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new reviews done on 9-26-11

thanks for taking the time to read the new batches of reviews up on winter torment!! i hope you will find some new releases to your liking.we have a little of everything this time around. we are currently working {as always} on alot of new reviews and interviews to post for your reading pleasure so please stay tuned and thanks to everyone who has supported winter torment in any way over the last few years.
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archgoat-heavenly vulva {christ's last rites} e.p {debemur morti prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
archgoat was spawn nearly twenty years ago from the bowels of hell and still going strong as evident by their latest mcd.six tracks of filthy,primitive blackend death played in it's purest form.the music ranges from a darker mid-paced speed to more violent outbursts of blasting speed filled with aggression and hate.the vocals have a deeper growl that give them a a death metalish touch but fit perfectly with archgoats type of musical blasphemy.this is recomended to all fanatics of raw,primitive blackend death metal.
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atriach--forever the end cd {seventh rule recordings}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a new band from the u.s underground scene.atriach play a unique style of doom,black metal mixed with some expiremental influences all rolled into one massive sound.vocals are harsh,tormented screams of agony while the band plays the soundtrack with some haunting heavy doom riffs,mixed with some drone overtones.the vocals as mentioned are mainly blackend metal screams but their are also some very well used clean vocals which add nicely to the bands overall dark and haunting sound. atriach are defintly not for everyone in the scene. but if you enjoy dark,doom with touches of black metal then atriach might be a band you will want to check out soon.
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bahimiron--rebel hymns of the left handed terror cd {moribund rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is bahimiron's second cd for the moribund cult. the last bahimiron release was decent but nothing great. but with rebel hymns of the left handed terror the band strikes back again with full force and destructive put it simply this is a sick,twisted masterpiece of frenzied raw,destruction.with so many black metal bands going the route of crystal clear production,clean vocals,whatever they seem to loose sight of what this music is about. but not bahimiron it's great to hear a band sticking to their roots and keeping their music aggressive,ugly destructive.
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deus otios-murderer cd {american line prod./FDA.rekotz}{reviewed by patrick}
after all these years of doing zines i still love getting and hearing new bands.and denmark's deus otios is defintly one of the best old-school death metal bands i've come across in the last few months. i have pretty much become a picky old bastard with death metal in general {as much as i hate to admit that it's the truth} but deus otios offers everything that got me hooked onto death metal in the first place. heavy uncomprimising death metal at it's finest. no over-the top jazzy or technical guitar riffs with a million solo's instead sticking to the basic heavy straight forward guitar patterns of the elder death metal gods. the band does have some impressive structers and few solo's thrown in a few of the songs but nothing overly done like so many of today's bands. the drums are mid-range with some faster beats when it is needed but the bands strength defintly is in the more straight forward mid-paced song-writing.the vocals are deep and vicious growls that are a perfect match for deus otios old-school style and approach. if you are an old-school maniac who misses the late 80's,early 90's when death metal was the law and nothing was better then defintly get murderer as this is sure to be a classic release.
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enormicon--storm of swords e.p {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut e.p from the texas based enormicon i guess the best way to describe this band would be is a mix of stoner rock,traditional doom,and older prog's not really my styles of music so this review is gonna suck as i don't to much about these particular genres. so i will say if you are a sabbath or high on fire fan or just old-school doom in general then you might enjoy enormicon.
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excommunicated--skelton key cd {u w.records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a new band coming out of louisiana.the group members are no strangers to the metal scene.some of louisiana's more well-known bands like catholicion {chad kelley, vocals},jason mclntyre used to play in a brutal d.m band suture.
the guys have moved on and formed excommunicated the musicians do a good job of creating a mix of heavy semi-brutal death metal and some melodic death metal in a nice mix.for a debut excommunicated has some great musicial ideas but at the end of skelton key nothing really sticks out as memorable.

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mordbrand-necropsychotic cd {deathgasm records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is by far one of 2011's best death metal releases!! the swedish masters combine crushing,heaving guitar riffs,pounding fast drums sick,deep growls.mordbrand isnt worried about playing 2 thousand miles an hour.or trying to be as technical as ever instead they rely on their ability to perform flawless,old-school death metal. with bands like mordbrand,cianide,deus otiosus maybe death metal will return the greatness it once had.

