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interview with spellcraft/ouija done by lady dany {new writer for W.torment}

here is a new interview with one of the most dedicated black-metallers around today and this is none other midgard who is vocalist for the occult/black metal band spellcraft and the black/thrash metalers ouija.
this is also the first of what i hope will be many new interviews from my good friend and total-black metal supporter daniela {aka lady dany!!!} thanks alot to you dany for the great help and joining the winter torment team!!
if you have not done so already please check out the interview with lady dany here on winter torment and be sure to check out her black metal-support sites address below.

best regards,
patrick and winter torment web-zine
Interview with Midgard, Vocalist on Spain´s legendary Black-Metal Heroes “OUIJA”and “SPELLCRAFT”! By Dany

Midgard, first thanks so much for the interview and for your time!!

1. The Release of OUIJA´s EP “Adversary” finally is done! How did you feel now? Are you relieved?

Really I'm very satisfied with the final result of this work, OUIJA was my former band, and I had a debt with myself, now this debt at the end is resolved.

2. How was the first response? By your personal environment, zine´s and fans?

The response of the public in general has been positive, we are also satisfied with it after a decade of silence; a lot of people still believe in our music, this the most important for us.

3. Dan Swano mastered the EP. How did the collaboration with him come about?

Javi Bastard our engineer of sound knew Dan so he got in touch with him, he accepted to work with us. They are two great professionals so the quality is guaranteed, the prestige of Dan is unquestionable

4. About the Lyrics: Do you write the lyrics all alone? And from where did you get the inspiration?

Yes, I write the lyrics and with them I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts…

5. Do you write a song “spontaneously” or do you take a note of several words or phrases (or ideas) and “connect” all notes to a completely song later?

It depends sometimes I take words or one phrase and write about this...but other times I let my mind work; but with my lyrics I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts..

6. On the new EP “Adversary” there is a song called “Yrasrevda” which is my favourite one. In my opinion a perfect Outro for the EP! Do you want to tell us the meaning of the word “Yrasrevda”?

Read this title from back to front and you'll find the meaning, ‘Yrasrevda’ is a instrumental song perhaps in the future is very possible we'll come back to use this formula, we have always liked this type of songs to create a special atmosphere.

7. You are the vocalist on OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT. Do you also play a instrument?

At the moment, I’m just the vocalist of both bands; I already have enough work with that hahaha...

8. You´ve got a very “dark touch” in your voice and it sounds really great! Did you have/had singing lessons? Do you make any special exercises for your voice?

Firstly my great secret to keep my voice healthy is to drink a lot Spanish red wine, just kidding; friend... there are no secrets only hard work . I like to mix several voices in our songs a lot, the final result is more atmospheric and dark.

9. Do you listen to other music in your free time very often? Do you collect cd´s/dvd´s? Which bands are your favourite ones?

I only listen to metal music; from old heavy, thrash, death to current black metal…we were influenced by bands like Dissection, Morbid Angel, Sacramentum, Slayer, Kreator, King Diamond and so on, it would be a neverending list…their sound and attitude always will be in my heart,but nowadays there are also great bands...generally speaking Metal music is still in a continuous evolution that makes this style great and different from all the rest. And of course like all true metal maniac, I have collected CDs, DVDs, fanzines since my childhood.

10. Do you and your band-mates have any special rituals before a gig?

There is no ritual, the adrenaline possesses my mind and body; you know something strong than this?

11. What did the fans await of a OUIJA- or SPELLCRAFT Gig? Do you have a special show? Maybe Pyros, fire or something?

First of all, you'll find only true metal of death in our gigs, we enjoy our new material a lot and we also want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark and at the same time aggressive atmosphere ; we will fuse our old songs with the new stuff so that our fans also enjoy our classic hymns. All of us together, will open the gate of hell hehehe...

12. What are your plans for 2011? Where the fans can see your bands live?

Currently we are working on new material for the next album, I hope that at the end of this year; we could record the new stuff. OUIJA is going to play a few times just in carefully chosen festivals. We are an underground band and this is the reality now, apart from that the future will speak, all successes will always be welcome; we aren't cynic about this…

13. Well, that’s the end of our interview! Thank you once again! I hope you like it and any last words to all the readers?

Thanks to you Dany for your great support always…Hails from the heart of Pyrenees.

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interview with lady dany owner/operator of lady dany's-black metal band support done by patrick

here is a new interview with my good friend lady dany from the lady dany-black metal support pages {see addresses at the end of the interview!!} unfortunatly she is full at the moment.but as you will read she is a HUGE/TRUE supporter of all-things black metal!!! so if you like what you read in the interview or want to check out/learn more about the bands she is supporting be sure to drop her a email soon!!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with lady dany owner/operator of lady dany's-black metal band support done by patrick

1.hello my friend i hope 2011 is starting good for you? please tell th readers a little about yourself.

Hello Patrick! Yes, the new year started very well!
I´m Lady Dany and I support/promote some Black-Metal Bands since nearly 8 months now! I do that for free, because (Black)-Metal is my life and I want to support my friends in a "active" way!

2.when did you first start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

In 1987, I was 11 years old, a friend in school gave me a cassette of Iron Maiden! I was totally thrilled by Eddi on the cover! And after listening to the music...I was completely infected!! From that day on I listen to Maiden, Slayer, Sepultura, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Overkill, Dio and also Sodom, Destruction and Kreator from Germany.
Today my favourite bands are still Watain, Behemoth, Immortal, old Darkthrone, Emperor, Dissection, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Funeral Mist, 1349, Ragnarök, Nifelheim, Keep of Kalessin, Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Aura Noir, Behexen, Bethlehem, Lord Belial and Moonspell!
But one of my most loved bands are old Mayhem! I´m a huge fan of Euronymous and Dead since the 90´s

3.i would say your favorite style of metal is black metal. when did you first hear black metal? what is it about this style of metal that drew you to it?

Well, since 1987 I´m a "metal-head"! I life it with all my heart and soul! My home is also dark, black, with photos of my favourite bands, my friends,the bands I support/promote, with demons, skulls and devils...And I only wear black clothes! Every day and always.

In 1990 I found a clique with some new friends in the metal-scene and they changed my life! They gave me some material from Venom, Bathory and Mayhem! I became a huge Mayhem fan (and I´m a huge fan until today!)!
From that time on I´m "addicted" by Black Metal!!

4.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal stands for so i was curious of yours. what does black metal mean to you?

