Magazine before so he knows what he's doing and does it pretty well. I can get behind sometimes with as many albums as I get in for reviewing but it doesn't take me long to catch up.

7.If any bands or labels are reading this what styles of metal do you support and review?

I listen to many different styles of metal, thrash/black/death/doom metal are the ones I prefer to review but will review others styles like power metal without a problem. I'm not a huge fan of ambient black metal but don't mind it at times. I don't like reviewing deathcore & nu-metal and the more mainstream styles of metal because they don't appeal to me at all.

8.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Well, I think the real underground days are over. I do believe the idea of it, the music and the spirit behind it are still alive but when I think of the underground I think of the 80s on up to the mid 90s I guess. It was still hard to find out about bands back then and it wasn't anywhere near as popular to listen to the music as it seems to be today. I just think that anything that is as accessible as turning on your computer and typing in a bands name and hitting enter isn't very underground. You used to have to write letters by hand, you read actual printed magazines, and you had to wait to hear the albums that you paid for. If it was a bad album, you lost out on the money you spent for it. Kind of hit or miss really at times, but that was some of the fun.

9.Coming back to the zine for a moment you have done some really good interviews with various metal bands.who have been some of your favorite bands to interview?

Thanks for the compliment man! Deceased, Master, Nunslaughter, Sathanas, Pentacle were all ones I really liked because I've been a fan of them for years. Generichrist was too because that's the only one I've done that wasn't through email, Tony's a great friend and they're a killer band. Nechochwen was another very cool one because I have an interest in Native American history and Aaron Carey is a phenomenal musician.

10.If you had the chance to interview any band/label {past or present} who are some you would love to interview/talk with?

Wow, I'm not sure haha. Jeff Becerra would be cool, Mayhem, Dartkthrone, Sodom, Kreator, Necrodeath, that's about all I can think of right now.

11. I know besides the zine you recently started working with Brutal Existence Radio. Your new show is "Descent to Acheron. How did you come into contact with Brutal Existence?

One night I decided to check it out and thought it was cool. Went in the chatroom and listened to the radio show and liked what they were doing. Mentioned to the co-owner Fowler one day that it would interest me to do a show if he needed DJs, which he is still looking for more of them, and he said cool and got me setup with a show.

12.For any bands or labels interested what styles will you be playing and promoting on the show? Where can they send promos?

A mix of black metal & blackened death and thrash. They can get in touch with me at: or on myspace at

I put all of the shows playlists up on the myspace site so if you want to see what I've been playing you can check them out there.

13.When not working on the zine or radio show. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any hobbies etc.

I mostly hang out with my wife and read, or watch movies. I also spend quite a bit of time in the Brutal Existence Radio chatroom haha. I've been thinking about taking up a hobby or two, like carving and scrimshawing. I also draw when I can.

14.Well brother thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill this out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks Patrick! Great interview man. The only comment I have is to make sure to support the bands, labels, zines and radio stations out there. They all work hard to get metal out to the fans so show them you appreciate it once in awhile. Support all of Patrick's zines as well, he's a true metalhead and deserves it!

contact ancient death zine at

more reviews for 8-11-09

assulter--salvation like destruction cd {pulverised rec.}
reviewed by patrick

this is the debut from australia's metal warriors assulter.the band features simon berserker {destroyer 666} assulter have created some really memorable and catchy blackend thrash metal anthems.the raw black metal guitar riffs but also in some songs/parts has the intensity of the early 80's speed/thrash gods within the intense playing.the vocals for the most part are harsh screams and screeches.the vocals do seem to fit very well with the thrashing chaotic sounds that assulter have created on this debut of old-school thrash/speed/black metal will enjoy the intensity of assulter.
label contact

band contact

burial hordes--devotion to the unholy creed cd {pulverised rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
after a 3 year silence burial hordes return.i have heard the bands name for awhile now so i was excited to give this band's new release a spin.on first listen you can hear the band trying to distance itself from the "traditional" greek sounds of past bands.instead of using a dark atmosphere within their metal.burial hordes instead just attack with full force and intensity of old-school black metal.shrieks spew forth the hateful lyrics.while the band follows with some aggressive black metal.the band is not as great as i had thought or hoped.but they do seem to have a good following within the black metal scene so if this sounds like your kind of music give it a spin you might enjoy it.but as for me i'm gonna pass and check out other pulverised bands.
label contact
band site

conspiracy-concordat cd {pulverised rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
conspiracy consists of former melechesh bassist al "hazred".the bands roots lie within the traditional heavy metal and thrash metal influences.but the band is able to slip in some fast black metal .the band even surprises the listeners with epic style in the 5th track "faith" epic song. with some clean chants and vocals.the band picks up the pace and continues it's metallic assult.conspiracy are a decent band for the style they have chosen.but alot of bands do it better.

