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interview with elitarian music web-zine done by patrick

hope everyone had a great weekend? here is a brand new interview i did with the new italian web-zine "elitarian music web-zine". the zine covers most forms of black,ambient,death,thrash metal. if you have not checked this site out then by all means read this interview and go check it out while your on the net. it will be well worth your time!!!
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interview with cristina editor of elitarian music web-zine done by patrick

1.hello cristina how is your weekend been? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello, Patrick. I would just say I’m having an average weekend, nothing too special so far. Well, there’s not much I could say about myself I think. I don’t believe I’m much of an interesting subject, eh eh.

2.when did you first start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who would you say are some of your "current"favorites?

I got into metal at the age of 14, with MayheM’s De Mysteriis dom Sathanas. Old MayheM remain as one of my favourite (black) metal bands of all time. As for my current favourites, I would say I have lately been impressed by a Spanish band called Nahemah, which is a band I would recommend to anyone who is into good music, and I’m pretty much eager to hear what Dordeduh will dish out – chances are they will probably end up among my current favourites and my all time favourites as well.

3. if
i am not mistaken you used to write for a couple of italian zines.which ones did you write for?when did you become interested in writing for zines?besides reviews/interviews do you enjoy writing short stories,poetry,etc?

Yes, I actually used to write poetry and novels back when I was younger, but it’s something I mostly did for hobby, I have never been an actual writer, if that’s what you mean. And yes, I also used to write for an Italian underground webzine a couple of years ago. Well, as fas as my interest is concerned, I would say that running a metal webzine kind of allows me to couple my two greatest interests, therefore once I realized about this, I knew I would have enjoyed doing such thing.

4.i know you started up elitarian web-zine in mid-2009.what gave you the idea to create your own zine?are you happy with how things are progressing with elitarian web-zine so far?

There were various reasons to this. Of course, the main one is simply the passion for music. I would say things are progressing nicely at the moment, but there still are some things that need to be improved. did you decide on the name of your web-zine? does it have a special meaning?

The name came out spontaneously. The French word élite derives from latin and generally speaking it defines a small dominant group within a large society. I have chosen it because I thought it suited the purpose of the webzine itself and the specific approach we had in mind at the moment of giving birth to it.

6.both your interviews and reviews are very well-written and in-depth.when you begin working on new reviews and interviews how long does it usually take to complete?

Actually when I read the first interviews I’ve done I normally find them quite silly. One of the good things about EMW is actually this, it’s inculcating me a sort of sense of self – discipline that helps me to dominate the overimpatient part of me and this means I’m forced to think over my questions instead of getting carried away with enthusiasm and itching. So while some time ago it took me a very short time to complete a list of questions or a review, now I try to take my time and focus more on what I’m doing. The problem is when a band or an artist sends me the questions back with the answers after a long time, and it’s like ‘What the fuck, were this questions really asked by me?!’.

you had the chance to interview any musician/label owner past or present who would you like to interview? and why?

I’d like to interview Nicu Covaci from Phoenix and ask him about all the vicissitudes he went through during his life, his renounce to Romanian citizenship and escape to Northern Europe, the return to Timisoara and his connection with visual arts. I’d also love to interview Andrew Latimer to know what on earth brought him to write such breathtaking music and I’d also ask him to sign my Music Inspired by the Snow Goose vynil. But, most of all, I’m happy that one of my earliest interviews was done to Hupogrammos (former Negura Bunget and Makrothumia, now Dordeduh), because it’s an Artist and a person I hold in high esteem.
you work on elitarian web-zine alone or do you have other "writers" that help with interviews and reviews? please introduce them to the readers.

I run the zine with the help of two friends of mine. Federico helps me with the website (I’m probably the less technology-friendly person on earth so I have no clue about how a website is supposed to be maintained) and occasionally bothers bands to ask them for interviews (I’m trying to keep him from doing this, though, haha), and Paolo reviews thrash stuff at times.

any bands or labels are reading this what styles of metal do you cover/support in elitarian music web-zine?where can interested bands and labels contact you?