I love the brutal and uncompromising sound of black metal. I like the attitude, the Lyrics and also the black clothes, spikes and corpsepaint!
For me, BM represents the dark side of life. Also individuality, freedom, be against christianity, occultism...Black Metal define from the "normal" society.
And there is a big solidarity in the BM-Scene I think! My black metal friends are totally loyal and faithful and they are my best friends!!

5.what is your opinion of the newer black metal sub-genres like"suicidal/depressive" black metal or drone,expiremental black metal etc..? also what is your opinion of black metal bands who use female vocals,synths/keyboards etc.?

I´m very open for every sub-genre. I listen to a lot of bands. Either I like them or not! No matter if its "true" or not! To me its important, that the bands stand behind their music! You should feel the energy and the passion behind their songs!
And female vocals in BM is awesome! Great bands with female singers are Arkona from Russia or Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult from Germany. I also like Arch Enemy!

6.when did you get the idea to create "lady dany-black metal band sites? are you happy with how they are going so far?

I´ve made a new MySpace page in summer 2009. Just private at the beginning. I was interested in discover new musicians/bands and get in contact with them. I´ve added many bands and I support some of them. And with some bands I changed e-mails regular and we became good friends.
And so last summer I decided to support some of my friends in a "active" way! So the idea of Lady Dany Bandsupport/Promo was born!
I´m totally thankful and happy about the movement of my work! I love it very much! The belief "my" bands give to me is absolutely awesome and I do all my very best for them! And they all know that they can trust in me for 1000%! And some band-members are now my best friends! For me we are all a huge family! And I want to say a big Thank you to all my bands and friends!!

7.what bands are currently working with? are you looking for new bands to
work with/promote? do you only want to work with b.m bands or would you be interested in helping black metal labels and zines {thanks for supporting winter torment you rule!!} also?

At the moment I work with OUIJA/SPELLCRAFT from Spain, ARUM from Brasil (and OLAM EIN SOF of ARUM´s singer and leader Marcelo), TIRANO from Chile, DOMINIUM from Spain, ARMAGEDDON from Greece, KHAOS ABYSSI from Iran and BITCHHAMMER from Germany.
But my "main" Bands are OUIJA/SPELLCRAFT, ARUM and TIRANO.
Many bands, musicians and also labels and Zine´s ask me for help and support them too! But my capacity is completely full! I don´t have the time to support more bands or distribute cd´s for labels, zine´s etc! I´m very sorry!
My work is a "hobby" but it grown up to a full-time job and I work 5-6 hours every day for my bands! For the rest of the day I must do my regular job and I´m also a mother of a 4-years old son. So my day is really filled!
But I have some good ideas in my head and I want to realize all this year. A big goal and wish is to be a band-manager at one day!! That would be awesome!

8.i know you are like myself and have been into underground metal for 15 or more i was wondering how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? i know over the last few years some people have said the scene is dead or dying. would you agree or disagree with this statement?

Generally everything changed...also the scene. There are so many bands out there, it´s very difficult to keep the overview! And I think that many really good bands dissapear! In our society everything is running so fast! Esp. in the music-business it´s very hard to survive. But I would not say that the scene is dead...there are always some "firm" peoples who fight and keeo the underground alive!

9.obviously the biggest change is the invention of computers and the internet. do you feel the internet has helped the underground scene or hurt it?

Some people judge the internet and some think that internet and underground scene can´t work together. Should not work together...But I think it´s a individual opinion of everybody! For me, I can say that its a great option to spread out your music to other fans! Some bands like that way, some not! But it´s ok! Everybody should take the way they prefer!

I want to show the fans out there "my" bands! And my bands like my work, too! And I just support musicians who want my help. Every step is agreed with them. We all work together really close!
If some people don´t like it-also ok! live in the great country of germany.what is your opinon of the metal scene in germany?

We have a big metal-scene here! There are a lot metal-heads, great labels, many huge festivals and concerts! Germany is a real metal-country! And we have a lot of amazing bands! In every genre!

11.who are your all-time favorite german metal bands? are their any new metal bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Wow, thats difficult! Of course we have "big" bands like Scorpions, Rammstein, Kreator,...But I can suggest esp. Black-Metal bands like Endstille, AEBA, Unlight, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Secrets of the Moon, Under that Spell, Haradwaith, Golgotha, Bethlehem, Imperium Dekadenz, Schwarzer Engel, Agrypnie, The Vision Bleak, Grabfinsternis and some of my friends Blutnebel, Augrimmer and Bitchhammer!! The readers should check out their MySpace-pages!!

12.what about honest labels/distro's? any good web/fanzines you can recomend?

There are a few good labels like Nuclear Blast, Silverdust Records, Napalm Records, Noise Art Records, Soul Food, Metal Blade Records, Schwarzdorn Records, Evil Spell, Naturmacht Productions and many more! There also many good fanzines out there!

13.when you are not working at your job or you need to take a break from doing your promotion work. what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time?
any hobbies,interests

In my life everything is about music! I always listen to my cd´s or watch music-dvd´s! I read also many music-magazines and books.
I´m working 5-6 hours every day for my bands at least! Then my regular job and my my day is completely filled!
(Black)-Metal is my huge "hobby"! But I´m also in the gothic-scene for many years. I often go to concerts and events. And I also like castles, woods, photography...But the biggest "point" in my life is the Metal and my bands!

14.well dany we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking
the time to fill this interview out. do you have any final comments for the readers?

I´m totally thankful for that interview and our collaboration!! Horns up and stay metal!!
And please check out my bands!! ;-)

to check out and "add" lady dany's black-metal support pages just check out the addresses below.

Facebook: Lady Dany (Black-Metal-Band-Support/Promo)

interview w/ transylvanian forest web-zine done by patrick

here is a new interview with daniel {or danny as he prefers ha,ha} editor of the metal e-zine "transylvanian forest e-zine" the zine covers/supports mainly black,death,thrash,industrial etc,etc. if you are band/label interested in a review or possible interview just shoot daniel a email and i am sure he will write back asap!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment

Interview with Daniel R. editor of transylvanian forest web-zine. done by patrick

1.Hello Daniel how is your new year starting out? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
I am a nice guy I guess haha you can call me Danny, but yeah, I run Transylvanian Forest E-zine, and I am thy kreator ov thee notorious band in the world! Strings Of Distorted Doom. I also have side bands too. haha

2.When did you first get into metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of
your "current" favorites?