demonizer-triumphator cd {folter rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
out of the pack of prom's i recievd demonizer and elite are proably my favorites/the best.elite are more straight forward black metal. where as demonizer are more of a black metal band with alot of speed/thrash influences.the band starts the cd off with a blast of chaotic fury and never lets up until the very end of the last song.gruff/black metal scream are heard over a thunderous guitar and bass riffs and a unrelenting drummer who is amazing at keeping up with the insane speed of demonizer.their is nothing pretty or fancy about demonizer but then again.blackend/thrash metal isn't supposed to be pretty.
label contact

elite-we own the mountains cd {folter records}{reviewed by patrick}

elite are one of the best black metal bands to ever emerge out of the norwegian scene.i remember hearing elite's debut {2004 kampen} and being blown away by their dark,creative sound.well the band's latest cd is no disapointment either.this is elite's 4th masterpiece mixing in pure straight-forward black metal.harsh violent vocal patterns,intense raw/mid tempo guitar chords
and fast drum patterns all rolled into one dark piece of black metal art! if you have heard this band in the past you will not be disapointed,if your ears have never heard this dark creation quit reading and go to the label's site to order!!
band contact

endstille--verfuhrer cd {regain records}{reviewed by patrick}
the german black metal horde endstille are back with a vengeance.9 tracks of pure hateful and barbaric black netal.the band wastes little time attacking with the first guitar chord soon followed by the soul-tearing hellish shrieks.the drums are played with precise and utter of pure vicious and brutal black metal with no compromises will love this band and their blackend sounds of war.
label contact
band contact

Fairyland "Score to a new beginning"

Reviewed by Lori

After having this promo CD for a few months (could be less) I finally am going to review it. Sometimes a writer needs a brain rest lol.

After their second release all the members left the band except for the keyboardist, Philippe. He wanted to keep Fairyland alive so with the help of a bunch of people, a lot are in other bands, "Score to a new beginning" was born.

Fairyland is an Epic power metal band from France and has been around since the late 90s. AGGHHHH!!!!!!! voice overs!!! I HATE VOICE OVERS!! Come on, like that stops people from pirating music!!!!!

On to "score to a new beginning".......
The beginning starts of with a full orchestral sound (keyboards), very epic and a grand start to the CD. Then the keyboards carry onto the the next song "Across the endless sea" pt 2 and sounds a hella lot better that pt one from The fall of an empire release. Next comes Assault on the shores with more keyboards....and with some galloping guitar and drums that almost tramples the keyboards along with nice soothing male vocals along some female vocals then after a few some great guitar solos.

Think yall got the idea what to expect from this release, a lot of keyboards and massive amount of epicness (not a word lol) and killer power metal that will fit nicely in your CD player.

Napalm Records

BTW the song "godsent" is one of the best songs on the album, KILLER backing vocals, very sexy.

glittertind-landkjenning cd {napalm records
glittertind are a new folk metal duo from norway.the duo have some really good musical ideas and the talent to pull them off on this release.the music created by glittertind is traditional folk music with some heavier/faster heavy metal styled riffs.this is a good band worth checking out espically anyone into more "traditional"folk music.
label contact
band contact

necrophobic--death to all cd {regain records}{reviewed by patrick}
it is great to see {hear} these legends still going strong and releasing quality black/death metal.if you have never heard this swedish band you are truly missing out and should defintly look for this release.necrophobic mix melodic death metal mixed with some black metal influence espically within the vocal department.the guitars/bass show off some well thought out riffs and solo's for this style of metal.and drumming wise it is precise and right on the money with the rest of the band being played whether more aggressive and fast or more mid-tempo and melodic.necrophobic have done it yet again with another great release defintly recomended to fans of black/death metal.
label contact.
band contact

posthum-posthum cd {folter records}
{reviewed by patrick}
always seems to be atleast one or two promo's in every pack that falls just below average.posthum are that band for folter. norwegian black metal that plays the cold norwegian style of black metal. which i guess is ok but the band really doesnt do anything to seperate themselves from other norwegian bands of past or present. this is one of those band you will either love or totally hate..
label site
band site

stream of passion-the flame within cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
with a name like stream of passion it should be easy to guess the style the band produces.
atmospheric metal and goth mixed nicely but also within the band's sound is a dark heaviness not usually found within the goth style.atmospheric/heavy metal riffs and bass lines.entertwined within the epic and majestic music of streams are the somber yet powerful vocals of marcela bovio all this mixed with some amazing keyboard of epic,atmospheric will not want to miss out on streams of passion.
label site
band site

