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interview with serpent's cult done by patrick

here is a new interview with the italian band serpent's cult.if you enjoy the early 90's style of black metal then this is a band you should defintly like!! enjoy the interview and as always thanks to all who take time to read our zine!!
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interview with lupus vocalist,guitarist for serpent's cult done by patrick.

1.hails!! how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hi Patrick, I’m Lupus, vocalist and one of the two guitarists of Serpent’s Cult and I’m writing from northern Italy. Right this weekend we organized a concert with other local bands, so it’s been a really demanding but also satisfying weekend! what age did you first start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

There isn’t an out-and-out age I could say I began listening to metal, it’s been something gradual in time because I was born and raised listening to rock music my parents used to listen to. So I began with Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, then I changed over to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, etc… and at that stage when you’re a teen-ager it’s easy to switch from Iron Maiden to Slayer and from Slayer to black/death metal. I consider myself lucky, because I can say I know very well the world I belong to, not like some people who suddenly start listening black or death metal when they can’t even distinguish a Kerry King’s riff from a Dave Mustaine’s, those are riffs that made history and still make it nowadays. Now that I said this it’s pretty difficult to answer to what are my favourite bands, I really have many for any genre! If you want to know some names, then I’ll tell you Chuck Schuldiner, Dimebag and Abbath.

3.when did you all form serpent's cult? how did you all come up with the band name does it have special meaning? what is the "current" line-up? for the readers who have not had a chance to hear the band how would you describe the music of serpent's cult?

All started in 2006 almost by chance. I was having a chat and a beer with Horn when at a certain point he told me he was looking for a guitarist for a new project he was thinking of. We started playing and during the following year we completed the line-up with Waldläufer on the drums, Sarg on the bass and Vipera on the keyboards. We spent an year playing some covers with the aim of reaching confidence within the band, then we realized we were playing well together, so we decided to go on and to start writing some stuff, and of course, to find a name for the band. We ended up choosing Serpent’s Cult, and now I’ll tell you why. What we all have in common is that we hold in contempt monotheism in every shape it may take. We believe that with the arrival of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, humanity erased all those values which brought civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians or the pre-Columbian civilizations to acquire a superior knowledge which we still ignore, not only on an intellectual level but also on a social level.
This is the theme of our lyrics, the celebration of the superiority of every pagan culture existed and which monotheists tried in vain to erase from history, but to this concept we have come also by the name Serpent’s Cult because, for instance, you may notice that in every pagan culture the snake used to have an important role. So for us the serpent’s cult is the cult of the pagan inheritance left from our ancestors.
For what concerns our style, to be completely honest I think it is up to those who listen to us to say whether and to whom we are similar. So I call upon the readers to visit our myspace ( or go on youtube and listen to some of our tracks!

4.the band recently sent me the debut long did it take you all to write and record the songs for this release?are you and the other members of the band happy with how the demo turned out?

It took a lot of time to write the first songs, almost a year, but as I told you before we first needed to spend several hours to know each other as musicians and to find the right mix of styles which fitted to everyone, then we completed the first five tracks, four of them have been recorded for our first demo. In general yes, we are happy with the recording, but that was more than a year ago (the demo was recorded in march 2008), so I can tell you that the next promo we’re going to record will surely represent us much better. In the last period we developed our skills both in composing and performing, and this time we’ll take some more days to record, whereas our first and for now our only demo was recorded in only a day and a half... has the response been from the fans and the press?

The response from those who come to see our gigs and from the press has been really astonishing. We didn’t expect such a positive response, your own review of our demo really encouraged us. All this is the proof for us that after all we’re doing well, and we can’t but be happy about it.

6.has the band had time to begin working on new songs for the next release? any idea how many songs will be on it?

Yes, of course. When we just finished recording the demo last year we started working and if we had a contract we would be able to record a proper album, so for now I think we’ll record all our songs and then we’ll choose 3 or 4 to put on the promo. We are sure we can do a good work to hope to have some more opportunities for the future.

7.does the band get to play live very often? who are some bands you all have played with?

Last years chances were scarce but this year augurs well, also because even around here we were almost unknown, while now our name is spreading a bit more. We already played some gigs during the last month and we have some others planned for the near future. We have played with local bands such as Blood Edition, Eternity Ends, Sycronomica and Silentium Noctis, and we also had the chance to share the stage with Dagoba – they don’t actually play our genre, but their name is far more famous than ours here in Europe, I don’t know what it’s like in America.

8.if you could set-up a dream show/tour.who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?

Well, personally I wouldn’t have minded to have the chance to share the stage with emperor, dissection or perhaps nocturnus, but I realize this is kind of unlikely nowadays, isn’t it?

9.the band is a part of the italian metal i was curious what is your opinion of the metal scene in italy?

The Italian underground scene is very rich and there is no need to envy other nations that are, let’s say, more “renowned”. The real problem in Italy is the lack of support from those who should work to help you. I see this every day, because I live at the border with Austria and I have before my eyes a reality far different from ours, made of people who really want to do something and not just to earn from your hard work. In Italy if you don’t have a name the only chance to play live is to organize something yourself, do the promoting yourself and you can only hope someone will come to see you. It is a real shame, because here in Italy we have legendary names such as Necrodeath and Aborym, which deserve for sure more than what they have got until now.
In such conditions, unfortunately things go this way: either you’re as lucky as Graveworm and you can catch some non-italian labels’ attention and you get what you deserve, or you keep being none for 15 or 20 years until you give up and resign yourself. All this without excluding the chance to betray yourself and start playing some commercial shit, unfortunately the world is full of these people as well.

10.who are some of your all-time favorite italian bands? are their any new bands from italy you feel the readers should know about?

Just to give you some names I’d say Necrodeath, Malfeitor, Nefarium, Spite Extreme Wing, Inchiuvatu, Mortuary Drape, but there are so many that now I can’t think of others in particular. Among the new bands for instance I could say Blood Edition, I had the opportunity to meet them last weekend but I had already seen them playing live at another time and in my opinion they are really great. For the rest I heartily recommend you to keep an eye on the Italian scene and perhaps you’ll realize that it is not dead just like many of you may think!