My first metal album has got to have been Metallica's ...And Justice For All on cassette tape, when I was 12yrs of age. Then the world of metal came to my ears, and been involved with it ever since. Only if Metallica didnt get worse as I got older haha then came Slayer, and Death, and etc etc etc Bathory ov course. Um I have many favs right now, but I am on a vinyl rampage lately, Thin Lizzy, Sunn O))), Children Of Bodom, Grand Funk, um, Hawkwind, Motorhead, David Gilmours s/t LP is always on play, Electric Wizards new album sounds amazing, Ministry is a favorite of mine, many underground bands I hear today and associate with. They know who they are.

3.When did you get the idea to create "transylvanian forest web-zine"? how did you come up with the name of your web-zine?
are you happy with how things are going so far?

E-zine, web-zine, the same to me. Been online since last march I think. Necrowulf and I thought of making the e-zine, but Necrowulf is busy with life at the moment, so I am running it on my own right now. Its running great, just hard to manage right now, computer troubles, and such. Busy with my side bands right now, so their is a bit of a delay in new reviews/interviews right now. They will be settled as soon as I can. Seems like something new comes up everyday for me, so its hard to manage, might take a break eventually just so I can focus on music, but the e-zine is here, for now... haha

4.Do you work on the zine alone or do you some friends who help write for the zine? are you currently looking for new "writers" for the
zine or do you prefer to work alone?

I do it 110% all by myself right now, I post exclusives, do reviews, do SPECIAL INTERVIEW videos, I done one for Kris Tilbury, it worked! typed interviews, and it may be possible to do future bands as well this way by video. Well may it be hard copy, cds, tapes, or downloads which I prefer less, they usually get stored in my tf ezine folder on my music documents, and they stack up so they usually get done after hard copies. I would like some help, on the downloadable albums, its becoming a bit too much, so it would be nice if someone can review 50% of them, but I am very I should say picky right now, I have the mindset, if you want things done right, you must do them yourself like usual, but if someone asked me, we could. Plus bands dont want me to spread their music around which is another factor, so I would really have to trust the guy. I mean what if he owns a label, and starts releasing the album to make profit? People can be scumbags.

5.Who are some of your favorite fan/web-zines? in your eyes what makes a good web/fanzine? would you have any advice for someone who is thinking of
starting up their own web-zine?

AEA zine is a great zine for starts, I just had a interview with Dave, that will be in issue 18# of his zine, and my other advertisements. Funeral Rain Zine, Dustin Wade does alot for that zine, and has a printed issue I think? Wish I had his work ethnic for a zine like he does, but I try my best. Ble of CTD zine thailand, he runs a great zine too, lots of respect to him. Your zine is pretty well developed too by the way :) their is so many out there on this big ball we call Earth.

6.What styles of metal do you mainly support/cover within transylvanian forest web-zine? is their any certain styles you refuse to review/cover?
if any bands or labels are reading this how can they contact you for possible reviews,interviews etc.?

I can review anything really, black metal, death metal, metal, grind, industrial, nosie, doom metal, drone, atmospheric, punk, crust hardcore, progressive, lots more. I just do not want to review bands or interview them if they come off as assholes, or theyre egos are big, or they think mainstream music is where its at, 90% of the bands on Roadrunner now maybe haha but yeah I like alot of styles of music, and would like to try and play them all. It depends on my mood too really. I also do interviews for alt models, and do exclusives for labels, shops, and anything I find interesting. Just nice people really, and if their music isnt as dark or heavy as most, I can help them out and give them a promo still. If I like you too, and you come off as a good person, thats a plus. I just dont do many core bands really, that are taking over right now, they need to realize where music comes from, like the old edge style is back, and thats what should be accepted, sick of watching Mtv2 or fuse and seeing these bands. What happened to originality? I like some new bands today, but most of them I can live with out, or rooted out of my liking just because they dont appeal to me anymore. Everyone knows what I mean. They could contact me by email, or message me on one of the sites, I dont want to give out my email, unless they message me and ask. The main site now is at and the other sites are and the facebook and twitter are at!/Forestezine &!/profile.php?id=100001639820751 and they can hit me up there. I get mail from all over the world, so feel free to mailbox me a tape,demo, album, cd, vinyl, anything, I can play them. They can ask me for my home address to send me a hard copy if they like.

7.You live in the great city of new york i know over the years new york has had a great black and death scenes. so i was curious what is your
opinion of new york's metal scene?

Well depends on which part of New York you are from. I live in Catskill, NY right now, the area sucks, and my band basically rules over any band around here really hahaha and yeah I am originally from Lagrange NY, just 10 mins from Poughkeepsie, they got more of a core/hardcore/death metal scene right now. Nothing Black or Death really now. Maybe 10 years ago, or maybe underground, but nothing much really. The city has good shows, just I would have to take a train, and see them. It can be costly too. I havent been to a show in 2 years, so I am not a show goer really right now. Rather try to save my money towards other things, like new equipment or shirts/vinyl. If someone cool came by, like Dark Tranquility, or someone I like, I try to go, but not one of my missions right now like it use to be. I seen my share of many great live acts, including Celtic Frost. But so far this area sucks, and I want to move back to my hometown. No opportunity here. Random Person says : "Hey the mountains are marvelous in Catskill!" 2nd Random Person says " but do you have a job living here?" Random Person says " No..." haha it sucks here.

8.Who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from new york? are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Demolition Hammer, Brutal Truth, Carnivore (R.I.P. Mr.Steele) Blue Oyster Cult hehe, um... Vanilla Fudge hahaha! I got a few of their vinyls, they suck haha, Suffocation rules, God Forbid hahahaha! fuck those guys, they are from Jersey, and you know what people think of Jersey that are from New York haha not alot of good bands unfortunatley from NY man except the few I did not make fun of. Thats mostly the reason why I want to move to the bay area so badly, they love Strings Of Distorted Doom there! or the South Pole so my band can just completely rule the whole continent. Their is a lot of good underground bands now, from all over, you can spot them all on my main site at Sweden kicks New Yorks ass times 1000.

9.Besides bands are their any good/honest labels you could recommend?

Satanica Productions, underground label, they are great. Xan is a smart guy, and knows his shit. Um alot of label are rip offs so I m not sure. I can name a few more, October Mist Records, Depressive Illusion Records seems cool, hmmmm, not too many bud.

