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new reviews dong on 11-3-09

dark greetings!!
thanks to all who have stopped in to check out our newest blogs of reviews!! i would like to announce we have a new "writer" for winter torment e-zine.robert who recently started up his label "naturmacht prod."the first 3 releases are now out and availble for order so if you are interested in dark,pagan black metal or expirmental black,ambient defintly check out robert and naturmacht prod. here:

we are always on the lookout for new bands/labels to work with so if you are looking to work with a honest zine get in touch!!!
best regards,til next time
patrick and winter torment e-zine

arkona-goi,rode,goi cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
russia's pagan/folk metal metal masters are back for a new battle! fourteen hymns of blackend,epic folk metal.the band really took their time to creating the music for this release.mixing in upper-tempo fast moving folk music and epic,dark metal.the guitars and espically the drums at times give off the sound and influence of fast,chaotic black metal with insane guitar riffs and extremly fast drum keep the interest of the more traditional/melodic fan the arkona incorporate beautifully well-sung femal vocals along with the more harsh,violent scream/scratchy vocal pattern.and for a real treat {and one i personally hope the band uses again in coming releases} is a full-choir only adding to the brillant and epic sounds of of dark,epic folk/metal will not want to miss out on this masterpiece.
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circle of ghosts-collecting memories cd {beneath the fog prod.}
{reviewed by robert}
First, when I started my player with the first song of that new full length master piece of “Circle of Ghosts”, I thought: Oh no. But just one second. After some rhythm mistakes, which are maybe planned, the song started fully and developed its great atmosphere and it was just taken me with it to a dark, mystic journey into eternal shadows. The sound quality is maybe not the best, but the music is so intensive that it takes you immediately into its cold hands.
You can find on ten tracks complete ambient or black metal songs and either some which are traveling between those both genres. The black metal songs are mostly in mid-tempo, which is the best decision for the whole atmosphere. “Hauntings” is a good example for that. I really like that change between this both contrasts bm and ambient. It is making your mind free for every new song which is starting and with that either your heart for letting the unique atmosphere crow in it. Supporting this, the songs are never to long that they are going to be boring. I never have the wish in mind that a song please should stop or that I am becoming impatient. Either the voice is greatly used: Screams, whispers, cryings. Goosebumps!
Reviewed by Robert


deep pression-blunt razor cd {beneath the fog prod.}
{reviewed by robert}

I rather prefer to die than change for those humanoids", that is a quote of the member M.v.K. of Deep-pression, a five-man band from different countries, and can be taken as a main thought of the music itself. Next to „fucking life“, nature and dark feelings like depression and disillusion, also the deep thinking of existence finds its influence.
With the dark lyrics, which are spoken, the music is dreamy but in a dark, sometimes creepy and deep way. With the main use of synths and some distorted guitar shadows in the background, the particular use of full guitar and bass riffs and drums (for example in „Names“) the compilation „blunt razor“ with 6 tracks is a individual mirror for their influences and keeps your mind flying through a black tunnel with some gray, pale spotlights of self reflection and melancholy.

eterul-verso ascendence cd {beneath the fog productions}
{reviewed by robert}
This great and young black metal band from New Zealand, formed in the years 2008 and 2009, plays on its first debut album “Verso Ascendere” great individual black metal with nice acoustic parts which are fitting perfect to the whole atmosphere. Doesn't matter if it is the undistorted guitar or the piano, either the synths, which are giving the album a touch of ambient, they all underline and create with the fast and depressive riffs of heavy e-guitars and drums a great atmospheric sound. The Vocals are screamed and the vocalist and guitarist Tagovornik makes a pretty good job. That the drums, though they are programmed, are not sounding like that is a proof of the high skills of Keberous who either plays the guitar next to the synths and the bass.
Lyrically they are singing about misanthropy and the existence of us itself in six songs full of coldness. Everyone who likes fast cold black metal but with some acoustic changes and melodic thoughtful parts should not hesitate to buy that album. I love it!

