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New reviews for 11-21-11

here is a new batch of reviews and their was really great releases this time around from naturmacht prod,heidens hart,silent scream rec. and more!! defintly if your looking for some good,quality dark metal check the bands out in this blog of reviews!!
regards,and enjoy!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

ancestors blood-when the forest calls cd {heidens hart rec.}
ancestors blood hail from the mighty finnish scene usually bands from finland whether it be black or death is great music. well ancestors blood is no different.the band has crafted some very well played and epic,atmospheric black metal.the music is not all over the top atmosphere though as the musicians are influenced by the early 90's norwegian/swedish black metal bands.the guitars are are done very well,the drums are played fairly fast with a few slower moments for both the band and listener to catch their breath.the vocals are harsh,black metal shrieks that will pierce your soul and destroy your eardrums with their intensity.another instrument that impressed me was the keyboards by now most bands who play atmospheric or epic style of black metal use them so it's no surprise.but ancestors blood has a done a great job intertwining them with the rest of the instruments to add a whole new layer to their sound.this is defintly one of my favorite releases i have heard from heidens hart and should not be missed by fans of epic,pagan black metal.
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infernal legion-the spear of longinus cd {moribund rec.}
moribund rec. is not really known for signing and releaseing death metal bands. but the few i have heard off the label have always had a certain dark aura and powerful sound within their musicial approach.
well the u.s infernal legion carry the torch high. after a six year hiatus the band returns with the massive the spear of longinus.nine tracks of guitar,bass heavy death metal. the band is not insanely hyper-speed fast or interested in being the most guitar-technical band like so many in todays scene. instead infernal legion play mid-tempo heavy death metal. no melodies,no harmonies,no breaks just pure death metal. the vocals are extremly heavy,deep growls and fit nicely with the bands musical style. if you are a fan of old-school death or if you remember infernal legion's earlier releases then you will want to pick this release up as soon as possible. death metal fans will not be disapointed.
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mordaehoth-eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart cd {heidens hart rec.}
why mordaeoth are not more well-known in the black,pagan metal scene after hearing this release.the band plays a more harsh,raw black metal with alot of has alot of folk influences throughout the songs to give the band an extra layer of creativity and intensity.the band uses acoustic guitars,well-sung clean male vocal patterns.the band is not afraid to show it's violent side with some really intense black metal with fast guitars, shrieks and fast drums. if you enjoy violent black metal with touches of pagan,folk metal then mordaehoth just may be a band you want hear.
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murw--in de mond vet obekende wacht een oceann cd {heidens hart rec.}
this is my first encounter with holland's first listen the band seems to be influenced by raw,atmospheric black metal. but when u listen a few more times you can hear a strong death/doom and even alot of progressive guitars within the blackness.the guitars are raw,mid-paced giving them the a nice black/doom type of sound but in the next song the band switches gears mixes in some unexpected progressive type of guitar riffs,and solo's defintly not used by most blackend,doom bands.the drums are mid-paced with some slow doomish beats but never really gain speed which is good cause murw has a perfect sound and i don't think the band would do good trying to incorporate fast,aggressive riffs or beats with their blend of progressive blackend doom. if you are a black metal fan who only listens,worships the old-school aggressive bands then most likely murw will be a band you will not like. but if you enjoy your black metal with alot of originality and creativity then murw is a band you must hear,highly recomended.
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sententia mortis--verbum inferi cd {self-released}
italy's masters of melodic,symphonic black metal are back with their follow-up to 2010's "mother earthquake".2011 shows the band making a truiumphant return with their second release "verbum inferi" with the first listen it is very obvious this band of musicians takes their music very seriously.the guitarist ranges from slower,darker riffs to a more mid-pace range. their is also a galloping,whirlwind of feeling and sound in a few of the songs that really give the guitars an epic,original with the case with all symphonic metal bands the keyboards are in full-force but the keyboardist for sentia mortis knows how to actually play them well. so their are some really well-played structures and mixed very well with the bands other musicial instruments.the vocals are equally as diverse with a few different styles and ranges. the main vocals are the death metalish growls and black metalish screams but the vocalist actually surprised me {but in a good way} and used some clean,male vocal lines in a few of the tracks.if you were lucky enough to hear the bands debut "mother earthquake" and you liked it. then be sure to pick up verbum inferi as soon as possible. as this is even better and shows the band growing.
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varulv-hellish presence cd {naturmacht prod.}
austria has always had a very strong,but at the same time a very underrated scene to me. whether it is a more atmospheric gothic,dark metal band or more straight forward blackend death band the bands have always been atleast good. well varulv can defintly be put in the genre of violent,straight forward black/death.the band uses and shows alot of musical talent and potential with the song-writing on hellish presence. filled with semi brutal black/death metal guitars and thunderous pounding drums roll through like a tank rolling it's way into battle. the vocals are equally as powerful and evil sounding with a deeper,gruff death metal growl and harsh black metal shrieks.the overall sound is violent and angry but the band does add some melody in some of the guitar structures to give hellish presence that exact feel and sound. with the brutal.violent black/death mixed with some melody it creates a very dark and eerie piece of black/death metal art. varluv are a band you will be hearing alot about in the future. if your a fan of blackend death metal with a dark atmosphere then defintly varulv are a band you will want to hear and own today!!
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zloslut--abyss of eternal deception demo {silent scream records}
i wasn't sure what to expect from this one man serbian band.but for a debut release and considering one-man did everything vocals,music."abyss of eternal deception" turned out really good.the vocals remind me a little of early immortal with some deeper,gruff vocals.the guitars are a little on the raw/primitive side but i've defintly heard much worse productions/sounds before plus i kind of like it as it gives the band the old-school feel of the late 80's,early 90's demo tapes before everyone went to the crystal clear cd sound or digital age of today.the guitars have the thin,razor sharp guitar riffs but stay within the mid-paced style but stefan is defintly an old-schooler by heart and mixes in some traditonal heavy metal,and thrashy guitar riffs and few solos within the songs.abyss of eternal deception is a great debut and well worth your time and money if you can find it. but i am also extremly curious to hear future zloslut releases to see if stefan lets his aggressive blackend thrash side loose or if he stays with the more mid-paced and controlled style of black metal.i think both styles could work for stefan and zloslut as he seems very comfortable playing both the faster,aggressive and the more controlled mid-paced style.
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zwaartplaag-haatstorm cd {heidens hart rec.}
zwaartplaag are defintly the most aggressive and straight-forward band i've heard from the batch of promo's sent from heidens hart.raw,fast guitars played with both aggressive intensity and precision,the vocals are the standard shrieks and evil screams but their are also some deeper growls within a few songs.this is a band that fans of straight-forward,aggressive black metal should defintly check out you will not be disapointed from this horde from the netherlands.
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interview with dale R.editor of canadian assult web-zine.done by patrick 11-13-2011