We mostly cover extreme metal styles. Black metal especially, but also death metal, thrash and respective subgenres (symphonic, avant-garde, melodic, atmospheric, technical, brutal, raw, old school, whatever else). Anyone interested in a review can drop me a line at or I do also accept electronic press kits submitted digitally.

10.what would you say is the easiest and the hardest part about doing a web-zine?do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking of starting up their own zine?

It’s all quite easy if you have enough passion and time to spend with it. I don’t know if is there something I could actually suggest to anyone that wants to start up a ‘zine as I’m not an ‘expert’ by any means, hehe. Basically, as I just said, you need real passion for what you do and a discreet knowledge in music, metal and non metal. Some spare time would help also, it’s a sign of respect for bands to update on a frequent basis, it’s not nice to leave somebody waiting for a review for two months or three I think.

11.when you are not working on zine business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Mostly reading and studying, and occasionally taking a walk in the woods. come out of the mighty italian metal
seems to me italy has a strong black,death metal scene. would you agree or disagree? what is your opinion of italty's metal scene?

Well nowadays most countries in the world have a crowded extreme metal scene and Italy makes no exception. It all depends on tastes, I for one am not the greatest Italian metal scene supporter.

13.who are some of your all-time favorite italian metal bands? are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

Some good Italian bands I would recommend are Cold Empire (melodic raw black metal), Trismegisto (truly impressive young band from southern Italy), Land of Hate (old school death/thrash), Fearbringer’s various projects (he’s a great artist and also a great person and kind of a good friend of mine). As far as my favourite Italian bands are concerned, I’m more into stuff like Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Le Orme, Il Rovescio della Medaglia, Balletto di Bronzo, Museo Rosenbach, Fabrizio De Andrè, Franco Battiato, Litfiba… hahaha…

14.everyone has their own opinons on this subject. so i was interested in yours. what does underground metal mean to you?

Well basically I think the times are changed, and the very word ‘Underground’ does not hold the meaning it once had, I think. ‘Underground’ scene is terrifyingly similar to ‘mainstream’ these days, in terms of mindset and attitudes. I don’t see the same passion and dedication there once was, still there are a few bands that keep the genuine underground spirit alive, with good, worthy music, sincere passion and a positive attitude. These are the underground bands I’m interested in.

15.well my friend thank you for doing this interview.good luck to you with elitarian and all your future activities. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you for your time and support and good luck too! Any final comments… Mhhh… I didn’t make myself some coffee yet, so my brain is still half asleep. Maybe next time?

