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interview with cold life done by patrick.

dark greetings!!
hope every is having/had a nice weekend? well here is another new interview for your reading pleasure.this time around iti is with poland's cold life a band mixing black metal ambient,and some experiemental influences.a must hear for fans of dark music!!!
enjoy and hope you all have a great 2010!
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patrick and winter torment

interview with Demogorgor all instruments,vocals for Cold Life done by

1.hails demogorgor!! how are things in poland? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

D. Hi Patrick
Thanks you were willing to conduct this interview with me
I am dealing with the metal Music over 20 years of course only listening was lat. of the beginning. after some time I went deep I established more.
in 1990 r first zine PORTION BOWEL, after some time came into existence second zine HELLGATES
Daylight also see my two compilations Autopsy(death, grind.thrash) and CHEMOSH (black metal) in 1992 y. I also did as menadzer of our local band Gladiator (black thrash).
I was also a founder of two groups IGNOMINY SYMPHONIES (grindcore) and DARKMOON (black metal) 1995 - 97 i was drummer position for everyone a few years of the break were it on account of an overseas posting.
I started with 2007 to think of assuming the single project, on account of a few problems it failed. in 2008 the idea became carried out, I established two single projects Cold Life and FEAR AND AGHAST. So far I am dealing with the very plans.

2.When did you come up with the idea to form/create cold life? how did youcome up with the name? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?

D. The way I wrote the idea earlier he came into existence in 2007 but carried out in 2008 The COLD LIFE name means world in which we are that is: Total world chaos, death, depress.Style it is presenting which: Black Metal/Ambient/Eksperimental/Psychodelic Music.

3.You are the sole member of cold life.when you started the band did you plan to work alone or have you searched for other members?

D. Yes i am with only one COLD LIFE member. I put it on with the thought that I would be playing alone. I dont searched any musicians.

4.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you like to work with?

D. So. At some point of my activity there were such plans so that hospitably my friend Immortal from the HADES WALK but it's no use didn't leave. each of us had own plans concerning the own production and it didn't reach it.

5.since you handle all the instruments yourself. i was wondering which instrument do you enjoy playing the most?which one was the hardest to learn? which was the easiest for you to learn?

D. Of course I am serving all instruments and programs alone instrument which I like to play it is percussion, bass, keyboards and guitar playing is difficult for me. also handle the vocals for the long have you been interested in singing? who are some of your favorite singers?
D. Yes I am singing although I am not interested in a singing .My favourite vocalists.................. I could here long list. I have my favourite vocalists in all sorts kinds music but now we will stay by vocalists of the BM kind.... certainly will be it:
Roman Kostrzewski (Kat)), Varg Vikersen (Burzum), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Quorthon (Bathory),Tom Warrior (Hellhammer) Letaliis (...). L.Lokhread (Nocturnal Depression), Paolo Bruno (Thy Light), Icare (Gris)

7.You recently released the debut "nostalgia"e.p. how long did it take you to write/record the songs for this release? are you satisfied with how they turned out?

D.Not not..... it isn't my debut a debut demo is "Time Suicidal Visions", however Ep the "Nostalgia" is third from my four COLD LIFE publishing companies. Above with the one Ep' I worked over the month of the time... whether I am satisfied.. of course from each of my editions I am satisfied. has the response been from the fans and press?

D. All replies about my artistic work are positive I dont met with negative statements. Much fans writing and I getting also invitations to newspapers. with it I don't have a problem.

9.if i am not mistaken you are letting the fans "download" the e.p for free? where are the place{S} that the e.p can be downloaded?

D. Yes i giving my music for everyone. her to listen free .at beginning I respect the underground About charging my music are on my blog on the side often do you get to write/work on new music?when you start a new song how long does it usually take to complete a song?which usually comes first the music or lyrics? what are some topics/subjects you write about?

D.The question isn't simple........... I am creating my music when he comes the topic to the new number, with it is interesting differently. in some works is filling it for me to two months depending on what in the given moment I have in the head .
In creating new works there is very music on the top one spot, only in the process of creating I am thinking about words. Topics up to numbers............. hmm....... I am writing about suffering, deaths, suicides, of depression, illness, serial killers and about what is sitting in the bad human head. come out of the mighty polish scene.what is your opinion of the metal scene in poland? who are some of your all-time favorite polish bands?are there any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?

D.Yes a stage in Poland is huge. we have here really strong scene. Ooooo! There are a few old groups which very much I respect: KAT, PROFANUM, GRAVELAND(old), BEHEMOTH(old),VELES, XANTOTOL, DDT, THIRST, CHRIST AGONY.
groups worth the abandon....... is of them very much, I will exchange the ones which I remember: HADES WALK, KRZYK, FURIA, TOBC, BLACK ALTAR, GARDEN OF SADNESS, ILLNESS, THOTH, ZMIERZCH, FALL, PUSTOTA, FUNERAL DEPRESSION,
FORBIDDEN CULT, EVILFEAST, INFERNAL WAR, KATHARSIS666, THUNDERBOLT, AZARATH, VOCIFEROUS, DIABOLICON, MORDHELL, MOLOCH LETALIS and a lot of other. We have also a very strong Ambient scene, Eksperimental which still is developing and is growing.

12.well we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

D..I also thank for your questions. I am greeting all WINTER TORMENT E-ZINE readers, of fans and acquaintances. SUPPORT OUR COMMON UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to contact cold life check out the bands site here:

interview with bane done by patrick

Here is a new interview with a new black/death metal band from serbia.bane! the band currently is waiting for a release of it's new 3-song e.p or as a split cd. but if you are a fan of early dissection,emperor. defintly take a few minutes to check out the bands "official"myspace page and listen to a new track!!! enjoy!!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment e-zine

Interview with Branislav (lead guitars, death growls, lyrics for BANE).

done by patrick.

Dark hails brother!! How is 2010 starting out for you? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Hi bro! Nice to speak to you again! 2010 started off pretty good, thanks. Hope it`s the same for you.
Well, I am Branislav – the founding member of Serbian Old School Black Death Metal band BANE. Beside that I am also the co-founding member of Serbian Technical Death Metal band DISDAINED.

2. When did you all form BANE? What is the "current" line-up? For the readers who have not had the chance to hear the band how would you describe the music?

Well, Bane was “formed” back in 2006, but I was the only member back then. After a (unreleased) Demo in 2007, this project ceased to exist until mid 2009, when I finally started to write new material again. Current line-up is as following:
Branislav (Disdained) - Lead Guitars, Growl Vocals, Music, Lyrics & Arrangements
Igor (Goat Ritual) - Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Scream Vocals, Lyrics & Arrangements
Zombi (Infest, ex-The Stone, ex-May Result) - Live Session Drums
As for those who did not get the chance yet to hear BANE, this is totally in the vein of (early) DISSECTION – Swedish Styled Old School Black/Death Metal!
I know the band is hard at work on writing/finishing up their new EP. How many songs will be on this release?
Do you all have a release date set for it? Will it be self-released or all have you found a label to work with?
Correct – we just finished the recording of our new EP. Originally we recorded 3 tracks for this release, but we will see if we will release all 3 or only 2. One track from it is currently uploaded on our My Space profile:
At the moment there is no confirmed release date set, because we still have to see weather it will be released as an EP, or via Split CD. There are a few labels that showed interest in this release, so it will definitely not be self-financed – I just can`t tell which label it will be until everything is 100% confirmed, sorry!
Speaking of new songs when the band begins working on new music how long does it usually take to complete a song? Does the whole band take part in the music writing or does 1-2 members handle everything?
The writing process usually depends. A song can be completed in less than a day, if there is inspiration & time to complete it. However, it also happens that something is written incomplete, and few months later it gets finished. It varies a lot, many factors implicate in the making of new songs.
As for the writing - I write all the music in BANE. When it is written, I think of the arrangement and usually talk it over with Igor, to see if he has any better ideas.
As for the lyrics – it depends as Igor & I both write lyrics, so it`s only a question which text is better for what song.

I know you handle the lyrics for the band so I was curious what are some topics you write about? Do you have any kind of message you try to express with BANE?

As mentioned just above – Igor & I write the lyrics. It is basically the stupidity, selfishness & repulsive acts of the human race that inspires us. The lyrics are totally misanthropic, without any forgiveness - only hatred. We do not touch in any way the politic & religious themes, as I think they are unworthy of mentioning & paying attention to (in the meaning that it would be better if both never existed).
Does BANE play live very often or do you prefer to keep it a studio band only?
Who are some bands you all have played/toured with? If you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to play with?

BANE was a one-man band/project for 3 years, and just a couple of months ago I finally completed a line-up for Live shows, so we did not play Live yet. We plan to do so, but before that we have to work/complete some more new songs that will appear on our debut full-length CD.
A dream Tour, wow…well it is officially impossible, but I would most have loved to do a Tour with DISSECTION (of course), or EMPEROR. Since that is impossible, I would love to do a Tour with German band THULCANDRA, Greek band EGNUM, or Swedish young band DEVILRY.
As mentioned the band comes out of the Serbian underground. To me it seems Serbia has a strong metal scene. Would you agree or disagree? What is your opinion of the metal scene in Serbia?

Well, in a way I would have to disagree with you. Serbia really has a few really good bands, but only few made “names” in the UG scene, and only a few bands had shows/tours outside our country – The Stone, May Result, Disdained, Infest, Sacramental Blood and probably a few more…but not more than 15 bands I think had foreign shows/tours.
Same goes for the albums that were released on abroad labels – we do have bands on foreign roosters, but the promotion is usually very poor…as for clubs, also kind of bad – there are not too many places you can play Metal here in Serbia. All in all, maybe 10 cities, not more…
Who are some of your favorite all-time Serbian bands? Are their any new up and coming bands the readers should watch out for?

Well, some of my personal favorite Serbian bands are Dead Joker (Brutal Death Metal), May Result (Black Metal), Infest (Death/Thrash Metal), Draconic (Modern Metal), Oksanat (Black Metal), and so on…
As for new upcoming bands that are worth paying attention to, I would name Beyond Total Carnage (Modern Death Metal), Mrznja (Raw Black Metal)…and probably a few more which I can`t think of right now.
Everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what black metal means. So in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

Black Metal, to me, is before all – MUSIC. However it`s not just that. For myself it also represents an individual way of expressing my thought & feelings (through music and lyrics), and a way that I can “heal” my spiritualism. It is something were I can be 100% honest & creative with MYSELF, and not give a sh*t about anyone else.
But that is not for everybody, as you said. Symbols that people wear like inverted crosses, pentagrams, or 666…for some, that is what Black Metal is all about, which I personally think is ridiculous.
But of course, I don`t care what people wear, though. Those symbols have many meanings and probably mean different things to everyone, but that should at first be their own ideology, and not confuse their beliefs with Black Metal, as those things are different – Black Metal is art, passion & devotion - Beliefs are individual & personal. Beside all that, I think anyone who is conscious of what is going on in this world, knows that real evil does not have to do with those things…
When did you first become interested in playing guitar? Are you self-taught or have you taken lessons?

I seriously started playing the guitar when I was 13 years. Since then, I never had a guitar class in my life, so I guess you can say I am pretty much self-taught.
Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists? Do you play any other instruments?

I listen to a lot of different types of music, so I have many “favorite” guitarists. Chuck Schuldiner, Jon N√∂dtveidt, Ishahn, Luc Lemay, Jonathan Levasseur, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, and the list goes on and on…
Well my friend, thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. I look forward to hearing the new EP. when it is released. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
Patrick, it is my pleasure –thank YOU for the eternal support! I will let you know when the EP (or Split CD) is out, and hope you will enjoy it!
Thanks for taking your time to read this interview. If you like BANE`s material, be sure to drop by from time to time on our My Space profile as there will be updates soon concerning the EP, Live Shows, and later on for the full-length album - If you have any questions/requests concerning BANE, feel free to contact me via private messaging, or via e-mail –
to contact band via myspace...

interview with ars macabra done by patrick

metal greetings!!
here is a new interview with italy's ars macabra .the band mixes in a good dose of old-school
swedish and norse black metal with some newer elements mixed of
old-school cold,dark black metal will want to check out this band as soon as possible!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment

interview with sathor guitarist for ars macabra done by patrick

1.hails sathor! how are things going for you in italy? please tell the readers a
little about yourself.

Hi, things are going let’s say ok so far if you are able not to be involved or being affected by
The shitty Italian society and people, keep my music world for myself and that s enough
I am not that kind of person that want to talk about myself or appear who is not.
I am quite fed up of lame “black metallers wanna be” that seems to hate the world and then every morning they wake up and lick others people asses as everyone else speaking is always easier...