10.In your opinion what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?
It means nobody likes you hahaha I m just kidding. It means you are not as recognized, or accepted as the bands of today and I believe soon the undergound will take over. Labels are corrupt, and many bands will die out eventually, except Slayer! they will be in wheelchairs and still kick ass hahaha but on a serious note, I think the underground has alot to offer, but most prefer to stay underground because they are just like you and me. They arent sell outs either. They are hard working, honest people, with many hopes and dreams. I think they all deserve to be raised up high on my shoulders! if I can pick them up haha they are just great, really, really great. Underground Metal is great, but their is some bigger bands I do like and respect.

11.Besides transylvanian forest web-zine. i know you are also working on some side-projects and bands. could you please tell the
readers a little about them. Where can interested fans find your bands releases and merch?

My side bands... my first side band is called Frozen Cadaver, started around the same time I started S.O.D.D. and I got some other projects. Close To Perfection, Grim Funeral Techno, and soon a 2 new projects yet to be revealed. I work with people online mostly for these side bands. Frozen Cadaver just might become my only side band that will become a gigging band. Strings Of Dsitorted Doom is my main thing, and will become the one that hit the top! So these side bands are just my outlet for other styles of music I want to dwell in, and have fun with. They are all be worked on slowly day in, day out, while I am doing the e-zine, so their goes my stress to the roof. Frozen Cadaver is me and Steve Casiano ( we use to live by each other in Lagrange) and session drummers, Neil Schneider on our cover track of Soulfly NO HOPE = NO FEAR, and Lucas Happensack will be doing the rest of the 2nd ep on drums since Neils drum kit is put away for the winter. Frozen Cadaver is Gore/Death/Grind metal, and my 2nd one is Close To Perfection. It is Necrosadik (mexico) and I. We are working on finishing up our 1st full length Purity Lost and had Lord Azordon contribute to a track on acoustic guitar, all by email. I may ask a special lady to contribute vocals to a track, and we have a 1st ep and split cd we done with Ablaze Eternal called Traces Of Pain Became Rivers Of Fire & Blood (cds are 7$ from me, 5 are left, and Necrosadik has copies too). CTP is ambient/acoustic/drone/experimental, very dark stuff. Grim Funeral Techno was started on Halloween by me a few months ago, a industrial/techno/noise project. Still working on finishing up the 1st demo for it by the way. Working on 3 side bands, and 2 yet to be revealed for this year. Grim Funeral Techno also has 2 members I work with, Dracolord of ex-Ssunfuck and Ryan Wrigley of Dark Theory. A split cd for Grim Funeral Techno with Ablaze Eternal should be coming out shortly called Techno Noise Apocalypse. I am always busy hahah Here is the links for my side bands...

FROZEN CADAVER!/pages/Frozen-Cadaver/124465064276034!/profile.php?id=100001703738140
CLOSE TO PERFECTION!/profile.php?id=100001729573315!/pages/Close-to-Perfection/166103843402033
GRIM FUNERAL TECHNO!/pages/Grim-Funeral-Techno/148194825227687

and STRINGS OF DISTORTED DOOM links can be found here :

12.When not working on music or doing work on your web-zine. what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time? I help my family at home, my parents are good people, should be on my own soon, as soon as I can maintain a living on my own, this world is tough, but I do what I can every day. I like video games, tv, music, collecting vinyl, cds, tapes, seeing my best friends, smoke, um, many things. I like the Ufc and anything MMA related, or fighting really. Horror/Sci-Fi, stuff like that. Depends on what goes on through out the day or what I planned out. Go online, see how everyone is doing. Glad people respect what I do, and I respect them as well. Great people out there. Just the norm of everyday life. I am just like everybody else really. I like comics, and graphic novels. I love the movies, and spaceing out looking at the stars wondering what my purpose is in life... I am nobody special, just a laid back, sometimes fast talking, beer drinking, limousine driving! jet flying! just kidding, just a cool dude I think hahaha I enjoy life, and make the best of it. Family, friends, music, fellow bands, and living is the most important things to me. That pretty much sums up me. I hope to meet all my fellow bands soon, and do what I love to do, make music, and support bands, and just live it.

13.Well Daniel we have reached the end of the interview. thanks alot for taking time to fill this out. good luck with transylvanian forest.
do you have any final comments?

Do you really have to call me Daniel, Patrick? hahahaha just kidding, your the man. I thank you very much for this interview, it is only my 2nd interview, and I like your work. I want people to buy my cds, support the underground, spread the word of the transylvanian forest e-zine, and stay true to who you are, and dont let the powers that be control you. Just be you. Thank you very much, I hope we can do a interview soon with my side bands, or on S.O.D.D. or on anything else soon. Its been fun. Stay True Patrick, I got more things to do, and I will be in touch. Anything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it, or something like that... hahaha! :) Thanks to everyone! Later -D

to check out the "official" blogger e-zine of transylvanian funeral just click the address below.
the "official" myspace page here:

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interview with towards global holocaust.done by patrick

here is a new interview i did with a great and VERY UNderrated band {in my opinion anyways} towards global holocaust. the band embraces what metal is truly about violence,hate and pure aggression. on the bands debut cd "fuersturm" the band unleashes it's strongest material to date combining elements of black,death and a strong thrash element combined with their own ideas to make a great cd defintly a MUST hear for fans of violent,war/extreme metal that defys being thrown into one specific genre.
thanks for all the great support over the last few years and expect ALOT of great interviews,reviews and whatever else we can think of for 2011.
patrick and winter torment

interview with R.F vocals,bass,guitars and blaash druns,vocals for towards global holocaust done by patrick

1.metal hails brothers!! how is your december going? are you ready for that jolly-fat man in red to come and visit in a few weeks? ok we're not here to discuss greedmass so lets get to it.please introduce yourselves to the readers.

Blaash – If one “googles” the term “blaash” the definition will come up as a “giant radioactive moth for gamma world” this is not correct… the Blaash is a non descript degenerate and drunk, failure at most things in life, and seeking to spray those within range with a whiskey tainted assortment of my rotting blood. Said entity also handles the ramshackle percussion on TGH, as well as some chaotically placed vocals.. I also handle drums for Bahimiron and am the sole person that can be held criminally accountable for Wheresmyskin Zine.

RF – I do not happen to celebrate “Happy Jewbag Speared in the Guts Whilst Hanging on a Wooden Instrument of Mockery and Torture Day”, but the effort to spread traditional seasonal cheer is certainly appreciated. I have been known to play guitar (poorly) and screech randomly (even worse) for the ramshackle assault that is towards global holocaust. Also it is rumoured that I am the leader of a nefarious global operation that is bent on world annihilation as well as being involved in various other music projects and “artistic” endeavours.

