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interview with the royal arch blaspheme done by patrick 10-2-12

here is a new interview with one of the best u.s.b.m bands around the royal arch blaspheme. the band was the vision of john gelso {guitarist of the legendary profanatica!} the band recently released their second cd simply titled "11" through hells headbangers rec.killer, black metal sure to please all fans of straight-forward,old school black metal.
enjoy the interview and be sure to pick up the cd asap!!
patrick and winter torment

interview with john gelso guitarist of the royal arch blaspheme done by patrick

.hails john! thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, please introduce yourself to the readers.

Greetings, it all began in 1986 when Paul Ledney and I disbanded a punk project to begin the death/black metal band Toten. Since then, I’ve played guitar in a handful of bands. The only noteworthy ones I care to mention would be Profanatica, Contrivisti, and Royal Arch Blaspheme.

2.when did you and N.imperial first meet? what gave you the guys the idea to form the royal arche blaspheme? how did the two of you choose the name of the band? how would you describe the bands music for the readers who have never heard the royal arch blaspheme?

I met N. Imperial in Texas at the 2009 Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest. I created RAB as a side project while Paul worked on Havohej in the autumn of 2008. The name was taken from Aleister Crowley’s “Energized Enthusiasm: A Note On Theurgy“ written in 1913. After creating the majority of the hymns, I needed someone with a strong voice to complete the work. I thought of asking Ledney, but felt the album would be viewed as an odd Profanatica album. In addition, I wanted RAB to be its own entity. At SotNC Fest, N Imperial gave me a copy of March Into The Sea. After one listen, I knew he was the perfect fit for RAB.

I would describe RAB as dark, inward, haunting, and powerful. Both N. Imperial and I pen the lyrics that vary on themes from self-empowerment and ancient truths, to the disgust of religious hypocrisy and it oppressive nature.

3.originally the band was just yourself and N.imperial but for the new release "ll" you decided to add more members for a full-band. why did you guys decide to add more musicians? are you happy with the decision so far?

It was my idea to expand RAB, I encouraged everyone to contributed to this album. I’ve worked with Alex and Blake while recording Profanatica’s “The Grand Master Session.” There is strong chemistry between us when we perform. Everything comes together very quickly. They are both part of the RAB going forward.

4.please introduce the new members of the bands to the band.

Alex and Blake are both previously from Demoncy. In addition, they have both done live session work with Profanatica. Alex also runs and operates Negative Existance www.negative-existence.com

5.are you all interested in playing any "live" shows/fests/tours in the future? or would you prefer to keep the royal arch blaspheme a studio-only band?

I would be interested in doing a few live performances with RAB, preferable a fest. I’m more interested in working on the next album.

6.the band recently released their second cd "ll" through hells headbangers rec. how long did it take did take to write and record the songs for this release?which usually comes first in the writing process the lyrics or the music?

Music comes first, then titles, then lyrics. This album is a bit unique when it comes to the writing of it. I’ve purged ideas I’ve been holding on to for a while. The first riff you hear in “Vama-Marga” was written in 1987. It was taken from a Toten hymn titled “Dreary Proximity.” It was never recorded, but the riff remained in my memory over the years. Resurrection of Depravity was written in 2004 in homage to Quorthon. The song “Call from the Grave” inspired the vocals style and is meant as a tribute.

7.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means/stands for. so i was interested in what you what yours were. what does "black metal" mean to you?

In my opinion, Black Metal began with Venom. It’s a true dishonor to them when people say it was stared in Norway. To me it’s all about the music and the feel. Its roots are in Punk music. While punk is against the establishment, Black Metal is against religion and what is perceived to be moral. They both have rage within it core.

8.i know you have been a part of the black metal scene for many years now. so i was wondering how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? do you feel it has gotten better or worse over the years?

It can never be the same. While there are a lot of great artists out there, and a greater amount of people that truly appreciate the music, the newness of it can never return.

9.i also remember in the early/mid 90's the u.s.b.m scene was not really respected or taken very serious from other european countries.do you see much of a change in this over the last 10-15 years?

For USBM in general, I feel it’s changed a little. Some bands are getting more respect, though Profanatica still remains possibly the most passionately hated within Europe and the US, especially amongst critics.

10.what is your personal opinion of the scene in the u.s? who are some of your all-time favorite u.s.b.m bands? are their any new bands you feel will make an impact and people should watch out for in the near future?

There are many great bands in the U.S. All time favorites, Demonic Christ, Demoncy, Black Witchery.

11.how do you feel about the black metal bands that use keyboards,synths and female vocals etc.. to add "atmosphere" to their music?

I’m not into keyboards or synths in Black Metal. While its not something I would choose to do, I don’t mind if its in an intro or outro. Overall, Black Metal should have a more punk feel. I like female vocals. Fuck, Demonic Christ is killer!

12.if you don't mind a few personal questions i had i wanted to ask. would you consider yourself a satanist or just anti-all religion? at what age did you really start to question religion and god etc..?

I started questioning religion at a very early age. I was around 4 or 5 old when I started attending C.C.D (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), not by my choice. From the beginning I saw many flaws in Catholicism. I quickly developed a true hate for all the ignorance and hypocrisy that I was being ‘taught.” Catholicism is a plague of Misogyny, pedophilia, fear, and destruction of self will. It was created to enrich a few and lure the sheep by providing a false sense of security. Throughout my life I’ve studied other world religions and found the same shit.

13.who are some satanists/occultist you study and follow the most? do you have any kind of philosophy you try to live by?

I’ve studied Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and Helena Blavatsky to name a few. Years ago I did some work for Tracey Twyman and Boyd Rice, helping them with a website. It provided me with access to a healthy amount of compelling articles and spoken word audio files they created. I have much respect for the amount of knowledge they’ve gathered over the years.

14.how do you feel the world would be different if the religion of any kind {christianity,satanism,paganism etc.} was never introduced to humanity?

Our species would be much farther evolved. Or we would have annihilated ourselves.

15.coming back to music besides the royal arch blaspheme you are also a part of the legendary profanatica! whats new with profanatica? any band news/updates you would like to share at this time? besides profanatica and the royal arch blaspheme do you currently work with any other bands/projects?

There’s should be a new Profanatica album coming out later this year. We finished recording it about a year ago. I’m not clear on why it hasn’t been released yet. Last I hear, Hells Headbangers where waiting for Paul’s artwork. It has 9 new songs, our best effort yet.

16.we have reached the end the of interview,thank you for taking time to fill this interview out. do you have any final words for the readers?

Praise to those who support.

to order the royal arche blaspheme or profanatica cd's or any other availble merchandise please check out the label's web-site here:

interview with Eye of Solitude done by patrick 10-2-12

here is a new interview with one of the undergrounds best new death/doom band's Eye Of Solitude hailing from the u.k the band mixes in heavy death/doom riffs and thunderous drums with thick layers of dreary,depressive funeral doom influences.the bands second cd "suicaedere" through kaotoxin records and is highly recomended to all fans of funeral/death/doom

interview with daniel vocalist of Eye of Solitude done by patrick

1.hello daniel how is your week going? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Daniel: Hey there guys,my week's been good thank you, hopefully yours was too. I am Daniel and I'm the main writer and vocalist for Eye Of Solitude.

2.when did you and the other members of eye of solitude meet? what isthe current line-up for eye of solitude? how did you all come up withthe name of the band? does it have a special meaning? for the readerswho have never the music how would you describe the bands music?

Daniel: Eye Of Solitude had been a solo project in the initial stages of its creation. Ten tracks have been written and an album was about to be released. I was approached by an old friend and been suggested to make the project into a live one. That was in 2010. After many line-up changes due to musical and personal incompatibilities, Indee (guitars) stepped up in 2011, then consecutively: Pedro (keys), Adriano(drums) and Chris (bass),this being the current line-up.
Our music,well...it is a combination of doom with funeral influences and death metal. So far we haven't been pigeon-holed but some might say it is doom death. We try to combine melody and aggression,all in a refined way,subtle or not.
3.the bands second cd "suicaedere" was just released through kaotoxinrec.how long did it take the band to write and record the songs forthis release? are you all happy with how everything turned out?

Daniel: The album itself had been written in about 6 months,then recorded in less than a month. We like to work in our own environment,so we have recorded it ourselves. Of course, there is never enough, or to put it in different words,there is always something to be added to the songs, but all in all we are extremely happy with how things turned out to be,and the final result is what you can hear on the CD.

4.how has the response been from the press and the fans?

Daniel: Everything has been simply amazing. We've received a lot of positive feedback from various publications and reviewers such as Scream Magazine,Metal-Rules,Destructive Music and many many others.
Overall we have received fantastic words, very encouraging and very constructive. Both media and fans have supported us so much and this can only be a good thing. Makes us work even harder, push ourselves and raise the bar of course.

5.how would you say the music is different on suicaedere then on your debut cd?

Daniel: "The Ghost" is a very young album,an antithesis really- given the fact that the band is just 2 years old. But at the time "The Ghost" had been written,the songs have had a different approach,more melo,with a lot of clean vocals passages,more romantic so to speak. It is a personal introspection if I might add. "Sui Caedere" on the other hand,is also a very personal album, but yet again, the approach is a more aggressive one, more dark and more pessimistic than the previous material. We have not tried anything, really, the songs flown naturally just like the ones on "The Ghost". But as I said before, with a more dark,brutal-I might say- manner..

6.which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? what are some
topics the bands writes about? do you all draw from personal
experiences or more from the world around you?

Daniel: They come simultaneously. We cannot have music without concept or concept without music, so it's more of a parallel work. The lyrics may not be totally defined but the idea is there.
We have a slightly different approach when it comes to writing our music and lyrics. We never write because we HAVE to write or because we HAVE to record an EP or album. We write because we feel the need to. For us music is beyond creation,it's more of a natural spiritual healing (in the words of our highly regretted Chuck)
The music flows naturally and lyrics just mold on it. We want to create something extremely persuasive but natural in the same time. We feel the need to express something when it comes to our songs, and run the extra mile to succeed in expressing ourselves through music.

7.does the band play live very often or do you prefer to work in the
studio only? what have been some of your more memorable shows?

Daniel: We are a live band. We have not played too many shows because of the constant incompatibilities between music and person. But the most memorable show had been at Doom Over London II,where we shared the stage with great bands like Esoteric,Saturnus,and many more.
We have also played Brumstock fest,where we had a fantastic time with friends,and bands across UK.

8.who are some bands you have shared the stage with? if you could set
up a "dream" show who would you love to share the stage with?

Daniel: As previously stated we have had the honor to share the stage With Esoteric,Saturnus, Dead Existence, Haerken,etc. And we would love to share the stage again with them, but also with other important names in the doom scene,and we actually will during Doom Over London III,with Ahab,Officium Triste,Faal,Indesinence and Witchsorrow.

9.the band comes out of the mighty u.k underground scene. what is your
opinion of the metal scene in the u.k?

Daniel: There are so many acts in UK,so many talented musicians,spread over quite many bands. But the UK metal scene is over saturated. Fortunately for us, we have dealt with good people in bands,like Unfathomable Ruination,Trifixion,Bloodshot Dawn,Nebukadnezza and so many others. Together we are like a family, we help each other,and we try to make the scene a better one!

10. who are some of your all-time favorite bands from the u.k? are
their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Daniel: Definitely, some of them have been enumerated above,but there are so many others:
Seed Of Detest,Cythraul,Caravan Of Whores,Old Corpse Road,Winterfylleth..and the list can go on.

11.what about honest labels or zines you can recommend from your country?

Daniel: Oh I would strongly recommend Chris Newby from Uk Extreme Metal (UKEM), Metal Rules, Destructive Music, Ruptured Aura,Dead Haggis,Grindethic Rec,Redraven promotions,Funeral Of Mankind, Isengard Promotions and so on.
12.what does the term underground metal mean to you?

Daniel: It's a bit complicated,but as I see it, underground is a very misleading term. I make it complicated because there are a few elements that really do conflict with one another. every band wants to make it.Every band wants its music out there,for people to listen to. It doesn't matter how big or how small, but mainly this is the purpose, in my opinion.
What differentiates underground from mainstream is that I believe underground is more like a family,we do not make music for selling purposes only! We make music because we feel it,and our goal is to have it spread over a wide mass of people. Mainstream makes music for money, for the large crowds,for exposure,for material benefits.
Of course,Underground needs material support, but the difference is here: If we,as an underground band have reached at least one person who really understands,and feels our music the way it was intended, then we have reached our goal.
If one person lives the same experience we have had when writing/recording the material, then we have achieved success. Mainstream refers to a large number of people who will be pleased by bouncy,easily remembered tunes,or melodies and that mean nothing to them,just another way or chance to bop your head in a rhythmically-nodding way.
13.do you or any of the other members of eye of solitude currently
play in any side bands or projects? if yes please tell the readers alittle about them.

Daniel: Yes, I myself play in brutal death metal act Unfathomable Ruination, our bassist Chris plays in death black metal act Seed Of Detest,and our drummer Adriano,plays in trash metal act Nebukadnezza and death metal band Cythraul.

14.coming back to the band for a moment you handle the vocals for the
band at what age did you begin singing? who are some of your
influences/favorite vocalists?

Daniel: I started doing bits and pieces vocal wise when i was about 18. I listen to a lot of music, some of it non-metal. But I think one of my most favorite and most respected vocalists would be Konstantin Luhring of Defeated Sanity.
Then i would have a whole list of musicians,including Chris Rea,Michael Bolton,Janis Joplin,Seal,hahaha did i scare you enough? LOL!!
Ok, from the metal side of music I can say Chris Barnes had been one of my most accentuated influences,I started listening to metal with Cannibal Corpse and I have been a fan ever since. The list would be huge so i would like to say that my influences are varied.

15.do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy? do
you play any other instruments?

Daniel: Practice,Practice,Practice girls! Being a vocalist doesn't always mean burping or vomiting upon a mic. That's for pansies. Any idiot with a mic and a few vst's can be a vocalist. Practicing in a relentless mode is the key to everything, vocal coaching is always good,warm-up before singing,drink plenty of fluids to keep the throat hydrated and stop when it hurts!!
I do play drums since I was 14,so that makes it about 16 years now? It has been -besides vocals- my biggest musical passion and I love drumming. I also play a bit of guitar and bass but only for myself.
i think it's a lot of help learning more instruments,expanding horizons,which really do help when all alone and trying to write music.

16.well daniel thank you for taking the time to fill out this
interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Daniel: Thank you so much for the interview opportunity,always a pleasure guys! For our fans,and people who don't know us or haven't heard our music, the message is simple:
Listen to it, and judge for yourself!
Thank you

to order "suicaedere" check out the bands label site here