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interview with bloodcult,done by patrick

metal hails!!
here is a new interview with the illinois based metal band bloodcult. to be honest this is a band you will either love or just totally hate as they don't follow any trends and create a music/metal style they want. it is defintly original mix of black,southern rock and various other styles.the band and espically the singer have been a force within the depths of the black metal underground for many years now. so atleast give them a chance before u judge the band,
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interview with the reverend vocalist,guitarist for bloodcult.done by patrick.

1.metal hails reverend! how are things going with you? please tell the readers a little aboutyourself.
This is a pleasure for me to do an interview with your zine, which in fact I have read, so let's start out by saying I am a Man and I live in the BEST village on Earth that happens to be in Illinois.
I hope that's convoluted enough. Think we could try this differently? I've always wanted to do How are you, interviewer for minacious? And could you, Patrick please tell the readers a little bout yourself... what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current"favorites?
Fuck if I know when this shit started.. I fuckin listened to KISS and shit like that. MERCYFUL FATE and KISS and VENOM. Later, PUNGENT STENCH and DARKTHRONE and HYPOCRISY's early tapes, and also THe MENTORS and NUGENT and SPINAL TAP but mostly now I listen to that there's lots of good shit out there but to start going through the list will take too long here

3.when did you all form bloodcult? what is the "current"line-up? for those who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?
Fuck I don't remember when we started. The current band is Justin Hackett on bass, Me on guitar, Lewy on drums, and Matt in studio on guitar too. Hackett and I do vocals and also, I'll play organ some of th e time. We describe Our Music as: REDNECK BLACK METAL. And by that We mean, WE ARE REDNECKS WHO PLAY EVIL MUSIC. There is nothing in common with what a kid today calls a "black" metal group AND ACTUALLY WE sound more like KISS, DOING COKE WITH THE DARK MASTER HIM SELF AND/OR DEMONS AND/OR BURNING SPIRITS,,, IN HELL. Fuckin rock music.

4.the band recently released it's new cd "we are the cult of the plains"through the mighty moribund did you guys come in contact with the label?
The label said they wanted a band that was like NAZARETH meets POSSESSED meets THE CODPIECE OF CRONOS. Then after that We just started to make a list of bands that fit that bill so we could send their names to the label, and instead as it turns out the label meant Blood Cult. After that everyone pretty much shook their heads in the pernicious throes of bewilderment, leaving their pride at the door as a mummy called 'BLACK METAL"" sighed

5.speaking of the new bloodcult cd how long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release? are you and the rest of the band happy with how it turned out? The songs were written in 2007 and then we made a demo of 'em before we went to the studio.
No, we aren't happy with any thing, because the fuckin' studio management decided to replace the instruments with garbage cans and pork rind crunches. Then the vocals were redone by a high class
mafia guy singing like he's in Vegas or something. And to top it off the freaking cake we ordered for Elvis birthday god damn melted. has response been from fans and the press?
The fans are good, always.. the press is the fucking press ... WE do this for the fans ONLY ... thats IT, and any one who claims otherwise is fucking retarded

7.does the band have any upcoming shows/tours in support of the new cd? if yes who are some bands you will be playing/touring with?
YEAH we are touring with SLAYER and BON JOVI, tomorrow night is the first part, we start in CHINA and work over to RUSSIA and then it's out to HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA after that for some AWARDS shows in Spring, so yeah its goin to be a busy 3 or 5 years for Us on this World Tour.

8.reverend i know like myself you have been a part of the "underground metal"scene for many years now. how do you feel the scene has changed in last 10-15 years? do you feel it is getting better or worse?