2.when did you guys first discover metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Blaash – Metal for me oozed into my ears in the mid to late 80s with the thrash assault .. I was very much into Slayer, Metallica’s early stuff (all the LPs up to And Justice…), Possesed, Megadeath, Anthrax, Rigor Mortis (still very much into this band even today – cannot beat that first lp they put out)… I was always looking to find more extreme and obscure bands, which is why I would listen to an underground radio show “Sweet Nightmares” run by Wes Weaver here in Houston on KPFT 90.1… it was there I first found some of the first death metal bands I really liked.. MORBID ANGEL, GRAVE, ENTOMBED, CARCASS, PESTILENCE.... my first exposure to the extreme Texas scene was KATHONIK, NECROTIC VOID and IMPRECATION.. first vomits at the 2nd wave of black metal would be a TDK 90 compilation tape I received when I traded/ordered Billy Nocera’s (Razorback Records) Zine “Coven”… IMPALED NAZARENE was on that tape with a track from their demo “taog eht ot htao”.. (there were other bands like DISSECTION, DEMIGOD etc)…

Current favourite bands.. varies.. I listen to a diverse amount of material… Really like all of INQUISITION’s work.. BLACK WITCHERY/BLASPHEMY… TEITENBLOOD, URGEHAL, SARGEIST, LIFELOVER, FUNERAL MIST, ONDSKAPT, ABYSSIC HATE, BETHLEHEM (prefer them without kva whatever, but that’s just me), HYPOTHERMIA, the old school Swedish Death metal bands a la GRAVE, ENTOMBED, CREMATORY, and so on… a few more obscure bands like TRUPPENSTURM, NEKROKRIST SS, CULTE DES GHOULS (POL), BLASPHERIAN, MORBUS 666, IMPRECATION, and of course just to throw a hand grenade into it all, HANK III gets a lot of playing time when the whiskey flows…

RF – I vaguely recall first getting into metal back in middle school. Somebody that I knew had gotten a Judas Priest tape and passed it along to me, WASP tapes were also in the small collection. It carried on from there with an assortment of mostly crappy metal bands. Slayer and old Megadeth and Metallica began to change things for me during the mid 80s as I began to listen to less and less puss metal and only wanted to listen to heavy stuff that was “real”. Imagine my shock and dismay when it became apparent, through adult eyes, that it is almost always less than genuine.

Favorite bands over the past 20-25 years would include Dissection, Bethlehem, Morbid Angel, Grave, Entombed, Dismember, Kreator, Agalloch, the Cure, Depeche Mode, Silencer (SWE), Skepticism, Abyssic Hate, Immortal, Katatonia, Lifelover, Hypothermia, A Flock of Seagulls, Ulver, Eurythmics, Exodus, Inquisition, Neptune Towers, Maeror Tri, Mortiis … and loads of other random crap including whatever I am working on myself. did the two of you meet? was it long until you formed towards global holocaust? how did you guys come up with the name for the band? for the readers who have never heard t.g.h how would you describe the music?

Blaash – I believe we met sometime in the mid-90s through a mutual friend.. we were supposed to work with another bloke, Brian Fernandez.. but as it turns out nothing came of it… I’m not entirely sure how we came up with the original name for what eventually became TGH – firstly we were going to announce our commencement of audial warfare as Holocaust SS – not with the intention of proclaiming our glorification of any reich or any such thing, but our general disdain for life in general produced the following logic – Holocaust means end of life – and these blokes in the SS carried out genocide – so we thought at the time it would be an okay moniker.. That was back around 1996 or 1997.. not sure.. but when we reformed in 2008 we decided in our bitter elder age to make things a little simpler to not misinterpret and just go with Towards Global Holocaust – that way all will know we are not affiliated with any organized cults, religions, dogmas and/or other socio-political groups.

RF – As mentioned by the inestimable FMoH, we met in Houston during the mid 1990s. I try not to describe tgh to people. When forced to do so, I usually say that it is metal of dubious merits and even though it is generally considered less than stellar, that it should be purchased along with an official tgh Department of Death patch simply because I am a selfish, egotistical asshole.

4.the band recently released it's debut full-length "fuersturm"through scattered to the winds rec. how long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release? are you both happy with how everything turned out? how would you say the music on "feuersturm" is different from the bands previous e.p and split cd?

Blaash – I think RF has been working on the writing process for at least 1 and half years I believe… its taken us a little bit longer then we wanted to finish up this release…

I like some parts of this release a lot and others not so much… some of the drumming and vocals (by me) could have been done much better I think… and will hopefully be corrected in the future…

This material is more coherent, furious, and in some places thrashier and for lack of a better term epic then the previous material I’d say.. Then again, I don’t know, heh, find a review or something and see what they say…

RF – All told it took about 18 months or so to get done, which is overly long in my opinion. I think that it is an improvement overall compared to the previous two releases, but still has far too many flaws to be fully satisfied with. In the future, the mixing and mastering should be better as should the songwriting, instrumentation and vocals. This one was difficult to do because I am trying to transition away from the old way of playing and writing that we used to employ. Maybe the next one will see us deliver more on the potential of things instead of falling short of the goal once again. has the response been from the press and fans?

Blaash – not a lot of response at the moment – detractors believe us to be just a godawful mess of incoherency and sloppiness.. Supporters believe in the fury of the Feuersturm and have given humble praise.

RF – I would describe the response thus far as tepid at best. Most people are just not into this style of music even if they like metal in general. We have gotten some good reviews and a couple of bad reviews. Then again if you think that Camel and Opeth are 10/10s, then you probably should not be reviewing Feuersturm in the first place in my estimation.

6.if i am not mistaken you both live in different states. do you find it difficult when discussing band business or working on new song?

Blaash – band business is not so hard, as we have email etc.. Now creation of material is a bit more difficult I’d say.. again, lacking the ability to create and write music in the same locality of each other requires a lot of work, and then a lot of revision.. so it takes a bit longer to get material crafted in a fashion we deem acceptable to cause the proper conflagration of life down to the microbe.

RF – Band business is not an issue. The distance makes actually completing a song a fairly long and drawn out process, but as far as the songs themselves go, I pretty write all of the music and almost all of the drums, then the mighty FMoH revises the drums to suit his own particular arsenal and depraved predilections. Exact lyrics and vocal patterns (yeah right) are finalized after all of the music is done. myself you guys have been involved with the underground for 15-20 yrs. now how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? i know some people say the underground is dead or dying would either of you agree with this statement?