folkstorm-de stemmen van het woud mcd {thorn laceration rec.}
this is a band you will have to listen to a few times to full experience their sound and make a decision on whether their your kinda band or not.from the netherlands folkstorm has created a impressive mcd of music here.five songs of atmospheric,folkish black metal metal.the cd starts out with midpaced rythm guitars,drums and keyboards to welcome you to folkstorm's dark atmospheric world.the second song the band really kicks in with the black metal guitar sound and some harsher vocal lines.without loosing or overlaping any of the melody or atmospheric influences.each of the five songs stays within the same formula of mid-paced dark music never going into the more violent straight forward style.i will admit a few times throughout the cd some parts were a little drawn out and repetitive but for a newer band and for the style of music folkstorm play their not bad at all.will be interesting to hear their future releases and hear them grow.
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goat tunnel--window dancing in the grave of the blessed cd {death worm records}{reviewed by robert}
Goat Tunnel”, a one man project from Espoo laying in cold Finland next to Helsinki and formed in 2007, plays a creepy and raw downtempo doom metal. On the the new demo are appearing three songs full of coldness and sounds, which could be directly from a horror movie. A deep cawing and cowling makes the whole thing even sicker. There is mostly not really a melody. The songs are more a mix of riffs and accords with the intense using of the creepy voice. There is no drum or keyboard nor a bass. The whole music is very minimalistic, but that means not, that it would not go under the skin of the listener.
Everyone who likes such kind of dark, sick and cruel music, should give this EP and the other demos a listen. The price of the demo is low, so for such a person it´s a good investigation.


labyrintheory-in memoriam demo #1 {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
labyrintheory is a new funeral doom band from the new england area.the music was written by matthew davis {vocals,guitars,keyboards,drum programing} and is a mesmerizing blend of crushing funeral doom with some nice melody and atmospheres compliments of matthews impressive keyboard writing and the nice violin work of aurora grabill who adds nicely to the dark,haunting sound of labyrintheory.the vocals are arranged and pulled off excellent with some varied styles ranging from traditional clean vocals to a more harsh/brutal vocal pattern.i know this is a strange comparison but matthew's more vicious growl reminded me alot of john tardy from obituary's early days.this is a debut demo release and a great demo of funeral doom with waves of dark atmosphere.not to be missed by fans who enjoy crushing,dark doom.
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nocturnes mist-southern storms cassette {thorn laceration records}{reviewed by patrick}
ever since i became involved in the underground scene australia has always had an amazing matter which genre the australian's never cease to amaze me.
nocturnes mist have a great debut release here.7 songs of mid-paced heavy black metal.evil sounding screams and shrieks along with some amazing drum work and patterns not usually found with this style of of agressive,straight forward black metal mixed with some dark melody within some tracks will want to check out nocturnes mist. another good release for thorn laceration rec.
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oculus infernum--the hand of satan cd
{self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
oculus infernum is the new band featuring gonark {atrocious depression,r.i.p} on vocals,guitar,drum programming and lamia {guitars,lyrics} the hand of satan starts off with a somber almost peacful sounding intro. but the duo quickly change that with the blazing thin,raw guitar riffs and gonarks demonic screams overlap the insanity of the guitars and drums being brought out.the duo do keep some traces and influences of melody within their violent sound as they have some acoustic and more mid-paced guitar patterns.gonark also changes his vocals around in a few songs using clean vocal chants and screams on a few tracks.this is a defintly good release of old-school black metal with touches of doom.nothing too original but the duo do a great job of creating memorable and intense old-school black metal.
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orbseven-the linear divide cd {self-released}
{reviewed by robert}

This is a powerful one man project of Anthony, who plays really everything. He founded “Orbseven” in late 2004. Since 2005 he worked on this album. A quite long process. But the long work was worth it.
He created a very individual style by using depressive black metal guitar lines, a hard death metal drumming and a changing rhythm setup. His voice is distorted and either a mix of black and death metal. Then there appear either typical complete death metal songs. The ambient sounds developing then a quite unique sound. I cannot yet remember any band which is sounding like “Orbseven”. The only help here is the female singer of the band “Gaia” from Florida. Which fits very good to that quite science fiction style.
The quality of the sound is for a underground project very good and the skills and the quality of playing are very high. It was a pleasure to hear this stuff. As play-tip I could tell you: “Whereas None Remains Infinite”.


