Monday, July 30, 2012

New reviews for 7-30-2012

here is a new batch of reviews done by yours truly. i am currently talking to a few friends who also do zines who are going to let me use some of their reviews {and vice-versa my reviews for their great zines!!} as soon as it is done deal i will post a blog with the zine names and addresses so everyone can check them out.
gotta support each other to keep the scene going and alive.
so until then thank you all for taking the time to reading my current batch of reviews. hope you will find some metal to your liking.
keep the flames of metal burning eternally and support your favorite labels,bands,zines etc.. by buying merch,spreading the word on upcoming shows etc..
thanks to all who have supported me and winter torment web-zine you all rule!!!
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chaosweaver-enter the realm of the doppelganger cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
finland always seems to have some of the most creative sounding bands in the scene {of any musical genre} and chaosweaver defintly takes their fans on a unique and energetic journey.the band starts off with a intense black metal guitars and fast drums. but doesnt stay this way for long switching gears and going in a more electronic {usually while keeping the guitars somewhat aggressive,metal sounding}direction with spaced out soundscapes then settling into a atmospheric black metal sound and speed.i will say chaosweaver are not for everyone but if you enjoy atmospheric black metal with touches of industrial,atmospheric soundscapes then you might might enjoy listening to chaosweaver's vision "enter the realm of the doppelganger"
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cognitive--the horrid swarm Mcd {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
new jersey's cognitive release their debut the horrid swarm. at first listen it sounds like modern brutal death metal with some sick,slam influences. but when you listen closer the the guitarists have some really impressive riffs and solo's that are played flawless. the guitarist also have some technical and melodies used that keep the songs interesting.the vocals are just pure angry,pissed offed death growls and screams that go great with the music cognitive has created on the horrid swarm. if you are a fan of newer brutal death metal with some technical influences then give cognitive a listen you might enjoy their brand of brutality.

engorgement-excrutiating intestinal lacerations cd {comatose music}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut cd from the u.k's engorgement with a release title such as excrutiating intestinal lacerations you pretty much know what your in for. brutal sick,gore death/slam death metal.the band is not horrible but nothing really memorable about the songs or overall release.hopefully engorgement work on some newer,better songs for their next release.
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ereb altor--gastrike cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
ereb altor features mats and ragnar who traditional doom fans might recognize from the traditional doom isole {also on napalm rec.} but fans of strictly traditional doom will probably not get into ereb altor at all.the duo explore and play a much darker doom style mixed with mid-paced black metal.the vocals are all over the metal ranging from black metal shrieks/screams,some deep growls and even clean vocal chanting type of lines style.i'm not sure if mats and ragnar will keep ereb altor going on since isole seems to be a full-time band. but personally i hope to hear more from ereb altor very soon! as mats and ragnar have done a great job mixing in mid-paced 90's style black metal and doom metal with some of their own dark,creative ideas. highly recomended to all who enjoy blackend doom metal.

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mass murder frenzy--insurrection divinity cd {victim music}{reviewed by patrick}
the duo of tim labossiere{vocals,bass,guitars,drum programming} and vic silvia {guitars,backing vocals,co-drum programming} unleash their monster known as mass murder frenzy one more time upon the unexpecting underground.insurrection divinity is mass murder frenzy's fourth masterpiece of sickness and their most complex,powerful and intense work to date.nine songs that start out heavy and never let up until the final note is played. but both vic and tim have been playing music for a long time so yes the music is heavy and fast it is also complex with alot of memorable and catchy riffs that are memorable even after the cd has long ended. the drums are programmed but have a human feel to them in areas you hear the programmed drums, but the guys have done a great job in making the drums as real as possible and fit perfectly with their guitar and bass structures.tim's vocals have never sounded better or more vicious then on insurrection divinity and vic's higher screams and growls.if you heard the band previous release "unleashed" then defintly buy this!! as the music on insurrection divinity is even better then unleashed {which i didn't think they would be able to match} or if you are a new listener to mass murder frenzy and you enjoy vicious,violent brutal death metal you won't hear a better a band!!