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new reviews for 2-15-10

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aosoth-ashes of angels cd {agonia records}
{reviewed by patrick}
aosoth is a new project/band featuring MKM of {anteus} the band also consists of bst {ex-aborted} musically aosoth is pure grinding black metal with a raw,dirty feel and production.the music itself seems to be more influenced from early 90's straight-forward black metal but you also hear some early swedish death metal influence like the mighty grave{into the grave era} in the guitars and and some of the heavier drumming patterns.the vocals are sick and evil sounding and fit perfectly within aosoth's of disturbing dark brutal black metal will want to check this band out asap!!
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blooddawn-funeral for a despised icon cd {panzerfaust productions}
{reviewed by patrick}
this is blooddawn's 2nd cd.blooddawn hail from england's mighty black metal underground scene.the band consists of donn {teutoburg forest} on vocal duties and paul {all instruments,lyrics} blooddawn play a very chaotic and heavy style of black metal mixing in elements of newer marduk but also adding alot of war/black metal to their attack.the guitars while noisy and harsh also have some varied speeds ranging from heavier mid-paced riffs to all-out whirlwinds of insanity.the drums are done in precisely the same ranges as the guitars and fit perfectly within blooddawn's brutal blackend yet unique sound and of no holds barred brutal black metal will enjoy blooddawn's sound. not the most original band out today but they play with precise and alot of heart and intensity that will appeal to fans of this genre.
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blooddawn-the enlightment cd {panzerfaust prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
blooddawn's newest cd "the enlightment picks up right where "funeral for a despised icon" left off. 6 tracks of violent black/chaotic metal that is as close to war metal as you can get.the music is written and played once again by paul who does a fantastic job of creating some violent uncompromising blackness.but paul has enough writing ability to keep the music violent but also enough difference within each track to keep the band from becoming a clone or second-rate blackend war metal band.donn {from teutoburg forest} handles the all the vocals and like paul donn has a few different vocal patterns {a deeper growl/gruff voice and the more insane black metal shrieks} to keep the listeners attention throughout each of the newer marduk and older blackend war metal bands will love blooddawn's brutal,chaotic sound.
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dozelimit-constructions of the highest architecture cd {r.a.i.g}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a very myserious and interesting band from the realms of the russian underground.their are no band pics,or even band members names the members go by no.1 and no.2 but the important part of any band is the music itself.and dozelimit create a very interesting mix of unique expirmental music/sounds and a dark ambient atmosphere within the music.another aspect i enjoyed/respect from the band is thetheir are no vocals just entire instrumental songs.the band has created a unique and mesmerizing cd of dark ambient/expiremental music. fans of these genres should defintly give dozelmit a chance!!
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elsewhere-then nothing e.p {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a fairly unknown/new band coming from the growing italian metal scene.then nothing e.p contains 3 epic and dark songs.the band seems to mainly be influenced by doom both the traditional and also death/doom from the early 90's seem to be huge influences on the will also hear some early prog metal influence in the guitar sound and tone which mixes nicely with the doom sound to give elsewhere a epic, and layered with flawless music that the listener will not soon forget. fans of early progressive metal and doom/dark metal will not want to miss out on elsewhere.i see this band being big one day.
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End name-dreams of a cyclops cd {r.a.i.g}{reviewed by patrick}
end name has created one of the most unique and impressive releases to be heard in a long,long time.End name come out of the mighty russian doom metal scene but to label the band as a pure doom metal act would be a mistake.the 6 songs on "dreams of a cyclops" is a diverse,heavy guitar driven journey.the main influence heard througout the songs is sludge and traditional doom but the band also seems to be expirementing with harsh noise and dark atmospheres compliments of well arranged keyboards that fit within end name's already well layered and heavy sound.another aspect of this bands originality is that each song is completly instrumental at first i wasn't sure about these styles of music being blended together in a completly instrumental but the band pulls it off triumpantly and i think adding vocals would take away from the bands amazing sound and execution of the of heavy guitar driven rock/doom mixed with harsh atmosphere should defintly check out End name for a wild journey.
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goat tunnel/gourva-split tape {death worm records}{reviewed by robert}
I have the pleasure to review the next output of this two bands, as
you read, it is a split tape. This piece of music was already
announced at the interview I made with Gourva.
That Finns can be creepy and strange and sick is known in the whole
world and this tape is a certain proof for it! People you know this
bands will get the expected sick and dark music, 33 minimalistic but
intensive minutes. There are eight songs. Five from Gourva, 3 from
Goat Tunnel. They fit perfectly together and you don't really hear a
difference, so really a split in that case, that they worked out
together a CD and not just taking some songs together.
Every open minded and now excited person should join their Madness.

