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new reviews 6-29-12

thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read the latest batch of new reviews!! we have some great ones this time around. a little bit of everything everything from slow doom,brutal death,and of course black metal and other metal genres mixed in just for fun so defintly take the time to check out the band,buy the release if you like and support the music scene!!! {it's the only we,we as "metal fans" will keep the flames of metal burning for eternity!}
enjoy the reviews,keep reading alot of new reviews and interviews will be posted very soon!! so keep watching the zine.
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ahab-the giant cd {napalm records}{review by patrick}
the doom masters ahab return with their third release of sorrowful,painful,depressive doom.the band has always impressed with me it's ability to play to slow funeral-style doom but at the same time keep the music interesting and never gets boring.the members of ahab continue on their path to doom metal greatness with the giant heavy,slow guitar riffs that are entertwined with some well crafted and placed acoustic guitars that give a dark eerie atmosphere within the crushing death/doom guitars and drums.the drums are as mentioned slow and pounding but do have some different patterns to mix it up in the song structure.daniel's vocals are heavy,deep growls but also will surprise the listener with some amazing well-done melodic clean vocals both vocal patterns are done perfectly and fit ahab's style nicely.if you have heard ahab's past releases you know the greatness this doom metal band possesses but if you are new to their music,and you enjoy crushing,sorrowful death/doom then defintly check these german doom masters out today!

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antropofagus--architecture of lust cd {comatose music}{review by patrick}
italy's antropofagus return after a ten year silence the band doesnt waste any time going straight for the kill.with whirlwind,furious guitar riffs that are nice mix of complex,some technical riffs in areas.but are also ear shattering and intense with riffs and solo's that usually lack in alot of the newer bands.the drumming is equally as fast,complex with some really well done blast beats ,but also the drummer is not all about speed as he slows to a mid-paced range and shows off his skills with some equally great patterns and beats,before picking up the pace again and going into blast mode.the vocals are sick,deep growls and are a perfect match for the brutal death metal style that these italian maniacs play.recomended to fans of early to mid 90's style brutality.

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candlemass-psalms for the dead cd {napalm records}{review by patrick}
psalms for the dead is candlemass's final "studio" cd and what a release! the doom legends have certainly outdone themselves and released their best most memorable release to date.heavy,traditional doom riffs that are both extremly heavy and powerful but also extremly catchy and will be stuck in your head long after the cd is over.vocals are performed by the great robert lowe {of solitude aeturnus fame} are sung in amazing each note is delievered masterfully and sounds perfectly.the production for the release is just as great as it is not too over-produced but it is done just well enough for each musician to shine with their individual is a shame that this is the end of one of the doom greats recording days but psalms for the dead is about as perfect of a cd as you will ever you nothing like going out on top! {Special Note:the band is Not breaking up but will not be recording anymore studio-releases from here on out instead just focusing on touring and playing live so keep an eye out on the napalm and candlemass web-sites for all the latest updates and news concerning this great doom band.

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cardiac arrest--vortex of violence cd {ibex moon rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
i have been lucky enough to follow this great band since their debut cd 2006 "morgue mutilations". now up to their fourth masterpiece of old-school horror-gore drenched style of death rot. the band has unleashed "vortex of violence the bands most devestating release to date featuring 11 songs of uncompromising,aggressive death metal in it's truest form heavy,straight forward riffs and solo's that are both relentless but also original and varied as you can tell each of the songs apart of one another which is not easy task in this form of metal.adam scott's vocals have never sounded more sick or vicious growls that are defintly some of the best of the best in scene today. vortex of violence will defintly go down as one of 2012's best death metal releases of the year. so do yourself a favor and buy this it will please both long-time and new fans of this great illinois band.

