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interview with cryptic throne,the wolves curse radio show done by patrick 6-23-11

here is our newest interview with abyssous wolfesblood. as you will read he is very busy with his band and radio-show and takes both very personal and seriously.please read and if this sounds like a band or show u would like to learn more about defintly check out his "links" at end of the interview. {SPECIAL Note: bands/labels abyssous is looking for black/ambient bands to play on his show!!! so drop him a email for more info!}

interview with abyssous wolfesblood music,and lyricst for cryptic throne and d.j for the radio show "the wolves curse".done by patrick

1.metal hails Abyssous ! how are things for you this evening? please introduce yourself to the readers.

I am very well thank you. I am Abyssous Wolfesblood. The founder and creative force behind the band Cryptic Throne.

2.when did you first become interested in playing music?what were the first instruments you learned to play?

I first became interested in music when I was 13 years old, I was really big into the Misfits and idolized Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. I pretty much wanted to be him. So I got my hands on an old Epiphone SG and learned how to play guitar on my own! you have a personal favorite instrument you enjoy playing over all the others? is their any instruments you have not learned that you would like to someday?

Definitely my guitar. My guitar will always be my favorite instrument. I really would love to learn how to play piano. I always come up with compositions in my mind, but am unable to perform them.

4.what gave you the idea to form cryptic throne? are you happy with how things are progressing with the band so far? for the readers who have never heard the band how would describe cryptic throne's music?

I formed the band back in 2005. I had just begun to really get into black metal and decided to form the band after my first "band" fell apart. So far I am very pleased with the direction the band is in. Cryptic Throne evolves on a constant basis. Musically, ideologically, and spiritually. The easiest way I could describe it is Ambient/Black Metal with more emphasis on the Black Metal. I love ambient music very much and I like to incorporate it into my music as much as possible without it losing its shine. I could go deeper into it, but I think that is the simplest way.

5cryptic throne is just yourself and akasha did the two of you meet?have you two thought of "adding" more members to the bands line-up or do you prefer to just keep it the two of you?

I met Akasha in 2007 through myspace. We are spiritually bonded and I hold her very close to my heart. The current we share is my main source of inspiration when composing the hymns for Cryptic Throne. It is way beyond just writing music and lyrics when it comes to this band. As of now it is just us two, but I do plan on recruiting members for live rituals.

6.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present.who would you like to work with?

Shamaatae of Arckanum, Erik Danielsson of Watain, and Vindkall of Domgård. These three bands are the main musical influences for Cryptic Throne. All three of these bands are very special to me and to work with any of them would be an absolute honor. handle the lyrics for cryptic throne so i was wondering where do you draw your inspiration for them?

All the lyrics are taken from personal interpretations and research/studies on Chaosophy. Any rituals, invocations, incantations or hymns I write for any spiritual reason usually become lyrics for my music as it is channeled through a current that Akasha and myself control.

8.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what "black metal" stands for. so i was wondering in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

Black Metal is complete liberation. It was created as a rebellion against souless music and I think it should stay that way. Of course, there are a lot of fake bands in the scene and people who are in it for all the wrong reasons. I honestly feel there are very few true black metal bands nowadays.

9.talking with you the last few days i have learned you are heavily influenced and study the occult/black arts. so i was wondering would you consider yourself a satanist?

My main ideology is Chaosophy. I practice Chaos and Black magick through the spiritual aspect of Shamanism. I have discovered through much experience that when hen used through dark natural energy, the elements and the night side of the runes prove to be a great tool in ascension as a sorcerer looking to gain the infinite knowledge and wisdom. I have found my own path in Dark Germanic Heathenism, and the Thursatru Tradition. I have studied Satanism and Luciferianism very exclusively at one time in my life, but I do not feel it represents my current beliefs or the burning fire of my soul anymore.

Hailaz Þurisaz! Hailaz Þaimiz! Hailaz Abgrundjam!

10.when did you become interested in studying the occult? who are some occult figures/authors you respect and study the most?besides
occult what other subjects do you enjoy studying?

I became very interested in the occult in 2007. I was very into Asatru (belief in the Aesir) but I felt I was lying to myself. It didn't feel sincere and I knew in my heart I was not on the right path. I felt a darker pull and decided to research. I found myself dwell deep within this darkness that was begging to be set free and after much study I proudly pronounced myself a Satanist at the time. Aside from spiritual study, I am a very big history buff. From Ancient Egypt, to the Dark Ages I love it all. I could spend the rest of my life in a study by a fireplace reading books and be happy. do you feel the world would be if religion {christianity,satanism,paganism,etc..} were never introduced to humanity?

Probably a lot better haha. But I also find it very hard to live life without believing in something, regardless of what it is. You must have faith in something or else your living a meaningless existence.

12.coming back to music you have also recently started up a new ambient-dark metal band called "whispers of the black wulf."what gave you the idea to create this project?have you released any releases yet? if yes please tell the readers a little about each of them and where they can purchase them.

Whispers of The Black Wulf is a very personal project of mine formed along with Akasha and myself. The music crafted is an audio transcription of dark spiritual energy that we share through our current of black magick. Everything I do musically is connected to my workings as a sorcerer and a Chaos/Black Magick Shaman. The feelings, the emotions, the depths of the soundscape is birthed through deep trance induced meditations and rituals to compose the specific sound that I seek for the song. In August I have a split release coming out very soon with the depressive black metal band Divested thru Victory By Fire Records. You can go to for any and all updates. if working with two bands was not hard enough you now have your own radio-show on core of destruction station called "the wolves curse"when did you meet lizard messiah and grave {station-owners? are you happy with how the show is going so far? is this your
first show?

I have been friends with Grave for a long time now. She told me their station lost their black metal DJ and inquired if I would be interested and of course I was. It was my opportunity to spread real, authentic, and unique black metal to the masses instead of shoving Darkthrone and Burzum down everyone's throats like the usual radio shows do. This is my first show yes and I am very happy with how it is coming along and I look forward to a long road hosting "The Wolves Curse."

14.what would you say is the hardest and easiest thing about doing a internet-radio show is? if any label,bands are reading this what type of music do you support/play? where can they send they send their music for air-play?

Nothing is very hard about it. It is really easy to be honest. The "hardest" part would be constructing a playlist. My music library is massive so I do have a hard time picking bands for the night. I play strictly black metal bands. I like to focus on underground/unsigned bands as much as possible because I feel people have already listened to Mayhem enough and they need to listen to the bands that are up-and-coming in the scene! If any bands/labels feel they have music that fits my views you are welcome to email me at with a song or two and any information you would like to add. Stay underground! Fuck the mainstream!

15.well wolfesblood we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me, any and all interest is greatly appreciated!!

Next month (July 2011) the new album from Cryptic Throne "The Wolves Gather..." will be released on tape by Metal Throne Productions!! It will be a limited, hand-numbered release of only 50 copies!! Also, in late August (2011), Victory By Fire Records will be release the CD version! Hailaz! Heil Chaos!


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