here is a new interview i have done with one of my longest and most trusted brothers within the metal underground.i remember ordering dale's 1st issue way back in the mid 90's and was totally blown away by his knowledge,passion for metal music. this is a man that literally eats,sleeps,thinks metal 24 hrs. a day.
unfortunatly i believe all his "printed" issues are long-sold-out. but dale like so many of the fanzine editors moved their beloved zine to the internet. and now u can read all the latest updates whenever you want 24 hrs. a day!! i will let dale tell u more in the interview but dale's main love lies within the old-school metal,black metal,death metal etc..but he reviews most everything sent if it fits his zin and tastes {and truthfully if u run a web-zine u know what i mean,but if you don't with the new invention of "digital promo's" the amount you recieve in one-week can overwhelming pretty quickly. so if any bands,labels do write to dale give him a little time to do a review before you start contacting him over and over.
anyways thanks as always to everyone who has stopped in to read this and all of winter torment web-zine.
best regards,

interview with dale roy editor of canadian assult web-zine,done by patrick

1.metal hails brother! how is your starting out? for the readers who don't know you or your zine please introduce yourself.

Well I am a late 30s metalhead that has been wandering around in the UG scene for the last roughly 20 years. Before that I was just your average long haired young guy into all the more mainstream metal bands in the mid 80s like Venom, Deep Purple, Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Anthrax, Savatage, Saxon, Slayer, Hellhammer etc… These days I am a family man with two kids living up in the mountains of Northeastern PA. I enjoy being in the countryside like the area I grew up in Canada. I tried living in Philadelphia for a little over 4 years and decided I hated city life and hate having so many people around me all the time. I guess I am just a little anti-social and have a little hermit in me. I still run my longtime zine Canadian Assault, but I have a feeling you will be asking me more about that in the following questions. So at the risk of repeating myself too much, I will just leave it at that. what age were you were introduced to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some bands that have recently caught your attention?