Blaash – This is a question I’ve asked others in interviews since 1994 or so… I received responses back then that the underground was “already dead”.. I will say because of advances in technology (that has resulted in home grown terror sects and a variety of deviant pornography for would be college graduates) that the “underground” is easier to “get into” … but then again, I don’t really care.. so what if some trendy little bastard hops into the underground with his plastic sword and three little scars he manages to get on his chest.. or some little goth girl thinks she wants to be evil and takes pictures of her private parts so she get gangbanged a day before her prom date picks her up by “evil black metallers”? Those who want to be part of the extreme scene will stay and ignore the chafe that has and will continue to inhabit said scene…

RF – The scene has been dying for 20 years now and I wish it would hurry up and get it over with already. In the end it is irrelevant really. The popularity of metal waxes and wanes and until western civilization is completely eradicated from the planet, then somebody out there will still choose to make metal music instead of rap or techno or ethnic percussion. Mostly it is just a bunch of dumbass kids or clueless bald guys with huge guts that make up the scene, although there seems to be more hipster guys lately jumping in on the fringes…either with a combover or a flannel shirt depending on if they are from the pacific northwest or not.

8. Obviously the biggest change in the underground is/was the creation of the internet/computers. do you feel this is a good tool for the underground or has it made it to main-stream for anyone to get ahold of the music?

Blaash – I’m mostly indifferent.. but I’d be lying if I said I didn't like the ability to hear a band’s material immediately.. However the internet is just a tool – so I guess it matters most on how that tool was used. If it is used to consistently create extraordinarily insincere crap, then spread it, and then create social network sites to praise said crap…. then heh, yeah its going to make things annoying…

RF – Seems to be a wash at best. Sure it is easier to get stuff out there, but it is simply overkill. There is no feasible way to get noticed these days (due to the sheer size of the shitstorm sea that constitutes the metal scene currently…I mean there must be a million metal bands at least) aside from word of mouth, which is just like the old days except that instead of looking through mail order catalogs one heads on over to the googlenets and enters the band name that they heard from a third party.

9.the band is highly influenced by war {both lyrically and musically} when did you begin to get interested in studying war? this might seem like a joke question {it's not intended as one though!} but do either of you feel the world goverments will achieve world-peace? it seems like they get close but then someone does something and their ready to nuke each other again.

Blaash – Its not necessarily war, but a means to an ends.. As I’ve become quite the bitter old bastard, and not one that takes well to the loveliness of life and consorting with other humans its come to my understanding that warfare seems to be the acceptable manner in which to rid life from the planet – not just human, but mammal, quadruped and microbial as well…

There is no way there will be world peace – we as a species are too self destructive… greed, jealously, anger, RELIGION, oh did I mention RELIGION heh.. see it (religion) does have some uses – the creation of jihads and warfare and general lead to an elimination of life..

There will always be those who have (money, property, power, etc), and those who have not – this unbalance will always cause friction.

RF – I started reading about war when I was a youngster. These days I am not actually interested in war, but the eradication of all life and the mysteries of the omniverse as it relates to finding a practical way of staying alive indefinitely and subsequently sailing through the various universes in search of ever more life to get rid of. Peace is an utopian illusion created by lay about philosophers, shiftless ideocrats and Jesus freaks. Governments are created and sustained to empower political bullies and to bring misery to both their own citizens and the population of the world at large. If humans do not end up destroying themselves through either conventional, chemical or nuclear warfare, then they will surely exhaust the planet’s resources and starve to death whilst eating contaminated dirt and counting jew gold and/or whatever currency is deemed most desirable at the time. both have some of the most disturbing and intense vocal styles ever to be recorded. when did you both become interested in singing? who are some of your influences/favorite vocalist? is t.g.h the first band either of you have sung for?

Blaash – I’m not actually interested in being a proper singer.. I guess I just like to add a bit of chaos to some of the material we have – I do believe that vocals themselves can add another level to the music that other instruments cannot .. for the record I believe RF’s screeches and especially his approach to vocals (he does all of “Approaching Global Genocide”, which some have called our best track) are much better and provide a sounder base at world elimination.. I have done some backing vocals for Bahimiron, but that’s usually only live…

The usual suspects for my vocal favourites are Nattramn, Henke Forss (niden187 especially), Arioch/Mortuus, Grimlord, Pest (for Gorgoroth), Nasko, Drakh, Torg, Magus Munkir.. a host of others as well…

RF – I have recently started practicing actual singing rather than screeching like a pterodactyl consumed in flames as it glides over the remnants of an ashen landscape and plan to record some things next year that feature clean vocals. As far as the metal vocals go, I probably have the same influences as many others with a couple out of left field that I will refrain from naming so as to not besmirch their fine reputations as vocal stylists with my shoddy attempts at emulating them. either of you do anything special to keep your voice/throat healthy?

Blaash – not really.. I don’t do vocals often, so its not necessary to keep my throat healthy…. Heh.

RF – To keep my throat healthy, I try to only record metal vocals once a year at most over a period of a week or so. I have had some problems in the past with that and it has led to difficulty speaking months after the fact as well as horking up gobbets of blood periodically. So, since I am now engaged in teaching myself how to actually sing, it is in my best interests to not destroy the voice before I have gotten proper usage out of it.

12.besides t.g.h i know you both are involved with other bands/projects. could you please tell the readers a little about your other bands/projects you are currently working with?

Blaash – as stated before, I handle skins for Bahimiron and am accountable for Wheresmyskin zine…

RF – I am currently working on a solo project called Ashes so Bitter and we are still deciding if Ever Adrift is going to be another solo project or a collaboration. We also have Eternal Ice Storms in the “might resurrect” pile. Additionally, I am working on the basic concept and framework for another, as yet unnamed, project. Next year should tell the tale regarding which projects are worthwhile and actually see the light of day or not.

13.R.F as if you were not busy with t.g.h and your other musical projects you recently started-up "scattered to the winds rec.". when did you get the idea to start up the label? do you currently work on the label alone or have some help?

RF – SttW was started primarily as a vehicle for our own releases as we were pretty sure that no other labels would be interested in what we were doing. Also, I am reluctant to sign away rights to the music and don’t really need the usual deal that most labels give as we can afford to record and press our own CDs. On the downside is that we have very little promotion, support or distribution as of yet. It mostly consists of trading around the world for what we can get along with a few sales here and there.