Reviewed by Robert


gravespawn-praetorian maleficus demo cd {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
in the age of "experimental" or "modern" black is refreshing to see{and hear!} that some bands such as california's gravespawn have not forgotten the cold,dreadful and just plain ugly roots of black metal.the band plays the barbaric uncompromising black metal with the raspy vile shrieks and chaotic guitar and drum patterns.with this being said the members of gravespawn are extremly talented and the songs on "praetorian maleficus" are extremly tight and of the straight-forward brutal black metal will worship gravespawn defintly worth your money!
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conic destruction-the decaying fields pro cdr {malignant manifestation productions}
{reviewed by patrick}
iconic destruction is a new force within the growing black metal scene in the u.k.the decaying fields is 7 tracks of raw/harsh black metal entertwined with some dark/creative ambient interludes to add an extra layer of darkness to the sound and feel of the decaying fields.all instruments and vocals are handled by zac b.i am unfamilar with zac's musical background or previous/current other bands{if their are any} but zac has created a very unique mix of harsh/raw black metal and adding somd "atmospheric"ambient structures not normally heard with this style of metal.i believe this is iconic destruction's "debut"release and for a debut it is really good and leaves the listener wanting will be interesting to hear the future releases of zac and iconic destruction.
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inferno--black devotion cd {agonia records}{reviewed by patrick}
the owners of agonia records have a great metal knowledge when it comes to releasing old-school brutal black metal. and the czech republic's inferno is no exception! this is inferno's 4th release of ripping blasphemous black metal.the band blazes through 11 tracks of violent blasting black metal with razor sharp guitar riffs and ice cold solo's.the vocals are the classic harsh scream/screechy style and are done amazingly of {old} gorgoroth,marduk,with touches of {old} dark throne will love and be begging for more of inferno's sick,violent sound.
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korpblod-uraldrig samklang cd {self-released} reviewed by robert}
his review belongs to the second output and full length album of
Korpblod, a young couple of swedish artists. And as though the pagan
metal scene is not the brightest these days, there are still
spotlights on the dark sky. And this band is one of them.
With this CD you will get over one hour cold and dark pagan, black
, which just artists from the north can create. No senseless
lyrics, it is all in swedish and they are singing about their roots to
mother nature and their country. A big plus for the authenticity.
The music itself is raw but still in good quality, perfect fitting to
the whole thing called Korpblod, in my opinion. Fast black metal
, good not to overtechnical drums underlining the simplicity of
the music and idea behind. The vocals are screamed of Ulf, who also
plays the drums and writes the lyrics. Disa, the other part of this
project, plays the guitars and instruments like the flute or other old
ones. The use of those last two is made in a good simple way
completing the music and creating a great atmosphere. This is a great
work and all lovers of authentic pagan, black metal should keep them
in mind and give a listen.


samath-triumph in hatred cd {folter records}{reviewed by patrick}

now this is my kind of black metal! sammath was created back in black metal's glory days{1994 to be exact} by jan kruitwagen
{guitarist} the band has quite an impressive back catalog under their metal belts.triumph in hatred is sammath's newest release.the band and espically their music really embodies the cold,ugly sound of the early 90's european black metal movement.the band also unleashes some insane,fast and furious black metal befor mixing back to the more mid-paced evil sounds.sammath have created and released some of the best black metal to be heard in metal purist who enjoy the primitive,stripped down sound of black metal will love sammath.
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interview with the stone done by patrick.

before i begin with the interview i would like to let all my readers,subscribers know i have started up a winter torment promotions page! i will be posting news,blogs on various labels,zines,bands etc.. as well as a music player {which is almost full so go check out some dark,great bands!} if you get time please go check it out and leave some feedback thanks!!!
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here is a interview i did with the long-running serbian black metal band the stone.if you have not had the chance to hear this amazing band and enjoy black metal with a dark atmosphere then take the time to check out and listen to them on the bands official myspace page.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with kozeljnik guitarist for the stone.done by patrick


KOZELJNIK: Hails! I’m doing mostly fine… quite busy last couple of days… Right now, I’m in the studio, recording the next KOZELJNIK album together with drummer L.G. Anyway, a lot of work is at my doorstep… waiting to be done.

2.when did you all form "the stone"? what is the current line-up? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?