Ahhh I am not sure the exact age. But I guess the first say hard rock records I got into were probably around 7 years old with my older Sisters records (Trooper, Steve Miller Band, Queen etc…) and then metal around 9 or 10 years old. Some of the early metal bands were Twisted Sister, Kick Axe (Vices album), AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Savatage, Rush, WASP, and Iron Maiden. Then I got my hands on a Hellhammer tape and more importantly for me “Black Metal” from Venom and I completely lost my mind and decided right then and there to devote my life to this music. You can imagine from that point (early to mid 80s time period) I quickly got into Sodom, Kreator, Exodus, Infernal Majesty, Metallica, Slayer, Razor. My infatuation with death metal and black metal followed in the late 80s/early 90s. Hmmm… I get so many bands to review these days and as soon as you find a good one, it is time to move on to the next band to review. So they often do not stick with me as much as the old classics. But I guess a few recent releases from bands like Deathbound (killer band!), Drakar, Mr. Death, Semen Datura, Angelholocuast, Axeslaughter plus the new albums from old favourites like Pandemonium, Maniac Butcher, Cianide and Root got my juices flowing and head banging. Just about every release from I Hate Records in Sweden is superb. Also look for this amazing band from the States by the name of Famine.

3.i know before you started canadian assult fanzine. you wrote for alot of other great underground zines. what was it that got you interested in writing for zines in the first place? who were some of the zines you were a "writer" for?

Yes I wrote for some great fanzines for years (starting if memory serves around early 1993) before I started my own. Some of the zines I wrote for were The Sepulchral Voice (CAN), Growling Brutality (CAN), Eternal Darkness (US), Inner Source (US), Devourment Of Souls (Malaysia) and a few more. Well after I started to discover demo bands and ordered a few of their demos, they sent tons of paper flyers with the demo tapes. A bunch of those flyers were for fanzines. So I ordered a couple. Being in an isolated little mountain in Alberta, no one was into the shit I was into; I had no one to talk to about it. So the thought of having fanzines made by like minded people into the same stuff appealed to me. So much so after I read the first few, it was not just so I could read interviews with the bands or read reviews of new demos. But I actually became a fan of the fanzines themselves and especially the ones where the editors personality bled out on to the page. So I started collecting fanzines almost as heavily as new demos or new music. Eventually I wanted to do my part and be a part of that and also by printing my own zine I had a fanzine to trade to get everyone else’s zines. I guess the UG scene and being into fanzines is what inspired me to start my own fanzine. I had been writing for others for years, but I wanted to make my own mark and have a zine in which I controlled the content and everything. Because as you know especially back then I was a very opinionated metalhead and wanted to those opinions like the plague haha.

4.what gave you the idea to finally go from writing for other zines. to doing your own zine? how did you come up with the name? it's a name a venom 7 inch correct? i remember back in the 90's venom was one of your favorite bands would you still consider them your favorite?

I guess I got carried away and answered the first part of this question above. The name is taken from one of the bands I have worshiped the most through the decades which is Venom. It is taken from their Assault series. Specifically of course their Mini-LP series, it goes without saying that was a Canadian only release. Actually when I first started working on it the name was going to be another Venom song title which is Die Hard. Then when I was working on issue 1, a certain European label changed their name to Die Hard records. So I went with choice number two choice Canadian Assault. I also thought about Warhead as name, which is of course another Venom song title name but yet another little label started around that time and used that name as well. I figured if I chose Canadian Assault I narrowed down the chances greatly of anyone else ever taking the name on me haha. Venom are still one of my all-time favourites. Though I am really only talking about the earlier albums, the classic ones like Welcome To Hell through to Possessed.

5.i believe you had 10 "print" issues before going to the net. is their any interview that sticks out as a favorite of yours? you have interviewed some great,legendary bands over the years is their one band you have yet to interview that you would love to get the chance to interview?