9.what does the term "underground metal"mean to you?
Today next to nothing thanks to the internet. You get to finally see those people who you wished you could meet in high school, the fucking fellow metal fans. It turns out that the majority are scumbags. A true metal fan, or a true music fan, contributes to their own metal communities. They start zines or bands. The rest are listeners! What is the difference between a fucking listener and a watcher? NOTHING they're both sitting there CONTRIBUTING FUCKING NOTHING... My fans are my friends. They contribute to my full well -being. But seriously, I must say that there is no more metal any more because downloading killed it. A genre must make some kind of money somewhere for some kind of band, or else they can't continue to devote themselves to playing metal music... an average person, this year, this day, is an mp3 bootleg mastermind. hey if you don't pay for the cds or offer any words of support.... you're not worth shit to my band you or any of the other members of blood cult play in side-projects or bands? if yes please tell the readers about them.
I am in Enbilulugugal & a my solo stuff is called Tjolgtjar. I play in non-metal groups as well, Justin and Lewy do some shit of their own that ain't metal too, so there's no relevancy here, is there .....

11.coming back to the band for a moment blood cult has a very unique sound and approach to black metal.has the band always had a varied sound within their releases? would you say you have a pretty open-mind towards music? The answer to both questions is "Yes."
And also, I am very happy that you notice(d) the variety of sound.

12.when not working on band music/promotion.what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time? I like to play live shows in bands. I like to play music at practices. And I do cartoons too. And I eat and shit too

13.well reverend thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview do you have any final comments for the readers? Thank you. Women reading this should send nude photographs to the band. It helps out, you know... and please, no soliciting.. Look forward to doing this again Patrick

moribund records "official"web-site
blood cult "offical" site

interview with avsky done by patrick

metal hails!!
here is a new interview with the old-school swedish black metal band avsky.if you are a fan of late 80's/early 90's black metal{before all the synths,keyboards and ugh atmosphere} then defintly take some time to read this interview and pick up the band's brand new cd "scorn" from the mighty moribund records.
enjoy and keep the flames of metal burning high!!!!
patrick annd winter torment web-zine

interview with T O vocalist,drummer for avsky done by patrick

1.hails TO. how are things in sweden this week? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Everything ok over here. Not much to say about me, vocalist and drummer in Avsky.

2.when did you guys form avsky? how did you come up with the name of the band? does it have a special meaning? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?
Avsky has exist since 2002 and we released our first demo in 2006. The bandname was an easy choice, it stands for how we feel and for what our music is about. Whit our music we are trying to go back to the roots of black metal, as it is meant to sound. We do it old school whit some new influence of our own.

3.3.avsky is a two-man band.when you formed the band did you plan to keep it a two-piece? have you searched for other members to join? if you had the opportunity to work with any musican past or present who would you love to work with?

When we formed Avsky we had plans for at least one more member, but we havnt found anyone thats right for us, so Avsky is and will stay a two-man band. But there is loads of good musicians that would be fun working whit. On our new record Scorn we have Nox from Craft doing some guest vocals, a cooperation that worked really well.

4.avsky recently released the new cd "scorn" how long did it take you guys to write/record the songs for this release?are you both happy with how the release turned out?

The songs were worked on just a bit over a year, and the recording went relative fast. When it comes to our music, nothing must be left to chance, so we wont release anything until we are 100% satisfied. Then going in to mix, that is the hard bit and took some time, so i guess our studioguy is a bit tired of us now haha. We went back to the studio loads of times to increase or lower the levels on instrument and vocals. Guess the chance for that is high when you sit home and listen to the record over and over again. You dont think its good enough, but the record came out to be better then we first had in mind, so we are extremelly satisfied. has response been from the fans and press?
We have had really good response on the record, both from fans and press. We knew we had made a good record so that just confirms what we already knew.

6.when you begin to work on/write new music how long does it usually take to complete one song?do both members work on music together or does one handle all the song writing?
It is so different how long time it takes. Sometimes you feel a huge creative force, those days we can finish a new song during one rehearsle, and then you have times when your just blocked. After each recorded album we normally get blank for a while but then it hits you twice as hard when the energy gets back. AE always do the riff and then we work thogether whit it. A good way to do it for us and AE is an amazing riff- maker so i trust him fully.

7.which is usually completed first the music or the lyrics? speaking of the lyrics what are some topics/subjects you write about?
Most of the time its the song thats ready first, the lyrics comes now and then, we cant write lyrics just because we must. But there is loads whitin us, so we will never be out off lyrics.