11.coming back to the band for a are the guitarist for the band.when did you start playing the guitar?are you self-taught or did you take lessons?

The very first time I played a guitar I was 14, rather later compared to others, but I immediately began to learn a lot of songs of the bands I was listening to, spending several hours on the guitar every day. Now I think I have caught up many of the lost years, for every time I need to learn a piece I need no score, my musical ear is enough for me. To answer your question I guess it is quite obvious that I learnt by myself... are also the vocalist of the group.when did you start singing? who are some of your favorite singers? do you do anything special to keep your vocals/throat healthy?

To sing this way for me it is completely natural, so for now I do not need any particular precautions to keep my vocals in shape. Of course, just like every other instrument, I needed some time to find the right way to scream without being voiceless after only 10 minutes!
About my favourite singers, among all I quote three names: Chuck Schuldiner, because especially in his last years he had really wicked voice; Attila (Mayhem) because he has the superhuman ability to produce a lot of different sounds from his vocal chords (really extra-terrestrial stuff!); and Peter from Vader, for me a true dilemma, I cannot understand how the hell can he sing that way! you or any of the members of serpent's cult play in side-bands or projects? if yes please tell us a little about them.

No, all of us work entirely at this project, because it represents not only our musical tastes but also what we are, it is part of our lives. Of course if it occurred that someone started playing with another band there would be no problem, because everyone knows perfectly that Serpent’s Cult always comes first. This is what I expect from the others and what they expect from me.

14.well my friend,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Well Patrick, thank you for giving us this chance and cheers to all the readers. Do not forget to visit our myspace page and don’t hesitate to leave us your impressions and your critics about our music. Never bow your head in front of the monotheist enemy, stand up and fight him!

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interview with aherusia done by patrick

this is one of the busiest {but best months!} in winter torment's history. a new interview with aherusia is upon you.this is a band fans of classic greek dark/black metal will want to check out.for more information on the upcoming release be sure to check the bands page.
best regards,thanks as always for reading and supporting!!
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interview with voreas faethon vocals,guitars,for aherusia done by patrick

1. Hails!! How are things going with you? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Well, I personally feel great this period and as far as I know everyone in the band feels the same: We’ve just signed with EMOTION ART Ltd for our debut “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces” (which will be on stores in the middle of Autumn 2009), we pre-produce our next album “As I Cross The Seas Of My Soul”, I compose music for our third work and we have live performances all around Hellas.

2. When did you all form AHERUSIA? What is the current line-up for the band? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?

The band was formed by me back in 1997, its activity was frozen for the period 2001-2003 and finally in 2004 we managed to be reactivated. The present line up, which includes some members since 2004, is: Voreas Faethon~ vocals, guitars. Arcania~ guitars. Shadow~ bass. Esperos~ cretan lyra. Charon~ keyboards. Aidhor~ battery. We play Majestic Black Metal combined with Hellenic Traditional Music.

3. The band recently sent me a copy of the new cd “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces”. How long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release? Are you and the rest of the band happy with how the songs came out?

The songs which are included in this album were composed many years back. We recorded, mixed and mastered the material from October 2008 till December 2008. The result appears to satisfy us a lot, although we could do some things really better if we had calculated some factors more properly. The main thing that pleases us is that our work is recorded and will be released. All this procedure made us wiser and gave us great experience…

4. How has the response been from the fans and press? Has the band had time to begin work on the next AHERUSIA release?

Well our album is not released yet… The release, as I foretold, is planed about September- October 2009. However we are sending our material to zines or magazines which will ask for it. The reviews are great and the fans who watch our shows are expressing their selves in an enthusiastic way. So, as far as I can tell, I believe that the response is and will be good. AHERUSIA are working now on their second album, which will be recorded in the coming Autumn in Devasoundz Studios too. The songs of our second album are already composed in the period 2007-2008.

5. When the band begins work on a new song, how long does it usually take you all to complete a song? Does the whole band help write the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

Until now I hold the place of the main composer and arranger. I encourage though, the other band mates to involve in this function. Everyone in AHERUSIA is free to bring his riff or his song, the only pre requirement is that the style of the band will not be altered in ways which are not relative with the aesthetical and musical principles that AHERUSIA hold.
Now, a song usually is worked for a long period in order to achieve the higher quality level due to the current circumstances. We dislike the hasty movements and decisions.

6. Who usually writes the lyrics for AHERUSIA? What are some subjects/topics you all write about?

For as long as Orion Arctorios (vocals, bass), was member of AHERUSIA, we were both writing the lyrics. In “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces” two songs have lyrics by Orion Arctorios, three have my lyrics and there is also one song on which we joined our efforts. Nowadays I am the main rhymer of the band, something that does not forbid to the others to write lyrics.
Our main lyrical orientation is about occultism, inner philosophy and the relationship between human and divine. We generally like to create albums that are bound in a form of a concept. So, in “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces”, we are narrating the stories of some heroes who – for various reasons, needs, bonds and purposes – demanded to acquire powers that exceed the limits that they have as existences in the universal equilibrium. Their passions are described through the prism of the tragic dialectic of ancient Hellenic drama.
On the other hand, in “As I Cross The Seas Of My Soul” album, we treat with the concept of Freedom and how the fact of our vulnerability as humans, is the key to become someone invincible… All those dilemmas and dialectical questions are given with epic pictures and occult metaphors…

7. I know you recently told me the band is now signed with "Emotion Art Music”. How did you all come into contact with the label?

EMOTION ART MUSIC is a new but very powerful label, seated in Hellas. In the ranks of the label you can find also UNHOLY RITUAL, BARE INFINITY, DIMLIGHT and a lot of aspiring Hellenic bands.
We met the president of the label some months before, on the release party of UNHOLY RITUAL’S debut album, and we gave him our promo, which he found very interesting and a few weeks later we signed with. I must also tell that this meeting was not accidental at all, since Q_Sync (keyboards in UNHOLY RITUAL), is a very close friend and introduced us.

8. Does the band get to play alot of live concerts around Greece? Who are some bands you all have played with?

Well, we love to play our material live. I could say that we are a live-oriented band. We are trying to give as many shows as we can. Here in Hellas we played with a lot of bands such us: ROTTING CHRIST, UNHOLY RITUAL, UNHOLY THRONE, EMPATHY, DUSK ETERNAL, DIMLIGHT etc. In 20/06/2009 we will play with ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTIC FLESH, SIVA SIX and DESENT, in the Castle of Chalkida (Evoia/ Hellas).

9. If you could set-up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?

There are so many that I can not make a pick, we certainly would want to play with IRON MAIDEN and FIELDS OF THE NEFILIM, since those bands are two of our favourites…

10. I had mentioned in a previous question the band is from Greece. So I wanted your thoughts on the scene in Greece?

Hellenic Black Metal scene is nowadays growing stronger. We believe that the former years of agony will never return. Hellenic Black Metal scene is one of the most historical scenes of the current musical flow and finally the bands that constitute the scene are acting according to this heavy heritage. ROTTING CHRIST are stronger than ever, SEPTICFLESH are back, DIRTY GRANNY TALES and WEB are the pioneers of new fields of expression and finally new bands as UNHOLY RITUAL, NYNE etc, are raising the dark insignia high…We believe that the collapse of financial globalism which enslaved the entire world, is the reason that people turn to musical choices that awake, rather than suppress, the freedom of thinking.

11. Who are some of your all-time favorite Greek bands? Are their any new bands you feel the underground should watch out for?

ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, THOU ART LORD and SEPTIC FLESH are some of your all-time favorite Greek bands. NYNE, SHADOWCRAFT, MORTUS CAELUM and UNHOLY THRONE are bands that someone should check out if he is interested in Hellenic underground scene…

12. Well, my friend thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Our HAILS to YOU, hope to come for a show there soon…
Fear not! For the shores of Elysium lies behind this chalice of torture…HORNS UP!!!

to contact or listen to tracks from the upcoming release check out the bands page!!

interview with immortal angelica done by patrick

well this time we have a interview with immortal angelica.the band is not as intense or violent sounding as some of our previous interviewed bands.but the band does show alot of metal heart,talent and above all original fans of female fronted atmospheric metal bands defintly will want to check out immortal angelica.
best regards,enjoy the zine!!
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Interview with Hanna guitarist, keyboardist for Immortal Angelica. Done by Patrick.

1. Hello Hanna how is your weekend going? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello there! Weekend is just about to begin and instead of relaxing I think I'm going to work and do some studies. At the moment my life is very hectic because I work, study at the university and try to compose some new material for the band. There is not too much time to calm down but I'm planning to start ashtanga yoga again to keep myself sane in the middle of this chaos.

2. When did you get the idea to form Immortal Angelica? What is the "current" line-up? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?

Immortal Angelica was formed during the summer 2007 when the band had it's first gig coming up at an event called Casinorock. Me and Satu had composed some songs and it was time to find a full lineup to be able to perform. Jenni was found through an ad at a website where musicians can contact each other. After a couple of line-up changes the band found drummer Tuomas and guitarist Aki from the same website.

At the moment Tuomas is unfortunately moving to another town so he cannot continue with us. Our new drummer is called Niko and we will tell more about him in the near future.
As of writing Immortal Angelica consists of:

Jenni: vocals and bass, Satu: vocals and keyboard, Niko: drums, Aki: guitar...and me: keyboards and guitar (if another guitar is needed in some songs).

Music on our first demo is very melancholic, ethereal and melodic. Our new material has all these qualities but it will also contain some darker and stronger elements.

3. The debut demo "reminiscence" was just released. Are you and the other members happy with how the songs on the demo came out? Do you have a "personal" favorite song?

We are happy about the demo which is after all the first one for all of us. There are some things that could have been done better and differently but isn’t that how most of us musicians feel about our first releases?

In different occasions I find different songs on the demo the most appealing. But if I have to choose I think I’d say my favorite song is Ghoulish Siren because it’s the one I listen the most. It has so insanely appealing structure or actually it doesn’t have a structure at all since it was the first song I composed. I didn’t know anything about arrangement back then. Besides I like songs which are progressive and out of control.

4. How has the response been from the fans and the underground press?

The feedback we receive is very important for us because we haven’t been doing this for too long. People have given us tons of energy with their encouraging words and a feeling that our music has a place in this world. We’ve had very much attention from the UG webzines as well and all the reviews of our first demo have been surprisingly good.

5. When the band begins to rehearse/write new songs does the whole band take part in writing or do 1-2 members handle everything? How long does it usually take to complete a song?

Me and Satu compose by ourselves and write the lyrics. When we arrange the songs we usually talk about what kind of an atmosphere we are trying to create and what kind of a structure would make the song work best. This is also a phase where we are influenced by music, stories, films and all kinds of creations that we find attracting. We discuss with the band about which instruments could be used in which parts and what would be the best way to express a certain feeling.

Every element of the song evolves gradually so making this kind of a symphonic metal is a long and complex process and demands a lot from all the members of the band. I cannot say precisely how much time it takes to complete a song because so many factors affect that.

6. Who usually handles writing the lyrics? What are some topics/subjects the band writes about?

Me and Satu write the lyrics individually or together, it depends of the song. We also try to make words blend in well with the melodies. Varying emotions and ideas help us to produce lyrics. Making music is a very therapeutic way to process all kinds of things in life.

7. Does the band play live very often? If yes who are some bands you all have played with? Have you ever gotten to play/tour outside of Finland?

