Monday, January 16, 2012

metal-reviews for 1-16-2012 {1st batch of the year!}

metal hails,
these are a little overdue but here is the first {of what i hope will be many!!} batch of metal reviews for winter torment in 2012. thanks as always to everyone who has taken the time to read winter torment or supports metal!!!
hope you will find some metal to your likeing.
enjoy and keep the flames of metal burning all year long.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

artania--night shall crown ye digital-cd {hunter's moon records}{reviewed by patrick}
artania are a young band coming out of the ever growing russian black metal scene.the band does a great job of mixing semi-fast,aggressive black metal with dark,haunting atmospheres to make a very unique and enjoyable release.the band uses some well-played keyboards and amazing well-sung operatic female vocals. but usually with alot of the newer bands in the scene today the keys and female vocals kind of dominate a bands sound and the rest of the instruments are left in the background. not with artania the members do a great job of mixing in the guitars,keyboards and female vocals {when used they are not in every single line of a song thankfully}
artania are a band that have defintly raised the bar within the "atmospheric,epic black metal" realm. something that is not easy to do in todays scene.highly recomeded to fans of atmospheric black metal.
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ave maria-chaper 1 cd {ahdistuksen aihio}{reviewed by patrick}
after listening to ave maria's debut simply titled chapter one a few times.i have to say this one of the most impressive and well-written dark,black metal masterpieces i've heard in years. and another impressive fact is this is just the bands debut release! the music is played slower almost black/doom to a more mid-paced black metal pace.the guitars have the harshe,screechy sound in parts but also their alot of really good solo's and well played structures.the drumming is top notch while keeping the keeping up with the guitars never really going full on blasting which is good cause i think ave maria have a great style and sound within the mid-paced realm {although as mentioned earlier this is the bands debut so who knows the band might speed things up in the future} ave maria are not strictly black metal clones and add a little variety {ugh usually a horrible a word when describing black metal music in my opinion} with some psychedlic and melody and somber moments to add an extra layer of darkness to the bands already dark sound and feel.ave maria are defintly a band influenced by pure black metal but are also not afraid to mix in melody or different elements. highly recomended to all who listen and enjoy blackend,dark metal

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dead-hard naked but..dead cd {FDA Records}{reviewed by patrick}
germany's dead return with a new assult of sleazy,filthy old-school brutal death metal.i remember hearing this bands name through tape-traders,fan/web-zines etc. over the last 10 yrs or so. but sadly i never got any of their earlier releases {i'm kicking myself now after hearing their latest} i was under the impression the band was more of a gore-grind style band but with hard naked but..dead the band is full-on old-school death metal with a healthy dose of brutality.dead is stripped down death metal inspired by such legends as autopsy,cianide,etc.. you know bands who don't have to play a million notes and blasts a minute to prove they are brutal or heavy and they are defintly not the newer genre of death metal that plays the godawful core or over-played technical style. dead are not a copycat or blatant rip-off band. they play this style of metal for the sheer love and genuine support of this genre.and this shines thorough in the bands musical abilty and writing.the band have crafted some great guitar work and drums to keep the music interesting and never really gets boring.the vocals are powerful growls. dead have crafted a solid death metal release that will please both long time fans as well as new ones.
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degradation--juggernaut cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
chicago illinois is defintly known for having some great bands come out of this great state over the years.and degradation will soon be added to this list. juggernaut is pure aggressive thrash insanity the band members are thrashers to the max usually today it seems like most bands mix in black or death or even some punk within their thrash music.but not degradation they keep it pure 80's u.s styled thrash whirlwind guitars with intense riffs and catchy notes.the drumming is top-notch and is done flawlessly in the execution.the vocals are not bad but remind me alot of tom arya but still fit the bands style and music nicely.overall degradation play some really good thrash metal and fans of this genre should defintly give the band a listen.

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die hard-evil always return/emissaries of the reaper cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
die hard are a great swedish band playing metal the way it should be played dirty,aggressive old-school death/,raw guitar riffs fast drumming pounding amazing and well done.gruff growls and blackend screechs spew out the lyrics. die hard are defintly fanatics of the old-school sound and i must say they play it with it alot aggression and passion. in a endless sea of bands who play old-school metal nowadays die hard are defintly at the top the list of greats that will still be standing tall once the trend has passed and all the posers are either gone or crushed by the true metal warriors of the underground scene. defintly a band fans of old-school,raw aggressive death/thrash will enjoy this band and their releases.
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embalmed--exalt the imperial beast cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
mexico's embalmed are defintly right at home on the mighty hells headbangers roster.11 tracks of hyper-speed,unrelenting blackend death non-stop blast beats,guitars that are played at inhuman speed. their are some thrash influence heard within the music of embalmed but mainly the band goes for insanity and unrelenting old-school sound.usually i love this style of violent,brutal metal but embalmed just are mostly noise and at the end of the disk it is not that memorable or interesting. only fans of non-stop blasting blackend death with very little else will enjoy this release.
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entrench-inevitable decay cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
entrench from sweden play violent "classic" thrash metal. the band seems to be influenced mostly by the early german gods of yesterday.the musicians of entrench have alot of good musical ideas to keep the music both fresh and memorable while keeping the pure thrash sound and attack alive within entrench's songs.chaotic fast guitars that while being played at insane speeds also have some complex structures and solo's that are pulled off flawless in their approach. it seems their are alot of thrash metal bands coming out of nowhere in the scen but entrench have alot of great ideas added within their thrash that makes this band defintly one to stand out and above the endless sea of others currently flooding the scene. fans of intense,raging thrash defintly get ahold of entrench's-inevitable decay today!!
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haemoth--in nomine odium cd {debemur mortii prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
after six years of silence the french black metal horde return with in nomine odium. the new release is an attack on all things good or peaceful in the world.razor sharp guitar riffs that will send chills down your spine,combined with some violent blasting drumming entertwined with some of the harshest black metal vocals to be heard in a long time.haemoth are the type of band that drew me to black metal in the first place with their uncompromising raw,vicious hate-filled approach to black metal. i would say only fans of early 90's pure,cold black metal will enjoy this sick masterpiece.
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immolith--stormdragon cd {}{reviewed by patrick}
immolith are a black metal band from the u.s that i have been a "fan" of since their debut e.p a few years back. if you have never heard this bands brilliance the band plays traditional,uncompromising black metal the way it should be played.the musicians seem to be on the same dark path as with their previous releases keeping the music fast,razor sharp guitars,fast drums that do slow to a more mid-pace range from time to time that are very well done and demonic,screechy vocals.production on stormdragon is defintly the best i've heard on a immolith release! still maintaining the raw,angry feeling but the production on stormdragon is not as primitive or muddy as immolith's previous works i hope the band can keep this production as it fits perfectly with their vicious,violent of uncompromising,no frills black metal this will please long time fans of immolith as well as draw new ones to this mighty u.s horde recomended.
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maax--unholy rock and roll cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a band i have been hearing and seeing alot about the last few months so i was eager to hear this cd when it arrived with the abyss promo's. with a title like "unholy rock and roll" it shouldn't take a genius to figure out what style of music this band plays.dirty,filthy old school blackend thrash with alot some rock and roll influences espically with their catchy guitars. hyper-speed yet very catchy and memorable guitar riffs and solo's entertwined with equally as catchy and fast paced drumming that keep the pace moving nicely and never lets it get boring or to slow.vocals are a mix between blackend screams and outbursts of deeper growls. maax are a band that know how to play to craft old-school sounding black metal and make it sound like sheer perfection. if you enjoy blackend thrash with rock influences look past all the posers and pick up maax's unholy rock and roll today!!
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nemesea--the quiet resistance cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
nemesea are a female-fronted band playing some amazing and well-done atmospheric rock and metal mix with touches of gothic.i had my doubts to be honest when the label had the band labeled as "alternitive rock".now nemesea defintly won't win any awards for being the most extreme or over the top metal but i defintly would not throw them in with the shitty alternitive rock scene.
so what can you expect from nemesea's third release? you get very emotional and powerful music and songs filled with both lots of atmosphere,and catchy memorable songs. whether it is the emotional ballad "i live" or the more upbeat,energetic songs like "allein" or "stay with me" nemesea have it all! and are all extremly well trained with their instruments to pull off whatever the song structure calls for.i have to admit i am a picky bastard with female vocals and bands in this genre usually have great music but the vocals ruin it for me. but that is not the case here. front woman manda is simply breath taking and amazing with her diverse singing styles and delievery.nemesea are probably one of napalm's best new bands and i for one see a great future for them.
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sanguis imperium--in we march towards our doom cd {hells headbangers records}{reviewed by patrick}
california's sanguis imperium have released one of the most violent,heaviest death metal releases to be released in sometime.the band doesnt try to clone or follow any of the current musicial trends out now.instead the band follows their own path of destruction and has created some of the heaviest,violent sounding death metal fast heavy guitar riffs that range from insane whirlwind riffs and solo's to a more controlled heavy mid paced riffs.the drums are furious blasts of rage but slow down with the guitars that only add to the bands heaviness and intensity.the vocals are deep,sick growls and tormented shrieks of agony. fans who enjoy early 90's style death metal with a touch of war-metal insanity will love sanguis imperium and their sick vision of death metal.
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saturnian mist--gnostikoi ha-shaitan cd {ahdistuksen aihio rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
finland's saturnian mist have created an interesting release with their newest release mixing black metal,industrial, and even some heavier progressive guitar riffs.all of the members of saturnian mist are good at their instruments and i give the band alot of credit for trying to be original and creative {something that is lacking in music today} but in this case i think saturnian mist have bitten off more than they can chew. maybe if they only combine two elements together like prog and black metal or black metal and industrial it might be more memorable. this might appeal to the newer fans of black metal but as for me i say pass.
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thousand year war--tyrants and men digicd{abyss rec.} {reviewed by patrick}
alaska's thousand year war have released a great release of heavy straight-forward death metal but their is also alot of melodic over-tones to give the band a nice mix of straight-forward brutal death metal and melodic death thunderous drumming patterns mixed with some intense outbursts of blasting rage.the guitars are heavy and thick sounding within their approach but their is also some well written complex riffs and solo's.the vocals are powerful,deep growls and some blackend shrieks.the band does have some darker more melodic parts. the band seems more comfortable and at home playing the heavier straight-forward death metal style
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vore--gravehammer cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this was quite a surprise as i remember hearing,buying this bands debut demo "dead kings eyes" back in it was great to see/hear the band still going strong.this is vore's fourth release.gravehammer is simply amazing and flawless death metal.i would say the first thing that caught my attention was the bands sheer heavy guitar sound and pounding drums.the musicians never stray away from the mid-paced range,but vore only prove you don't have to play a million millions an hour to be heavy and intense death metal.i am not sure why the band is still unsigned but this is another thing i wanted to mention as this is a quality band that plays what they love and want to,not whats popular.vore are a band that will please all fans of heavy,pure death metal
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