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kommandmant--the draconian archetype cd {ATMF}{reviewed by patrick}

i have been patiently waiting for this release for a few months now. and i must say it was well worth the wait! for those unfamilar with kommandmant they are a u.s based blacked,war metal band that has been on the metal warpath for a few years now.mixing uncompromising,violent black metal their is also a strong thrash element within the chaotic riffs and structures. the drums are a non-stop barrage of blasts. the band does give itself and the listener a break with some mid-paced interludes,but quickly regroups for more chaotic metal onslaught.this is by far kommandmant's strongest and most mature music to date complex,yet chaotic.if you are familar with the bands previous e.p's you know what to expect from these sick warriors,if you are new to their insanity then expect nothing less of brillant,yet chaotic blackend,war,thrash with a healthy dose of war-metal insanity. label contact band contact

legions of crows-stab me cd {funeral rain rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

this is a duo that mixes fuzzed out black metal and doom together.musically the band keep it in the slow to mid-paced doom range.the band does have some faster black metal guitar moments but they are few and far between.the vocals use alot of effects which i am not a fan of trying to create a darker,demonic effect on their voice {i assume} but doesnt really work for this band in fact i think it hurts,as the music is ok but the vocals totally ruined this release for me.i do respect the band for trying to be creative or whatever but it failed pretty miserably on stab me.hopefully they will try a different approach on the next release.

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nunslaughter-hells unholy fire double-lp. {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

damn! hells headbangers have been busy this year releasing great,quality metal. this time re-releasing the legendary release hells unholy fire originally released in 2000 this is was the debut full-length {even though the band has countless bootlegs,e.p's,demo's, etc.} from the band. i would guess most reading this have atleast heard one release or one song from these guys but if no? well then you are missing out! nunslaughter embrace and embody all that made death metal great in the first place mid-paced,heavy guitars with some catchy riffs/solo's,drums are equally as catchy going from slower to mid-paced even moving to the fast paced for a few songs. and of course the sick,growls. this era of death metal {early/mid 90's} is probably my favorite in the metal scenes history due to the fact that bands didn't try to out play each other with over the top complex,technical riffs or blast a million beats into one song they just played from the heart and what they loved.not what others were doing or what the labels were pressuring them to. so to end this review before i bore the hell out of everyone. if you are a nunslaughter fan you will want this for two reasons no.1 it has been out print for many years,and no.2 the label and band were kind enough to add a bonus disk {for the cd version unsure about the lp. sorry} "An evening at war" live" Lp. recomended to metal fanatics!!!.

label release

profanatica--sickened by the holy host/the grand master sessions double LP.{hells headbangers}{reviewed by patrick}

if you consider yourself a "fan" of raw,dirty and blasphemous black metal you will want to get this new double-lp from the masters as soon as possible. this is not the new release profanatica but a double-12 inch.the first side entitled "sickened by the holy host" includes 5 new tracks in the grim,profanatica style at it's finest.among other re-recordings of past classic songs.the second side/part entitled "the grand master sessions"originally recorded in 2008. the songs on this release are still grim,filthy but also seem to have a thrashy element within the thin guitars that cut through your speakers and eardrums like sharp drums that pummel your senses and keep your head banging to their rhythm.truly demonic,sick blackend vocals spew out some of the most blasphemous lyrics ever written. profanatica have stood the test the test time through all the trends,and bullshit that infected the black metal scene over the years. now get this great double-lp and hear why!! mandatory for fans of fans grim,filthyblack metal from this legendary band