Well only 9 print issues. Hmmm… To be honest I would probably lean towards no. I mean sure there are some great classic bands I never interviewed that I would have liked to. But at the same time it is weird but I do not feel almost worthy of interviewing them and on top of that they have this aura around them that is special to me. I have this fear that they will end up being ignorant assholes that do not give a shit about my interview and will forever taint my high opinion of them and enjoyment of their music as a result. I am probably just paranoid about that, but who wants to risk that. I worship those bands music and never want that to change from a bad experience.

6.what gave you the idea to go from the print zine in the direction of a web-zine? are you happy with how things have progressed so far?
what can people expect when they check out canadian assult web-zine?

Yeah I put a stop to the print zine due to the rapidly declining interests of people in print fanzines and the rising printing costs. It just became a bit of a money pit do properly. I mean who wants to go through all of that, spend all of that money on it. Then you just get Emails saying I would order it but I am getting lazy with the internet and just want all my interviews and reviews for free and more immediately online. I can not even be bothered to go to the post office any more, write a letter, put in money and then have to wait for it to come. That sort of message was coming constantly. Meanwhile I spent a bunch of money on print issues and a far greater amount than in the past was just sitting in boxes in my basement. I figured what the hell maybe I will save myself some money and try the online thing that everyone seems to want anyway. Well for the first year or two I just kind of missed the print zine thing. That is where my heart is. But after a while I started to adjust to it and I am now enjoying doing it and put more energy into it. I think it has progressed okay. I mean there are always more things that I had planned to add from past print issues that I just never seem to get around to. Having kids and family now you just always have or think of other shit you need to do when the times comes to do those extra frills. But I do update it pretty regularly. I get a little help from a great old friend like you Patrick to keep the new content flowing. I also recently added a video jukebox type of thing that plays killers songs and video from UG and classic metal bands with some promos of horror movies (one of my other big loves besides metal) mixed in. Something to listen to and/or watch when you come to the site.

7.i have said many times over the years but i'll say it again ha,ha. your interviews and reviews are some of the most well-written,in-depth i've ever read. so i was curious when you start work on a interview or review how long does it usually take you to complete a interview or review?

Well you are too kind and I am not sure I can agree with that. You probably overrate my abilities. My fave thing back in the day was making my interviews long and taking some time on the questions to attempt to draw the interviewee into spilling more of himself into interviews than you usually see. Sometimes I was successful at it and other times not so much. Oh damn I am going to sound like a guy from a band talking about writing a new song. But honestly the time really differs a lot from interview to interview and review to review. Sometimes when I listen to a record to review, the words just do not come and I have to listen to it over and over or take a break and come back to it at a later time. Then some other reviews I hear them once or twice and words just flow right out and I can bang a few reviews out in a night type of thing. With interviews I sometimes get writers block with them or I am not happy with my questions and erase some of them and start from scratch. Also if you have personally been in contact with the band and know their history really well the questions seem to come really quickly. The other bands I often like their new release but do not know them or much about their history. If I want to make it a good interview I need to be careful and thorough on how I craft the questions. Also with bands like that I do my research. I read about them online, dig out fanzines with interviews with that band. If the band is really cool and patient I might pick their brain through Email a little before finalizing the questions to get ideas. But if the person being interviewed is not interested in putting effort into their interviews, then it flushes your work down the toilet and does not matter how much work you put into the questions.

8.if any bands or labels might be interested are you looking to work with any new bands or labels? what styles of metal do you support/cover within canadian assult? how can interested bands,labels contact you?

Well I accept all metal or loosely related (punk/hardcore/hard rock) submissions. I make sure I review all hard copies sent on CD, so if you want a guaranteed review that is the way to do it. With the download mp3 links I do not review everything sent in or even close to it. I pick and choose and that includes bigger labels, small labels or demo bands. Feel free to send me the demo link, but no guarantee I will review every single thing. It gets to be too much doing it that way and starts to feel like an assembly line. Plus where do you draw the line with that stuff? You get some bands Emailing saying I have one or two songs up on youtube or facebook I want to you to review it. Well I am not going to review one or two songs and I need to download them so I can play them on my comp or mp3 player or put them on to a CD. I do not think that is asking too much, it does not really cost anything to make up mp3s and have it so you can download them. So with those loose rules in mind feel free to write me or submit something. I am always trying to support the scene and good bands. are like me and have been a part of the scene for twenty plus years {yikes we're old dale what happened-patrick} so i was curious of your opinion. how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? do you think it has gotten better with all the progression and technology or worse? i know some who say/feel the scene is dead or dying do you agree with this?

Yes Patrick we are old goats in this young mans scene haha. But that is a hard question. As much as old bastards like me and you miss the old days. I am sure we both utilize and enjoy certain aspects like the internet, Email etc… to our advantage. Maybe I am just getting old or too old school. But the camaraderie and brotherhood and feeling you are part of this special thing together seems like it is grossly lacking these days. The scene to me feels a little less close knit, a little less of the old spirit of wanting to help each other succeed whether it is a zine, a band or whatever. Now it is more of what can you do for me and how fast can you do it instead of how can I help you out brother attitude… I love that there are so many labels and bands these days but it feels like they are pulling in different directions and it is so hard to keep track of it all and so easy to get lost in the shuffle and more difficult to find and separate the good from the bad with the mass of releases. Too many bands that do not have to develop their sound releasing demos before getting an album out. At the same time the internet and technology has made it easier for some smaller or unknown bands, labels etc… from countries like Peru or Malaysia or Mexico get their stuff out there to more die hard metalheads. I am moving with the times but sometimes I feel like I am a little left behind the times too if you know what I mean. My head is in the now, but my heart is stuck back in the 80s and early 90s at times. I know this is non-commital sounding but it both better and worse with technology but also less personal and more distant than it used to be. Like many or even most people feel more like contacts than friends if you know what I mean? The scene is not dead or dying, but it is changing I think all of us who were around for a while can agree with that.

10. in your eyes whay does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

It is so hard to put into words sometimes. So I will just throw out some words and terms that come to mind when I think of the UG. Things like brotherhood, music, support, sharing, tradings tapes / CDS / zines / mp3s, passion, adrenaline, live shows, reviews, interviews, writing letters & Emails etc… But I think above all it is the brotherhood and music shared on deeper level than the average persons love for music, it is a way life and not just a fun little hobby to dabble in on once in a while. A good friend from France who has done zines and was in a number of fairly well known bands and was my tape trader for many years said simply to me once “trading (music / zines) = the underground”. you have any advice for anyone who is reading this is who is thinking of starting their own web or fanzine? in your eyes what makes a good zine?

Just make sure you really love it, that you are serious about doing it and know you will get joy or satisfaction doing it. Nothing helps kill the scene more than starting zines or bands, getting people attached to it and then you are just not that into and you go under practically over night. My advice is just Email or write a few people that have been doing it a long time and ask them for some advice personally. They will give you some tips and help you steer clear of the some of the easy mistakes to make and just tell you what is involved. Though I suppose these days with webzines especially there is less work and less risk that you have to put on the line. Maybe that is why they are usually not as good haha. That is coming from someone who does a webzine now. A good zine is one done by people who are dedicated and passionate for the music they cover and beyond that by people who are not afraid to expose themselves and put their personality into their writing and attitude.

12.besides metal i know you have always tried to have some horror-movie reviews etc.. within canadian assult {both the print and web-zine} so i was wondering what are some of your all-time favorite horror movies? what makes a good/enjoyable horror movie in your opinion?

Oh shit yes I love horror movies. It is a passion of mine for a long time. There are just so damn many I like. I will first list my fave of all time and that is the original Dawn Of The Dead by George A Romero from the last 70s (and yes I know some of his more recent movies are not that great to be kind). Some others would be Return of The Living Dead, The Evil Dead I & II, Phantasm I & II, The Beyond, Zombie, Exorcist, Deadbeat By Dawn, Roadkill, Silent Night Deadly Night, The Funhouse, Halloween I & II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Drink Your Blood, The Last House on The Left, House on the Edge of The Park, John Carpenters The Thing, Scream, Maniac, City of The Living Dead, Videodrome, Day of The Dead, Night of The Living Dead, Re-Animator, Streetrash, The Shining… It is just endless really, I love so many of those old horror flicks the best. You might notice a leaning towards zombie flims, always loved them most. I also like old cult movies that may be considered horror movies by some not by others like The Lost Boys or Trick or Treat. But there are some newer ones that are great as well. I mean I just recently seen this Swedish film called Trollhunter with subtitles and it was fucking killer! The new-ish halloween themed movie Trick ‘r Treat was good stuff too. I am also just into a lot of what people call cult movies and /or exploitation movies.

13.i was wondering what you thought of all these "classic" {and some not-so classic ha,ha} movies{both horror,and other genres} being re-made all the time? good idea,stupid your opinin here.

It is mostly a stupid idea and much of the time they are doing a fairly lousy job of it. Which makes the idea go from not the best idea to a horrible idea in a hurry. Like you say they are remaking everything these days!! I mean even the shit only the real die hards even knew about and even stuff like old made for tv movies from the 70s and 80s are now being made into feature movies for the theater. Now and then they make some remakes that actually do a pretty good job of it; usually they take the story at least somewhat into a new or fresh direction than the original. I had trepidations about them remaking Dawn of The Dead back in 2004 (which seems to be the start of the constant remake craze) and of course it is not as good as that epic classic original movie. But surprisingly it was actually a good movie that I still watch from time to time. I know a lot of people are shitting on those Rob Zombie directed Halloween remakes. But yeah man it is almost getting silly, every time you think there is nothing else to remake they go ahead and find something else. I mean everything from Footloose to Amityville Horror to The Crazies to The Fog to A Nightmare on Elm Street to Deathrace 2000 to Taking of Pelham 123 to Conan to Fright Night to Planet of the Apes (twice!) and on and on and on. It is endless. They will not be happy until every movie that was not already a remake is made into a remake. It does not even have to have been a popular movie when the original came out haha.

14.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out.continued good luck to you and canadian assult web-zine!! do you have any final comments for the readers?

No thank you for the support and the cool questions my metal brother! I would just like to thank anyone who I have been friends with in the UG scene or supported Canadian Assault even the smallest way. Keep checking the Assault site and we will keep bringing you the metal!

if anyone would like to check out the mighty canadian assult web-zine you can do so by following this link. {email,contact info is on the site for any interested bands,labels}

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interview with zloslut and owner of silent scream rec.done by patrick 11-6-11

zloslut is a new one-man band from the mighty serbian black metal scene.if u enjoy cold,dark black metal then defintly check out zloslut soon. u can find them on myspace,facebook etc...
stefan also owns the small {but growing!!} new label silent scream rec. if you are an old-school fan of tapes,cdr's etc.. then silent scream is a GREAT Label with a few quality releases. as well as new releases coming soon.
thanks for reading and all the support..
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with stefan vocals,all instruments for zloslut and owner of silent scream records.done by patrick.

1.metal hails stefan! how is your week starting out? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello to you and to the readers!
I am Stefan "Hunter" from Zloslut, Stonecrypt, Kolac i am also the owner of Silent Scream Records label...

Well my week passed not bad, i had rehearsal with Kolac, and where little busy with promoting the demo "Abyss Of Eternal Deception", i were too preparing new materials for Zloslut... what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Well i were 5 or 6 years old when i first heard about Iron Maiden (my favourite band still today), AC/DC, Guns N' Roses...
Well i am open in all musical genre, i can listen to Post-Rock then Death Metal, i like punk too..
But Black Metal is too me something among everything..

Bands i like to listen in those days... The Devil's Blood, Baptism, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Peste Noire, Burzum, Thine, Lifelover... And many, many more, but those are more often in the playlist.

3.when did you start up the band zloslut? how did you come up with name for the band? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?

Well Zloslut was formed by myself in march 2010, because i wanted to do something wich decision depends only by me.
The name is in Serbian and the meaning in literal translation is "The one who means evil".
Well in August 2010, the idea about Zloslut were lost, because me and Sothis have formed Stonecrypt...
And this year in june, i come with an idea to bring back to life the story about Zloslut.
Well first demo is a lot various, i talk about lyrics and music too, because some text are about evil, occultism and blasphemy and other are about depression, death, loneliness and misanthropy...
The music in general is cold/raw.. Except Triumph Of Evil which this track is totally Black/Thrash... are the only member of the band. when you started the band did you plan to work alone? have you searched for other members to join? what do think are the advantges and disadvantges to being in a one-man band?

Well as i said in the last question, yes i wanted to Zloslut be a one man band.
And no i didn't want anyone to be involved in this story...
For me a one man band can be only advantages, because you can do what ever you want without thinking about another member opinion..
But the only disadvantages is that there is more to work on it, in bands with more then 2 members everything goes, more faster..

5.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past or present} who would you like to work and write with?