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nocturnal fear-excessive cruelity cd {moribund records}{reviewed by patrick}
i have had the pleasure of dealing with moribund recs. pretty much since i started working on zines some years ago.and i have always respected how they release quality bands over what the trend of the week is.nocturnal fear are no different instead of the black metal assult that moribund is legendary for releasing.this time the label has unleashed the thrashing,war maniacs nocturnal fear to annihilate the listeners. from the first note to the last drum beat nocturnal fear never loosens it's attack as it rages through 9 tracks of pure thrash/death/war insanity. loud,fast thrashing guitars that has it all great solo's,complex riffs without loosing any of the bands intenisty.the drums are impressive as they are fast, violent but they are also complex with a few breaks before the band starts to pummel your senses with a new barrage of raging thrash,war metal.the band defintly a worthwhile band worth checking out.

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nunfuckritual-in bondage to the serpent cd {debemur morti prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a band created by some very well-known musicans within the black and death metal scene. teloch {mayhem,nidinger},espent hangard{altaar},and dan lilker {nuclear assult,etc..} on bass. so what do you get when combine the talents of these metal musicians?a very eerie,dark trip filled with traditional,sick black metal with some industrial types.overshadowing each track is dark atmosphere within the bands music that will send chills down your spine. if you are a fan who is into sick,depraved black metal with touches of industrial and atmospheres.then nunfuckritual is a band that might interest you.
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some new napalm rec. reviews for 9-26-2011

it has been awhile since i have had the pleasure to deal/work with this long-running metal label. yes it is obvious they don't "sign" or "release" the most extreme or violent bands in metal. but that doesnt mean they don't have some have some good quality ones defintly worth your attention and hard earned money.
expect alot more reviews from me and this label but for now enjoy and thank you all for reading!!
best regards,
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draconian--a rose for the apokalypse cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is draconian's 4th release to date and the swedish death/doom masters have never sounded better or more focused.a rose for the apokalypse is draconian's shining jewel heavy riffs with some solo's usually not heard in death/doom.the drummer is just as impressive in his delievery punishing drum beats that range from the ultra-slow doom beats to some mid-paced beats but mainly stay in the stay in the slower mode as this is where draconian shines the most writing and perfoming atmospheric,depressive death/doom that will crush your soul in it's sadness.the vocal duo of anders jacobson {death growls} and lisa johansson {female vocals} have never sounded better or more nsync with each other.if you are a fan of draconian's past releases then you know this is a must hear.but if you are new to the band and you enjoy atmospheric,death/doom then draconian is a must hear for everyone into death/doom.
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Midnattsol-the metamorphosis melody cd {napalm record}{reviewed by patrick}
this has been a very good year for napalm rec releases. and one of their best bands midnattsol can be added to the list of napalm artist to make their presence heard once again in 2011.i must admit i was not that impressed with the bands second cd "nordlys" it seemed to be lacking the passion and fire the band showed on the debut disk . but over the last few years the band has defintly been writing,practicing and is now back! and the metamorphosis melody is simply amazing,near me it has always been hard to pin down exactly which catogory to place midnattsol into as they draw on quite a few and mix them all together to create a original,and entertaining sound all there own.the musicans are defintly rooted and inspired from the "atmospheric" realm of metal but also have alot of folk influence thrown into the mix.frontwoman carmen elise espenaes handles all the vocal duties beautifully.handling both the more somber,melodic ballad-type of songs {"goodbye"} and the more energetic,upbeat songs like the title track .carmen has a wonderful voice that compliments the other musicans in midnattsol perfectly.looking forward to hearing what they release next!!
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skalmold--baldur cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
it's hard to believe that this is skalmold's debut release. why? by the sheer intensity,and flawless of the music flowing through my death metal with touches of folk music entertwined the music. mid-paced death metal guitars with some well-done solo's and riffs.the guitars range from whirlwind speed to a mid-paced controlled paced.the drums are precise and right on target staying with the guitars to combine for a heavy yet memorable musical journey.the music is not all speed and brutal skalmold do have alot of melody and atmosphere.vocals are gruff growls with some clean male vocal male interludes along with some chants that really fit with the songs on baldur.if you are a fan of viking metal then this is defintly one of the best of 2011 not to be missed
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van canto--break the silence cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
i had every intention of giving this a total-shit review. but you know the old saying "never judge a book by it's cover"? well thats what i did when i saw this band was labeled "acapella" metal? BUT Now that i have listened to break the silence a few hundred times.i can honestly say i was wrong and van canto rules!! in this day and time it is near-impossible for any band in any genre {in or outside of metal} to be original but thats pretty much what germany's van canto have pulled off wonderfully.the band consists of 6 members {5 males,1 female} all singing in different harmonies,and combining to take the the place of "actual" instruments {with the exception of a real drummer}
each singer is very well trained and their voice is in top shape to pull off such a huge task in taking the place of instruments.but van canto do perfectly. this is a must have i don't care what genre you listen to the most van canto has probably released one of the most original masterpieces of 2011 and one listen to songs like "if i die in battle","the seller of souls" or the more melodic "spelled in waters" will leave you amazed and wanting more.
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interview with uvikra done by patrick 9-19-2011