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pseudogod--deathwomb catechesis cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

listening to deathwomb catechesis from russia's pseudogod it's hard to believe it's the bands debut release.eight songs of bass,guitars heavy with equally heavy,fast pounding drums combined to make a very noisy,angry style and sound. but don't write the band off as just another death metal band as that would be a mistake. just when you least expect it the band slows down to more controlled mid-paced death/doom style similar to older incantation or cianide. then speeds back up to the darkend,heavy style pseudogod is crafting to perfection.the vocals are just as angry and heavy as the music itself,deep growls that add another layer to pseudogod's already heavy who enjoy straight forward death metal with touches of old-school mixed in should not miss pseudogod's debut cd on hells headbangers rec. label contact

ritual--the resurrection cd {funeral rain records}{reviewed by patrick}

after a long silence the u.s b.m band ritual returns with a new release for the fans.some of you might remember ritual from their beginnings in the mid 90's {the summoning 1995,demonic winter metal 1997,and 1998's soldiers under satans command} well present day,main man ian flemming {vocals,all instruments} returns with the resurrection. ritual's music is defintly within the black metal genre but ian is not afraid try and use some really well creative guitar structures to keep the listeners attention and to give each song a life of their own.musically ritual stays within the mid-paced almost doomish black metal specter.overall ritual's newest release is a good release of quality black metal.maybe not the most violent,extreme sounding band out there but still gets the point across.
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sanguinary misanthropia- diabolic gnosis Mcd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}

australia's satanic blackend thrash metal maniacs sanguinary misanthropia have released one of the most intense metal releases in some time.and done it with both uncompromising intensity and precision and flawless instruements.the vocals are mixed between shrieks and deeper growls and are delievered with alot of intensity and hateful aggression.sanguinary misanthropia have created satanic black metal the way it should sound and be played fast,uncompromising and evil. fans of satanic black/speed metal will defintly want to check out sanguinary misanthropia.

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witchtrap--vengeance is mine cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

after six years of silence the masters of black/thrashNroll return with a new release for all headbangers to bang their heads to.the band does the hard job of mixing old-school thrash/black metal but also mixes in some mid-paced rockNroll guitars that are catchy and mixed very well in the bands metal style.the drummer does a good job keeping up with the changing tempo's going from faster beats to the more mid-pace rock styled ones. but always keeping the music tight and catchy which will keep the riffs,solo's and beats in your head long after the cd is shut off.vocals are old-school gruff,screams that you can understand what is being said. fans of 1980's thrashy,speed black metal mixed with some rock influence will love witchtrap and their lateste metal gem vengeance is mine..

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zloslut--pustos i prevare izgubljen e.p {silent scream rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

zloslut is the creation of stefan "hunter"sucurovic. the music created by stefan is pure "classic" sounding black metal .razor sharp guitar chords,with fast to mid-paced drumming.the musical structures go from a cold,mid paced black metal style similar to the early 90's norwegian sound,to an all-out frenzied assult,vocals are harsh,screams.zloslut's music is not the most original sounding but stefan has enough heart and sheer talent for playing and creating good and memorable black metal.this is defintly a band to watch out for in the black metal underground.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

journey's through the black abyss radio show returns after 3yrs of silence on core of destruction.

after three years of silence co-owner and d.j "grave" at core of destruction radio has decided to resurrect her black metal show!! if you remember this show from the will know the greatness that grave brings to her shows both with her knowledge of world-wide black metal,and her ability to keep the listeners attention inbetween songs. check out the video-promo for the show for more details or check out the core of destruction radio web-site for more information and be sure to check out the station's other great shows while you are there!!!!

grave has asked me to help spread the word on her show. which i had planned to do as i have been a friend of hers since the beginning of winter torment. she is one of the most honest,hard-working people i know in the scene. so if your band or label plays,or releases black metal then defintly do not hesitate to contact her today!! and send her any songs,information you have. or if you have any questions i am sure grave will be happy to answer them asap... to email grave just contact her through her official email:

thanks for reading and supporting underground music!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

interview with whispers of the black wulf done by patrick 4-6-12

here is a interview with a new u.s dark,ambient,occult band whispers of the black wulf. currently the band is waiting for the release of their split cass.tape with divested.and working working on songs for their for debut full-length. fans of dark metal should defintly give w.o.t.b.w a listen and check them out..
regards,and thanks for reading
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with Abyssous all instruments for whispers of the black wulf done by patrick..