pestilent grave-esoteric blaspheme cd
{svartgalgh records}{reviewed by patrick}
if you enjoy your black metal raw,dirty and with no signs of melody or modern influence in their sound you will love pestilent grave! england's pestilent grave start things off with a harsh scream and raw guitar chords.the band defintly draws it's main influence and sound from the more violent/harsh gods of the early ninety's.such as blasphemy,beherit.
production wise think early dark throne.but vith {all vocals,instruments}doesnt completly rip-off the above bands sound instead taking them to a newer more raw level with his own dark and blasphemous musical of raw,dirty straightforward black metal will defintly want to check out pestilent grave.
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seelenfrost-im schatten toter cd {self-released} {reviewed by robert}
Imagine cold rain falling in big drops and rumbling thunder. A smooth undistorted e-guitar starts some lonely and sad tunes. The song “Als kalter Regen...” (When cold rain...) is a nice break after the two fast songs in the beginning, but then a cut: the next song and the typical “Seelenfrost” sound comes up. A fast and raw coldness of black metal with much blast-beets and a atmospheric guitar riffing. I like very much that there are still some short moments of speakings or some ambient sounds, they make the album a great varied one, because there are appearing either some songs which are not fitting directly in the concept (e.g. D.S.O.N).
The band itself is coming from Germany and includes three (source: homepage) guys. The founding year is 2006. This reviewed piece of music is their first Album, but one split and five demos are preceding. The lyrics are moving between dark nature mystic and sorrow of the human existence.
I really appreciate the listening to this band. Everyone who likes German underground black metal can grab this without any doubting. You can order it over the homepage.


sjenovik-zephaniak cd {beneath the fog prod.}{reviewed by robert}

I am very impressed of this two man project. This upcoming album “Zephaniah” is a great individual and intellectual master piece, using psychedelic sounds, heavy guitars, mid-tempo and blast beats and awesome acoustical parts. The voice is screamed and fits perfect to the whole atmosphere and getup of this six songs. The guys behind all this are Shane Ball (drums & electronics) and James Johnson (guitar & voices). The lyrical topics are mythology, philosophy and occultism, rooting in the slavish roots what you can either see from the name. But there are no folk elements as you maybe would now expect and which appeared on the album before named “Covenant and Nihilism”.
Next to this one, there are a split made this year and some demos from 2006 on, which is either the born date of the band.
Sjenovik created here in 37 minutes a wonderful artistic black metal experience and everyone, who likes something special and new should not hesitate to buy this album.
I hope that there will come yet much more from this two guys.
Reviewed by Robert


temple of baal-lightslaying rituals cd {agonia records}{reviewed by patrick}

french black/death metalers temple of baal return with their third and most complex,mature release to date.lightslaying rituals combines the brutal intense speed of early 90's swedish black metal with with some complex and heavy guitar riffs/solos the heavier guitar tone give temple of baal a slight death metal sound within their intense/chaotic black metal influence.the drums are just as chaotic but well handled mixing in hyper-speed blast beats with some more mid-paced drum patterns.the vocals are deeper death growls with evil sounding blackend shrieks of who enjoy uncompromising,violent blackend death metal will not want to miss out on temple of baal!!
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terra australis-in the lost corners of the carpathians 2 song demo,cdr {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
terra australis is a new one man band coming out of the ever-growing australian scene.i know i've said it before but damn their must be something in this countries water supply!! no matter the genre this country has produced some "classic"bands in alot of different genres.which brings us to terra australis as mentioned this is a one man band invisus{all vocals,and instruments}does a good job creating the music on this two song promo/demo.the first track "in the lost corners of the carpathians{the land of phantoms}" starts out with a melodic,eerie intro but invisus quickly brings out his darker side with some raw,scratchy screechy screams followed by the raw razor-sharp guitar riffs.the music is pure,cold and just plain eerie in parts black metal.the second and final track "the un-spoken word"is a instrumental and showcases invius going in a more direct and aggressive direction with the music never going to chaotic speeds but still faster than the first song.overall a good release and i look forward to more from terra of {old}burzum,xasthur,leviathian will enjoy terra australis
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the 11th hour-burden of grief cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is proably one of the best doom releases of 2009!! i know that is saying alot but once u hear the bands magnificent sound and music you will agree.the 11th hour is a two-man band featuring ed warby{clean doom vocals,all instruments,}and rogga johansson{brutal death growls} both of these guys are more known for their death,and brutal death metaal roots.but the 11th hour is six songs of pure doom in many forms and layers.the music is a combination of traditonal doom,atmospheric and crushing funeral doom all rolled into one giant massive wall of sound.the vocals are a nice mix of more epic,atmospheric clean vocal chords and heavy,powerful death growls that fit nicely together with the music being created and played by the 11th hour. it is hard to say exactly or to pin this band to one specific genre of doom.but it defintly a release all fans of doom will want to check out.
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the uncreation--dreaming in R'lyeh 2006 cd{self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
the uncreation were cool enough to send this release along with their latest two-song promo.the music on dreaming in r'lyeh is proably some of the best and most brutal black/death to be heard in quite sometime.the band wastes little time getting into the aggression mixing old marduk and morbid angel together nicely.the guitarist seem to be influenced by some of the more "technical" death metal guitarist as you will hear some technical riffs/solo's mixed in with the blackend death onslaught but the technical influence is not used in every song so i really would'nt call the uncreation a tech.metal band.the band also uses some keyboards to help add layers of darkend atmosphere. you can really hear this in the eighth song "the testimony".fans of blackend death with some varied influences will defintly want to check out australia's the uncreation.
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the uncreation-2 song promo 2009 {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
wow is this the same band?this is a new two song promo/demo from the upcoming cd "the preparation of eternal magicks" cd to be released sometime in 2010.the biggest and most recognizable is the sound.the band seems to have dropped the death metal influence and goes straight for the kill with semi-raw violent black metal.i hear alot of the early swedish gods within the uncreation's new songs. i was a bit surprised but the musicians seem to have a great deal of musical talent and know their instruments to pull off the bands new more violent black metal sound nicely.i can't wait to hear the new full-length next year!!
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interview with naturmacht prod.done by patrick

dark greetings!!!
hope everyone is having a good week so far? here is a interview with a new label i discovered through my frien cristine {of italy's streben} i recently got his new/debut release and it is amazing band "nokturnal misanthropy" .read more to learn about this up and coming german label!! and all his upcoming releases.
best regards,and as always thanks for the eternal support!!!
patrick and winter torment e-zine.

nterview with robert brockmann owner of naturmacht productions.done by patrick.

1.hello robert how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Good morning Patrick. The weekend was great, thank you. I was at a very good festival called “Waldeshall Festival” in Thuringia with two of my best friends. I saw many favourite bands of mine, for example “Todtgelichter”, a black metal band from Hamburg.
Yeah about myself: Since 20 years I am walking upon this earth, hehe. At the moment I am studying history at the university of Bamberg (North Bavaria). A nice thing, I can tell you. But I am still a complete Saxon, I was born in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Hehe
An important thing about myself is the very deep connection to mother nature, who is something holy for me. It is the biggest reason next to the music that I am what I am.

2.when did you first get the idea to create naturmacht productions?how did you come up with the name for the label does it have a special meaning?

I think it started last year that the situation in the scene became unacceptable for me. I saw many bands which were great but complaining about shitty labels. Next to that, the whole commercial development in the metal scene was going on my nerves. I mean, profit must be but you shouldn..t forget all moral and idealistic things upon it. So I had the thought in mind, that maybe in the future, when I have some money, I could make it better, to make a difference and make something against and not juts talking at the end. But the creating itself was more a spontan idea in April this year. And after I asked lil bit around and some bands showed their interest, I just started it.

The name comes from the forum I am running which is called “Naturmacht Forum”. The meaning of the word is quite simple, “Naturmacht” means in English “power of the nature” or “mighty nature” if you want so. If you think it deeper as a metaphor it means for me, that the biggest power in this world is the power of nature and life. you run the label by yourself or do you have some friends helping you out?what do you feel is the hardest part of doing the label? what is the easiest part of doing the label?

Mainly I run it alone. But I have much supporters. First my girlfriend Ida, who helps me out with the designing and running the homepage. She created also the Myspace-design with me. She is anyway a big support for me in many ways. Then there are for sure my family and friends. Either the bands itself are helping me out when they can, as I do either with them. And you are either helping me, hehe.

Which brings me to the great things. The greatest thing is for me to meet nice people running in my way of thinking and acting. To come in touch and talk with great musicians and artists. Also that my concept of the company and my ideals are not lost, that much people like the whole thing. And of course to explore much great music and support it.

The worse thing is the paper shit for the state. Everyone wants to have something from your cake, either they make nothing for it. For sure there must be taxes, but I have to make also a report to some private company called “GEMA” to prove that I don..t spread out licensed music.

But at the end it makes much fun and it is easy going! you have any advice to anyone who might be reading this who is thinking of starting up their own label?

First be honest and interested in what you are doing, also in the music and the musicians. Nobody wants another ignorant bastard which wants to make just money. And you should have a good idea behind and you should hold those ideals you have, whatever it costs. have just released your first release italy's own "nokturnal misanthropy--eterna notte".how did you come into contact with this
band? for the readers who might not know this band how would you describe their sound? what is the price to buy the cd?

Ouh, I contacted them in the very beginning, it was with “In Dornen” and “NordanVindar”, last mentioned is my own band, the first band who wanted to work with me. I am still very grateful for that. Their sound is quite unique. It is raw black metal with more easy but intense sounds. The piano takes a very big part of it, so you can call it melodic gothic black metal. But it is for sure not that pop gothic trash and the voice is screamed and male. The price is 8 € including the VAT which is quite high in Germany (19 %).

6.i have looked over your sites and see you have alot of good bands coming out soon.please tell the readers a little about some of your upcoming releases and release dates?

He, yes quite full timetable. Hehe
The very next ones will be “In Dornen” with its “Isolation”-album. Some very nice acoustic electro project. And then Tantalos “Fiat Lux”, philosophic melodic black metal. Both guys behind the projects are great persons, we have much contact to each other. Both albums are unique pieces of music. Both will come out soon on 25. October, the birthday of my brother, who helped me either very much, so that is my little thank to him.

7.if any bands are reading this are you currently looking for new bands to sign and work with? what styles will you support and release?

At least now, after my uni has started, I will have less time and either my money is not endless. Because of that, if they want to work with me, which is always appreciated, they would have to wait until May, then I can watch for new projects. But myself I don..t look for bands anymore. I have much good ones. And I don..t want to take too much so that the thing wouldn't go shitty then.

The main thing is that I like the music and the persons behind. In the end, there is no border in musical way.

8.besides naturmacht prod.are you currently involved with any bands or musical projects of your own?

Jop, as I said already above in the two man project NordanVindar in which I am working with my best friend Henrik, who was either at the “Waldeshall”. Hehe
Any interested people just have to go to the NP myspace page and then go to the top friends. There the project is placed at the first place. Of course, hehe! live in the great country of i was interested in your opinion of germany's metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite german bands?are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

Good question! I really like the scene mostly. Germany has a great black metal scene. There is either a good heavy metal scene and very popular pagan metal and medieval scenes. One of the greatest German bands is “Helrunar”. They make fucking cold and very intelligent pagan/black metal. But the whole metal scene is full of those bands and labels, which are commercial and don..t have any deeper relationship to the ideals of the metal itself, what is very sad.

Hehe, they should watch the NP-releases. Fun. But hm, I cannot really give a tip at the moment. I am not that updated with the next releases. hehe

10.when not working on label business what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time?

Much things: reading, watching movies, sword fighting, playing nice pc-games, sport, and of course making music. I also love to write, I am writing in a RPG. Also poems. Walking outside in the nature is either something very great to me, but I should do it more often, hehe.
And being a good boyfriend, of course. ;)

11.besides the label you also are a writer for pest web-zine in romania and a new writer for winter torment e-zine. when did you become interested in writing for zines?

It was like with the label. I always had it in mind, that I could do it sometimes. But just after I created the label and got a tip for the pest webzine and then, when Adrian searched for helpers, I decided to help him out. And with you it just came from your site. hehe

12.what are some of your favorite zines?in your eyes what makes a good/great web-zine? have you ever thought of doing your own someday?

Winter Torment of course! And the pest webzine. But at the end I am not that over big reader of magazines anyway, I must admit. But for me a good webzine must be honest and not to have only those praying for the big bands that somebody reads or buys it. Something special at the end.

Hm not really thinking of it. There are enough good ones!

13.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what black metal means. So i was curious of your opinion on the subject. What does the term "black metal"mean to you?

For me black metal is a way to live or metal commonly. But I am not an arrogant butthead, who thinks that listening metal makes me something like an elitist. All those misanthropical anti-human wanna be true guys are at the end just poor humans, which are the fullest human beings: arrogant, ignorant and narrow minded. And when I see how much people forgot what metal really means, to be better and not just different, then I feel lil bit sad about that.
Because that is what black metal is for me: being better while living in a good way with the good humans and fighting against the shitty ones.

In musical way it is for me the best way to combine different contrasts and create with that deep and unique feelings.

14.well robert thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

I thank you very much for that great interview, it was a big pleasure. I wish you all the best.
My last words: Thanks for reading! I hope there are not too much mistakes! Hehe

to contact the naturmacht prod. just "click"the link below and check out the great releases and distro robert has started!!