uvikra is a new band i found mixing in raw old-school death and black metal to create a unique yet dirty,sound that is pure old-school glory. defintly old-schoolers who are tired of the over-the top "technical" style that is flooding the scene or the way over produced bands will want to check out uvikra's new e.p "patterns of life"

interview with loikav all instruments,vocals for uvikra done by patrick

1.hails loikav!! how are things going in lithuania? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello Winter Torment readers, I'm Loikav, the sole member of Uvikra. Things are going well enough.

2.when did you first discover metal? who were some of the first bands you discovered? who are some of your "current" favorites?

I got into metal 3 years ago because I fell in love with the 80s Metallica and Megadeth albums. I was familiar with metal before, but for some reason not interested in the genre in general.

As for current favorite metal bands, I like a lot of the late 80s, early to mid 90s BM/DM. I don't want to name particular bands, because in many cases I might really like only 1 or 2 albums by a band. And I tend to listen to a lot of stuff, so "current" favorites often change.

3.when did you get the idea to form uvikra? how did you come up with the name of the band? does it have a special meaning? for the readers who have never heard uvikra how would you describe the bands music?

In autumn of 2009, because then the black metal genre was a recent discovery to me, and I wanted to try it myself. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can say about the name of the band.

Hard to describe the music in general, because it's changed stylistically (from black to black/death). The latest material I've created is kind of progressive black/death metal, but it's unreleased yet. are the sole-member of the band. when you started uvikra did you plan to work alone or have you looked for other members to join the band?

I wanted to work alone in the beginning, and it was hardly possible to do it any other way anyway. But now I'm interested in adding members, or just joining some other band. Although quite slowly, I'm currently attempting to make either of those situations happen.

5.what would you say are the advantges and disadvantges to being a one-man band? if you could work with any musicians past or present who are some musicians you would love to work with?

Advantages are that I can write music however I want to and do it when I want to, on my own schedule. Disadvantages are that sometimes I get stuck and can't write anymore, or can't play as technical as I'd like something to be. Also, my gear is more limited than it would be otherwise, if there were more people.

Being a one man band is also a matter of motivation, which can change from high to low from time to time.

Not sure who I'd like to work with in particular, just anyone with similar intentions, goals and interests. recently released your new e.p "patterns of life". how long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release? are you happy with how everything turned out? how has the response been from the press and fans?

The writing took about 3 months, and to record 2 months, because eventually I had to re-do some vocals, add some guitar, and borrow a bass.

I like the songs very much, but I'm not very happy about the sound. The production is too DIY and kind of repulsive. The response is kind of lukewarm, no extremes. There's little response in general.

7.have you started working on songs for the next uvikra release? when you begin working on a new song how long does it usually take for you to complete the song?

I'm done with the second album, but I don't know yet how or when it should be released.

This time a song could take 1-3 months, but I might work on a couple of songs at a time. But some details and/or lyrics eventually get changed after the core has been written, or it might get partly or largely re-written. Basically it's impossible to say how long exactly and generalize, sometimes half a year for a song. mentioned earlier, you handle all the instruments for the band. which instrument would you say is your favorite one to play? which is your least favorite? is there any instrument you don't currently play that you would love to learn to play?

My favorite is drums and my least favorite is vocals. Right now I don't have any interest to learn anymore instruments. also handle the vocals for the band, when did you first start singing? who are some of your favorite singers? do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

I started "singing" when it was time to record vocals on the first album, in late spring of 2010. But I don't do that type of black metal shrieking anymore. Now it's growls, but I almost never do it. Cirumstances (place of living, surroundings) don't allow that anymore. But I never practiced regularly or did anything special, only drank a lot to keep my throat wet.

It's hard to name favorite singers in extreme metal, because a lot tend to sound almost the same. uvikra the only band you currently play/work with? if not, please tell the readers a little about your others.

It's the only one.

11. you live in the country of lithuania,so i was curious what is your opinion of the metal-scene in lithuania?

It's not very alive, it could be better.

12.who are some of your all-time favorite lithuanian bands? are there any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

Anubi, Regredior, Ghostorm. Unfortunately, I can't name new ones that I like very much.

13.what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

I don't have any ideology associated with it, so it's just metal that's DIY, bands that are unsigned or on small/independent labels.

14.well my friend,we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the music.

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interview with nephrolith done by patrick 9-19-2011

here is another new interview this time it is with the mighty slovenian black metal band nephrolith. this is defintly a good band and deserves your attention and respect mixing in black metal and some elements of atmospheric throughout some of the songs.
best regards,

Interview with nerthag vocalist for nephrolith done by patrick

1.hails nerthag! how are things going in slovenia? please introduce yourself to the readers?
Greetings! Everything is pretty much standard in Slovenia, nothing special going on.

I am Nerthag the vocalist of a Slovenian black metal band named Nephrolith.

2.when did you and the other members of nephrolith meet? was it long until you formed the band? how did you decide on the name for the band? does it have a special meaning?

Nephrolith was at first my side-project with Isvaroth. The whole purpose was just casualy playing some black metal so I could practice my blast-beats (at the time I played drums). It was in the summer of 2008 and, I think, in the middle of august we decided to switch our priorities and found the guitarist Skargart so we could continue with Nephrolith as our main project. We had a few ideas for the name but Nephrolith sounded right. Nephrolith means kidney (nephros) stones (lithos). At first we thought of it as a symbol of this world (kidney) with the people (stones) destroying the existence.

3.what is the "current" line-up? how would you describe nephrolith's music to someone who has never heard it?
The real Nephrolith line-up, meaning the one that we had on our first concert is still the same. I am handling the vocals, Isvaroth and Skargart on the guitars, Tersagir on bass guitar and Navtyr is handling the drums. Our music is black metal but not something you might have heard of. It is melodic spiced up with influences from various other genres.

4.the band recently released it's new cd "xullux"how long did it take you all to write and record the songs for this release? are you and the other members of the band happy with how everything turned out? how has the response been from the press and the fans?

Well, Xullux was taking its shape all throughout 2009 and the beginning of 2010. We started recording in February of 2010 in Dyz Sonic Temple studio and everything was recorded in 3 months and then the album was mixed in a month or two. I think we are pretty satisfied with how everything turned out, although after you listen to the album for so many times after sometime you figure what could be better. Still, it is our debut and we never expected such a good result. The response from the press was really positive from our perspective, we got the expected critics, and still some really good ratings. Most of the fans were really amazed, but some missed the raw sound and the atmosphere that we had on our demo Vinsketh.

5.does the band get to play very many live shows or do you prefer to work in the studio only? who are some bands you have shared the stage with? if you could set-up a "dream show" who are some bands you would love tour/play with?

We had about 15 live shows in the first year, but then we preferred to have fewer and now we are completely focusing on our upcoming release. We shared the stage with Belphegor, Hate, Impaled Nazarene, Mortifera etc. I don’t have a dream show, there are bands I deeply respect, but on the other hand there is the tour with bands that might enable you to present music to bigger masses. Tough decision.

As it is a dream show I would revive Jon and Dissection and go on a blasting tour. If I am not restricting myself to the genre I would go with Katatonia, because I never get sick of listening to them. But if I think genre-wise and at least a bit possible, I would say Borknagar, especially now that they have Simen Hestnæs back. handle the vocals for the band,at what age did you start singing? who are some of your influences/favorite singers?

I am not sure exactly when I started singing, because I am always singing when listening to any kind of music alone. But I started practicing growl vocals around the age of 16.

I am mostly influenced by singers that don’t do much growling, like Simen Hestnæs, Jonas Renkse and Layne Staley. The biggest ‘growling’ influence on Xullux is probably Erik Danielsson. you do anything to keep your throat/voice healthy? besides singing do you play any other instruments?

Yeah I always try to warm up my voice properly, maybe eat some potato chips, a beer or two, sip of whiskey and I’m ready. I play drums whenever I can, else I have to be happy with the guitar when I am on the University in Ljubljana. you or any of the members of nephrolith currently play in any other bands or side-projects? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.
We had quite a few short-lived side-projects, but now we are all focusing on Nephrolith.

9.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what "black metal" means. so i was curious in your own opinion what does black metal mean to you?

Well black metal is more than just a genre to me. It is a way of expressing your extremes musically and visually.

10.the band comes out of slovenia's black metal underground. so i was curious what is your opinion of your countries metal scene?

My opinion of the Slovenian metal scene is kind of mixed. I think that the whole metal scene is big in Slovenia, but the organization of some events, the mentality of some people is just sad. Not everything is shit, some events are just simply great and there are really a lot of them throughout the year. Heads up to those. I think there isn’t enough support and help between Slovenian bands and people. Too much hatred between some is not the perfect solution to bring the message and metal culture out correctly.

11.who are some of your all-time favorite slovenian bands? are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

I have to mention bands like Siddharta who I liked since I was little. Nowadays they have some experimental rock going on. But when they released Rh- they had this great combo of symphonic metal and rock, I really love that album, worth checking. I think Laibach and of course Devil Doll, the experimental geniuses shouldn’t be left out, not exactly metal, but it had great influence on the bands to come. Baptism at Savica Fall demo/album from Noctiferia is the high point in the early Slovenian black metal scene for sure. I really don’t feel too confident about any new bands at the moment. There are some with potential, but nothing promising yet.

12.i believe we have reached the end of the interview. thank you for taking the time to fill this out. do you have any final comments for the readers of the zine?

Check us out if you haven't yet and thanks to all of you who took the time to read it.

interview with svarttjern done by patrick 9-19-2011

here is an interview with norwegian black metal band svarttjern.the band mixes in the cold,icy riffs of the classic norwegian gods with some elements of the second wave of black metal. a great band and must hear for fans of pure,unrelenting black metal.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with haan guitarist for svarttjern done by patrick

1.greetings haan,how are things going for you this week? please
introduce yourself to the readers.

HaaN: Ave All, things are getting busy, doing a million interviews and
promoting the album as best. Name HaaN aka Erik. S lead guitarist and
composer for the Norwegian black metal band SVARTTJERN.

2.when did you first discover metal? who were some of the first metal
bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorites?

HaaN: Guessing a pretty typical road to the darker side of music,
older siblings got me into to punk and from there got into metallica,
maiden etc. Around 16 - 17 I got into Slayer and more extreme stuff.

3.when did you all form svarttjern? how did you come up with the name
of the band? does it have a special meaning? what is the "current"
line-up? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you
describe svarttjern's music?

HaaN: HansFyrste and I started the band back in 2003 as a two -man
project. Skabb, FjellNord and Grimdun joined early 2004 started
immediately doing live shows, and have been since. We always get the
question regards to the name, SVARTTJERN is a painting by the
Norwegian artist August Cappelen, a young artists which painted during
the national romantic era. So it has nothing to do with black tarn as
we so often get called, it is not a simple as google translate. The
current line up is: HansFyrste- vocals, Grimdun – Battery, Fjellnord –

2. Guitar, HaaN – 1 guitar and our latest addition is our new bass
player Stg V. Think it`s hard to describe ones own music, but guessing
SVARTTJERN is modern extreme black metal band with influences through
others metal sub genres. As of today the band is getting more and more
technical at least in terms of the debut and general old school black

4.the band recently released it's second cd "towards the ultimate"
through agonia long did it take you all to write and
record the songs for this release?

HaaN: The whole creative phase on my part only took 3-4 months,
usually it`s fast when I first get in the necessary state of mind. As
for the rehearsals and studio work, it took a bit longer, guessing all
in all about 18 months from the first track was written to we had the
master tape done.

5.are you and the rest of the band happy with how it all turned out?
how has the response been from the press and the fans?

HaaN: Of course, would`t released it otherwise. In retrospective there
are always things one would have done different, could be minor
details here and there, but all in all very pleased with the result.
The response has been very good from both fans and the press. Was a
bit anxious for the feedback from the promo track “Breathing Soil”,as
this is a much more a “whole” album, not a concept album, but still a
more wholeness throughout the album which one has to experience.

6.does the band have any upcoming shows or tours in support of
"towards the ultimate"? if yes who are some bands you will be touring

HaaN: Can`t go into details. But a small European tour is being
planned. Besides this SVARTJERN is always open for playing live.
Organizers and bookers can get into in touch with us through our
facebook profile or myspace/svarttjern. Besides this we have release
gig I Oslo in couple of weeks.

7.if you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands{past or
present}you would love to play with?

HaaN: Even tough we don resemble much, I guess a support act on the
“Bathory” tour would be have been alright.

8.the band comes out of the legendary norwegian black metal
i was curious what is your opinion of norway's current scene compared
to 10-15 years ago?

HaaN: Well, as we are still a bit young, it`s hard to say. SVARTTJERN
has never bothered trying to get in the so-called scene at all. But as
10-15 years back is “only” around the year 2000 so the third wave of
Norwegian black metal had already began. Guessing the Norwegian scene
is loosing it`s position as “leading provider” of the genre, but I
personally could`t care less, we do not create music from a collective
state of mind, we do not have responsibility or will of either
maintaining or revolutionize the genre. It`s a general misconception
that we have “one” scene I Norway, that is not how it works, we have

scenes divided through geographical aspects. You have the Oslo, Bergen and “Nidarosian“ (Trondheim) scenes, which are the three biggest
scenes in Norway.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite norwegian bands? are their
any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

HaaN: Hm, hard question. Other Norwegian metal I personally like
which I guess is a bit underground Orcustus, Dead to this world,
Goatlord to name a few.

10.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what "black metal" i was interested in yours what does "black metal" mean to

HaaN: Most of all a dark artistic expression. For me it is much more a
artistic channel in terms of music. So many bands do the corpse paint
first, then write the (shitty) music after, can`t stand those bands,
and would never create and write black metal for the sole purpose of
creating or upholding an image. But as you mention it`s personal.
Can`t go into details, would take forever.

11. are you or any of the other members of the band currently working
with any other bands or side-projects?

HaaN: Think every member of SVARTTJERN has other bands or projects, I
have Bloodspawn with HansFyrste, he also have Ragnarok. Our latest
addition on bass guitar also plays with Sarkom. Fjellnord plays with
prog rock band called Magista Templi. And so on, we all do different
session work for friend projects and or more professional types of
work. handle the guitars for the band. when did you first start
playing the guitars? are you self-taught or have you had lessons?

HaaN: I actually started pretty late, was around 16 years I think. I
have had classical guitar education for three years, through a guitar
teacher in Oslo called Per Kristian Larsen. Metal wise I am self-
taught, still a lot of my classical education is being put into
SVARTTJERN music as well as my other bands/ projects. Don`t think it`s
cool to suck on your instrument or to “brag” about how little time you
spent in the studio, which some bands tend to do, makes no sense if
you ask me.

13.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists? do you play
any other instruments?

HaaN: Well, a bit nerdy perhaps, but have always been into the
neo-classical shredding part of metal guitar. Typical Jason Becker,
Tony Macaplhine etc. Today I am a bit into Guthrie Govan, at least
when only considering “guitar music”.

14.well haan,thank you for taking the time to finish this interview.
do you have any final comments for the readers?¨

HaaN; Thanks for the interview. Hope to see many of you through
touring over the next year.