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diseim-holy wrath cd {abyss cd}{review by patrick}
ehh latvia's diseim are ok,but not what i was expecting.i'm not sure if my expectations were to high but i've listened to "holy wrath" about 3 times and just can't get into it.boring and bland death metal that really doesnt really stand out,their are some doomish parts but that really can't help the bands sound.maybe on the next release diseim will have a better standing of musicanship or musical direction. personally i'd say pass on this and grab yourself one of abyss's rec. many other great releases that are availble.
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donn the philosophy-horns curve into broken circles cd {peregrination records}{review by patrick}
donn the philosophy features donn who some remember him from his previous band/project "teutoburg forest".it is great to hear/see continue his musical journey.donn the philosophy is a dark,occult black metal.musically donn has a little thicker guitar on these songs then on his previous band.fierce,uncompromising riffs,drumming is equally as impressive with chaotic,fast blast beats and some really well played patterns. the vocals are a combination of deeper growls,and black metal shrieks.the lyrics {for those who are interested in occult studies} are very well written and show donn's knowledge of the occult.horns curve into broken circles is a really good debut and should defintly be checked out by anyone into occult,black metal.

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enthrallment-people from lands of vit cd {united guttural rec.}{review by patrick}
bulgaria's enthrallment play u.s style brutal death metal in the vein of devourment,newer cannibal corpse,furious guitars with some technical riffs thrown in the mix {but personally not enough i would not label enthrallment a "technical" d.m band} drums are a barrage of blast beats that will pummel your senses and leave you begging for more! deep death growls with some sick sreechy/screams mixed into the deeper vocals for a nice mix.enthrallment are not really breaking any new ground,or the most original band around today but i must admit the songs on people from lands of vit are catchy,and worth checking out. fans of {early} dying fetus, suffocation,devourment,etc.. should give these guys a chance.
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eternal helcaraxe-against all odds cd {abyss records}{review by patrick}
ireland has always had a great metal scene whether it was black,doom,death. and eternal helcaraxe are no different.eternal helcaraxe fall into the epic,pagan black metal metal genre.Against all odds is eternal helcaraxe's debut and is very impressive for a,intense music with some well done keyboards that are nicely mixed into chaotic,violent black metal for a nice blend of traditional,fast black metal and parts of epic,pagan are blazing fast with some good riffs,drumming is fast blast beats with some mid-paced beats.the vocals are blackend metal screams but their are some really well-done and sung melodic clean will be nice if the band uses more of the clean vocal patterns on the next eternal helcaraxe as they seem to fit the bands style very well.highly recomended to all fans of quality,pagan black metal
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horrid-the final massacre cd {black tears rec.}{review by patrick}
horrid have been in the death metal underground since the late 1980's and describing their style as "old-school swedish style death metal. this is fairly good description of the bands musical style over the years.the final massacre is a mix of horrid's old and new musical journeys their are some differences in the delievery.starting with four brand new tracks the duo play alot of early swedish style raw guitars and fast non-stop drumming,but the band doesnt live completly in the past as they have alot of good ideas and writing ideas and mix in some of their own heavy and brutal ideas to keep the music interesting without getting boring.tracks 5 through 8 are taken from the bands 1998 mcd entitled "blasphemic creatures".these four tracks are a little more rawer produced and defintly more straight-forward ,faster in the vein of early dismember {1st two releases},entombed{left hand path},carnage the final two songs {9-10} are taken from the bands "awaiting the truth" the bands debut 1996 7inch.italy's horrid will defintly impress and leave fans of old-school death metal wanting more!
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huntress-spelleater cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
california's huntress are here to prove once and for all that "classic" heavy metal is alive and well within the metal scene that is filled currently with the more extreme styles of black,death,grind,and me it seems it seems like alot of the bands that play this style or claim to be "classic" end sounding to much like priest,maiden,and the likes. which isnt bad but why do we another clone band in an already over crowded scene? anyways getting back to huntress the musicians in this band are all trained and know their instruments and their metal well enough to keep the songs edgy,catchy and memorable and most importantly they are able to write songs that sound different in style and don't sound like the same song over and over. jill janus will surprise alot with her vocal range going from high-pitched screams/screeches to a deeper,gruff scream hitting every note and lyric perfectly.if your a fan of a "fan" of 80's style heavy metal then defintly take the time to check out huntress you won't hear a better band in the scene right now.