Well, no one will be involved as a official member or session...
But it's possible that someone will sing or play on a song, it all depends. recently sent me a promo copy of the new demo "abyss of eternal deception". how long did it take you to write nnd record the songs for this demo?

Some lyrics were written back in 2009, and the music were a collection of riffs from other bands i were with.
Maybe 2 or 3 month.

7.are you happy with how everything turned out on the demo? how has the response been from the press and the fans?

Yes i am satisfied, the only thing i don't like that much is the drum machine, and the production could be more better.
The response from press and the fans were 50/50.

8.where can fans get a copy of the demo? if you have any other band information or merchandise please feel free to tell the readers about it.

Well the demo can be order from Silent Scream Records / Some Kind Of Distro or by contacting Zloslut e-mail, last tapes, so the interested ones, it's the last chance..
And yeah i would like to say that there will be a split release through my label with Uruk-Hai (Aus), Gromkult (USA) and Zloslut.
It will be out the 7th november, limited to 80 hand-numbered copies on tapes, it will be available by the bands, label and Some Kind Of Distro. i mentioned earlier in the interview you are sole-member of the band. so i was wondering which instrument was the hardest one for you to learn? which one is you favorite one to play?

Well there is no instruments which is more hard to learn...
I am playing guitar since i'm 7 years old, i were in a conservatory for 7 years, then i stoped and continued by myself.
Then a few month ago i bought a bass, and it goes well to me, but i already played bass before from time to time.
But i can say that drums are complicated for me if it comes to recording or something because i am not that skilled to play blast beat or stuff like that. :))

10.everyone has their own opinions,ideas on what "black metal means so i was curious of your opinion what does black metal mean to you?

Well as you said, everyone have his opinion about what is or what should be Black Metal, but for me B.M is when you listen to it, and fill every single detail of the song, when you are 100% in that, and when you are emotionally connected with the music.
It doesn't mean if someone wear a Mayhem shirt that he is "true", but the most important thing is when your at home and listen it, and filling it and enjoying it. come out of the great serbian metal underground scene. it seems like to me serbia has a small {but growing!} metal scene. would you agree? what is your opinion of serbia's metal underground scene?

I agree with you, but the problem is that we have a lot of bands, but there is no public for it, and the kids in general prefer to download music by internet instead of buying the release and supporting, the shows are well visited, but Serbian metal scene have to work a lot more to be something outside...
For example here are some bands that might know people outside of Serbia:
Bombarder (Speed/Thrash Metal), The Stone (B.M), May Result (B.M), Bane (Black/Death), Awaiting Fear (Death Metal), Infest (Deathrash Metal) and for the true underground people Angelgoat (Black Metal).

12.who are some of your all-time favorite serbian bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

My favourite Serbian metal bands are Bombarder, The Stone, May Result, Kozeljnik, Vehementer, Svartgren, Infest...
But i support all bands, doesn't mean if their metal or punk..
I like too band Ana Never, every post-rock fan should check this band!
Well i recommend to take a listen to the new album of The Stone, and to check the band Bane, their a band formed in 2006, but it's only 2 years ago that they reformed it, they are amazing!

13.besides the band you also own and run "silent scream records" when did you start up the label? are you happy with how everything is going so far?

Yeah, the label started in september 2010, and it served me in the purpose to release my own bands, but few month after i decided that it will be much more, so now i am in contact with bands from all over the world, and soon they will be more release announce.
For now everything goes well.

14.please tell the readers a little about each of your releases? are you currently working on any new releases for the future?

Well, the demo were released the 6 october this year, i wanted to be a self-release, it's limited to 66 tapes.
The split will be released the 7th november on my label, the split is between Zloslut, Uruk-Hai (Aus) and Gromkult (USA).
Now i am working on new songs, lyrics are already written, i finished some new riffs and melody..
If the release turn well about production and everything, it will be an EP.

15. if any bands are reading this what styles of metal do you release only black or other metal genres as well? are you currently looking for new labels to trade with?

Silent Scream Records is a label specially interested in Black/Death/Thrash/Doom metal, but i am also interested to release a good project no matter of it's shoegaze, ambient, drone or hnw..
I am always interested in trades! :))

16.well stefan thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks to you and your web-zine, and to the readers.
Well all info about Zloslut can be found on the facebook page or myspace..
Any private question contact my e-mail:

silent scream web-site