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mortillery--murder,death,kill cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
napalm rec. strikes pure metal gold again. earlier this spring/summer they released california's heavy metal/thrashers huntress. this time around the label has released canada's mortillery murder,death,kill is ten tracks of thrashing insanity with alot of traditional heavy metal influences melded together.front woman cara has an amazing range of screams and vocals that fit with mortillery's violent thrashing musical assult of pure 80's style thrash will defintly want to hear mortillery as soon as possible.

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offending--age of perversion cd {deepsend rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
offending have done a good job of mixing mid 90's u.s brutal death metal{c.corpse,vile,monstrosity} with their own sick and brutal ideas. these french musicians know how to create and play some heavy and solid death metal. the guitars are top-notch fast riffs and solo's that are not over-produced or too technical instead aim more for the heaviness and brutal side of death metal like the earlier 90's bands did. the drummer is flawless in his execution and pulls off some great patterns. the vocalist is just as brutal as the music with deep,pissed off growls and screams.age of perversion is a solid death metal release and defintly should not be missed if you enjoy you heavy,angry death metal.

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power theory-an axe to grind cd { {pure steel records}{reviewed by patrick}
an axe to grind to grind is power theory's new cd and for those unfamilar with power theory they play aggressive heavy metal with touches of melody with alot of memorable riffs and solo's that remind you alot of golden years of heavy metal without totally ripping off the gods of metal.the drumming is all over the metal scope ranging from mid-pace to super-fast beats done with precision and executed of traditional heavy metal with both melody and power should check out power theory you won't be disapointed.

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spellcraft--yersinia pestis cd {xtreeme music}{reviewed by patrick}
after a few years i can honestly say this was well wort the wait! if you are like me and have been lucky enough to hear/follow this bands earlier e.p's you know the quality {yet equally as violent sounding} black metal spellcraft can create. yersinia pestis is spellcraft's full-length debut and the songs range from 4-7 minutes but the band has enough creative ideas to give each song their own idenity and life so they don't become boring or repitive.the guitarist stay within the mid-to fast pace range for the most part but are not all about the speed as their as some really well-played and done obscure,and melodic guitar patterns that give a dark atmosphere to the overall sound.midgard's vocals have never sounded better as he mixes demonic screams and raspy,whispery vocals.spellcraft also use keyboards but like so many other bands that let the keyboards outshine the other instruments. spellcraft entertwines the keyboards with the guitars,drums perfectly to make a dark atmosphere within the violent black metal storm.spellcraft have released one of 2012's best black metal releases buy this if you consider yourself a fan of black metal!

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vesperian sorrow--stormwinds of ages cd{the path less traveled rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
after hearing stormwinds of ages the fourth release from the texas-based vesperaian sorrow.i am in shock why this band is not more well-known in the black metal scene.vesperian sorrow is perfect blend of unrelenting fast black metal and melodic,atmospheric black metal.the vocals are well-sung and can handle the musicial changes ranging from hateful screams,clean vocal patterns,some deeper growls.if you are a fan of atmospheric,black metal then get ahold of vesperian sorrow's latest masterpiece and get ready for a truly dark ride.
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vintersorg--orkan cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
the genius that is vintersorg returns with his new,most brilliant release to date.for those who have never heard this swedish duo vintersorg has always had black metal roots but incorporated folk,and progressive metal as well into their songwriting. espically on the newest release orkan vintersork still has quite the black metal influence espically within the guitars but their is also some really well done progressive and folkish instruments played throughout the songs on orkan.the vocals are in various ranges as well with the typical black metal screams some amazing well sung clean male vocal patterns and chanting. and even some orchestral type of vocal patterns.if you know vintersorg's past releases you know what to expect the unexpected. but if you have never heard this band. the best i can tell you is if you enjoy black metal with folk metal,progressive influences that are not afraid to try new ideas within their songs then give vintersorg a try you might just become a life-long fan like so many others have before you.
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