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icethrone-see you in valhalhalla cd {black tears rec.}{review by patrick}
coming out of the italian death metal underground icethrone combine classic early 90's style death metal {hypocrisy,unleashed} and mix elements of epic,viking metal.the guitars are mid-paced and well delievered.their are some excellent somber passages with acoustic guitars and beautifully layered keyboards.vocals are mixed and blended nicely old school growls,to a more aggressive/angry scream,deeper growl but the vocalist even has a melodic voice and has a really well-sung clean-vocal patterns he uses on see you in of viking death metal,with influences from old-school swedish death metal entertwined in the mix should defintly give icethrone a listen you won't be disapointed.

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kraanium-post mortal coiltal fixation cd {comatose music}{review by patrick}
Norway is not the first place place that comes to mind when you think of brutal,slam death metal.but thats exactly where kraanium hail from,and the style these norse brutal death metallers play on their third masterpiece of sickness post mortal coiltal fixation.heavy bass,guitar chords which moves from aggressive,whirlwind guitar riffs to a slower,crunchier guitar and heavier bass lines.much line the bass and guitars the drums are all-over the musical scope going from slow,pounding to all-out blast beats.kraanium are nothing original or really standing out with this release but i must admit the songs are catchy and non-repettive in areas. so fans of slam,brutal u.s style death metal will defintly love kraanium's style.
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lelahell-AL intihar e.p {self-released} {review by patrick}
in all my years of working on zines {whether doing my own,or "writing" for others"} i think lelahell may be the first one i've heard from algeria.the band plays death metal with both alot of old-school influences but also some modern touches as well that seem to work well that simplistic yet effective and catchy played at mid-paced range with some faster,aggressive riffs.the drumming is done in same manner with some aggressive,faster beats but also slows to a mid-paced structure. lelahell seem musically to have some faster death metal parts but for the most parts the musicans seem to be more relaxed with the slower,mid-paced heavier old-school style of the early 90's.the vocals are very well done and fit perfectly into lelahell's heavier,mid paced death metal style with deep death growls,and some shrieks/screams for a thrashy element.this is a really good release and band and should defintly be checked out by fans who appreciate and enjoy the old-school,raw death metal of the late 80's,early 90's.
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septekh-the seth avalanche Mcd {abyss records}{review by patrick}
i didn't really knoq what to expect to from this swedish band of metal fanatics.the band plays a very a chaotic,frenzied style of death,thrash metal with some punk rock mixed in the insanity.the guitarist like to keep the listeners attention by from heavy,mid-paced riffs,to hyper speed whirlwind riffs.vocals are more in the black metal realm with raw screams their are some death metal growls used to keep the listeners attention {but as fast and chaotic as septkh play keeping the listeners attention should not be a problem} if you enjoy and appreciate chaotic,raw death/thrash with some punk and even rock influences then septekh is a band worth checking out and adding to your collection!
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through these gates--church of a thousand sorrows cd {self-released}{review done by patrick}
through these gates is a one man band from the u.s playing atmospheric black i know that in a scene full of one-man bands it's hard to get excited or even take a new one seriously but honestly i would give michael p. {all vocals,music} a chance as he has alot of potential and good ideas shown on church of a thousand sorrows.11 songs of mid-paced black metal with some thicker,death metal guitar guitar riffs but i defintly would label the band a black metal.michael even has some surprises in the vocal pattern by using a clean-vocal that sounds really well done and sung i'm not sure if he has had lessons in the past or not but both the blackend shrieks and the clean vocal patterns sound very well together.the drums are programmed but you can't really tell the mid-paced drum patterns are pretty good and fit good with the guitars and vocals.when he goes for the blast,fast beats is where you can hear the programmed/mechanical sound.the vocals are divided nicely {and all done done by michael as far as i know} between slow death growls,clean vocal patterns in the more melodic/atmospheric parts {which are done great,hopefully michael uses more clean vocals in the future} and the raw,scratchy black metal of a thousand sorrows is a great debut and is defintly recomended to all fans of darkend,atmospheric black metal!!
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