2.when did you all form ars macabra?
how did you come up with the name of the
band does it have a special meaning?
The bass player did, it means Art of the Macabre from the Latin language..... for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe ars macabra music?
Well.. see..we already use a media of communication that is already there and it is our music itself
Words on music are always unnecessary listen..then all the rest will come from there..
But analyze too much is always irrelevant... recently sent me your newest release "hate induced trance" how long did it
take the band to write/record the songs for this release?
Almost a year, it was a little tedious at times but we took the time we need it...needless to say that you can spend all the time you want in the studio and never come out of there satisfied there is always a compromise first of all with the budget then we the patience and stress you build up during recording , in the end songs can lose all the natural feeling they had that you used to perceive when you were jamming..
are you all happy with
how they turned out? Yes I am

4.i know ars macabra has some other releases availble.can you please tell the
readers a little about the other ars macabra releases?
We recorded “Daemonolatria Hypnotica” in 2004 and some copies should be available from the original label that printed it Elegy Music
are these releases still
availble for the fans? They should.
do you have any other merchandise available for the fans? We had T-shirts but are sold out we plan to print some more eventually for the new release and when we will play live expecially and most of all cause are a compensation of our musical message, the t-shirt art is done by me and is not just a “fan” product , I can’t stand commercialization and/or excessive fetishism on gadgets or collectable items I think has not much to do with music but with compulsive attachment to objects which is quite stupid.

5.has the band begun writing new material for a new release soon?
Yes we have quite a bit of songs and material
do you know
how many songs will be on the next release? No I don’t think usually on numbers but we will put out what we consider the best

do you have a release date set? No yet

6.when the band begins working on new music how long does it take to usually
take to complete a song?
Happened that I wrote a song in one afternoon and some of them are still some of the best we think are, some other months and sometimes they still miss something, so its music its not a factory with time schedules (thanks Satan!!! LOL)

does the whole band work on music or does 1-2 members
handle all the song writing? I am the more productive but in the end we all contribute and shape the songs in all the arrangements that the most fun...

7.who usually handles the lyrics for the band? what are some subjects you all
write and sing about?
I write the lyrics, the subjects are mainly of the occult and magic related to khaos theory
Hopefully to just give some inputs on that field not certainly being pedant or too cryptic
When there is no reason to be.

8.does the band play live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio only?
We would do both steadily but playing live is not easy and is not well seen unless you are already
A name that have some sort of appeal, there anymore interest in listening the music itself but go to the concert of that band cause that band “is” cult or has a relevant name on that scene but nobody anymore go to shows cause the music itself, I can notice and feel very uncomfortable going to shows especially metal in Italy by people comments etc. are really embarrassing sometimes they comment on the musician’s look or technique instead of enjoy the music or let their self go with the listening ....its ridiculous...or just lame as the worst commercial music
Heavy metal music in its conception and attitude has never been so lame like nowadays , is a fact.

who are some bands you have played with?
Oh I don’t care remember them now, some very good some others ok its interesting playing with all different kind

if you could set-up a "dream"show/
tour who are some bands you would like to play with?
Whoever is relaxed and enjoy the event and it is taken not taken by its ego trip its playing its not
A chance of showing off exaggeratedly....nervous and unsure kids are a drag

9.the band comes out of the mighty italian scene.what is your opinion of the
metal scene in italy? Its good in the end but there is lack of cohesion, there are better bands than in the past but there is no collaboration and sane nationalism everything seems to be disconnected,
Promoters, local promoters/labels etc still need to mature and acquire more professional skills
Not only on the technical side but also on the music taste side..... professional zines in Italy are a joke

10.who are some of your all-time favorite italian bands?
Some bands from the hard core scene back in the 80s were very genuine and full of energy, Raw Power, Negazione on the metal side Bulldozer

are there any new italian bands
you think the readers should check out? I will recommend Grimness,Blasphemophagher, Stryx, Operation Genocide

11.everyone has their own ideas on what black metal means. so i was interested in your
opinion what does black metal stand for?

I think has been said too much about it and express something verbal again or express my thought about it considering the average of who could approach black metal today make me keep my mouth shut....

12.well sathor we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to
fill out the you have any final comments for the readers?
For the moment thanks you are doing a great job with your reviews and interviews, then everybody who is gonna dig our music is cool...

to contact ars macabra go to the bands "official"page for more info.