8.the band comes out of the mighty swedish metal scene.what is your opinion of the metal scene in sweden? who are some of your all-time favorite swedish bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?
n my mind sweden definitely is one of the leaders whitin black metal. Bands as Watian, Craft and Arckanum proves it. Arckanum is one of my favorite swedish black metal band, you both hear and feel that its true.

9.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal in your opinion what does "black metal"stand for?
For me black metal is strength. An egocentric mind, to see yourself as a strong individual, not to be broken down by anyone or anything, and whit all means necessary destroy the scum that poison our earth. The hate and disgust only makes you a stronger person. I cant see anything in the new sdbm-bands (suicidal depressive black metal) that has to do with black metal. Black metal is nothing about feeling sorry for yourself. And that people have compared us, Avsky, with bands like that pisses me off. This i could discuss for ages but i will stop here.

10.coming back to the band for a moment you handle the drums for the band.when did you start playing the drums? are you self-taught or have you taken lessons?

I started to play drums at an early age, but didnt go on for very long. Then 8 or 9 years ago i took it up again, nothing planned at all. But it has proved going quite well so why quit. Actually all self-learned.

11.who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? do you play any other instruments?
Not really influenced by anyone. But sometimes i can start a clip on youtube whit the great drummer George Kollias, Nile, and just be amazed by his skills. Normally it just takes a minute of watching him til i start thinking about quiting the drums. He´s not human. I dont play any other instruments on a serious level.

12.besides playing the drums for avsky you also handle the vocals. when did you start singing? who are some of your favorite vocalist?

To be honest im not really sure how long ive been singing. But the first band i was handling the vocals in was playing in the late 90´s, so i guess it all started then. Been doing vocals in quite a few other bands that i wont mention here. There´s loads of singers i like, but to mention one of my favorites, Mikko Aspa i Deathspell Omega. you do anything special to keep your throat/vocals healthy?

just coffee and cigaretts.

14.we have reached the end of the interview. thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?
Buy the new record and keep your eyes and ears open for our new project “Hyrrokkin” whit members from Craft and Avsky

to check out some of avsky's music or to order the new cd check out the bands "official" myspace page.
or head over to moribund records{band's label} to order the cd,shirts etc,etc..

interview with An autmn for crippled children,done by patrick

here is an interview i have done with a fairly new band coming out of the netherlands. An autmn for crippled children have created,and produced some of the most interesting and original dark metal to be heard in years!! the band mixes in early 90's death/doom as well as early 90's european black metal.with the bands own unique ideas and creativity.the bands brilliant deabut "lost" was released earlier this year through ATMF.records.defintly pick it up as soon as possible!
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interview with mxm vocals,keyboards,guitars for an autmn for crippled children.done by patrick

1.greetings are things going for you? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Things are actually great. Lost is being recieved very well. We are just three guys playing the music we enjoy.

2.when did you first become interested in playing music? what were some of the first instruments you learned to play?

My parents always played and made music from classical to south american music (we are not original from the netherlands). Except for my father, my whole family is musical. So playing music came natural. I first got a guitar, later i got into piano, drums and bass. Lately i'm trying to get into violin and trumpet. I never took any lessons, all self thought.

3.out of all the instruments you play which do you feel was the hardest for you to learn? which was the easiest one? do you have one instrument out of all that you enjoy the most?

guitar and bass where the easiest. violin is probably the hardest. i suck at it. I don't have a favorite but i'm probably the best on guitar (which i played the longest).

4.when did you all create "an autmn for crippled children"? the name of the band is one of the most interesting/original i have heard in quite sometime. how did you all come up with the band name? does it have a special meaning?

It’s a changed song title from the UK band Ebony Lake. We liked the image it created in our heads. It fits the music very good i think. It’s a standout name, so people (hopefully) are intrigued and want to check us out.

5.what is the current line-up for the band? for readers who have not heard the bands music. how would you describe an autmn for crippled children's music?

We got bass, guitar/vocals and drums. I think we play a mix of black metal (from the early nineties) and old school doom/death (old my dying brinde/anathema etc.).

6.the band recently released it's brilliant debut "lost" earlier this year. how long did it take to write the songs for this release? are you all happy with how it turned out? how has response been from the fans and the press?

I think we wrote and recorded over a period of a year. We got our own studio, so have short sessions to do one or two songs at a time. We are happy with the way it turned out. Lost is recieved pretty well by the press. How fans like it, i have no idea.

7.has an autmn for crippled children ever played any shows/tours or do you plan to stay a studio-only band? if you have toured/played some shows who are some bands you have played with? if you could set-up a "dream" show who are some bands you would love to play with?

We played a couple of shows, but no tours yet. Maybe in the future. Also no dream show, it would be cool to play festivals. We like to play with completely different sounding bands.

8.i was curious with an autmn for crippled children the music has so many layers and influences. i was wondering how long does it take the band to create/finish a song? does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

I and the bass player do all the writing. We arrange the music with all three members. We first record the core version of the song and later ad overdubs. We work pretty quick. We know what we want, so it's not that hard for us to get the sound we want.

9.who usually handles the lyrics for the band? are their any certain subjects/topics you all write about?

I do all the lyrics as i have to sing them. They are all very personal things i write about. Mostly negative things happening in my life.

10.the band comes out of the netherlands. for those who may not be to familar with the netherlands metal underground.what is your opinion of the scene in the netherlands?

it sucks.

11.who are some of your all-time favorite bands? are their any new up and coming bands the readers should check out?

All time favorite: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Emepror, Mayhem, My Dying Bride etc. New stuff: ?

12.are you or any of the members of the band currently playing/working on any new side-projects or bands?

Yes, we have several solo things.

13.well mxm.thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview i look forward to hearing more from an autmn for crippled children in the you have any final comments for the readers?
Come check LOST out if you are into honest and melancholic music.

to order your copy of "lost" go to the labels "official" site
and to "add" and listen to a few songs from "An autmn for crippled children" check out the bands "official" site here.

interview with battlelore done by patrick

here is a interview that i was lucky enough to get with tomi of the mighty battlelore.i have been a fan of this band for years now.if you have never checked out this band for whatever reason. do it now!! a great mic of epic,melodic and some brutal death metal. the duo of tomi and kaisa are probably some of the best male/female vocals i have ever heard and both compliment each other nicely.
i hope you enjoy what you read.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with tomi mykkanen vocalist for battlelore.done by patrick

1.hello tomi first off thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill this out. please tell the readers a little about yourself.

- Well hello Patrick! No, thank You for the interview, mate. I'm Tomi, vocalist of Battlelore. I'm an old geezer who grew up with Maiden. I'm musically quite active but I don't have enough time to let all the music come out.

2.when did you first start listening to metal?who were some of the first bands that caught your attention? who are some of your "current"favorites?

- As I said I was grown up with Maiden. I was a young dude and I remember liking Joan Jett's I Love Rock'n'Roll and Stray Cats but then I heard The Number of the Beast from my cousin and that was it. I remember that I needed to save the money for the LP a long time and I was so proud when I finally got it. I think I was 7 or 8 years old. After discovering all the good music I used to first listen to all this heavy metal stuff that came out like Dio, WASP, Accept, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest and stuff like that. Then came thrash. And then death and black stuff. After that it all fused up and nowadays I listen to whatever I feel like. I'm not too puritan with my music. Hah! From early delta blues to black metal. Lately I've been listening a lot to early 90s death metal joined battlelore in 2004. how did you come into contact with the other members of battlelore? who were some of the other bands you worked with/sung for before joining battlelore?

- Actually I was in a fishing competition when Jyri called me and asked if I was able to come on their tour to fill in. I asked him if he or Jussi are not going... he told me that they're both going. I was pretty "what the fuck?" as I'm a guitar player myself. So, then I thought that Miika is not going and they need someone to play the bass. Then Jyri told me that I'd need to fill in for Patrik. I was really surprised and asked him why he called me. I'm no singer. I had done some backing vocals in Evemaster-gigs and some vocals in our Slayer coverband but nothing more. Jyri told me that he had seen me live with Evemaster and he'd like me to try with Battlelore. Then I told him that I need to think about this for a moment. After a day or do we talked again and I said that I'm upto trying a few songs with them. After a slow start it all started clicking and on the tour I was. what age did you become interested in singing?who would you say are some of your influences/favorite singers?

- As I told you, I never actually did come interested. I think that lately I've become more interested in it and I'm actually looking for the studio session for the next album in 2 weeks. Hahah! There are a few death metal -related vocalists whom I appreciate a lot like Dan Swanö, Barney Greenway, Jan from Gorefest, Mikael Åkerfeldt (mainly for his cleans), Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis... As you can see I'm not into these deeper growlers and that's why I'm myself more a shouter than growler. I just like that style more. you do anything special to keep your throat healthy?besides singing do you play any other instrumnents?

- No, I don't do anything for my voice. I never even open my voice before gigs or recording. Just start shouting. I know that I should but so far, so good. My main instrument is guitar but I'm able to play some keys, bass, drums. A few licks on harmonica as well. Hahah!

6.battlelore released their 5th album through the mighty napalm long did it take to write/record songs for this release? are the band members happy with how the songs turned out? how was/is the response from the press and fans?

- It didn't take that long to write that album. I think it's about 6 months of work and then we are quite ready for the recording. I think that we all are still very satisfied with that album. Of course it's getting old for us as the recordings for the next album are already underway and we are concentrated on those songs now. The main work and demoing for the new songs started early this year and studio session started early June.

7.i know over the years the bands has done many tours/shows throughout europe. who are some bands you have played with? if you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who would you love to play with? are their any countries that battlelore hasn't played yet that you would like to?

- I'd like to tour USA and then play in Japan. Those are the dreams. Of course we have lots of countries we haven't played in yet and they would probably rock. But I've had these "dream steps" when I started my musical life, you know like, first rehearsal, first gig, first demo, first album, gig abroad, tour, US tour, Japan. Then I think I'd be pretty much done. Hahahah! We've played with so many cool bands that it's hard to mention anyone. I have to say that Leaves' Eyes were extremely cool and nice people. Still keeping in touch. 2 weeks ago we played with Grand Magus and Wolf. Excellent guys even though they come from Sweden. Hahah, just kidding. mentioned in previous question the band has been doing alot of touring but have you all had time to begin work on the next battlelore release?do you know how many songs will be on this release? any idea of a "release" date?

- Yep, sessions started for the new album. I think we have 11 or so songs to be recorded plus some intro/outro-stuff. I think not all of those songs will be on the album. Napalm will probably release some extensive digi-pack again and we'll probably use 2 songs on that one. Not sure yet. The album should be done by the end of July and then Napalm needs about 3 months for promotion so I'd say the album will be released around October 2010. thing i have always enjoyed about battlelore's music is that each album is completly different from the previous this something the band tries to do each time it begins writing a new song/release or does it just come naturally? just curious do you have a "personal"favorite battlelore song and release?

- It comes out naturally as we all grow musically. We don't have any idea how the next album will turn out to be before all the songs are done. I think that these new songs are a bit old school-ish Battlelore. Lots of grinding guitars. Can't really wait to see how the album will turn out to be. Probably a bit heavier and faster than The Last Alliance.
- It's a bit hard for me to say about personal BLore-faves as 2 first albums doesn't feature me so I'm looking those more from "a fans view" than the other ones. But if we think about the live situation then I do have some favourites... for some reason I love Fangorn. It's really easy for me to do vocals for and it drives forth nicely. We Are the Legions is also always very cool in live. We've done Khazad-Dum 1 live a few times and it's extra cool as well. And Journey To Undying Lands even though it's a bit "too played" but still it works very well. That song oozes Battlelore. Hahah!

10.finland to me has always had a strong metal scene.whether it is death,doom,black etc. and their own sound/identity.would you agree with this? what is your opinion of finland's metal scene?

- Well, I think that we do have many cool bands who strive to originality. Of course we have also many bands that are joining whichever bandwagon is moving. Hah!