My brother contributes money for releases. Seth Bennett does some trading and networking in addition to being an artist and designer. Blaash contributes time, money and a lot of effort working on trades too.

It is small so far, but that seems as it should be as we need to learn as we go and not get into things too quickly. There is some small hope that Ashes so Bitter and Ever Adrift will be somewhat more accessible and easier to promote and garner interest in.

14.please give a brief-description of all your "current" releases. are their any upcoming releases the readers should watch out for? are you currently looking for any new bands to sign or release?

RF – So far we have tgh “Ever Onwards…” and “Feuersturm” out as well as In Death I Become “Black Wings, Grey Skies”. We also have IDIB shirts, patches and tgh patches with shirts coming in the near future. SttW will repress the split with Christ Dismembered “Upon Firmaments of Sacrilege and Genocide”, originally released by Jeff at Disease Foundry Recordings, soon.

I was supposed to already have Ashes so Bitter “Grey Emptiness” and Ever Adrift “Hopelessly” done in 2010, but I got behind and fell shorts of those goals. They should be done in 2011 and maybe the next tgh album will be done in 2011 too. More likely early 2012.

We are interested in working with other bands too. So far we have not been approached by too many serious projects and I am wary of investing currently. I have been helping out Hunter’s Ground recently, in an individual capacity, and maybe later this year I will be able to record their full-length release and carry it on SttW. As always, time will tell.

15.if any labels are reading this what stlyes do you carry/support in your distribution side of scattered to the winds? how can labels interested in possible trades get in touch with you?

Mostly we are interested in underground metal, but anything that is depressing is also fine. Interested parties can get in touch at: or

16.blaash besides your musical projects you are the editor of the legendary "where's my skin fanzine". when did you start this zine up? how many issues have you released? are any of the past issues still in print/for sale? how can people get ahold of them.

Blaash – I wouldn’t quite say legendary heh… Think I started WMS up around 93 or 1994.. ‘round that time sometime in a drunken stupor… I’ve released 11 issues.. and will be starting work on issue 12 soonish.. I’m a procrastinatiin’ bastard as you can tell.. As of late 2010 I have issues 10 and 11 available.. contact me directly: for more information… your opinion what makes a good fanzine? what is your opinion of web-zines? any chances you will make/do a web-zine version of where's my skin with some older interviews from past issues?

Blaash – a good paper or webzine needs to me to have the same thing – extremely good personality – by that I mean I want to be able to tell the writer(s)/editor have put their own spittle and spent a goodly amount of time either creating/editing the content, coming up with well written questions, reviews, and/or other assets to the written item, be it on the web or written… What would be writers/editors have to realize is that no matter how much time you put into your creation theres a very good chance you will not get the feedback you want for it – so number one, you have to WANT to do the web/written zine for yourself.. I read and reread my issues.. I couldn’t care less if somebody wants it or not – I don’t create many copies, and I dont do a lot of promotion for Wheresmyskin…

18.well guys i think i have covered everything if not please let me know and we'll talk again soon!!! thanks for taking the time to do this interview.good luck with all your musicial projects,labels and zines. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Blaash - Burn. This. Fucking. Worrrrrrrrllllldddddd....

War Whiskey Sodomy..

RF – What he said. And be sure to Scatter the Ashes (ashes that have been burned again after being turned to ashes initially by the workers of the Holocaust State Inc.) for what is sown shall be reaped and eventually turned into Sustenance Packet A, which is the lifeblood of the movement at large.

towards global holocaust "official" myspace page.

scattered to the winds rec. {besides the t.g.h releases he has a good selection in the distro/shop so be sure to check it out!!}

interview with undivine essence done by patrick

here is an interview i did with a new black/dark metal band from israel.the bands sound is defintly in the black metal realm but as you will read shay and the band wish to be diverse and give each song it's own idenity. as on the split cd with natures elements. the first track is 12 min. and the second is more old-school/straight forward in approach. defintly a band fans of the newer generation of black metalers will want to hear. keep watch as the band is preparing it's debut full-length.
regards and have a great 2011 everyone!!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with shay guitarist for undivine essence done by patrick

1.hails shay! how is 2011 starting out for you my friend? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Shay: Hi there Patrick, I’m doing quire good these days thanks for asking. What can I say about myself? I’m 30 years old (!!), I’ve been into (real) metal for about 16 years now, and playing guitar for about 15 years (no coincidence). I’m currently studying for my M.A. degree on Sociology and Anthropology in Tel Aviv university. Spending most of my free time with my stoner friends or just inhaling darkened arts, staring at the carpet and creating some stuff of my own.

2.when did you first discover metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Shay: Well, I guess I can say that my journey into this world started at the age of 15 or so, when a friend of mine gave me a tape of megadeth’s Rust In Peace. Also some videos I saw on headbangers ball sure gave me a direction (celtic frost and some black metal bands). If I’ll try to describe my “metal road” it’ll be something like this: Guns n’ Roses à Nirvana à Alice in chains à Megadeth à Slayer à Morbid Angel à Emperor à BATHORY. And from here all barriers were broken (everything from Black Sabbath through Ved Buens Ende up to Bestial Warlust , that is), but still in the bottom line, I’m a black metal addict. And I really feel comfortable with this genre as a song writer as well, since it allows me to combine a wide range of other styles and influences, may it be death thrash, doom or basic rock n’ roll. These days I listen a lot to The Meads of Asphodel, Lyrinx, Orcivus, Lifelover, Terrorama, De Silence et d’Ombre, Lost Life, Perversor, Hell Darkness and many more. I must note that beside all this guitar driven horror mentioned above I’m actually a very open minded person about music. My second favorite genre after all this rock and metal is dark 80’s.. bands like Joy Division or Minimal Compact can easily reach destructive melodies that are bound to fuck up your day.

3.when did you guys form undivine essence meet? what is the current line-up of the band? for the readers who have never heard undivine essence how would you describe the music?

Shay: The concept of Undivine Essence was born on 2008, by me and mike which I knew a couple of years prior to that. As for today the lineup consists of me, Shay – guitars, Mike – Vocals, Alex – drums and Ronnie on bass guitar. The music we create is compiled of a lot of influences, but still sticks to the basic black metal codes. I guess that you can say that the idea is to give each song a distinct identity by infusing black metal with death thrash, doom or whatever. So, like on the split with NE, one song can be an 11 minute midpaced doom black epic, and the other song is 4 minute black n’ roll thrashy piece. On the forthcoming debut album we get even more diverse and moreover, the album features 3 different drummers, which differentiates the songs even more.. Sometime I think about this as post black metal. Our soundman calls it “60’s black metal”… recently sent me a copy of the undivine essence/nature's elements split cd. how long did it take you guys to write the two songs for the split? are you happy with how everything turned out?

Shay: Actually, our 2 tracks that are featured on the split are some of our oldest material. I can easily say that I’ve worked on “crimson sky” for a couple of years, but it all finally came together when mike came up with the lyrics. Quite similar story with the second track- “new shape”. I must say that I’m (well, actually all of us are) very pleased with how the split with Nature’s Elements came out – musically and about the product itself. has response been from the press and fans?

Shay: We had some very positive reviews from webzines and magazines round the world. Also the fans I talk to are usually enthused about our sound and approach to black metal. Ironically, most of the people really like the track “crimson sky”, which was quite a surprise for me considering its length.

6.i believe you told me a few weeks back the band is currently working on new music for undivine essence's debut are things coming for the debut? how many songs do you all plan to have on the debut release? has a release date been set? will it be self-released or have you all searched for a label to help?

Shay: Yeah, as for today we are 90% done with the recording. I just have to add some more solos, and then we want to record an acoustic outro song and that’s it. We plan to have 8 tracks on the new album. The 2 tracks that appeared on the split, but remixed completely + 6 new songs. All that’ll spread on 50 minutes or so. The title for the album will be “drought upon consecrated soil”, we got the artwork in process, and I hope it’ll all be done in the following months. We are not looking for a label yet. We’ll finish recording the album independently, and proceed according to the reactions to follow. would you say the new songs are different than those on the split cd? when the band begins work on a new song how long does it usually take to complete? do all the members work on the music or does only 1-2 members handle everything?

Shay: Well, as I mentioned above, the 6 new tracks on the album will differ from the tracks on the split because on this album we really try to give each song an individual identity and build on that. You’ll get all the things we like in music: songs that are at times more based on heavy metal or some thrashed black metal, some songs feature more oldschool death metal elements (mainly vocals and some riffs), sometimes sections can be slow or psychedelic sometimes very fast brutal and raw, sometimes constructed and epic.. and we’ll even do an acoustic song. But, all that done using the tools of the black metal genre. Also, the lineup differ from song to song. On some songs I play guitar and bass, and on some Ronnie played bass, also we used 3 different drummers and that’s noticeable but gives an interesting diversity.

So far I have written all the music for UE, and also some of the lyrics. For future songs I guess that me and mike will continue to be the main lyric contributors, although now that we are 4 people band the whole working process will have to readjust – actually I’m looking forward to that.

8.the band comes out of israel's black metal underground. i know a few bands from your country. but not many so i was curious what is your opinion of israel's metal scene?

Shay: The Israeli metal scene is actually very much alive. It’s not a very big scene like Germany or whatever, but still we got our fare share of various bands, local shows and shows from abroad. We even hosted the Ozzfest a couple of months ago here. And it seems more and more bands add us to their European regular tours.

On a more personal note I can say that most of the metal-heads here like modern death metal, symphonic black, or shit-core of some sorts, and for people who enjoy the more underground metal sound there is not very much to look for. But still some bands like Tangorodrim / Hell Darkness, Tsorer, Infernal Nature, Animus, and Mucous Scrotum, still produce good ol’ anti-human black metal.

9.all-time favorite israel black/dark metal bands? are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Shay: Hmmm.. you can’t really talk about the Israeli scene without mentioning SALEM, a great band that is considered the originator of the Israeli extreme scene way back in ‘86. The material up to “Kaddish” (including) is mandatory, for every collector. After that they went more modern sound, which is still cool, but it’s not the classics. Tangorodrim is also a wonderful band from Israel that plays a type of black metal in the vein of nowadays Darkthrone. Very good stuff, check ‘em out, for some drunk and rusty black n’ roll. The follow up project Hell Darkness also kicks ass. I know that Orphaned Land are doing pretty good these days but It’s not my taste. The ex-Israeli band Melechesh plays that style properly.

10. Are there many places for black/dark metal bands to play concerts in israel or do you and the band prefer to work in the studio only?

Shay: Yeah, in central Israel there are a lot of clubs where you can arrange for metal shows, it’s a matter of budget really. It wasn’t a matter of choice for us if to become a studio project or a complete band. We were acting as a studio project only because we had no permanent drummer and bassist. Now that has changed and we’re getting ready to do a live show sometime soon.

Alex: well, been denied our basic rights as particles of sub existence. And it's all nothing but a huge mess. Cross eyed loveable drift sightings are nothing to seek for. We pay extra to the sound guy from the studio, coz we don't want him to tell the authorities about our dark sounding experience, because the peripheral people don't lie about their curses. you or any of the other members of undivine essence play in side-bands or projects? if yes please tell us a little about them.

Shay: yeah, Mike and Alex are also members of the band Nature’s Elements. Ronnie, our bassist was active in various bands in the past, and as for me, I was always too busy forging and forming my own band so I never had other bands.

Alex: yes we're into jam sessions and sometimes the amphetamine dreamboat annie collides itself to oblivion and creates a, and we took part in the "naturenoise society" it means we meet in the forest down to Jerusalem and playing among the trees with fucked up bands like a "Zeevim Arazthanim" and “Mataim Hameshim ve 6 K". We never recorded that stuff coz its illegal in the state of IsraHell. play guitars for the band. at what age did you start playing guitars? are you self-taught or have you had lessons before?

Shay: I got my first guitar at age 16. Actually that was my dad’s old electric guitar, an authentic piece from the 60’s (till this day I have no idea what kind of guitar it is!).. It was so heavy my leg would hurt for days after playing on it… Anyways, I did take some lessons but that didn’t last much (he wanted to play Beatles, I wanted to play Slayer), and as soon as I was skilled enough to read notes and tablatures I quitted the lessons and went on studying the songs I love, using tablatures I found on the net, or just figuring them out myself.

13.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? do you play any other instruments?

Shay: My “guitar heroes” are, of course Quorthon, Tony Iommi, Ivar Bjorenson, Trey Azagthoth, Sakis (of Rotting Christ), Nocturno Culto and P.K of Abigor. About other instruments, I try to play the keys sometimes but I still need to practice a lot.

14.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Shay: Some people want to change their lives, some want to end them.. guess this kind of feeling is once in a lifetime. Now it’s you who is lost, towards the inside.. dwell.

to contact undivine essence check out bands "official" myspace here.