1.hails! hope your having a good week so far? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Heil! I am Abyssous, the creator behind Whispers of The Black Wulf

2.when did you first become interested in playing music? who are some musicians {past or present} you admire or consider influences and/or favorites?

I was around thirteen or so when I wanted to play music. Doyle from The Misfits is actually what made me want to play guitar believe it or not. My main influences and inspirations for creating music are honorably and proudly cited as Vindkall of Domgard, and Shamaatae of Arckanum. These two bands are HUGE sources of spiritual and musical inspiration, but for this project there are no musicians nor bands who I can site as an influence as it is all crafted from within our heart and soul.

3.i know you are currently working on a new band called "whispers of the black wulf" when did you get the idea to start this project?

WOTBW is a very personal project, as it means more to me than any band could. It was started between Akasha Wolfesblood and myself as a way to create an atmosphere that interpreted a spiritual current of energy and magick that we share between us.

4.i was curious the name is pretty original so i was wondering how did you come up with it? and for the readers who have never heard w.o.t.b.w how would you best describe the music?

The name was essentially thought of by Akasha. My spirit is of a wulf in every way, shape and form. I've always felt a deep connection with the wulf, as far back as a child. But she truly brought out the primal instinct that laid dormant in me. When creating music and soundscapes for this project she would always say my words and feelings that came through the music were as whispers and that is what eventually lead to us calling the project Whispers of The Black Wulf.

5.i know whispers of the black wulf will have a split casette tape coming soon with divested.when will this be released? any idea how many songs each band will have on the split?

We do not know of an official release date as of this moment, the album is still in production but should be done any time now. Each band has three songs, with Divested opening and WOTBW closing.

6.will this be a self-release between the two bands or will you work with a label?

The split is being put out by Perverse Misanthropic Records as a matter of fact! It will be a very limited run, but included will be special edition pin badges with each cassette! are also working on your full-length,on cassette i believe. do you have a release date set for this release yet?

Well, we are working on a full length but as far as what format and when we do not know. It is still very early in the writing process to worry about releasing it.

8.will the full-length be released on the same label as the split or have you decided yet?

I am still not sure yet. I would love it to be but we will see. often do you get to practice,work on music? when you begin working on a new song,how long does it take to complete a song?

Being that the music is all computer/synth driven, and based on feeling and pure spirit there is no practice involved. It takes a very long time for a song to be completed. As I said, this is a very personal project, and very much a ritual more than it is "music." We put our souls and hearts into crafting these soundscapes.

10.i know you have played in both one-man bands and also full bands with others. which do you prefer or do you care?

It depends on my mood really. Sometimes I get the "live" itch and want to play shows. But for the most part, I enjoy being isolated and finding an escape within myself to create magick and beauty.

11.what would you say are the advantages and disadvantages to being in a one-man band?

The advantages are endless! Total creative control is the main importance. The only disadvantage is playing live, which doesn't really seem to excite me anymore as it used to. i mentioned earlier in the interview both of the split and the full-length will be released on cassette. did you choose this format or did the label?

The label is the one who essentially chose the format, but I was going to suggest it anyways as I absolutely abhor digital releases. CD's are worthless nowadays. I feel if you are going to buy something, make it worth buying. Cassettes are very old school and just really cool. I would love a vinyl release one day, but that is a goal way down the road seeing as records cost an arm and leg... seems in the digital-age.more bands and labels are doing downloadable releases and passing by Cd's and physical releases in general. do you think Cd's will soon become a thing of the extreme underground, like cassette tapes,vinyl or do you think Cd's will still be here for a few more years?

I already see CD's becoming obsolete. More labels are releasing analog albums which I think is how it should be done in the first place! Keep it old school, keep it underground! Let people down the music for free (as they are going to do so anyways, so might as well make it available officially!) and sell physical copies in a format people would pay for!

14.well with that last question,i have seen some cassette tape labels coming back in the underground. do you think cassette tapes will make a comeback to those who are anti-digital releases?