11.who are some of your all-time finnish metal bands? are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

- Damn hard question! Xysma were great and pioneering in many ways. Amorphis of course. Impaled Nazarene and Beherit. There are many new bands coming up but not sure if any of those are still able to hit it big. I'm now listening to Moonsorrow and they are cool of course. have been a part of the metal scene for many years now. how do you feel the scene has changed over the years?

- Well, internet changed everything in the late 90s. Before that I was in the tape-trading, snail-mail sending -circuits and they were very fun times. Everything exploded when internet came. Nowadays it's easier to form bands and record your own stuff and release it that this of course generates loads and loads of shit released. So, it's harder to find the good stuff. Or maybe the thing has changed that you are waiting nowadays more from a new band... I don't know.

13.coming back to the band for a moment the bands main lyrical inspiration has been j.r tolkien and the lord of the rings trilogy.what is it about this author and the series that inspires yourself and the band so much?

- It's not about LotR that much actually, most of our stuff come from Silmarillion and the world created by Tolkien. It's just so huge and magical. Of course the Kalevala references are very fertile ground for us as Finns. On the coming album we are concentrating on Turin Turambar and his tragic journey. Turin is somehow based on this character from Kalevala called Kullervo. Very sad and tragic tale.

14.are their any other fantasy writers you enjoy reading? if yes please tell us a little about them.

- I don't personally read that much other fantasy stuff. Jyri, Jussi and Maria are more into that stuff. I like reading some horror stuff like H.P. Lovecraft. I also enjoy biographies. Lately I've read stuff like Keith Richards' bio, Dirt (Mötley Crüe), Lemmy, couple of Jimi Hendrix books, The Lords of Chaos, Pink Floyd, Heroine Diaries by Nikki Sixx... stuff like that

15.when the dark day comes {i personally hope it NEVER comes} that battlelore lays down their swords and the band breaks would you like the fans to remember you and battlelore?

- For the live shows. I know that this day will come but we've had a fun ride so far. I hope that our fans remember us as the fun-loving, beer-drinking guys and gals. And of course for the many good songs we wrote! are also in the side band evemaster. when did you get the idea to create/join this band? how would you say evemaster's music is different from battlelore's?

- Evemaster is not a side band, Battlore is more like that. Haha! I formed Evemaster in 1996 when I did couple of songs that didn't fit to either my bands active then (Mortal God and SoulSet). So, me and Jarno (vocalist of Mortal God) decided to record the songs by ourselves and released the demo early '97. Then we did the first album, second album and our newest album "III" was released a week ago in Scandiavia. Excellent stuff! It's very different from Battlelore. First of all it's a lot harder and of course there are no female vocals on it. It's more guitar oriented stuff compared to BLore.

17.does evemaster have a new release coming out anytime soon? will you work with napalm records or have you found another label to work with for evemaster?

- Yes, like I said earlier our newest album "III" was released a week ago in Scandinavia. Rest of the world will follow later in the autumn. It's not released by Napalm as they didn't want to release it. I think Jarno's tits are not beautiful enough for them! Hahaha! The album is released by Supernova Records from Sweden lead by Johnny Hagel formerly of Tiamat and Sundown.

18.besides evemaster are you or any of the members of battlelore involved with side-projects? if yes please tell us about them.

- Yeah. I have also a few bands/projects I'm working on like Elephant Bell. Maria and Timo have their old Elderthrones. Timo has a few other projects as well. Weird stuff. Jussi is playing in his old punk band Armija Krajova. Jyri has some projects running all the time. Henkka plays also in couple of different projects. So, there are something else happening all the time. Haha!

19.when not working with the bands what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
- Well, I have a house. That takes some time. Of course all of us are working for living so it takes most of the time. We also have families and stuff so there's not that much time to spare really.

20.well tomi we have reached the end of the interview thank you again for doing this interview with me. do you have any final comments for the readers?

- Excellentos! Thanks for this review. Hopefully I was fair-worded enough. Hah! Have fun and check out our new album later this year. If you see us coming close to you don't hesitate coming! Cheers!

to keep up with all the latest battlelore news and upcoming show dates check out the bands sites.
battlelore "official"myspace page
battlelore "official" web-site