We’ve had so much changes and difficulties in this band that we haven’t been able to perform a lot yet. During the next summer we’ll try to have more gigs because at the moment it seems that we are getting our line-up together, finally.

8. If you could set-up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour/play with?

It would be awesome to tour with Nightwish. After reading several interviews of Tuomas Holopainen I feel we could come along pretty well and have a lot in common, for example a lot of listeners and thoughts.

9. You play guitar and also keys for the band. How long have you played these 2 instruments? Which one was the hardest instrument to learn? Which one did you find easiest?

I’ve been playing keyboards about five years if I remember correct. About guitar I don’t know because I’ve quit so many times and I never practice enough. At the moment I don’t play guitar at all because I have to concentrate on composing and learning new stuff with keyboards. I dream about piano lessons too.

I definitely learned to play keyboards better and faster but fingerstyle picking with acoustic guitar came also very naturally to me. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to use that skill with this band. Electric guitar has always been a very confusing instrument and I wish I would have taken some lessons from the beginning and believed more in myself. Now it’s too late and I have found my true love in piano.

10. Do you play any other instruments besides keys or guitars? If yes which ones?

Although I would really like to I don’t have time to mess around with other instruments right now. But I have to admit that I dream I could buy a cello one day and I’d like to play drums too. Fortunately I’ve learned to concentrate on something because you must do that if you start to play your instrument this late and want to make some real progress.

11. Do you or any of the other members of Immortal Angelica play in side-bands?

I don’t play in any other bands but our new drummer Niko has a band called Nemecic. You can check it out here:

12. The band comes from the Finnish scene. So I was interested what is your opinion of the metal/music scene in Finland?

Many famous metal bands come from our country which is full of talented and gutsy people. Even the smaller bands get a lot of attention here. Almost every night there is a metal gig somewhere in Finland so you get a lot of inspiration.

13. Who are some of your all-time Finnish bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

There are tons of stunning Finnish bands so this is a very tricky question. I’ll try to make my hot list very short and metallic because otherwise I’ll be writing this answer for hours. So let’s say...Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Mors Principium Est, Before The Dawn, Amorphis, CMX and Turmion Kätilöt.

14. Well Hanna thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final words for our readers?

I wish you have some time to check out our band and keep an eye on us. I believe we are heading towards something precious so if you find this kind of music appealing you could come and join the good forces along our path.


to contact hanna and to check out some of the bands music go to their "official" myspace page.

interview with desolation done by patrick!!

hope everyone is having a good weekend? here is a new interview with kei mastermind of the new ambient/experimental/metal band desolation.enjoy the interview and as always thanks for the help and support
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interview with kei vocals,all instruments for desolation.done by patrick.

1.hello kei how is your weekend going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

So far? Not too bad. Just constantly at work it seems.

2.when did you first get the idea to form desolation.for the readers who have never head desolation's music how would you describe it?

I got the idea to start this a few months back since none of my actual BANDS ever stuck together for more than a few months. This is a horrible area to start a band in if you’re not punk, emo, or a goddamn cover band.
As far as the style goes, I have no real clue how to describe it. It’s based in doom. Skepticism, Shape of Despair, and Disembowelment are major influences for me. But I chose to try to focus on the more artistic and less structured side of things. So it’s less music and more audio art I guess. handle everything for the band all instruments,vocals,effects etc. when you started desolation.did you plan to work alone,or have you looked for others to join?

Always planned to do this alone. No one ever played properly. People would always join these bands with me and suddenly start whining about how they couldn’t play that slow, how odd the arrangements were, etc. So it seemed easier to just do it myself even if that meant I would have to be a bit simpler about it. At least the overall sound would be right. I have one other, non-constant member, who I plan to try to bring in a bit more later on. So far he’s only contributed some feedback samples for some of the songs on the self-titled album, but he’s the one and only person I’ve ever been able to keep working with, or to actually ENJOY working with.

4.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who are some musicians you would like to work/write with?

All the guys from Skepticism, definitely. And Pantheist. Oddly, I wanted to work with Sadael and wound up getting contacted about doing a split with him about a week after i first added him to my page. Hell of a great moment when that email showed up. As far as past……..i’m going to be a cheap bastard and say Jim Morrison. Not the best poet ever, and definitely not a musician or even a singer, but as a songwriter and a live performer that man was amazing. recently sent me 3 new desolation releases.can you please tell the readers a little about each release? if anyone is interested where can they get a copy? prices?

Well, my Funereal Drone label is still in effect, to a certain extent, so I still release my work under that label, except for the Misery demo, which was recently picked up by Nax Records. So i guess the best way to get them is to just message me at my page (, or email me at If it’s a trade, I obviously won’t charge, but otherwise I sell for $5 if it’s in the US or Canada. Outside those, I have to charge $5 extra to cover the shipping costs. I won’t be selling Misery anymore until Nax sells all their copies though. Soon i’ll probably be restarting the Funereal Drone page. I still have 3 bands on that label right now (Nocturnal Wraith, Laiha, Anlipnes), so I need to try to the page up for them at least. have mentioned to me that you will have a couple of new split releases coming soon. do you know when they will be availble for the fans? who are the other bands on the splits with desolation?

I’m done with 2 of the 3 right now, and trying to find a label to take them on. The one with Mourning Grave might take a while. We both agreed already that we’d do this without a deadline. If I can’t find anyone to take the split albums on, I’ll probably put up a download link to them, and sell them on Funereal Drone for anyone that prefers to have an actual copy of the stuff. The 2 finished splits are –
1.- Sadael/Ritual Flame/Desolation
2.- Laiha/Vovlieh/Desolation
The one in progress is just me and Mourning Grave.

7.i mentioned earlier that you were the sole member of the i was interested to know which was the hardest instrument to learn to play? which was the easiest for you?

I already play bass, so that’s definitely easiest, though I don’t use it much, and I’ve been programming drums for years. The keys I’ve been toying with for 3 or so years. But as far as hardest, the guitar wins. I fucking hate doing the guitar parts. It’s a damn awkward instrument, and I’ll never be good at it. Which is why I was thinking about bringing my friend in full time. He’s amazing. I’m just half-assing it. you currently have any other projects or bands you are working with? if yes please tell us about these.

No. I MIGHT do something experimental with a Canadian friend of mine, but I’m not 100% on that, so I don’t want to give any solid info out yet. If I do, it definitely won’t be a metal project though. And hopefully, I’ll never have to be in another actual BAND ever again. your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? and what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

To be honest, I don’t think I really qualify for or pay much attention to the whole scene in general, so I don’t really have much of an opinion. I’m just doing my thing.

10.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks to everyone that supports Desolation. I probably would have quit a while back without the support and encouragement I’ve received from people this whole time. Good to know people actually understand what I’m trying to do.
to contact desolation check out the band's page here:

interview with hod done by necrosadism!!

a new interview is now up compliments of a good supporter and writer for winter torment.necrosadism.
if you like what you read please feel free to leave comments for necrosadism or to contact her directly you can find her myspace address, the end of this interview. enjoy!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment myspace e-zine.

San Antonio, TX

Necrosadism for Winter Torment E-Zine

From the Depths of San Antonio comes to you a dark, yeat mysterious metal band...HOD. As indecisive as I was...I followed what a dear friend of mine told me, after giving me a list of fucking bands to look into...I picked HOD. As I looked at their page on the space...I was surprised to hear something fresh, and just in time as well. I couldn't resist the urge to just pass this up. I contacted one of the guys and sat down and listed as many questions I could think of orr what they could possibly of course answer...

1. Do you feel it matters, or matters only for aesthetic ("sound" quality, texture, timbre, "feel") qualities?

A:I like a completed piece of art. All the parts should define the whole.

2. What are you guys like outside of the band? Do you suffer under the Judeo-Christian pestilence known as "day jobs"?

A:Of course we do. The music is not paying the bills. We do not mask who we are at work though. I will not change for a job.

3. What do you see as the difference between Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Buddhist views of "evil"/"suffering"?

A:Well I cannot say I am expert on all of these, so I can only offer what I know. That would be Judeo-Christianity. Evil is a common enemy of good. But when you claim you are good. How do you know if you are truly good, or are you doing what's good for you. So you might be evil to someone else. It is all a matter of opinion. And how those opinions and actions affect you. So in one culture you could be a saint, and in another a devil.

4. What forms of art, ideas, or actions inspired the inception of your artwork?

A: Violence. Intelligence. The Unknown. To challenge failure.

5. Do you consider your music a form of "art" (the academic definition, not the trendy one)?

A: Again that would be a matter of opinion. But we do.

6. Do you blaspheme on a regular basis for dentological, aka done for the intensity of the action itself, reasons?

A: I don't know if I blaspheme on a regular basis. It's not something i plan in doing. It just happens.

7. Are you moral? Do you believe in morality?

A:I have certain codes I will not break. I do not like to act like a piece of shit.

8. Do you think ethics are separate from morals?

A:Yes they are. You can be immoral and still have your ethics.

9. What is the most important factor for you in creating music that satisfies you at the deepest level?

A: To be personally satisfied with my work. Until I am, I will not stop.

10. What bands inspired you when you were starting out, pre- and post-convicted?

A: Slayer, Mayhem, Watain, Mercyful Fate, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost, Deicide, Bathory, Sarcofago, Funeral Mist.

11. Do you think the metal genre has been obsolete?

A: No

12. What is your perspective on the metal underground today? Houston scene?

A:I do not live in Houston, so I cannot make a proper judgement. The people that we have met and played with their seemed cool.

13. Anything else to add?

A: The Serpent Slithers Forth

Band Members:


Also check out:


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

interview with solus done by patrick

interview with chuckie bolgh all instruments,vocals for solus.done by patrick s.

1.dark hails!! how is your weekend going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself,

-Hails! I'm Chuckie Bolgh from Hungary.

2.when did you create/for solus? how would you describe solus music for the readers who have never heard the band?

-Solus was created in 2006. This is True Pannonian Black Metal.

3.solus is a one-man band correct? when you started the band did you want to work alone? are you currently looking for new members to join the band?

Yes, I always wanted to work alone. But nowadays I'm looking forward for a session drummer.

4.if you had the chance to work with any musicians past or preseent who would you like to work with?
Yes, I would like to work with session members in a live show. recently released the new e.p "screams from the silent forest".how long did it take you to write the songs for this release?

About a month.

6.are you happy with how the e.p came out? do you have a "personal" favorite song? how has the response been from underground fans and press?
Yes, I'm happy with it.
My favourite song is Örök Átok (Eternal Curse).

7.we had talked earlier in interview you are the only member of i was interested what was the hardest instrument for you to learn to play? what was the easiest to learn?

Basicly, I'm a bassguitarist, and I could learn to play the guitar in the same way.
I would like to learn how to play the drums in the near future. come from the hungarian underground i wanted to know what is your opinion of the metal scene in hungary?

I don't like to talk about the Hungarian scene, because I don't like it.
But there a few cool bands.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite bands from hungary? are their any new bands you think the band should know about and watch out for?

Dusk, Tymah(tuman),666, Diecold and a gothic/blackprog. band called Veil Of Sin. They are the best.
10.everyone has their own opinion of what "true black metal" is. so i was interested to hear your opinion and thoughts. what does the term "black metal" mean to you?
Black Metal is a philosophy that how to turn the human soul into a beast.

11.well man thank you for taking the time to do this you have any final comments for the readers?
Listen to Bathory!!!

to contact solus visit the official site

new black,dark metal reviews

here is a new batch of reviews for your reading pleasure.had some really good ones this time around so defintly take a look and write/support the band{s} that fit your taste.if you have not already done so i would like to "invite" you to "subscribe to our we have alot of new reviews and being worked on so expect new updates very soon!!
also check out our winter torment blogger page for all the latest as well as past interviews and reviews.

thanks for reading and supporting underground music.
patrick and winter torment e-zine.

aherusia-and the tides shall reveal the traces cd
reviewed by patrick
this is the debut release from greece's aherusia.the band produces some very original and dark sounding music.playing atmospheric black metal influenced by greek black metal gods rotting christ and early septic flesh.the band also mixes in some moments of folk influence and instruments.the band also has some early 80's metal guitar solo's/chords {maiden/priest etc} entertwined within the blackend folk music.each musician knows how to play their individual instrument.and the band as a whole has created some very interesting and original style black of early greek black metal or more atmospheric black metal will enjoy aherusia.
band contact

archgoat-the light devouring darkness cd {moribund rec.}reviewed by patrick}
this is not what i expected archgoat to sound like at all.i have read/heard some stuff on this finnish band and i had more of a {early} beherit style of black metal.archgoat does have a somewhat simiar sound and raw approach similar to earlier finnish black metal bands.but their is also a brutal old-school grind feel and approach with intense blasts of blasphemous insanity and shredding style guitars that are all over the place racing between brutal grinding riffs and thin,raw black metal riffs.the vocals are growls.mix the raw black metal of early beherit,the blackend grinding insanity of impaled nazarene and late 80's/early 90's grindcore into a blender and you have the insane sounds of finland's archgoat.

A transylvanian funeral-self-titled demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}

now this is my kind of black metal!! harsh,cold and full of pure hatred.A transylvanian funeral are a new u.s band playing fast,brutal black metal.the guitars are raw/thin and sound razorsharp,the vocals are scratchy/shrieks.with the exception of a few tracks where sojourner contributed some lyrics and a few additional vocals.everything was created and played by the sleepwalker.and i will be the first to admit the underground has more than it's share of 1 and 2 men band.but don't make a mistake and look past A transylvanian funeral for a debut the 13 tracks on here show some real talent and blasphemous i see this band only getting better and more deadly with each new of {old} demoncy,beherit,or {old} black funeral will defintly want to look for this release!! {special note to the readers i believe this is a "limited" quanity of 100 copies so if you want one i would contact sleepwalker for ordering info a.s.a.p!!!}
band contact

black market ministry-voices of the coming plague cd {leaflust records} {reviewed by patrick}
sludge/doom is not a genre i have listened to alot or am real familar with but listening to this band and release might change that! black market ministry mix in some heavier traditonal doom with some faster more rockin/influenced doom style.mixed together with some darker metal influences the vocals are intense shrieks and fit perfectly with the bands dark/creepy sound. fans of black sabath,eyehategod will enjoy this band.
label contact
band contact

hammer horde-under the mighty oath cd {storm surge records}{reviewed by patrick}
hamerhorde are a new epic viking/pagan black metal band.and usually when you think of this genre you think of the european scene first.but hammer horde are a new and very impressive force from the u.s scene.the band mixes straight-forward black metal with some technical guitar solo's mixed into the straigh-forward sound is also some equally impressive melodic and somber approach with acoustic guitar,clean male vocals and chants.the drumming is played to pure perfection whether playing the more intense side of the black metal or more controlled somber interludes.keyboards are brought in on some tracks and really help add another layer to the bands already epic of epic viking/pagan metal should defintly look for hammer horde.and if you are new to this genre well no better place to start than with hammer horde.

immortal angelica-reminiscent demo cd {self-released)
{reviewed by patrick}
wow!! how this band has not gotten signed yet i do not know.immortal angelica play atmospheric music.starting with a atmsopheric slow intro the music picks up to a more mid-paced atmospheric metal range with some well-played guitar/bass chords and some of the best female vocals i have heard in a long,long time.mixing a nice range of more slower/depressive style vocals but also pick up the pace just a bit to keep the listeners attention throughout the cd.the band roller-coasters on the first 6 tracks between slow/midpaced atmospheric metal.but on the 6th track "fragile" the band takes it down a notch swithing to only the female vocals,violn and you will guess with only the 3 mentioned instruments in play the tempo and sound is much bleaker,and dark but the band still has enough ideas and creativity to keep the tracks from becoming boring and will be interesting to hear and see which road this band takes on future releases.going the more softer route or keeping the metal guitars and instruments intact.either way i look for immortal angelica to be a force within the atmospheric music genre
band contacts

in memorium-lost to antiquity cd {moribund records}
{reviewed by patrick}
after a few years of silence dark black/death metal in ruins return with a brutal and haunting release.7 tracks of brutal and barbaric black/death metal.the band also shows a more darker and menacing approach with a few slower/somber parts mixed into the darkend brutality.the guitars speed and shred through the songs with sheer intensity and power.and the drummer who plays his kit like a maniac with brutal beats and controlled intense brutality throughout each song.the harsh vocals fit perfectly into the mix with cold/harsh screams and more brutal of {early} marduk,dark funeral,or just fast,brutal black/death metal won't want to miss out on in memorium's latest release!!
band contact

old wainds-death nord cult cd {moribund rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
i have seen/read alot of band's claim to play "cold" or "hateful" black metal.but old wainds don't just talk they deliever on their moribund debut.{overall the band's 4th release} the band is heavily influenced by the traditional early norwegian sounds.but you can also undoubtly hear some early swedish black metal influence in the bands more chaotic/intense black metal moments.i must admit the band is not really doing anything groundbreaking or innovative on death nord cult.but the band has enough talent and cold hatred to pay homage to the elder norse gods without totally being a rip-off copy of early nordic black metal will bow down to old wainds.

ruins-cauldron cd {moribund rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
australia's ruins have created some of the most savage and intense black/dath metal to be played or heard in quite sometime.the band has some old moribid angel {blessed are the sick era.mixed with the more brutal black/death mid era of behemoth.along with the intense australian sound of mixing and creating violent brutal black/death metal ever to be recorded.if your tired of all the modern day bands mixing in "atmosphere" or "harmony" and just want some brutal music australia's ruins is just what you have been looking for.
band contact.

serpent's cult--demo 2008 cdr {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
i have been told by various friends/contacts that the italian scene is kind of small and decent but not great scene.i disagree!! i have been hearing/meeting a few bands on myspace from the italian scene and all have been really good and shown metal heart and attitude.this is serpent cult's debut demo and good debut it is! influenced by norwegian black metal of the early 90's and some modern black metal as well.the guitars are mid-paced and raw but not extremly harsh sounding.the drumming is really good and the drummer seems to know the kit very nicely placing some impressive drum patterns within the 4 songs.the vocals are black metal screams/shrieks.the band also uses keyboards but the keyboards are only used a few parts to add atmosphere to the bands already dark and morbid many bands within the black metal scene use keyboards nowadays it usually doesnt fit the bands sound or style but with serpent cult i think if the band added a little more keyboards within the music it could really help instead of mentioned this is a debut but i am looking forward to hearing more from this young band a good debut indeed.
band contact

sons of seasons-gods of vermin cd {napalm rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut from germany's sons of seasons.sons of seasons make it very clear to the listeners they are not satisfied playing just one genre of metal.the band starts things off with some melodic style heavy/power metal guitar riffs and music.but soon the band as a whole pick up the tempo playing some very well produced and thought out atmospheric metal.the band is not afraid to play some aggressive style epic metal chords along with atmosphere already in place.the vocal duties are shared with the majority being handled by henning basse who has a really good range and can work his vocals to both the bands more fast/aggressive moments or the bands more somber/epic sounds.and occasional female vocals handled by simmone simmons who has a really good range as well and both compliment and blend nicely is hard to believe this is the debut release.if this band keeps creating metal to this caliber sons of seasons should have a very bright future!!
label contact
band contact

towards global holocaust-ever onwards..... cd {scattered to the winds prod.}{reviewed by patrick}

towards global holocaust is a band you will either love and listen to non-stop or totally hate it with a passion.towards global holocaust are a band that defies anyone who tries to put them into one set-catagory of music or metal.the band begins with some very violent experimental sounds and indusrial influences.but it is not long until the bands runs over the listener like a tank with some brutal intense black/death metal guitars and equally heavy drumming.the vocals are also hard to guess and keep the listener guessing as to which will be heard next.the vocals range from very disturbing screams of pain and suffering to a more demonic death metal growls.combined with occasional black metal shrieks of insanity and depravity.i really do not want to label or use the word "noise" within this review for the simple fact the band is not a noise band.the band at first listen might appear to have alot of this style influenced into their sound but you will also hear most other metal genre's as of dark,creative and just pure insane music will love this.all others should give it a try just to see if it suits them.but remeber we warned you this is not a band creating pretty metal music.

interview with A transylvanian funeral.

metal hails!!!
here is a new interview i just recieved from sleepwalker and his band/project A transylvanian of cold,straight-forward black metal will defintly want to check this band out!! also as you will read his debut "self-titled" release is almost if you want one.i would contact sleepwalker asap!!
thanks and enjoy!!!
patrick and winter torment

interview with sleepwalker,vocals all instruments for A transylvanian funeral.done by patrick

1.hails sleepwalker!! how are things going with you this weekend?
please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hails! Things are well, thank you...I sold a few more CD's today...I think I have 16 left...the response has been great.
I suppose the most obvious thing about me is that I am a musician and have been since I was a kid. I have played in bands my whole life and have been an audio engineer, professionally, since around 2000. I'm not much into playing live anymore and prefer to just write and release music...I get more accomplished by myself. I no longer drink or do drugs and have been stone sober since September of 2007. I'm an Aries with a Scorpio Rising...My life path number is 3, the number of the entertainer, but I don't really consider myself an entertainer...I think of myself more as a story teller...I love to read and be creative...there is nothing I enjoy more.

2.when did you first get the idea to create A transylvanian funeral? how did you come up with the name of the band? for the readers who have not had the chance to check out the would you describe the music of A transylvanian funeral?

My friend Sojourner and I were playing our guitars and came up with the song Asmoday Unbound and it took off from there...I wrote the entire album in about two months in the spring of 2008. I spent the last year promoting the stuff online and making contacts and released the debut album on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2009.
The name A Transylvanian Funeral just came to me one day...Sojourner and I had a long list of band names that we didn't care much for and A Transylvanian Funeral came from no where. To me, it deals with mystery and ritual...a familiar scene, such as pallbearers carrying a coffin, but in a dream, where something is wrong and you don't what it is or do anything about it.
The music on the debut album is aggressive, violent, occult and dark. There are anit-christian themes and supernatural topics throughout its lyrics. There are moments of ambiance but I think the majority of the work is just violent and intense as can be.

3.A transylvanian funeral is a one-man band with the exception of some additional vocals,and lyrics.are you currently looking for new members to join the band or do you prefer to keep it a one-man project?

I prefer to keep it a one man project right now...I don't really have the desire to play shows...that is entertainment...most shows I go to have the same crowds of people whose idea of metal is nothing like my own...I don't care to entertain these crowds...most of them will bang their head to anything as long as someone else tells them it is metal or whatever...fuck that shit...I don't care about any of that shit.
I find that the less people you have involved in something, the better...It makes the people who are involved work harder and push themselves...that is when it gets good...when you surprise yourself with what you are capable of, then you are doing it right. I prefer to not rely on anyone for anything.

4.if you had the chance/opportunity to work with any musicians who are some you would like to work/record with?

I don't know, really. I would like to work with a producer whose main duty was to engineer, since I don't like to engineer while I'm writing and recording, but it is necessary. Off the top of my head, I would like to work with Steve Albini or Al Jourgensen, because I love the sounds they get, but they aren't really involved in the black metal underground at all...which could yield great or terrible results, I suppose.

5.i mentioned that you are the sole musician in the i was curious which instrument was the hardest to learn? which one was the easiest for you to learn?

None of them were really that difficult...I have been playing guitar since I was 9 and I picked up a bass when I was around 13 so it comes pretty natural to me...I used Reason to program the drums and I have been using that software for a few years, so it wasn't terribly difficult...I don't consider myself a very good guitarist, or bassist, vocalist, drummer or any of that shit, my main focus is writing good songs... I would rather be able to write a song that I really like and that other people really like and remember as opposed to being able to shred scales in 7/8 time...there are countless people who can do that shit and to me, they are a dime a dozen...
There are very brief passages of keyboard parts on the album and I suppose that keys are my least comfortable instrument...I know enough theory to translate stuff between the guitar and keyboard and vice versa to be effective but I'm by no means a pianist or anything... your opinon what are the advantages and disadvantges to being a 1-man band?

The advantages are that I get to control what I'm doing and not have to worry about making someone else happy...Every group I've been in, I've wrote all the material and then have to coerce others into playing it the way I think it should sound and that gets old...with this album, I wrote it, performed it, produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, promoted, designed, released and distributed all of it...Some people might view that as a disadvantage since it is so much work but I enjoy it. Another possible disadvantage would be that I can't really play shows being a one man band, but since I don't care to play shows, it doesn't matter. recently released the self-titled debut long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release? are you happy with how the demo turned out?

First, it is not a demo...People here and there keep calling it a demo and it's not...Demo stands for demonstration, like I'm demonstrating what I can do...I'm not shopping for a record deal of anything like that...It has thirteen songs and is a fully packaged album with a button and sticker, lyric postcard and insert inside a DVD case...
but to answer your question:
it took about two to three months...I worked on it every night until it was done...the packaging and everything took a month or two because I wanted to make something special for my first release...I am very happy with how it turned out...I didn't do a whole lot of fine tuning as far as mixing or getting perfect performances...what you hear is basically what I recorded when I wrote it...I can't wait to start writing again... has the response been from the press and fans?

So far, everything has been great...I haven't heard any negative comments from have bought nearly all the copies I have pressed and I sent out several promo packages all over the world...Recently, Frozen Darkness Promotions from Italy and I have agreed to re-release the album on cassette...Alex from Frozen Darkness sent me the graphics this week and they look really good...It will be limited to 99 copies...I also have several people wanting shirts, which Solstice Studios and I just finished this week as looking for those really soon!

9.i know this release is limited to 100 copies.what are plans when it sells-out? will you re-press the demo or just continue to work on new material for the next release?

Frozen Darkness Promotions and I will be re-releasing it on cassette soon, 99 copies. I would like to re-press the CD version as well but I will probably start work on the next album...My plan is to get another album done and release it and the debut together...I am really excited to start writing again but promotion takes a lot of my time...I like to devote a lot of energy into songwriting and don't want to be distracted with promotion...that will come after the music is ready to be released.

10.speaking of the next release.have you had much time to begin working on new songs? do you have any idea when you might put out a new demo/release?

The only thing I have done is a short musical intro for a new show on called Beyond the Dark Horizon...the show is a merging of a magazine I do work for called Beyond the Dark Horizon and live, extreme metal radio...It was a pretty short piece that I did for the is really the only writing I have done lately...
The next release will be somewhat different from the debut...I don't care to do the same album over and over...that is what pop bands do...I want to incorporate more ambiance and doom atmospheres but not stray to far away from the ripping, blast beat aggression...I don't really know what it will sound like until I do it...
I hope to get some songs started soon...I don't know when they will be released...It may be this summer if things go well but it may be later in the fall...I won't rush anything or release bullshit just to release it...If I don't like, you will never hear it... have mentioned that you will be making up some new shirts for the you know when these will be availble? who is doing the artwork for the shirts? do you have any other merchandise to tell the readers about?

The shirts are done...we did somewhere around 40 prints...the first 20 or so got fucked up someway or another and the ink is quite faded...I figure I'll give those away or sell them for a couple bucks...they have the same image as the rest, just not as clear...the front of the shirt matches the album cover with the logo and myself hold skulls and screaming...the back has the words: Into the Mouth of the Beast Hope is Lost...they look great and will be available this week...
As far as other merch goes, if you buy the album you get a button, sticker, lyric postcard and an is a pro CDR in a DVD case and I hand numbered each one...When it is time to release another album, I will look at getting some more buttons, shirts and some posters.

12.are you currently in any other bands or projects besides A transylvanian funeral? if yes please tell the readers about them.

I have a project called Scorpio Rising that is defunct right now...I released one album and had intended for it to be a live band but got really tired of relying on other people and was really tired of playing the songs...I don't have any plans to do anything with it right now...the songs were more commercial...I may still use the name but the music will be very different from what it may be minimalist music or music concrete, but definitely not what it was...
I think the songs are good, but my whole mentality towards music has really changed in the last few years...

13.everyone seems to have their own idea as to what black metal i was interested to know what does black metal mean to you?

I think black metal to me is an expression of things that are taboo and are occult...bearing in mind that occult is Latin for hidden...good black metal music to me is aggressive and me it should take the listener on a has a message, and it has an idea of black metal changes constantly because, like I said earlier, I don't care to do the same album over and over...
I think of it as a vessel, a channel for me to express ideas and emotions through...It allows me to tell stories and create energy through consuming is not a gift to the devil or anything like that...there are a few songs on the album that are blatantly satanic...but that is not my end is different to everyone and I suppose the short answer is what you hear on the album and what you read in the lyrics...

14.well brother thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the killer interview, brother...good questions! I want to thank everyone for all the support I have received and to let everyone know that the shirts are on the way...the tape re-release is on its way and more material is soon to be conjured...thanks to Alex at Frozen Darkness Promotions, DJ Metallord at, Blackthorn with Black Death Coven and Thornspawn and Granath from Cry of Silence and Christophe Spzandel for the killer logos...Beyond the Dark Horizon...and everyone else!See you in hell!!!