the stone--umro cd {folter records}
{reviewed by patrick}
the stone coming out of the serbian underground are a band i have heard alot about but never had the chance to listen to their music til now.the band plays pretty fast black metal but also are not afraid to slow way down and add some mid-paced dark melodic mentioned above this is my first encounter with the stone so i can not compare this release to past ones.but the stone have created some very talented and memorable music on umro.this is a band fans of dark music should defintly check out.
label contact
band site

thorngoth-rauhnacht cd {folter records}{reviewed by patrick}

pure hate-filled black metal lives!! and thorngoth have created some of the best sounding "traditional" black metal to be released in the current scene.harsh cold shrieks,drums range from mid-paced to all out blasting attacks.the guitars while raw and scratchy sounding also try to technical/modern black metal riffs.the guitar tone doesnt take anything away from the cold harsh sound that thorngoth has not only created but of european style black metal will defintly enjoy this band.
label site
band site

trail of tears-blood stained endurance cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
trail of tears are back!! well i guess that is wrong cause they have released stuff fairly regularly but the last few t.o.t release have lacked the dark intensity and atmosphere that made this norwegian band great within the atmospheric goth/metal scene.i had my doubts about this release as well but songs such as "in the valley of ashes" and "triumphant gleam" prove trail of tears still have the ability to write catchy and memorable music with a layer of dark melody within.the vocal duo of ronny thorson and catherine paulson have never sounded of early trail of tears will defintly want to give this a listen as well as new fans of dark atmospheric goth/metal.
label contact

band contact

tyr-by the light of the northern star cd {napalm rec.}
the viking metal horde return!! i have been lucky enough to hear/follow the band since their napalm debut {2006's ragnrok} the bands past releases never did much for as for as grabbing my attention and keeping it.but that was before i heard the new cd. 9 tracks of epic,viking influenced metal madness.the band creates some very well played and produced melodic metal with some more up-tempo/faster traditional styled guitars mixed in to keep you the listener guessing and listening to what tyr will do next.frontman heri joensen's amazing clean yet extremly powerful vocals sing of past battles and times.while the rest of the band keeps going with the amazing music. i really can't put my hand on it but the music is similar to past tyr releases but this time around seems to have an extra layer that really grabs your attention."by the light of the northern star"is defintly tyr's most mature release to date.this will please fans of the band as well as bring them new listeners i am sure.
label contact
band contact

review for 8-11-09

here we have a new batch of reviews from the world-wide underground scene.thanks to all the bands,labels who have sent in promo's for review.if you don't see ur band/release up in this blog no worries we are finishing up a new batch to hopefully be posted later in week or weekend.
any band or label interested in a review {and possible interview} get in touch through this myspace page.

animae capronii-..and hourglass of a lifetime cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a new italian one-man band i found through some of my italian friends/contacts.
12 songs of melodic atmospheric black metal.
it is hard to pin point which musical direction mainman cesare is wanting to go on ..and hourglass of a lifetime starts off very dark and atmsopheric like early dimmu borgir releases.but then as the cd progresses to a more brutal,straight-forward style of black metal.between the two styles animae aproniis strong point seems to lie withhin the more brutal approach and sound.the vocals also fit within the musical changes with more traditional shrieks and clean male vocals.the clean vocals are ok but they will take time to grow on you.i can honestly say i have heard better but also heard much,much worse within clean male vocal department so with time i see improvement.overall not a bad black metal release.but i hope with future animae capronii he will stick with one style.
band contact