KOZELJNIK: Born in the year of 1996. in order to deliver the utter depth darkness in the form of the uncompromising hateful Black Metal of Slavic kind! At first the band was cursing under the STONE TO FLESH banner, releasing two demos and the debut album. In 2001 the band was forced to change the name into THE STONE and since then it had been released 4 full-length offerings and couple of EPs. The band suffered through some line-up changes since the beginning and mostly the drummers were the ones who were constantly leaving the horde, but the original creative core of the band consisting of Nefas, the vocalist and lyricist and I, Kozeljnik, as the composer and guitarist, remained undamaged. Coming of our second guitarist Demonetras in the year of 2004 brings the band on the next level, giving the refreshing impulses, especially in composing process and on stage. Later in 2007 the circle was ultimately closed with the arrival of our drummer L.G., who gives the band a crucial creative seal with his superb drumming skills and the rhythmic rituals which we seek from the very beginning. The present line-up is also helped by Glad (vocalist in MAY RESULT; the other horde of ours) who’s doing vocals on stage since Nefas abstinence from the live performing and his decision to focus himself only on studio work. Also Glad contributed his vocals skills on the new record Umro as the back vocalist and he also did the main vocals on the upcoming 10” MPL which will bevout soon on Diabolst Services Cult. One more person is very important in spreading the black plague of THE STONE and this is Urok who plays live bass for the band and also stands behind his dark creations done in the shape of atmospheric rituals exclusively composed for each album since the bands 3rd record Zakon Velesa. He’s also the keyboardist in MAY RESULT and the owner of GROM RECORDS.

3.the band recently released it's new cd "umro"through folter records in long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release?is the band satisfied with how the songs turned out?

KOZELJNIK: We’re quite pleased with the outcome. The album turned just like we wanted. It’s crafted with the dark apocalyptic pulse, initiated with the essential nihilistic approach. It brings the malicious frequencies of negativity and aggressiveness, which was our primary aim since the beginning of the writing process, to create the auditive magic that turns all life into death. The recording process was quite inspirational and challenging as we set the highest goals so we wanted to get the maximum from the studio séance. As you mentioned, the album is out on Folter Records, the label who also released our previous record “Magla” and the label with whom we are very proud to work with. “Umro” is out on CD in two versions, limited digipack and regular jewel case and also gatefold LP will follow soon.

A limited tape version will also be available soon, so the worshipers of the all formats will satisfy their needs. has the response been from the fans and press?

Kozeljnik: We’re getting very positive reactions and the general response that is coming from both, the fans and critics, considers the album as the best of our works ‘til now. They recognize the potential of the album as something quite unique and authentic, something that stands for its own! On the other hand we received some negative response and mostly from the people who want to hear the same sound, same style, same songs from the album to album. They said that the album is to complex and too hard to get into, but I think those people have problems with themselves and not with the music. Naturally, you can’t please everyone and why should we.

5.does the band have any shows or tours coming up in support of "umro"?if yes who are some bands you all will tour/play with?

Kozeljnik: Couple of mini tours had been played, as well as some festival dates too, but we are still in the process of booking/providing a bigger tour for the band in order to promote the album as much as we can. Some plans are on the way so we hope that soon we’ll be on the road. you enjoy playing live or would you prefer to work in the studio only? if you could set-up a "dream"show who are some bands{past or present}you would love to share the stage with?

Kozeljnik: Well, I find the both quite pleasurable and inspirational. Working in the studio is the essential when it comes to express the creative side of the band. Playing live has a more ritualistic character, so challenging and unpredictable. I never have thought or dreamt about whom would be the best to share the stage with, but if we speak about “dreams” then Mercyful Fate or Iron Maiden comes on my mind. often does the band get to practice? when you all begin to work on new songs how long does it usually take to finish one song? does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

Kozeljnik: We usually don’t have big breaks between two rehearsal sessions so you can say that we constantly do practice, but of course it depends on what phase we are doing with the band at the moment. If we are in the process of composing the new material, like it was for the latest album, then mostly drummer L.G., Demonetras and I are constantly in the rehearsal room, practicing the new ideas/riffs and after the building of the preliminary arrangement skeleton then the vocals are coming. Anyway the song isn’t finished and completed until it’s recorded/sealed, so the finalizing process comes in the studio while we record the album.

8.who usually handles the lyrics for the band? what are some subjects/topics you all write about?

Kozeljnik: Nefas is the main lyricist and the one who’s profoundly responsible for creating our dark world of poetry. As for the latest album “Umro” the concept was made on exploring his viciously pessimistic inner depths, preaching about the act of dying, the magical moment of clarity when death comes to your door step and life is fading under the blade of misanthropy. The time of initiating the truth of life which lies on the bottom of the rope, driven by the dark grasp of nothingness, inhaling the breath of negation, entering the corridors where life is just an empty shell needed to be removed. It’s brilliant how he’s capable to create the visions of the life that’s fading away, passing the borders where chaos is the only spiritual essence.

9.the band comes out of serbia's metal underground. what is your opinion on the metal scene in serbia?

Kozeljnik: It’s still developing, but it’s going so slow. There are some new promising acts that I really hope will find its place, but in general the lacking of originality is something quite frustrating here. It seems that nobody pays attention to create something on their own, something authentic and different. That’s what I really dislike when it comes to metal in my home land.

10.who are some of your all-time favorite serbian bands? are their any new bands coming out you think the readers should keep their eyes open for?

Kozeljnik: Well we have some of the old acts from the eighties that were kind of pioneers in creating the metal scene in our lands and some of them are Bombarder, Heller, Bloodbath, Annathema, and some more. Some of the newer acts worth of checking are Dead Shell of Universe (the band in which our drummer L.G. plays too), Infest, Zaklan, Samrt, Besomar, Bane, Disdained, Heretical Guilt, Catastrophy, Angelgoat, Space Eater and probably a few more… you or any of the other members of the stone play in side-bands or projects? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.

Kozeljnik: As you may know we have another band called May Result formed even before The Stone in 1995. The music can be described as metal of blackdeath with more atmospheric approach and more old school way, but still very aggressive and dark. We have released 4 full-length studio albums by now, including one mini album and live one as well. In 2006 drummer L.G. and I formed another black metal creation named Kozeljnik. It’s not my solo project or anything similar. It’s a fulltime band much different then other two acts. We have one EP recorded as well as debut album “Sigil Rust”. The new album is on the way and will be out on Paragon Records this summer. handle guitars for the band.when did you start playing guitar? are you self-taught or have you had lessons in the past?

Kozeljnik: It had passed almost 20 years since I took the first guitar in my hands. I never had a single lesson from anyone so everything I learned came from my own experiences. Of course I’m always trying to push the limits, discovering new territories, new perspectives, developing my techniques. After all I think I have found my own style of playing and composing which is the most important thing when it comes to being a musician.

13.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?do you play any other instruments?

Kozeljnik: I play bass guitar and a little bit of drums, but the guitar is my priority. Speaking of influences I have no specific ones.

14.everyone has their own idea/opinions on what black metal means/stands in your opinon what does "black metal"mean to you?

Kozeljnik: The way to express my spiritual dark inner depths. It’s like a timeless canvas on which I paint all my visions in black.

15.well my friend we have reached the interview do you have any final comments for the readers?

Kozeljnik: Thank you for the interview and support.

to contact kozeljnik and the stone check out their site/page here:

interview with pest wolf done by patrick

here is a interview with a new one-man black metal band from germany.the band embraces all the cold-hate feelings of the early days of black of this genre will defintly want to check out pest wolf very soon.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Interview with isegrimh all instruments,vocals for pest wolf.done by patrick

1.dark hails isegrimh how are things in germany? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

I think it´s fucked up in here. There are too much idiots in here that
damage our beautiful nature and believe in that ridiculous lie called
christianity. Especially in my hometown. But I can´t complain because I
do my own thing and just laugh about those wankers. Well at the moment
I am working on new songs for the upcoming split-releases and I am
planning to release a full-lenght album in 2010.

2.what gave you the idea to start/create pest wolf? how did you decide on the
band name? does it have a special meaning.are you happy with how things
are progressing with the band so far? for the readers who have not had
the chance to hear pest would you describe the bands sound?

I ever wanted to express myself with black metal. I think theres nothing
better than put all your thoughts, problems and/or believs into your
self composed music. All along I was fascinated by the beauty of nature
and all the wonders that it creates. I see the Pest as a revenge of the
nature against humanity and the Wolf as a character which lives in
harmony with nature and won´t destroy it ever. Because of these reasons
I decided the name Pest Wolf. I have to say yes. I am totally
satisfied. I ever put emphasis on atmosphere. Because of that I would
describe the sound of Pest Wolf as atmospheric Black Metal but there
are tracks like "Territory of the Wolf" too filled with pure hate. are the sole member of pest wolf when you started this project did you
plan to keep it a one man band or have you searched for more members to
join you?what do you feel are the advantges and disadvantges to being a
one man band?

Pest Wolf started as a solo project and that won´t change in the future. In
my opinion there are much more advantages. You can decide on your own
how a song must sound. You don´t have to count on the skills or
reliability of others. The only disadvantage that comes in my mind is
that you have to compose a live line up if you want do give concerts.

4. if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you like to write/record with?

There are many artists with which I would want to work with. There are for
example Absurd, Moonblood, Camulos, Satanic Warmaster, Nargaroth,
Leichenzug, Totenburg and many others. recently released your debut demo "of wolves and the shining moon".how
long did it take you to write/record the music for the demo? are you
satisfied with how the demo turned out?

I wrote the songs over the last 2 years, but I haven´t planned to release
it with Pest Wolf, thats because I didn´t know that I will create Pest
Wolf when I wrote them. Except "Territory of the Wolf". It turned out
exactly how I wanted it. In a heavy limit and noble. has the response been from the fans and press?

The feedback I became was mainly good so far. are a part of the mighty german metal scene.what is your opinion of germany's black metal scene?

I am proud to be a part of that I have to say. But like in every other
black metal scene there are poser formations and bands which release
their stuff just to become money or regard. At least there are many
great bands which come from germany.

8.who are your all-time favorite german bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?

I would say Absurd and Moonblood. I can´t recommend any bands but watch
out the german scene. There are and there will be brilliant formations. mentioned you play instruments yourself. so i was curious what was the
hardest instrument for you to learn to play? which one was the easiest
for you?

I would say the hardest is the guitar. I wouldn´t say that I already
learned it, I still learn and that won´t change. Much easier were the
drums for me, because I learned really fast and I have ever got a
feeling for rhythm. also handle all the vocal duties for pest wolf.when
did you become interested in singing? do you do anything special to
keep your throat/vocals healthy? who are some of your favorite vocalist?

I started to sing when I was in the first formations but in the bands I
never sang, I played mainly the drums and guitar. I just created a
technique with which it works at best for me. There are for example
Satanic Tyrant Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster) and Nazgul (Camulos) but I
also like the voices of Typhon (Sterbend), Granath (Cry of Silence) and
Geist (Klage der Nacht)

11.are you currently involved with any other bands or projects?

No I am not.

12.everyone has their own views/opinion on what black metal is and stands for so i
was curious of your thoughts. in your eyes what does "black metal"mean
to you?

Black Metal isn´t just music it´s a whole way of life for me. It´s not music
to me, because I attach more importance to the feelings which come with
it, not the sound itself.

13.if you do not mind a personal question for a moment. i was interested in
your views on religion would you consider yourself a satanist,atheist
or other? and how do you feel the world would be if religion never
existed {christianity,satanism,etc}

I would call myself as a total antichrist, but totally not as a satanist.
That´s because satanism came with christianity and is another filthy
lie in my opinion. The only thing in which I believe is the nature, I
call it the real "god".

14.well isegrimh thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. good luck to you and the
band in 2010!! do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview. Keep black metal alive! Praise the nature! Be proud that you are different than the trustful and blind majority!

to listen to pest wolf and learn more about the band be sure to check out the "official" myspace here: