Monday, July 25, 2011

New reviews for 7-25-11

metal hails!!!
hope everyone is surviving the ungodly heatwave thats been hitting most of us this month! {if your not dealing with the heat consider yourself VERY Lucky ha,ha}
anyways here is a new batch of reviews of some great bands and releases. hope everyone enjoys them. and as always thanks for the support of winter torment!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

cultes des ghoules--haxan cd {hells headbangers rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
this polish horde is somewhat of a mystery as very little is known about the members.well haxan is the bands "debut" originally released
in 2008.hells headbangers has decided to re-release for the maniacs who might have missed it the first time around.the best way to describe cultes des ghoules sound would be filthy,raw old-school death metal with touches of black metal within the thin/raw guitar riffs and screechy style vocals.cultes des ghoules is defintly not a band for everyone but if you enjoy the older bands like varathron or early mortuary drape then this should give you some idea on the great style the band has
continued to carry on within their sound.
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flame--march into firelands cd {hells headbangers rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
march into firelands marks the return of finland's flame.after a six year hiatus march into firelands is 8 tracks of violent blackend thrash metal. the guitars are fast and well executed.the drums are intense and well precise considering the speed and intensity.flame has crafted and released one of the best old-school blackend thrash releases to be heard in quite sometime if you enjoy old-school blackend thrash with alot of heart and dedication to keeping the old-school spirit alive then flame's march into firelands is a cd you must hear!!
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Nephrolith--xullux cd {haliaetum records}
{reviewed by patrick}
nephrolith are a band coming from the depths of slovenia's black metal underground.and have done a great job creating dark,yet creative,memorable black metal on xullux.the guitars are a nice mixture of fast straight-foward riffs,but the band also has alot of mid-paced,atmospheric riffs within the more brutal riffs.the drumming is equally as impressive with keeping the faster pace with the guitars but the drummer is not a total-speed demon as he does slow down with the more mid-paced atmospheric beats and structures.the vocals are harsh screams/screeches but the vocalist also has a deeper growl he uses throughout some of the songs for a darker,more evil sounding vocal pattern.nephrolith are a band that all fans of black metal should defintly check out now!
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old wainds-where the snows are never gone cd {negative-existence rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
russia's old wainds are a band that has been flying under the black metal radar for a few years now.i have heard the bands previous release and instantly became a "fan" of the bands early 90's cold norse style and structures.well the warrior's over at negative-existence must have become a fan of this bands darkend brilliance as they have re-released the 1997 classic "where the snows are never gone".8 tracks of cold,norse inspired blackness.the music is grim,cold and fierce just the way black metal should sound.the vocals remind me a little of early immortal and fit perfectly with the razor-sharp guitar riffs and blazing drums. fans of early 90's norwegian style black metal will love old wainds!!
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ravencult--morbid blood cd {hells headbangers rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
ravencult wastes no time going straight for the attack with their brand of barbaric blackend thrash whirlwind guitars entertwined with a barrage of non-stop drumming.the band does slow down throughout a few of the songs to give both the band and listener a chance to catch their breath before attacking again with a barrage of brutal riffs and beats.if you miss the sound of the early days of black metal when the bands kept their sound simplistict yet effective and evil then ravencult is a band that should impress all old-school maniacs.

ruins-chambers of perversion cd {negative-existence}
{reviewed by patrick}
not to be confused with australia's ruins. this is a one-man band from germany.ruins plays a great mix of old-school speed metal and early venom style black metal.thrashy fast guitars,mid-paced drums that switch over to hyper speed before calming back to a more mid-pace sound.the vocals are gruff screams. ruins are not creationg anything new on chambers of perversion but the songs on this release are played with alot of metal-agression and passion for this style. if you enjoy old-school blackend speed-metal then defintly check out chambers of perversion.
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trillion red-two tongues e.p {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
trillion red are a two piece from the u.s and the members have created a very original and dark music style.their are influences from the heavy crushing doom riffs,but then the band also does have an agressive side speeding up the guitars a bit to a heavy metal/thrash feel with alot of progressive riffs and solo's entertwined within the duo's madness.also within the music is some expirmental ambient soundscapes that keep the listener guessing throughout the songs on this e.p.this is a band that is not only hard but impossible to put into a certain genre {which i believe is the way they like it} so i will say this probably won't appeal to everyone.but i would highly recomend two tongues e.p to anyone who enjoys dark,extreme music with alot of variety.
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uvikra--patterns of life e.p {self-release}
{reviewed by patrick}
patterns of life is the new e.p from uvikra. for those who havent heard of uvikra this is a one-man band from lithuania. the music created by loikav {all instruments,vocals} is semi-brutal mid-paced death metal with touches of black metal the production is raw and primitive which reminds of the early days of black/death when demo's where released on cassete and had the dirty,raw sound quality.if you enjoy old-school brutal blackend death then uvikra is a band you will want to hear!! as for me i am hoping the next release will be a full-length!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

interview with rarog done by patrick 7-17-11

here is a new interview with the russian-based band rarog. the band plays a nice mix of extreme black metal but also is heavily influenced by the pagan-folk of their country for a very beautiful yet extreme sound. fans of folkish black metal should defintly look for this band and their releases!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with shmel founder,bass player,music composer and R'ys female vocalist for rarog done by patrick

Patrick-Hello my friends how is everything with you? please introduce yourselves to the readers?

Shmel’: Hello, I’m Shmel, founder, composer ,bass-player and singer of Rarog! We’re doing well. Now we’re preparing a new album.

R’ys: Hi to all! I’m Alexandra or just R’ys, I represent female vocals in Rarog! We’re working hard on our third album.

Patrick-When did you all form rarog? how did you choose the name of the band?

Shmel’: Our band was formed back in 2004. Well, what can I say about the name? It just “layed” on the ear right.

Patrick-Does it have a special meaning?
Shmel’: In the religion of the Slavs it means “fire falcon-Godcaller”. Fire symbolizes energy and life.

Patrick-for the readers who have never heard rarog how would you describe the music?

Shmel’: We can describe the style of our music like Progressive Pagan Metal.Emotionality of the music fits our worldview, just as we are currently looking at the situation around us. This is an attempt of unity with the world.

R’ys: The nature of the music at first glance may seem aggressive, but at the same time with progressive solos you will hear the lyrical, charming, lingering melodies.
P.: the band has recently released it's second cd "vzoidi solence " earlier this year. how long did it take the band to write and record the music for this release?

Shmel’: It actually took us 1 year for writing and recording the album.

Patrick- does the band get to play live shows very often? do you have any upcoming shows or tours in support of "vzoidi solence"? if yes where are some countries/towns the band will be playing?

Shmel’: We give concerts frequently. In September, we plan to tour in Russia. Now is time to coordinate the dates. As soon agree on that, the information will be posted on our website.

R’ys: We have recently played two online-concerts. It’s an amazing thing because the listeners from abroad can watch our perfomancers over the internet.People from United States, France, Norway, Spain wrote :”It’s great that you came up with this, it gives us the opportunity to watch you live”

Patrick- Who are some rarog has had the honor to play with?

Shmel’: We have played with many bands: Arkona, Svarga, Pagan Reighn, Tverd’,Alkonost…It’s hard to name them all.

R’ys: To give perfomances with groups like Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie was a great experience, I have great respect for their work.

Patrick-if you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour or have a concert with?

Shmel’:Honestly, I never thought about that. There are so many interesting bands, but to call someone particular…It’s difficult for me.

Patrick- the band comes out of the city moscow,russia. so i was interesed in your opinions of the music scene in your country?

Shmel’: In Russia we do have plenty of interesting bands. But unfortunately not all of them can realize their musical ideas (due financial issues, etc.). But I think that it's a problem not just in our country.

R’ys: Nowadays on Russian pagan scene appear more and more young strong teams that play good quality music and they’re as almost experienced as their elder colleagues. The only thing that upset me much that earlier the bands used to support each other and helped, and now everyone is by himself.

P- Who are some of your all-time favorite russian bands? are their any new upcoming bands you think the readers should check out for?

Shmel’:I really like Arcona, Tverd’, SatanaKozel. I listen to them with pleasure. Of the young team I really like the Zhar-Ptica, Prorochestvo Velvi.

R’ys: My acquaintance with Pagan metal began with bands like Arkona, Alkonost, Nevid’, Tverd’.Young groups who cut such great music: Ruyan, Zhar-Ptica, Beer Bear.

P- Coming back to the band. i was wondering how often does the band get to practice? when the band begins work on a new song how long does it take to usually complete?

Shmel’:We usually rehearse two or three times a week. But this does not mean that the rest of the time we have nothing to do and only deal with personal affairs. At rehearsals, we just are working on stuff, but the major work is going on at home. I basically spend all my time exclusively for it.

R’ys:We rehearse in any spare time in addition to rehearsals at the base, we also mmet up together in other places, discussing and finalizing the tracks, as Russian saying is “one head is good, two or three are even better”!

P-does the whole band work on the music together or does 1-2 members handle it all? who usually writes the lyrics? where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Shmel’: I write the music, well, the most part, although now our guitarist-Leshiy joined to help me with the material. And then we work on it with the rest of the band. To say about the texts – I’m a little bit weak. For the first album I just reworked the "StarBook of Christmas Carols" by Asov. And for “Vzoidi Solnce” I only have written lyrics for “Rejoice” ant partly for “Storyteller’s carol” and “Vzoidi Solnce”. Now that part of the work is up to R’ys.

R’ys: Yes, by now I have been writing lyrics for our third album.For me it's very attractive, because I love poetry and write poetry.

P-.aleksandra you handle the amazing operatic,femal vocals for the band at what age did you start singing? who are some of your influences/favorite singers?

R’ys: Thanks for the compliment,Patrick. I started singing at schooli n the school choir.Now I’m a student at the conservatory of Tsaykovsky, so “singing” is my future profession. My favorite classical singers are Anna Netrebko and Maria Kalass.

P-well i believe we are done with the interview. thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

Shmel’: Live according to conscience,in harmony with yourselves and everything will be fine.
Glory to the Gods.

R’ys: Listen to more high-quality music. Do not be afraid of the new, because modern music is very diverse, interesting and multifaceted. And you can with Rarog!