animae capronii/atrocious depression-split cdr {self-released}{reviewed by patrick)
here is a new split cdr from two of italy's new up and coming black,drone metal bands.up first is animae capronii with 6 cover songs.the bands covered are majestic winter,martyvore,impaled nazarene,belial,
varathon,and horde.considering that everything was handled by cesare i would say the covers are good.the 2 that stick out for me are never forgive{impaled nazarene cover}and the dark hills{varathon cover}
i am looking forward to hearing new original material from this up is the drone/doom band atrocious depression.the songs featured here on the split seem to have a more black/doom metal approach while keeping the drone influence and sound alive and well a little more variety than on the debut "gonark's lair" but should still please fans of pure drone of primitive,raw black and dark drone black/doom.will defintly want to check out these 2 new bands in the scene.
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atrocious depression--gonark's lair cdr {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
drone music is a style you will either love with all your metal heart or hate it with all your took me awhile but i am starting to really enjoy some of the newer dark/drone bands of the scene.italy's own atrocious depression have created some of the most bleakest,dark and just plain depressing music to be played in some time.if you dare to listen to atrocious depression you will be taken on a journey through a hellish wasteland of loneliness and despair.gonark does add some doomish guitar and tones in some of the songs.
fans of drone,dark/depressing music will not want to miss out on atrocious depression.
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castavet--stone/salt 7inch {paragon records}
{reviewed by patrick}
this was a surprise sent to me with the dark celebration promo.castavet are a new band to me and the scene.coming from the great new york scene castavet have created some very grim/dark sounding black metal.some of the best black metal shrieks to come from my speakers in sometime.the music is somewhat a diverse mix.the main core of this bands sound is black metal.but the band does add some heavier guitar riffs and drum-lines that give it a morbid angel.death metal feel to the 2 tracks.casavet are a band fans of dark black/death metal will want to keep their eyes and ears on.not a bad release at all!!
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five will die-slung from a tree cd {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
ireland's five will die is a new band to these ears and for the style of music the band plays it's not bad at all.starting off with a sabbath style riff.the band keeps the heaviness rolling along with some heavy sludge,traditional doom
bass and guitar chords.gruff growlish style vocals.but the band is not all sludge/doom.on the second track "bastard grinder" is a faster more up-tempo song which is quite catchy.overall i would say the bands heart and soul lies within sludge/doom.but the musicians of five will die are not afraid to expirement with various other styles or genres.i'm not the biggest sludge/doom fan around but i must admit this irish band has some good ideas and will defintly please fans of sludge/doom or fans looking for something heavy yet different.
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impiety-terroreign cd {agonia records}
{reviewed by patrick}

singapore's metal legends return with a brand
new full-length.this band continues to amaze the underground maniacs and scare the shit out of the posers of the scene.within impiety's almost 20 year career.the band continues to create and unleash some of the most intense,psychotic black/war metal ever!
terroreign starts off with an explosion of raw screechy vocals,barbaric drums of non-stap blasts and ferocious heavy intense guitars.the band is not all noise though. the group can create some very intense yet memorable songs.if you are a long-time fan of impiety then you know what this band is capable of.and if you are new to this band do yourself a favor and buy this cd now!!
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it's a lunken--it's a lunken cd {sound devestation records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is proably one of the hardest bands i have had to review in awhile.not because their bad but quite the opposite the bands core sound seems to lie within the sludge/stoner doom realm.but to put any type of label on it's a lunken would be a mistake.the band also incorporates some harsh noise,industial effects and even some darker tones similar to drone/depressive metal.the vocals are also varied and extreme to fit within the music.vocals range from insane shrieks similar to drone/black well more deeper gruff
vocals and even occasional growls.i could take up an entire year trying to explain this bands sound as each song is different in sound and of sludge/doom and harsh noise will enjoy this bands harsh yet unique sound.
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skarva av glas--black metal bastards cdr demo {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
it has been ALOT of years since i have heard a band release a demo
with such a raw/primitive quality.and you wanna know what? i'm loving it!! 7 songs of raw 80's speed/black/thrash mixed with some raw 90's style black metal.this duo from new mexico have created some raw yet well crafted tunes.vocals are some screams and as the demo goes on has some more deeper gruff vocals in the songs.the guitars/bass are played with raw razor-sharp intensity and mid-paced drums keep up the bands pace nicely.the band will not appeal to everyone{i don't think they really care either} but fans of early 80's blackend speed metal and fans who remember the days of rehearsel demo's will love skarva av glas. defintly worth a listen. this is a band i am sure we will be hearing and seeing alot more of in the future.
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southern extremity-hymns of darkness and hate demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
i tell you great readers italy has proably got one of the biggest and most unnoticed metal scenes today.this is a new band playing a nice mix of early 90's blackend death.some good musical structures between mid paced and fast maybne a little more black metal version of morbid angel.vocals are traditional raw screechs.for a debut release southern extremity show alot of good ideas and will be interesting to hear their next releases.

tverd--follow the sun cd {wicked music}
{reviewed by patrick}
tverd is possibly one of the best pagan/folk metal bands out today! this band hails from the great russian lands.combing elements of traditional folk music and more up-beat energetic style of heavy metal.the vocals are sung in the bands native language and shared between alexander ivanov {male operatic vocals} and
svetlana lebedeva{female folk/opera vocals} the pair do an amazing job working together as well as keeping up with the pace of musicans.tverd is simply brilliant in all aspects from the vocal patterns,creative music and superior sound quality.this is a band all fans of pagan/folk metal will want to add to their collections.
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winter in eden--at the edge of the world cdr {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a new female-fronted metal band from the mighty metal scene in england. the band has alot of atmosphere on the band's debut release.the vocalist kind of reminds me of amy {from evanescence} but musically the band is defintly within the realm of "atmospheric metal" the group seemed to take their time creating the 3 tracks on at the edge of th world.over all this has some good ideas but only so far you can take them within this certain of female fronted goth/atmospheric metal will enjoy this.but not really anyone else.