Oh absolutely! I know plenty of labels who are strictly cassette ONLY and I admire that. Keeping the original tradition alive. I hope for the days of tape trading again.

15.if you don't mind i wanted to ask you a few questions about your beliefs.i know you study shamanism.when did you become interested in studying this subject/religion? for the readers who might be unfamiliar with what exactly is shamanism ?

First and foremost, I am a devoted practitioner and studier of Thursatru. It is based upon Norse/Germanic traditions and means "The Belief in the Thurs." The Thurs are giants/trolls/wolves of the old norse religion. They are the keepers of black magick, wielders of all hidden knowledge, and essentially the true holders of all wisdom.

I practice this praxis through shamanic aspects of spirituality and magick to achieve the wholeness of my true spirit in connection with them. Shamanism basically means "to communicate with the spirit world." And being that us as humans are on the physical plane of existence, meditation, runic magick and rituals give the spirit its necessary wings to travel into the world beyond our own. do you feel the world would be different if religion of any kind never existed?

If you believe in nothing you walk a meaningless life. You do not necessarily need to be "religious" but I feel that if you walk a path you feel connected to, you serve a purpose to yourself instead of wandering aimlessly. you ever draw inspiration from shamanism for any of your bands lyrics? or do you try to keep your music,and beliefs separate?

My beliefs are not a part of WOTBW, but are fully expressed in my black metal band, Cryptic Throne.

18.coming back to music for a minute, i know you currently have other bands your working with. can you please tell the readers a little about the bands and what styles they are?

Cryptic Throne - Black Metal/Ambient which is my main focus. But I have also been jamming in SPITUPON.. The style is hard to describe as the band is still in the very early stages of song writing and learning to play well as a band.

19.well nate,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. i hope it didn't bore you to much? ha,ha. do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you for the interview, total support to this webzine and all it contains!

Heil Ginnungagap! Heil Thurisaz!


interview with zloslut done by patrick 4-6-12

metal hails!!
here is a new interview with stefan of the serbian black metal band zloslut. stefan has just released his debut e.p "pustos i prevare izgubljenih" through stefan's own small but growing label silent scream records {find addresses for ordering at end of the interview}
enjoy and support the real underground bands,labels that are making music for the love of it,not the money.
keep the flames of metal burning bright.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with stefan "hunter" sucurovic vocalist,all instruments for zloslut,owner of silent scream rec. done by patrick.

1.hails stefan!! thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello Patrick, thanks for showing interest in Zloslut works, i am glad to collaborate with you once again with your great web-zine Winter Torment!
I'm the only member of Zloslut, i do everything from composition of music to releasing process.
I also take parts in two more bands Kolac and Stonecrypt, and i am the owner and creator of Silent Scream Records label.

2. when did you get the idea to creat zloslut? how did you come up with name for the band? for the readers who have never heard zloslut's music how would you best describe it?

The idea comed to me when i quit the band Kritical in 2010, i just wanted to do something were i decide about everything, and to play what i really wanted...
So i had few lyrics done, and some riffs, but the story of Zloslut fastly faded in my mind, since i didn't know where to record, practice, today i am more mature in musical experience, so it is easly of course..
In summer 2010 Sothis and i formed Stonecrypt, so Zloslut were just an old kid story for me..

In June 2011, i was pissed of, since i reallize i couldn't express myself in Stonecrypt, so i reformed it, the rest is already a known story...
Zloslut is a Serbian word that means "the one who means evil".
The name describes the best ideology and music of the band. recently released your second e.p "pustos i prevare izgubljen" through your label silent scream rec. how long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release?

Actually it's the first.
It took me few weeks for the lyrics, since i were in an inspirating period, hehe..
The music composition somehow comed fastly, and when i were ready, i just contacted Zlorog from Kolac, to record at his home studio, since he is a lot introduced in that production world...
It took just two days, from recording to the final mix.

4. if any metal fans or zines,labels are interested in buying or trading with you for the current zloslut releases how many copies do you have of each release? how can the metal-fanatics of the underground get ahold of you?

The EP and the single that were released just a month after, are not limited.
The fans can easily come in contact with, i will leave contacts at the end of the interview..
Trades are possible with Silent Scream Records, so just ask before, and we will make a deal..
We have few limited releases, so for them, be fast, we don't have much left.

Of course our releases are available worldwide, from Grom Records, Depressive Illusions Records, Smell The Stench, Some Kind Of Distro, Winter Solace, Metallic Media and a lot more! are the sole member of zloslut when you got the idea for the band, did you plan to work alone? have you thought about about maybe adding more members so zloslut could play some live shows. or do you prefer to keep it a studio-only band?

As i said earlier in the interview, i wanted Zloslut to be a one man band, not because it's true or something, but because i wanted to decide about everything in my music/lyrics etc..
I'm a hard bandmate, so when it comes to my ideas, i can't let things go easy..

Of course, i would like to play live, but nothing until Zloslut first album, it's ridiculous for me when a band got just few demos and an EP, and plays live, so i want to have something more concrete then just few releases..
I will find few people that will be the live session members, and will do few shows for sure. live in the great country of serbia,it seems to me that serbia has a good scene that has really been growing with some great,quality black,death metal bands over the last few years would you agree? what is your opinion of serbia's metal scene?

We have good bands, not only in the metal scene, but anyway, here the public is just interested to download music from internet, and drink few beer in front of the club, and try to enter for free, of course in Serbia, lot of people have money just to survive the month, so we can't blame the public.
Anyway it's a shame that bands here are not more "united", i think there are chances to take a step forward.

7.who are some of your all-time favorite serbian metal bands? are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Some of my favourite, hmmm...
Bombarder, The Stone, May Result, Infest, Bane, Kozeljnik... For me those few bands have done a lot for the Serbian extreme metal scene...

Of course few more bands that deserve attention from the readers Absurdoom, Mrznja, Ana Never (Post Rock). do u see the black metal scen changing over the years?

Nice question, well, every "super true misanthropic blacker" says that today the black metal scene is just a copy/past from the old Norwegian scene...
Well i don't look it that way, in the last few years a lot of bands have been formed in the Black Metal scene that are worth attention, for example take Austere (Australia), Selvmorrd, Darkenhöld, Heretoir, Happy Days, Nocturnal Blood, Bane, Absurdoom...
Of course there will be always some idiots making bands/project and sounding as shit and taking themselves for serious...
But i just ignore them...

9.besides zloslut you also own and run the small label silent scream rec. when did you get the idea to start the label? do you run it by yourself?

The idea for Silent Scream Records comed in 2010 when Stonecrypt was searching for a label to release the first demo.
After releasing it in january 2011, i just wanted SSR to be a label for my own bands, but the idea fastly changed, so now i am in contact with a lot of bands from everywhere, we have few releases in planes, Paimonia - Modern Way Of Distraction and Necrosadik - Cold Sordid Pleasure.

I am the creator and owner of SSR, but after long time working alone, i had to "recruit" someone, so Rade Panajotovic is helping the whole story, and Grob bassist of Kolac is taking the distro parts.

10.will you only release zloslut releases through silent scream rec. or have you thought of signing and releasing other bands as well? please tell the readers a little about each of your releases so far?

No of course, Silent Scream Records had a lot of releases, not only Zloslut, we had on our ranks Uruk-Hai (Austria), Revenge (Columbia), Mrznja, Kolac, Stonecrypt.. And many more.

11.if any bands are reading this what styles of metal are you most interested in signing and releasing? how can the bands contact you?

Silent Scream Records is specially interested in Black Metal but also Death, Thrash and Doom.
We are also interested in some good HNW, Noise, Ambient projects..
Anyone interested for a possible release, contact:

12.well stefan i believe we have reached the end do you have any final comments or news you would like to share with the readers before we end the interview.

Thank you Patrick, Winter Torment and the readers!
All informations are available on the following links: