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New Metal Reviews 11-24-13 done by Patrick

here is some new reviews for everyone to check out while their on-line doing whatever it is you all do while your on here like.This time it's a little of doom,death and black mixed into one blog so hopefully you will find something to your liking!!
regards,and keep the flames of metal burning bright!

Disfigured Dead--Relentless cd {Butchered Rec/Sevared Rec.}
New York's Disfigured Dead's second release Relentless is a perfect title for their style of music.Ten songs of U.S brutal death metal with a early-mid ninties influence. Mid to fast paced guitars with some well played guitar riffs and solo's in the mix their is a mix of slower,heavier riffs and more thrashy/faster interludes.The drumming is just as frenzied and chaotic with fast and brutal blast beats before taking a slower approach to a more heavier mid-paced before picking up the pace again and attacking with blast beats.The vocals are brutal,deep growls.Defintly a must have for fans of mid-ninties brutal U.S death metal.

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For-Blakaz Asko Herto MLP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}

Iron Bonehead Rec. unleashes the Sedish beast known as "For" on the bands newest Mlp "Blakaz Asko Herto" the band mixes in raw,heavy mid paced death metal with some dark haunting slow almost doomish guitar riffs and slow pounding drumming before the dark aggressive nature of the musicians takes over again with heavy mid-paced guitars and drumming.For never really go over the top with the speed or vicious style of death metal like some of Iron Bonehead's other recent bands instead sticking to the more morbid,dark heavy death metal style.

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Malthusian-MMX111 Cassette,Cd {Invictus Prod}

Ireland's Malthusian have created some of the heaviest and bleakest death,doom metal these ears have heard in quite some time.Three songs of thunderous drums,heavy slow-mid paced guitars.The guitars are played at various speeds ranging from the normal slow,heavy chord to some faster,harsh mid-paced raw death metal riffs.The vocals are growls with some effects used that are done very effectively and fit Malthusian's music style and sound perfectly.If you are a fan of slow dreary,minimalistic death,doom then Malthusian is a band that is perfect for you.

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Mental Killing Spree-Centrifuge Of Man cd {Self-Released}

Ahhh the gods of brutal underground death metal return! after hearing the 2008 demo Vae Victis {which can be downloaded for free on the bands F.B page!} I was hooked on this german's bands catchy,brutal and just plain vicious death metal style. Fast,thick guitars that build from mid-paced guitars to all out whirlwind,fast guitar riffs and masterful played solo's.The drumming is precise with the fast,blast beats chatic in some songs while other structures are more heavy,mid-paced drum beats.Timm's vocals are vicious deep death growls with some higher screams and fit perfectly with M.K.S musical style perfectly with Mental Killing Spree's original brutal death metal style.Fans of brutal straight-forward death metal are urged to check this band out today!

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Mortal Decay-The Blueprints For Blood Splatter cd {Comatose Music}

Legends of New Jersey brutal death metal return after eight years of silence The Blueprints For Blood Splatter this is defintly a great comeback release and must have whether you are a long time Mortal Decay fan or a new fan just learning about this great band.After listening to these songs it's obvious the hasn't lost any of the fire or passion it ever had for this style of metal the band plays and mixes in brutal death with some technical guitars and even some influences from mid-late ninties death/grind gods for one of the years of best and most brutal releases.Danny Nelson {who most probably know from Malignancy} and his brutal,sick growls,screams are a perfect fit for Mortal Decay's brutal death metal style. This release should please both long time Mortal Decay fans as well as bring in a lot of new fans to the band who appreciate quality brutal,vicious death metal with touches of grind.

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Possession-His Best Deceit cassette tape {Iron Bonehead Rec.}

Possesion from Belgium have released their demo with a little help from the mighty Iron Bonehead Rec.Starting with a small intro the band kicks in with some raw,fast blackend thrash metal.Raw guitars that are extremely fast and frenzied mixed with intense drumming start out to mid paced and build up to a faster,thrashier momentum.Vocally Possession have blackend shrieks and screams the band is defintly influenced by old school blackend thrash but also has a lot of their own ideas and mixes it together quite well.Fans of aggressive original blackend thrash with some death influences should check out Possession.

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Prayer Of The Dying-Gods Failed Creation cd {Self-Released}

Prayer Of The Dying from Malta have returned with a brand new release of all new material.Main man Martin Ciappara{vocals,instruments} has some friends,musicans that help him out on Gods Failed Creation.As always Martin does a great job of writing and creating a unique style of blackend death with some doomish element.On the song "The Desert Inside" features females vocals which are only used in a few lines {and if I am not mistaken this is the first time martin has ever used female vocals with Prayer Of Dying} which sound really good and fit nicely with Martin's musicial writing style so hopefully he will consider using more female vocals in the future {as long as he does over do it like so many bands do these days} If you have heard past Prayer Of The Dying releases and liked them defintly! get Gods Failed Creation as it is the bands most creative and strongest release to date.

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Suffer The Wrath-Divine Sign Mcd {Self Released}

Suffer The Wrath is a new band out of the U.S death metal underground.Divine Sign is just a small taste of whats to come until the band can release their monster of a full-length in 2014{as far as I know no release date has been set yet but keep watching their web-site,facebook for updates} the four songs on Divine Sign are as solid as they come espically for a debut release.The guitars are heavy and fast but are also catchy and memorable with some great solo's entertwined the music.The vocalist does a good job mixing in death growls with some thrashy screams.Overall Suffer The Wrath are a very impressive new band that should not be over looked so do yourself a favor and buy this today! support the underground.

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Zloslut-Zlosultni horizont-Donosilac Prokletstva,ocaja I Smrti cd {Dark Chants Prod.}

Serbia's black metal masters return with a full length after a couple of Mcd's and singles the band has their debut full-length.founding member Hunter{vocals,guitars,bass} and Lord Gryma{drums} have written and released Zloslut's most mature and best release to date.Musically Zloslut's style is primitive,raw,mid-paced black metal.while the guitars are raw and sometimes harsh sounding they are well-played and have some good sections of excellent musicianship. Hunter's vocals approach is raw violent screams and vicious shrieks.Lord Gryma's drumming is really keeping pace with Hunter's

guitars and vocal patterns which range from mid-to fast range.If you enjoy raw,mid paced black metal that mixes in their own ideas should defintly check out Zloslut soon!

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Interview with Temple Of Baal done by Patrick 11-24-13

France's Temple Of Baal have been a favorite of mine their previous releases have been extremely masterful blackend masterpieces each one getting a little better {and more vicious} then the last.Well the fourth and newest one "Verses Of Fire" through Agonia Rec. is pure genius mixing the violent,blasphemies of black metal and brutality of death to a sound all of their own.
read on to hear what bass player Arkdaemon has to say about the newest Temple Of Baal cd,the scene and more!!

Interview with Arkdaemon bass player for Temple Of Baal,done by Patrick

1.Hails Arkdaemon! thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview for Winter Torment.When did you first get the idea to form Temple Of Baal? How did you all come up with the name of the band?Does it have a special meaning?

Arkdaemon : Hey, thanks for the interview. Actually I'm not the creator of the band, Amduscias already had the full concept and the first tracks when he looked for musicians. It was a strange period, one-man bands was constantly appearing, multitrack recorders and drum machines were more and more easy to buy, and raw sound was almost a standard for black metal. I think from the beginning Amduscias wanted to have a full line-up, with a band spirit and the ability to perform live. So, a night, back in 1998, I think it was at Antaeus Mkm's place, we formed the first core of the band, it was way more Thrash-Black Metal, but the intensity and the original vision are still burning from that day.

2.What is the current line-up for the band?For the readers who have never heard Temple Of Baal's music how would you best describe it?

The current line up, besides Amduscias and me is completed by Skvm (drums) and Saroth at the guitars, who is replacing our previous guitarist, Alastor, who took part of the recording and composing of Verses of Fire. The best way to qualifies our music is certainly, in my mind, "Black Metal" but you can surely note that music-wise we are way closer now to Death Metal. While I really don't like genres and sub-genres and meticulous classifications, "Blackened Death Metal" comes a lot in reviews and third parties description, I think it may be the more efficient way to describe us.

3.Temple Of Baal just released their third masterpiece "Verses Of Fire" through Agonia Rec. how long did it take the band to write the songs for this release?Did the whole band take part in the writing process or does one or two members usually handle all the music writing?

It's actually our fourth album, I think we spent at least two years and a half to get the tracks in their final versions. Amduscias wrote 8 tracks and Alastor the two remaining ones. That's how we worked, they bring the tracks and the band as a whole work on the arrangements until we are all satisfied by the result.

4.Who usually handles the lyrics for Temple Of Baal songs? Where does the band draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Amduscias is, he has a vast culture and is highly intested in many different arts and cultures. Crowley, amongst others, inspired some tracks in Verses of Fire.

5.Are their any upcoming tours or shows planned for in support of "Verses Of Fire"? If yes where are some countries,places the band will be heading out to play?

Nothing totally confirmed now so I won't spoil anything, but there are many countries we never had the opportunities the play, as Germany, England, Eastern Europe etc. I have high expectations for the year to come. Playing live is a very important component of the band so we are doing our best to play when we can.

6.Who are some bands Temple Of Baal have shared the stage with over the last few years? If you could set up a "dream" tour who are some bands you would like to share the stage with?

I honestly can't list the bands we played with these last 15 years of existence, but our very last gig was already pretty impressive. It was the Wolf Throne fest, here in France, and there were no least than Antaeus, Demigod, Disma, Dead Congregation, Proclamation, Destroyer 666, Ritualization etc etc. It was one hell of a fest. I'd like to play with Archgoat and if you want an impossible wish, it would certainly be Funeral Mist.

7.Everyone has their own idea,opinion on what black metal means to them.So I was interested in your opinion what does black metal mean to you?

Black Metal means Satanism. It's pretty simple I guess. a more subject to opinion is what is Satanism to you. Some organisations or churches exist, but none of them are canonical representatives of the movement. So we have the luck to be free to find our own left hand path.

8.Temple Of Baal come out of the French black metal scene,there seems to be a good metal scene in France right now would you agree with this?What is your opinion of the French black metal scene?

There is more than 65 Millions of souls in France, of course you can find some good bands, why not ? I enjoy a lot of French bands, but I don't really care if you want the truth. I don't feel the need to prove than a french band deserves to be listened, at least not only because of that. My opinion on the French black metal scene is almost the same than in all other countries : a few maniacs,

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite French black metal bands? Are their any new bands that you can think of that the readers should check out soon?

The all time favorites would be two actually. Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus, but it's hard not to speak of Mutiilation, Deathspell Omega, Belketre etc... "New" ones would be Necroblood, Ritualization, Christicide, but most of these bands are not really new I guess.

10.Coming back to the band for a moment you handle the bass for the band?When did you first starting playing the bass?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were first learning how to play?

I was a guitar player for an other band when Amduscias asked me to try the bass in his band, I began like that, I think I learned very slowly how to use the bass differently than a guitar and I still don't see myself as a proper academic bass player.

11.Besides the Bass do you currently play any other instruments?If yes which ones.

I'm still playing the guitar in Hell Militia.

12.Well Arkdaemon thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with me.Do you have any final comments for the readers here at Winter Torment web-zine?

Thanks for your support. AMSG.

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Interview with Craven Idol done by Patrick 10-21-13 done by Patrick

Metal Hails!
Here is a interview with a new band from the U.K's underground playing old-school blackend death with an aggressive touch to it.The trio has just released their debut cd "Towards Eschaton"{which I believe will also be released on vinyl for all of the old-schoolers out there} through the mighty Dark Descent Rec.
enjoy and defintly be sure to pick up a copy of Towards Eschaton you will not be disappointed!

Interview with Vrath vocals,guitarists for Craven Idol done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Vrath how is life going in the U.K? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Life’s just fine here in North London. Winter is creeping in with warnings of its impending fierceness populating the headlines. Whilst these cautionary words may be alarming to some, as a native Finn I welcome the mellow breezes of hibernal Britain with soothing nostalgia to my homeland, which I left in the mid-nineties, having also lived in Germany, Switzerland and France also. I’ve been active in the UK metal scene for a decade now, playing in a number of bands.

2.At what age did discover the metal scene? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of the current bands that you have been listening to?

I’ve had the fortune of growing up in a somewhat musical family, where vinyls of acts like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC were regularly spun. As countless others, I was always attracted to the unique sounds of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, and in my early teens I became curious of what else was out there. Through Judas Priest, I became increasingly interested in the NWOBHM (although they are not generally accepted as a part of said movement), and perhaps the most pivotal bands for me were 1. Satan – who made me realise the richness of the ‘underground’, of a whole hidden scene. 2. Venom – for introducing me to a more extreme take of it all. I became absolutely possessed by Venom and so my journey into the extreme began.

As a music journalist, I listen to music near incessantly. I can definitely confirm that there is a lot of soulless metal out there, void of any spirit and fully loaded with modern technological vanities.

But obviously music finds a way. In Dark Descent, Craven Idol have the fortune to work with undoubtedly one of the best labels around today – bands like Vorum and Lvcifyre are amongst the best there are. I am also utterly possessed by the new Zemial album Nykta – a release that truly defies/transcends trends and scenes. I also listen to loads of Realmbuilder.

3.When did you and the other members of Craven Idol first meet?Was it long until you formed Craven Idol? How did you all decide on the band name does it have a special meaning?

The core of Craven Idol is Vrath and Scourger. We met at a metal related event at university – both of us new to London and eager to start a band. A rehearsal room in the cellar of Scourger’s residence provided a meager but adequate platform for the writing of our debut demo. The creative chemistry between the two of us was immediate and I would say the band was born at our first rehearsal.

A literal reading of the name Craven Idol might be ‘cowardly object of worship’. The name was devised in reference to the human tendency to venerate things perceived to mask or mitigate our own failings. It is most applicable to the grief cult surrounding the person of Jesus, but can be seen to some extent in all religions and dogmatic movements.

4.What is the current line-up of the band? For the readers who have never heard Craven Idol's music how would you best describe it?

We are currently experimenting with a new line-up so nothing is set in stone. The formation on the album was Vrath – vocals, guitars, Scourger – guitars, Suspiral – bass, Volgard – drums.

Volgard unfortunately left the band during the album’s mixing process.

I find it next to impossible to put my music into words, as this would inadvertently lead to the use to misleading genre-tags. Craven Idol is the sum of a vast variety of musical fancies, reaching from Candlemass to Belial, from Bathory to Venom, from Manilla Road to Razor. If a tag is to be placed, I recommend ‘extreme metal’, as it’s a tag loosely associated with the emerging death and black metal acts of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s.

5.Craven Idol just released their debut full-length Towards Eschaton" through Dark Descent Rec. How did you all come in contact with the label?

I had been a fan of Dark Descent Records for years and once Volgard provided us with the album master I undertook my usual, unfailing routine of sending promos to labels. DD topped my list and I was delighted when the label expressed interest in releasing our debut. I’ve met label boss Matt Calvert since, a true die-hard, who revealed to me that Craven Idol was the very first band he signed based on a promo.

6.How long did it take Craven idol to write the songs for the debut?Did the whole band take part in the song-writing process or did one or two members handle all the song writing for the band?

As mentioned, the core of Craven Idol is Scourger and I, we are the primary song-writers of the band. We both write about half of the material. The material on the record was written between 2006 and 2012, song like ‘Left To Die’ stem from some of the bands initial writing sessions, and we’ve worked them to fit ‘Towards Eschaton’. Ex-drummer Volgard had a say in the cration process as well, being a brilliant song-writer. He was a big loss for us and we’re recovering.

7.Which usually comes first when writing a new song the lyrics or the music? Who usually writes the lyrics? What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Music. Whilst I’m heavily inspired by lyrics for many of my other projects, I find that with Craven Idol there’s a certain aura that takes over when writing the music.

Scourger has been the solitary lyricist for the band thus far. The album covers themes ranging from necromancy and mythology to biblical scenes and prophecies; all of which orbit the central notion that humanity attaches irrational emphasis to deities, legends and beliefs not rooted in evidence. To do so is to drag civilisation towards Eschaton, the End Times.

8.Does the band have any upcoming shows or tours to tell the readers about?If yes where are some places Craven Idol will be playing?

We are making plans as I write this, but nothing definite as of yet.

9.Who are some bands Craven Idol has shared the stage with? If you could set-up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?

We’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with many of our idols, most notably Inquisition, Nifelheim, Impaled Nazarene and Sadistic Intent.

There are countless acts I would love to share the stage with… however, that would be too long a list to get into right now. See above for some of my current favorites.

10.Vrath you handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in singing? Who are some of your influences,favorite vocalists?

I started by singing along to my parent’s vinyl collection as a young kid. Then during my adolescences I lived with my parents at a house in the south of France, which came replete with a stone-walled cellar. I managed to save up for a Marshall Valestate guitar amp and was free to make as much noise as I could. Waved on by the spirit of Venom and Bathory I did just that. As there was no one else there to do the singing, I had to learn myself; the metal scene in the south of France really is (was?) nearly nonexistent.

I’m inspired by a number of vocalists but have never set out to imitate anyone… so naming anyone would just be misleading. I’ve been compared to a number of US old school/extreme vocalists, which I suppose is accurate. Pronunciation is key.

11.Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or preparing for a Craven Idol show?

I had a few vocals lessons some years back that help with stamina and power. They are basic breathing exercises really, but they really do make a difference. I’ve never had any issues with singing/screaming hours on end, so no other precautions have really been necessary.

12.You also play guitars for the band when did you start playing the guitars?Are you self taught or did you take lessons? Who are some of your favorite guitarists?

I’ve been playing guitar for near 15 years now. Besides of some very basic guitar lessons from my father, I’m self-taught, although I must admit that Scythian guitarist Satyrus’ teachings completely revolutionised my playing style. So whilst I’ve never had actual lessons, I’ve taken pointers from countless guitarists. I’m very curious to learn and have been known to start side projects/play session stints just to learn a new style of playing.

I wouldn’t say that I have pack of favorite guitarists… as with vocals I aim to play/sound like no-one else… to the great misfortune of many a band-mate.

13.In your opinion what does the term "Underground metal" mean to you?

There really are countless underground metal scenes today. Underground metal has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Alas, oftentimes the notion of being part of a ‘scene’ has overtaken what’s important: the music itself. I could talk ceaselessly about the things that are wrong with metal, but kindred spirits will know what I mean.

On the other hand the underground is about a freedom of expression, and the networks that I am part of all swear by the same gods of old… the only true gods of metal. We are torchbearers, sworn to keep alive the spirit of a time when metal was pure and fresh, rather than over-polished, commercialised rubbish.

14.You and the band come out of the great U.K underground metal scene.There seems to be a growing metal underground scene within the U.K. would you agree?What is your opinion of the metal scene in your country?

As mentioned above, as with any scene, the majority of bands involved are worthless garbage, usually formed to abide by meaningless trends. The metal scene worldwide is suffering from the curse of worship… no longer is originality the goal, but rather the precision of mimickery.

Outside London the UK metal scene is very small indeed, unless you’re into mallcore that is. Any band that has toured the UK, has undoubtedly made bad experiences playing in a pub cellar to the landlord and his dog. There simply isn’t the demand for metal.

From time to time a good promoter will come along – for example the lads of Bro UK up north in Newcastle. Despite their efforts they are damned to face the lack of interest of lazy ‘metal fans’, who rate downloading and procrastination higher than attending a gig.

This said, there have been great leaps forward in the UK scene in the last decade or so, but obviously I’m bias, as I enjoy a very limited amount of new bands… so even the injection of five decent groups into the mix would feel like a watershed of talent.

15.Who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from the U.K?Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

I’m a great admirer of the NWOBHM, talking bands like Satan, Desolation Angels, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Venom, Witchfynde, Angel Witch, just to name a few.

The current scene is also has plenty to offer in form of Esoteric, Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Sepuku, Indesinence, Lvcifyre, Salute, Spearhead, Razor Of Occam, The One, Macabre Omen, The Wounded Kings, Funeral Throne,etc. I can also recommend checking out my other bands Scythian, Sepulchral Temple and Crom Dubh. Scourger also drums for the epic doom pioneers Solstice, as well as speed metallers Deceptor.

16.Well Vrath thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out.Do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?

All hail the winter torment! Stand up against the raging tide!

To order the cd or LP of "Towards Eschaton" {or anyone of the GREAT Releases of D.Descent rec.} go to.

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Interview with D.J Heretic{Ber.} of Blasphemous Serenades,The Inquisition done by Patrick

Here is a new interview with a D.J Heretic from BER. after hearing his black metal show "Blasphemous Serenades" I knew I wanted to interview D.J Heretic and learn more about the man and his shows.Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the BER site for showtimes and tune-in!! for all the quality metal you can handle.

Interview with D.J Heretic of Blasphemous Serenades and The Inquisition radio shows 10-14-13{on B.E.R} done by Patrick

1.Metal hails D.j Heretic How is your week going so far my friend? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

It's Monday for me at the moment and I have the day off of work, so it's about as good as a Monday can be. Hahaha.

About myself, I'm 42 years old, married, kids, a house, a dog, a cat. I'm retired from the US Navy after 22+ years of active service and just really enjoying no longer being at the beck and call...

2.At what age did you first start listening to rock/metal music?Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

I started listening to rock/metal in 1983, when I was 12. I started out with Van Halen, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc.

I'm pretty much into the majority of metal styles and bands I listen to a lot are Enslaved, Borknagar, Death, Aosoth, Gorguts, Vintersorg, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Blut Aus Nord, Behexen, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Rainbow (mostly Dio era), Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake (yes, Whitesnake), Fleshgod Apocalypse, etc. I'm sure that's a good representation of my tastes.

3.When did you discover the internet-radio station BER? Was it long until you joined their ranks as a d.j? How did you come up with the name of your radio shows?

I started to listen to BER in May of 2010 after I went to Maryland Deathfest and met someone that was a DJ on the station. It was then August of 2010 that I started hosting "The Inquisition" on BER.

4.Are The Inquisition and Blasphemous Serenades the first shows you have ever d.j'd for?I believe you told me you did a college radio show as well.Is this something you thought of doing professionally when you were younger or more of hobby/just for fun?

Actually, No. When I was 17 in highschool (1988/1989) I was friends with a guy that went to college in my home town and was the student station manager of the college FM radio station. They were short of DJs to fill out a metal day, and my best friend Jess & I were asked if we'd like to try it out. We did and considering the size of the school, station and our town it was a pretty successful run for us.

After that, I was in the navy and did nothing radio wise, until I started on BER.

5.For the readers who have never heard your radio shows on BER. how would you describe. What styles of metal,music do you play on them?

We have a bit of it all (except Nu-metal) none of us seem to like that much. Death, black, power, symphonic, Brutal death, doom, sludge, stoner, pagan, viking and even punk are all represented on BER.

6.If any bands or labels,P.R companies etc.. are reading this where can they send you submissions for you possible air-play?

They can send it to me directly at or they can send it to and it will then be forwarded to the DJs that it best fits their show(s).

7.What would you say makes a good radio show? Would you have any advice for anyone reading this who might be thinking of trying out their own radio show sometime soon?

The first and easiest answer is a love of the music you play. I've listened to a lot of radio in my life and if the DJ doesn't care or doesn't like what they're playing it's pretty obvious and that's a huge turn off.

After that, to do a show on a station like BER, you need a pretty good collection. We play what we own. There is no library of tunes like a big stations and not all of us have the contacts to get freebies from bands or labels. I have been lucky enough to make friends of some bands/band members and they graciously send me stuff to play, but I'd say about 90% of what I play on my shows is stuff I have bought myself.

8.I know you have been a "fan" of the metal scene since the eighties so I was wondering how do you feel the metal scene has changed over the years?Do you feel technology has helped the scene grow over the yrs. or do you miss the days of "printed" fanzines,tape-trading etc..?

Well, one way that technology helps is the world wide reach of the internet. There really is no more mystery in music buying. You can hear entire albums online before you ever buy it.

Of course, technology has also made it easier to steal music per se. I love being able to BUY digital downloads, especially when I want to debut something on one of my shows and can't run out to a store to buy it in time. I'm not a fan of illegal downloading though. That's not really supporting the scene in the right way.

Growing up, one of my favorites things was to run to the local book shop to pick up the latest Circus, Hit Parader, etc magazine (yeah, I'm dating myself...Hahaha). I'll be honest though, at this point in my life I'm just as happy to get all my news online. I have a family and kids and my house is already cluttered. Old magazines laying around is the last thing I need.

9.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground?And what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

The term to me, means hard working musicians that are doing music that they love and just trying to fulfill dreams of being in a band. Growing up I wanted to be, but I was never able to succeed because of the amount of time the Navy took up in my life. I was briefly in a band that never made it out of the garage, but it was a great time and I’ll have those memories forever.

The best of the underground are the bands that do it because they love it. They write and record and just want nothing more than to get their music out to the world. I’ve had people that send me their music and when I play it on air on BER, they are just over the moon happy to know that the music is getting out there and it’s going to be heard.

The worst: that’s a more difficult question. I think to my mind it might be the attitude of “unless it’s underground” it sucks. The elitist mindset that if more than 100 people like it or listen to it at one time, it must be mainstream and suck. As an example, I’ve heard people say that Emperor only had one good album, and then they started to suck. Ok, why? Is it because after “In the Nightside Eclipse” they started to experiment and grow and mature as musicians? THAT is crap...any band that puts out the same album time after time after time...well, that’s what sucks.

10.Besides the radio-shows I know you enjoy reading books,is reading something you have always enjoyed?Who are some of your favorite authors? What about books?I know a lot of books get turned into movies do you usually watch the movie or do you feel they loose something from the print to big screen?

I've been an avid reader since I was around 8. I'm a fan of sci/fi & fantasy, Historical novels and philosophy. Favorite authors include: JRR Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, David Eddings, Jeff Shaara, Anne Rice (she's hit or miss with me, but I like a lot of her stuff), Dan Brown & Thomas Harris. I'm also a big, big, BIG fan of Star Wars and read a lot of the novels.

As for movies made of books, I will generally watch them, but I'm also almost always hyper-critial and hate when they take way too much artistic license. I enjoy the Lord of the Rings movies, but I also don't like how much they were altered (The Two Towers especially, it's nothing more than a decent movie VERY LOOSELY based on a good book).

11.Speaking of movies do you watch a lot of movies or mainly read and listen to music? what are some of your favorite movies of all-time? What makes a good movie in your opinion?

I listen to music & read much more than I watch movies, but that hasn't always been the case. Some of my favorite movies are Star Wars (all 6 of them...YES, even the prequels). Excalibur, Silence of the Lambs & Red Dragon, The Harry Potter movies, Dredd (the good one, not the one with Stallone, though that movie is a guilty pleasure of mine too, simply because I'm a huge fan of Judge Dredd), Lincoln, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, The Lion King, Evil Under the Sun, Death on the Nile, Star Trek (most series & movies) and Cheesy 80s horror movies.

A good movie captures and holds my imagination and removes me from the real world for a time.

Also, my current favorite anything is Doctor Who.

12.Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?

Oh wow, this question should be easy, but it's not. hahahaha

Gary Oldman is a huge fave...he can play just about any type of character with flare.

Christopher Lee, David Niven, Peter Ustinov (whom I share a birthday with), Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, Alex Kingston, Billie Piper, David Tennant, Christopher Eccelston, Richard Harris, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field. A lot of older ones as you can see...hahahahaha

13.Well Heretic thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview! keep up the killer work on the shows I've enjoyed them for awhile now.Do you have any final comments for the readers be we end the interview?

Thanks for taking the time to get to learn more about me. Thanks to those that have listened and will continue to listen to not only my shows but ALL the show on BER, we greatly appreciate it.

If any bands,labels would like to contact D.J Heretic directly can contact him through this email.

OR if you play band more along the lines of a brutal death,grind,technical,doom etc... then be sure to send it to this email email and it will be sent to the d.j/show which it fits best.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Interview with Cvinger done by Patrick 10-6-13

Dark Greetings,
Here is a new interview I did with a new black metal from Slovenia! the band has not been around for long but has already releady a impressive Self-released debut MCD "Monastary Of The Fallen"
the band will be a force to be reckon within the black metal underground in the next few years if they keep releasing fierce,quality black metal like that on that on the Monastary MCD.So check out the interview and then check out the band's sites and SUPPORT D.I.Y,Underground metal/music and BUY THE RELEASE!!
blackest regards,

Interview with Cvinger,done by Patrick

1.Greetings how are things going in Slovenia for you all? Please introduce the members of the band to the readers.How did you guys come up with name of the band does it have a special meaning?

Hails it has been better, economy is fucked, but hey isn't it everywhere. Cvinger is a 3 member band with guitarist Bagot drummer Krieg machine and vocalist & bass Lucerus. The Cvinger is an old Slovenian name for a cemetery wall where people who committed suicide were buried. Also it was a first defence wall in the midlevel ages.

2.For the readers who have not heard Cvinger's music yet how would you best describe it?

We play very blasphemous type of black metal. No happy stuff just pure dark, evil, misanthropic music.

3. Cvinger just released the debut Mcd "Monastery Of Fallen" how long did it take the band to write the songs for this release? How has the response been from the metal fans the metal press so far for this release?

It took us six months to write, record and mix it, and I enjoyed every second of it. The response is good for a new band on the scene without any gigs. The reviews are quite good and a lot of people like our music. Most of them come out of states, Brazil, France, Portugal even some from Norway.

4.Where can the fans buy "Monastery of Fallen? Does the band have any other merchandise at this time you all are selling besides the E.P?

You can buy our EP on our bandcamp or official band site You can also get a T-shirt of monastery of fallen and our demo/single abyss of horns. We have also some packages that include T-shirt and the EP Monastery of fallen. On ebay seller Metal Monastery has our stuff and he is also direct support.

5.Does Cvinger play very many live shows or you do all prefer working in the studio?Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

We haven't played any gigs yet but we also haven't searched for them, so I can say that at this moment we are a studio band. Next year we are going to have some festival gigs in Europe. And maybe if there will be a chance we will come to states to.

6.If you all could set up a "dream" show who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?

If you are asking me about black metal bands than I must say Mayhem, Marduk, 1349… and death metal bands Morbid angel, Deicide, Nile.

7.Cvinger just made a video for their song "Monastery Of Fallen" when did the band decide to make a video? how long did the process take to make the video?

We already started making the video in January but we weren't satisfied with the material that we shot back then so we reshot it three weeks a go. We filmed it one day and we used another three days to put it together and produce it.

8.Are you guys happy with how everything turned out with the final video?Do you have any plans to make more videos in the future?

Yes we are happy with it. This is and will be the only video for this EP. We will shoot another one for the full length album that will probably come out before the summer of next year. And we hope that it will beas good as this one, or even better. Harder and darker then this one.

9.Coming back to the music for a moment has the band started working on new music for the next Cvinger release? Any idea will it be a full-length or e.p?

Like I said we are writing new material for a full length album that is coming out next year before summer.

10.When the band begins working on a new song song how long to usually finish the music?Does the whole band work on the music or just one member handle on the writing process?

Bagot and Krieg are writing the music I write the lyrics. After that we put all the things together and shape them in to songs. After that I start with all other ideas as clean vocals, gregorian chants, latin recitals, and so on..

11.Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics?What are some topics,subjects the bands writes about?

It depends who has an idea first. If Bagot has a song already written I listen to it and then I write the lyrics, this goes both ways.
I write about what I see, feel, and think. I don't care what kind words or phrases I use, what I want is that people who listen to my words think about them and maybe I give them a new perspective.

12.Everyone has their own ideas/opinons on what black metal means to them.So I was curious what does "black metal" to you all?

I can speak only for myself… when i listen to black metal or when I write songs in this genre is like I am unleashed from the modern world and all it's shit. I am free and connected to the spiritual world.

13.The band comes out of the great country of Slovenia so I was curious what is your opinion of Slovenia's metal scene?

We have some great bands here and some of them have a lot of concerts around the Europe. The only problem that I see in the Slovenian metal scene is that slovenian listeners don't support the home bands as they do all the other bands that come from other countries. We are a small country and we should stick together.

14.Who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands?Are there any new bands coming out of Slovenia that the readers should watch out for?

Well all those that I said I would love to have a concert or a tour with. Morbid angel, Marduk, Deicide, 1349, Nail, Dark funeral, Incantation..
Somrak is a great slovenian black metal band, it's not a new one but it is one of my favorites so I recommend them, check them out.

15.Well we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out.Good luck to you all and the band I look forward to hearing more from Cvinger.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Yes. I would like to say thanks to all who support us to all our fans and friends. This is just the beginning of the darkness so called Cvinger
Shortly we will start with writing the full length Cvinger album. And we will update you about everything on our Facebook/cvinger666 and on our official web site.

Cvinger contacts

"Official" Facebook "like" the bands page for all the lates news,videos,merchandise

Interview with The True Endless done by Patrick 10-6-13

Dark Greetings!
This Black metal band from Italy needs no introduction playing since 1997 The True Endless has been creating and releasing violent,fast,black ever since but the band also does not release the same-release every time and is not afraid to expirment sometimes {without loosing the extreme blackend sound} so if your a fan of extreme black metal but are tired of all the copy cat bands that sound the same take a chance and check out The True Endless you won't be disappointed!!
the new cd "Legacy Of Hate" which was just released by the mighty Paragon Rec.
Enjoy what M. has to say about the b.m scene,the band,his career,and more!!
keep the black flames of metal burning bright!

Interview with M.vocalist and Guitarist for The True Endless done by Patrick

1.Hails M. how is life going for you in Italy these days my friend? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Things in Italy are not so good actually, bad politicians, bad economy, few work, etc...

According to music, Italy don't give a fuck to extreme genres and so it's very hard for extreme music, but we have very talented bands and musicians

I play in extreme metal since 1991, I played in several bands and actually I'm into The True Endless, Skoll, Opera IX, The Blessed Hellbrigade, Darkness, A Forest, Torvara and Zentih and I recorded as session in Dimentianon (U.S.A.), Gosforth (Ita), Ysengrin (Fra), Midgaard (Ita) and Lifend (Ita). I'm quite active in the underground. I ruled a distro and a zine some time ago, but actually I prefer to focus more on the bands.

2.Yourself and Soulfucker{bass player} founded The True Endless back in 1997. What gave you guys the idea to form the band? How did you come up with name for the band does it have a special meaning for you all?

We created The True Endless for the need to make violent and antitrend music, we started to mix Black, Thrash, Death and even Grind and Doom together and we slowly formed what The True Endless is now.

The band name comes form my personal passion for H.P.Lovecraft, we're very linked to it's deep meaning...Endless are the stars and the abyss endless is the time that the Ancient ones can sleep before coming back.

3.What is current meaning of The True Endless? As mentioned in the last question the band was formed in 1997 so I was curious how do you feel the bands music has changed over the years? For the readers who have never heard The True Endless music how would you best describe it?

For the meaning of the band name just go at the previous answer.

About our musical style, I can tell you that we changed a lot, we grew as persons and musicians, so it would have been impossible not to change our music too. When we formed The True Endless I was 23 yeas old only and now I'm 39...and it's impossible to play the same music for so much time without being bored...

I think now the T.T. Endless music is a mature form of extreme art, brutal and melodic (as a Black Metal band can be) and made for our own taste!

We play Black Metal in our personal way... But I think that the best for everyone, is to listen at our songs, so I invite all the readers to check our tracks on the web to discover us.

4.Which usually comes first when writing a new song the lyrics or music? Who usually handles the lyrics for the band?What are some topics/subjects for the bands lyrics?

The music is the starting point of the T.T. Endless songs since the early days, we work alone and together to create the songs at home, then we arrange them in rehearsal room. The lyrics come later; now I'm the writer, but when Astraghon (old singer) was in the band he wrote many lyrics too. Soulfucker wrote some lyrics for “1888 From Hell” album and Mayhem (old drummer) for some songs too.

The topics are about war, death and destruction, madness and extinction of mankind, some are about ancient traditions and occultism, others about the strenght in man. The songs are singed in english, italian and ancient Novara's dialect.

5.Has The True Endless played Live or toured very often over the years or do you guys prefer to work in the studio only?What have been some of your most memorable shows?What about your favorite countries that you have played in?

We played some good and bad live gigs around the years, but we never toured for working reasons, so we did single gigs or festivals only.

The best country to play Black Metal music (where we played) is Czech Republic, we played for few maniacs only and the atmosphere was great and sulphureous! I give you here some links we turned on youtube to understand what I mean:

The most memorable show??? I don't know...maybe when we opened for Vader Marduk and Deicide few years ago...great show great audience and great aftershow party!!!

6.Who are some bands you guys have shared the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?

We shared the stage with many bands famous and not...some are Marduk (Swe), Deicide (USA), Vader (Pol), Dismember (Swe), Opera IX (Ita), Mortuary Drape (Ita), Forgotten Tomb (Ita), Taake (Nor), Helheim (Nor), Vulture Industries (Nor), Sulphur (Nor), Horna (Fin), Vorkreist (Fra), Black Lodge (Fra), Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita), Sekhmet (Cz Rep), Vexed (Ita), Adversam (Ita), Myrkvid (Fra), Morrigan (Ger), Besatt (Pol), Vesna (Cz Rep), Gosforth (Ita), Malvento (Ita), Meridian (Ch), Natassievila (Ita), Imago Mortis (Ita), Handful Of Hate (Ita), Sacradis (Ita), Novembre (Ita), Death Dies (Ita), Abhor (Ita), Kult (Ita), Black Flame (Ita), Kurgaall (Ita), Nefastt (Fra), Malepeste (Fra), Fearbringer (Ita), Nefas (Ita), Fornace (Ita), Unctoris (Ita), Totenheer (Ch) and many many more...

In a dream could be with Marduk, very good and inspired musicians and more than all very good people!

7.The True Endless has released a lot of demo's and e.p's as well as six full-lengths.So I was wondering out of all these releases do you have a personal favorite The True Endless song?What about a favorite release from the band that you feel is your? Why are these your favorites?

As you can imagine I cannot tell you one single song; we're proud of all our productions because they represent what we was at that very particular moment, every song is strictly linked to our lives and I cannot tell you a single song, I'm sorry...

About the releases it's easier...I'm more linked to the albums, I love the splits too, but the albums are what we did at our best!

8.The True Endless comes out of the great Italian black/metal scene. Their seems to be a strong extreme metal scene in Italy would you agree with this?What is your opinion of Italy's metal scene?

Thanx for your words, yes, we come from the italian Underground and we still live proudly in the Underground!

Italian's metal scene is strong concerning the bands, there are many good bands, new and old, everyone into metal music cannot ignore bands like Mortuary Drape, Opera IX, Necrodeath, Bulldozer, Death SS and so on from the early bands, and no one can ignore the new ones!

The problem is the audience that don't support enough the local bands and the local Underground, they prefer to go to the “big” events, to pay lot of money for the tickets and don't buy merchandising and cd's from the bands...Not all, but the most...And this is the worst problem in the Italy's metal scene!

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite Italian bands? Are their any new Italian bands you feel the readers should check out? There are many good bands as I said before!

Some of my faves albums from the Italian Underground are: Necromass: Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana, Adversam: Proclama, Death SS: Black Mass, Malvento: Oscuro Esperimento Contro Natura, Necrodeath: Fragments Of Insanity...and many more!!!

Check all the italian bands I mentioned 'till now, you'll be not disappointed!

10.Everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means to them.So I was wondering what does black mean to you?

Black Metal is a state of mind, a way of life, and then music. We are Black Metal, not in the way of the “I wanna be evil trendkids”, but in a strictly personal way.

For us Black Metal is not “I worship the Devil” and “I'm evil at all costs”, but it's a path, personal and obscure, that have to be walked for ourselves without caring about the others.

Music is part of this path, but not the most important one! But this is my opinion only...

11. Coming back The True Endless for a moment you handle the guitars for the band.When did you become interested in playing guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I started at guitars in The True Endless since the beginning and I'm still playing guitars...Even if I was a bass player in the early days, but not in The True Endless. I'm totally self-taught, no lessons when I was young...

12.Who are some influences/favorite guitarists?

I like more the bands than the musicians, I'm very influenced by Bathory over all, and of course all the old scandinavian Black and Death Metal scene, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and some of the old extreme Greek and Italian bands.

Probably my favorite guitar player is Zakk Wylde even if he is not into extreme metal at all.

13.You also handle the vocals for The True Endless when did you start singing?Who are some of your favorite vocalists?

I started growling in 1997 with my old project Huginn, then I started to sing in other bands where I was (and I am) involved; I started to sing in The True Endless in 2009 when Astraghon left the band.

My favourite vocalists are Quorthon, Attila Csihar, Dead, Mortuus, Aldrahn, Diamanda Galàs and few others...

14.Is their anything special you do to keep your throat/vocals healthy when recording or preparing for a show?

Nothing in particular...I use to drink some beers before the show, a red bull before coming on stage and alcohol after the show...nothing so healthy as you can see, hehehehe!

15.Well M. thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with me. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

A big thank you for supporting us and helping in spreading The True Endless in the Underground!

To all the readers, get in contact and buy our cd's,lp's,shirts,etc... and come at our gigs!

Actually we're preparing a split 7” with our friends Entirety and a new promo, so keep an eye on our news!

Support the Underground and keep the Black Flame Burning!

To keep up with all the Latest band news,updates

Inerview with Scalpel done by Patrick 10-6-13

Brutal Hails!
Here is a new interview with Boston Mass. new brutal psychopaths of brutality Scalpel.The band play straight forward death metal with a nice mix of old-school and newer/modern death metal.Fans of death metal that is heavy,vicious but also has some originality mixed into their sickness.
if your interested in hearing the bands debut cd "Sorrow And Skin" be sure to check out Sevared Rec. web-site/store for more information!! fans of straight forward death metal won't be disappointed!!
Brutal regards,

Interview with Manny Egbert Guitars,vocals for Scalpel done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Manny! how is your week going?Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hey Patrick, my week has been a festering dog shit how about yours? I’m Manny, and I do guitars, vocals, and songwriting for Scalpel. I live in Allston rock city and play death metal.

2.When did you first discover metal music?Who were some of the first metal bands you discovered?Who are some of your current favorite bands?

I discovered metal first with BLACK SABBATH at the ripe age of 9. Still my all time favorite band. From there it was Ozzy and Judas Priest into Megadeth and Slayer into Carcass, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, and the like. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Inveracity, Gorgasm, and fucking Creedence.

3.At what age did you become interested in playing the guitars?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I started playing guitar when I was 13 and I took lessons with a few different teachers until I found the right one. Taylor, the other guitarist taught himself riff mastery in the woods on his own.

4..Who would you say are some of your biggest influences,favorite guitarists? Do you play any other instruments? if yes which instruments

My favorite guitar player of all time is Marty Friedman. To me, his playing combines the best elements of shredding and soulful guitar playing. Other dudes that I look up to are Trey Azagoth, Randy Rhoads, Chuck Schuldiner, Tony Iommi, and Dave Suzuki.

5.When did you and the other members of Scalpel first meet? Was it long until you decided to form the band?What is the "current" line-up? For the readers who have never had the chance to hear Scalpel's music before how would you best describe it to the readers?

Scalpel has had a whole bunch of lineup changes. Taylor and I are the only two original members at this point. We met at summer camp like a couple of good little kids way back in the day and decided to get evil.

The music is dark and very fast, mixing elements of punk/grind with raw death metal. We love the old school but we’re trying to pick up where it left off rather than regurgitate old material.

6.Scalpel just released their debut cd "Sorrow And Skin" through Sevared Rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?How has the response been from the metal press and the metal fans so fars?

The album release has been delayed and there have been some issues here and there but the recording and writing process is very streamlined for us at this point. Usually Taylor or I will have an idea hit us and we will write most of a song from there. After that the other one will finish it off and after some hashing out at practice the songs are done. People have really received the album well so far. The reviews have been positive and we’re proud of our first full length release.

7.Does Scalpel have any upcoming shows/tours in support of the new cd?If yes where are some places the band will be playing?

We do plan to tour the Eastern US in support of Sorrow and Skin, but that is currently in the works. As of right now our biggest show coming up is with Morbid Angel at the Middle East downstairs in Cambridge MA on November 10. It’s going to be a ridiculous night.

8.Who are some bands Scalpel has shared the stage with so far in their career?If you could set up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?

Luckily Scalpel has had the opportunity to play with some of our favorite bands including Gorguts, Behemoth, Decrepit Birth, Vader, Suffocation, Origin, Nile, Anthrax, Krisiun, Immolation, and others. If we could do a dream tour, I think it would be Scalpel, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and special guests Lynyrd Skynyrd.

9.In your opinion what is the best and worst and worst thing about the underground today?And what does the term metal underground mean to you?

Metal underground is a term that both helps and hurts the scene. Being underground is awesome, but our goal isn’t to stay there forever. Metal underground to me refers to all of the bands busting ass playing dive bars and touring on pocket lint for no other reason than love of the music.

10.Manny you and the band come out boston's underground metal scene,in your opinion what is the scene like in boston?

I love Boston, and I would put our scene on par with any other city scene in the US. The people are great, and they are loyal. We have seen familiar faces at our shows since the beginning and at this point everybody knows each other. It’s always a party.

11.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from boston and the entire state of Mass? Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

Gotta check out bands from MA. There are some really talented people up here. Some of my favorites are Totality, Abnormality, Sexcrement, and Forced Asphyxiation, but that’s really only scratching the surface of what Boston and MA have to offer.

12.Well Manny thank you for taking the time for filling out this interview! if you have any final comments for the readrs please feel free to leave them at the end of the interview.

The pleasure is all mine man. Listen to the album and hopefully puke up your goddamn lunch.

Label contact

Band contact

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Reviews 9-24-13

Metal Hails!
Here is a new batch of metal reviews for your reading pleasure.This time we have some great bands/releases featured from all metal genres so defintly take a few a minutes and a look through them and hopefully you find some good bands to your liking. if you do be sure to support the band,label and BUY cd,LP,digital download and support the scene and keep the scene alive and active.
Metal Regards,

Ancestors Blood- A Moment Of Clarity cd/LP { Heidens Hart Rec.}

Finland's Ancestors Blood return with a new cd A Moment Of Clarity is eight songs of atmospheric,epic pagan black metal at it's finest.Mid to fast guitars that never get too extremely fast or slow but are played with a lot of skill and precision.The drumming is mid-paced range with some well written drum patterns with a few moments of speed,faster beats but usually only last for a few min. at a time.Ancestors Blood use some synths that fit perfectly within their sound and a whole nother layer to their music.Fans of epic,atmospheric black metal bands like Summoning will defintly want to to check out Ancestors Blood as soon as you can you will not be disappointed.

Label Contact

Craven Idol-Towards Eschaton cd {Dark Descent Rec.}

I have been reading a lot about this band's upcoming release so I was defintly eager to hear and I must it it defintly stands up to all the hype and then some.Craven Idol's debut is defintly a masterpiece of blackend thrash metal.Uncomprising fast guitars that are crazed all over the placed with riffs and solo's before being slowed to a mid-paced pattern the guitars do have some rawness within their tone for the blackend vibe which fits nicely in the bands sound.The drumming is a blazing storm of blast beats with chaotic drum patterns that are played to perfection while also being played at excess speeds. The vocals are harsh screams and raspy vocal patterns.Fans of uncompromising,aggressive blackend thrash metal will love Craven Idol's debut cd and also for you Vinyl lovers Dark Descent has made some vinyl available.

Label contact

Cvinger-Monastery Of Fallen Mcd,Digital {Self-released}

Slovenia's Cvinger have unleashed their debut of raw,fast blackness with some noisy harsh guitars and fast blasting drums.The vocals are harsh,demon shrieks and screams that fit perfectly with the bands musicial style.Cvinger are not completely all harsh/noise black as the band does have have a couple of well played mellow,melodic instrumentals that show the band can play both styles if they decide to.As you can probably tell the review Cvinger are not trying to create any new musical genre or style with their sound but the trio are very good musicians and play black metal extremely well. And if your a fan of the more primitive,fast,chaotic black metal I would defintly say give Cvinger a listen you just might be surprised and enjoy yourself.

band contact

Dirigi-Dirgi Mcd {self-released}

San Antonio's very own Dirgi bring forth their debut of six songs of fast,unforgiving old-school death metal.Furious,fast riffs and raging guitars solo's played with a lot of precision and intensity.The drums are done extremely well extremely fast blast beats to more heavier mid-paced drums. with some really memorable and well written drum patterns.The vocals are a dual match of deep growls and vicious shrieks,sreams and fit very well with Dirgi's vicious,old school sound and style.over all Dirgi have written and released one of the best death metal releases I have had the pleasure of hearing pure death metal perfection defintly worth checking out now!

Exhumer-Degraded By Sepsis cd {Comatose Music}

Italy's Exhumer have unleashed their second beast of release "Degraded By Sepsis" eleven songs of brutal,straight forward death metal.Exhumer are not just loud and noisey these Italian metallers know how to play their instruments the music is a nice blend of mid-paced slam and full on death/grind. Mid-paced slammin guitars start out before hitting the all out frenzied guitars hyper speed riffs with unrelenting blast beats.Exhumer does have a couple of instrumentals that are dark/mellow with piano and not defintly not what you would expect from the the other songs featured but they are written and played beautifully and add a nice change of pace for a couple of minutes inbetween the frenzied brutality songs.If your a fan of straight-forward,uncomprimising brutality then Exhumer is defintly a band for you to check out.

Label contact

Fear Theories-So It Begins Mcd {Self-released}

So it Begins is the debut release from the Norwegian old-school metal/rock band Fear Theories.Five songs of high energy rock with some thrash influence in the guitars.The vocals are screams but their are also some sing along choruses and gruff deeper vocals used in some vocal lines.The guitars are mid paced with some really memorable guitar riffs and patterns written.Fans of old-school rockNroll with slightly thrash influences in a few tracks should defintly enjoy Fear Theories Mcd debut release.

band contact

Nekrofilth-Devils Breath cd/lp {Hells Headbangers Rec.}

Nekrofilth's name surely fits the bands music and style perfectly.Thirteen songs of vicious,ugly and dirty cross over tunes.I wasn't sure at first if I was gonna like the band but honestly the band does a great job of mixing and creating the styles of thrash,old-schcool punk,old-school grind and a little death metal and mixing in their own warped sense of humor the band serves us Devils Breath! If you are a "fan" of old-school punk mixed raging thrash/grindcore you will love this band band.A must have if your looking for something different other then the normal black/death metal of the scene.

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Sapremia-Autmn's Moon cd {Butchered Rec.}

Sapremia from New Jersey are a band that have been around the death/thrash scene for quite a few years now and Autmn's Moon is the band second full length.Nine tracks of ripping,aggressive death/thrash metal.This is how it should be done fast,heavy guitars pummeling,pounding drums that are catchy as well heavy and blasting fast.Sapremia are not all brutal,speed as the band slows to heavy mid-paced riffs and heavy mid-paced drums before picking up the pace again.Lou's vocals are a perfect fit with Sapremia's music as he has a gruff,raw death metal growl highly recommended to anyone and everyone who enjoys aggressive,catchy death/thrash metal.

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Sarcofago-INRI LP {GreyHaze Rec.}

GreyHaze has re-released the 1987 classic on vinyl for the newer fans who might have missed it the first time and it and if your one who missed it the first time defintly don't make the same mistake twice.If you have never have never heard this piece of blackend heavy metal the music is very raw and fast sounding in the beginning it goes from slower music that builds to a dark mid-paced heavy metal paced tone before cutting loose a fast all out rage blackend heavy metal attack {remember this was released in 1987 so what most of us know as black metal today wasn't created yet} fast,raw sounding guitars,vocals that range from deeper demon sounding growls and high pitched screams.This release and band and release are highly regarded by both black and death metal bands,fans world wide for putting South American blackend death metal on the map and one listen you will understand why! if you have missed it and worship the elder gods of the eighties like venom,Bathory,Slayer etc... then you Need this in your collection as well.

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The True Endless-Legacy Of Hate cd {Aphelion Prod.}

Italy's The True Endless are back with a new black metal masterpiece,the musicians have created some of the best violent,cold,uncompromising black metal I have heard in quite sometime vicious but quality written and,relentess drumming that is non-stop,chaotic and furious guitar riffs and some solos mixed in the insanity.The vocals are deep dark growls mixed with blackend screams that are a perfect match for The True Endless destructive,dark sound if you are familiar with this long running Italian blackend horde you know what to expect but if you are new to The True Endless sound and enjoy cold,violent straight forward black metal then The True Endless is a band you MUST hear.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interview with Cold Colours done by Patrick 8-27-13

Dark Greetings,
here is a new interview with one band "Cold Colours" from Minnisota the band plays dark death/doom metal and has just released their Self-Titled fourth release!! if you enjoy dark death,doom metal with some brutal over-tones you should defintly check this band and his releases out soon!!
enjoy the interview and take the time to chack out their Great music!!

Interview with Brian J.Hubner vocalist,guitarist,bassist,keyboardist for Cold Colours done by Patrick

1.Hello Brian how is your week going? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Well, kinda broke this week! Otherwise OK. My name is Brian. I play sad metal.

2.When did you first become interested in playing music? What was the first instrument you learned how to play?What would you say was the easiest instrument for you to learn?Which one was the most difficult to learn?

My dad used to listen to a lot of early metal bands, which is what got me interested. Honestly, the first album that really got me was Bon Jovi 'slippery when wet.' May not be the coolest answer, but that was my gateway into the metal world!
I got my first guitar in 1988 for my 12th birthday. so I've been playing for 25 years now! I never really took the time to get really good, so i just started writing riffs. I started playing bass in 1994. Don't really view any as easy or difficult, but bass seems to come more naturally for me.

3.When did you get the idea to form Cold Colours?For the readers who have never had the pleasure of hearing Cold Colours how would you describe the bands music?

Cold Colours is a dark metal band. we've kinda gone all over the place over the last 15 years, but there has always been a dark mood to it. I started Cold Colours under the name Wolfthorn in 1995. At the time, I was the vocalist for a thrash/groove metal band called Inflict. I joined that band mostly because I had never been on stage, and wanted to get the live experience. So I started doing Wolfthorn on the side, as I wasn't big into the style Inflict played. I had done a project in high school with some friends called Dream Eternal, which I was really into. However, the other guys in that became disinterested in playing metal. So I decided to do my own thing.

4.Cold Colours originally started out as a full-line up band and is now just yourself with session members.What has kept you motivated to keep the band going as a one man band?

Actually, CC started as a solo project. When it was Wolfthorn, it was just me and a 4 track recorder. When I started recording the 'Somnium XIII' album in 1999, I changed the band name. It was still a solo project then, I just pictured the other guys who helped out on the album in a way that made it look like it was a full band. We didn't become an actual "band" until 2001. It went back to being mainly me in 2007. I tried to reassemble a full band numerous times but gave up in 2011.
My main motivation is unfinished business. After 15 years, I don't feel I have really created what I was wanting to with this band. The new album is the closest I have come to it, but there is still a certain 'something' I am trying to get across. After almost 20 years, I just can't stop now, especially when its my 'baby!'

5.What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages to being a one man band?
Getting commitment from others. But still needing others, as there are things I can't do - playing drums or guitar solos for example.
The hardest part is the financial aspect. Having to cover all the costs myself. Advantage is not dealing with conflicting opinions from other band members. My other band can never agree on things and that makes it so nothing gets done.

6.Cold Colours recently released the self titled fourth CD through Sleazy Rider Rec. how long did it take you to write the songs for this release?

I wrote most of the album over the summer of 2012. 'Silent Speech" was an old song from 2005 that we had when we were a full band, it just was forgotten. I found a recording of it and thought it fit on this album. The beginning of 'Orifice' is something I wrote a long time ago.

7.When writing the new songs which came first for you the music or the lyrics? Where did you draw inspiration for your lyrics on the new cd?

I honestly don't write the lyrics until the last minute. I usually have the vocal parts written, but just babble. I really don't pay much attention to lyrics, I write about whatever I'm feeling that day. I did write the lyrics to 'of sand and tears' as a tribute to my grandfather though.

8.Do you have any plans to look for session musicians to possibly play some "live" shows in support of the new CD or do you plan to keep Cold Colours strictly a studio project now?

We are a live band as well, just a little more sporadic. We have a few shows in the coming months. Aaron Lott, who also played lead guitar on the album, plays live as well. He's the closest I have to another member. One advantage to CC being mostly just me, is I can have different people play shows if others aren't available. If we were offered a tour, I would be able to take whoever with me that was available; without having to worry about other members availability.I like playing live too much to not do it.

9.Speaking of musicians if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past or present} who are some you would like to work with?

Dan Swanö mastered the new CD, doing a project with him... Damn. That would be amazing. Devin Townsend is another one. David Bowie would probably be the ultimate.

10.Is Cold Colours the only band you are currently working with?If no please tell the readers a little about your other bands/projects.

I also play guitar and do vocals for a death metal/d-beat band called Mördwolf. It's like old Entombed, Dismember, Grave mixed with a d-beat punk vibe. You can download a free 5-song demo at

11.When your not working/writing music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I'm still an obsessed metalhead. I love going to record stores, going to shows, talking about metal, etc. Outside of music in general, I'm just a family man. I am married with a 4 year old son, so I spend a lot of time just being a dad.

12.Well Brian we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to do the interview with me. Do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?

Thanks for the interview. I hope people give the new album a listen. You can check it out on SPOTIFY to listen to it first. Cheers!




Monday, August 26, 2013

Interview with Heretic Cult Redeemer done by Patrick 8-26-13

Dark Greetings,
This time we have a real treat for all the black metal fans out there! a interview with the Greek black metal band "Heretic Cult Redeemer" the band has just released their debut and possibly one of the BEST,and darkest black metal bands to out of the black metal underground in quite a few years.If your looking for something original,dark,occult tied in with some epic black metal metal then defintly head over to the Mighty Iron Bonehead Records web-store and pick up this bands debut LP. today!!
regards,and keep supporting the true underground scenes.

Interview with Funus vocalist,lyricist for Heretic Cult Redeemer done by Patrick

1.Greetings Funus! How are things in Greece? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello there, i'm Funus, the lead singer of Heretic Cult Redeemer. We are ok here, except the unbelievable heat of the last days...

2.When did you first become interested in singing in bands? Is Heretic Cult Redeemer the first band you haver sung in?

From the beginning i was a singer. We start playing with D when we were thirteen years old. That's the first time i ever sung. HCR is not my first attempt. I was founding member and lead singer of Acrimonious.

3.Who are some of your influences/favorite vocalists? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or getting ready to play a concert? Besides singing do you play any other instruments?

Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor etc.) is a big influence for me. The way he sing and perform is unique. I do not have something particular for my voice. I just watch not to hurt my throat before any performance (live & recording) and i warm up my voice half an hour before just to be ready. I also playing guitar when we are composing songs but i never do it live.

4.Heretic Cult Redeemer recently released their debut LP through Iron Bonehead rec. how long did it take the band to write the songs for this release?For the readers who have never had the chance to hear your bands music how would you best describe it?

We started back in 2009 and all the procedure last four years. For me "Heretic Cult Redeemer" is a complex and intelligent form of our darkest emotions.

5.Funus you handle the lyrics for the songs where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics?Do you have any kind of message with your lyrics?

I draw inspiration from my life experiences and my inner dark emotions and i filter them through my philosofical and occult ideology. Lyrically our debut album indicates something that we call "The end of the flesh". We approach philosophically and metaphorically the passage from the material world to another aspects of reality and conciousness.

6.Does Heretic Cult Redeemer play "live" very often or do you prefer to work mainly in the studio?

Τhere's no distinction for us. We like working on the studio as much as we like to perform live.

7.Who are some bands you all have shared the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show who are some bands you would love to play with?

Individually we have shared the stage with bands like Watain, Septic Flesh, Vader, Cephalic Carnage etc.. I really don't know...

8.Heretic Cult Redeemer comes out of the legendary Greek black metal underground scene.What is your opinion of the metal scene in Greece these days?

Our music scene here is still great. Our heritage is more than enough to continue making dark music.

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from Greece? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

For sure an all time favourite band is Rotting Christ. Necromantia and Varathron also. From the new wave of Greek Black/Death Metal scene i would say Acherontas, Embrace of Thorns and Dead Congregation.

10.Everyone has their own opinion on what black metal stands for/means. So I was wondering what does black mean to you?

The passage from the material world to another aspects of reality and conciousness. Particularly, reality is something cloudy and it's never the same for everyone. The way we use our energy is the cause of our acts. So, i can tell that black metal is the way how i drain my energy.

11.Are you or any of the members of Heretic Cult Redeemer currently working with any side-projects or bands? If yes please feel free to tell the readers a little about them.

Our former drummer he's playing for Necrovorous and Embrace of Thorns. I don't have any details about their current moves but if you don't know this bands you have to check 'em out for sure.

12.Well Funus we have reached the end of the interview,Thank you for taking the time to fill this out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you. Don' t forget to check our debut album released via Iron Bonhead. Support the Cult!

To order the Debut SELF-TITLED LP from Iron Bonehead Rec. go to the web-site/store.

Interview with Dehuman Reign done by Patrick 8-26-13

Metal Hails!!
Here is a new interview with Germany's Dehuman Reign! if you haven't had the chance to check out this great up and coming band defintly do it soon!! the band recently released their debut Mcd "Destructive Intent" throught the mighty FDA Rekotz.
thanks for reading the interview and supporting the zine!!

Interview with Ulf guitarist of Dehuman Reign done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Ulf! How is life in Germany going for you? please introduce yourself to the readers? When did you first start listening to metal? Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

Hey Patrick, Metal hails back to you! This is Ulf, guitarist of Dehuman Reign, a Death Metal Band from Berlin, Germany formed in 2011. Our debut „Destructive Intent“ was released in July 2013 through FDA Rekotz. I think that’s the reason why we do this interview.

Metal life is going well in Germany, there are many options to live the metal way. Nothing bad to report at all.

My personal metal-life started with Megadeth’s “Countdown to Extinction” in ’92, growing with Maiden, Metallica, Kreator and so on. The first Death Metal band I was introduced to was Entombed with “Lleft Hand Path”. This one punched me directly in my face. I could not believe that there’s a band playing harder and faster than Slayer. Pretty much the same story from my bandmates. I think every metal head grew up with those bands.

My favorite bands these days, there are a lot of them, I like nearly every kind of Metal music, also Grind and Crust. I’m not into slam or screamo stuff, same with Pagan/Folk bands. I think my bandmates agree with that. To name some bands I listen these days: Degial, Necrowretch, Immolation, Volture, Vektor, Martyrdöd. I discover some new music almost every day.

2.When did you and the other members of Dehuman Reign meet? Was it long after you that you all decided to form the band? What is the current line up of Dehuman Reign?

Totte [drums] and me have been making music over 10 years together in a Death Metal band called Harmony Dies. They split up and we decided to launch a new band. This was in March 2011. Shortly after we decided to create a new band we found in Tesk our second guitarist and Rouven joined us as Bass-player. In March 2012 we finally found our vocalist Alex.

3.How did you guys come up with the name for the band? For the readers who have never heard Dehuman Reign's music how would you best describe it?

The bands name, this is a long story. Here’s the short version: we collected maybe up to 50 bandnames, but each of it was already in use by some Chilean or Mexican black metal band, haha ... Someday Totte [drums] came up with „Dehuman Reign“. We all thought about the artificial wording but decided that this name catches the sort of music we wanted to spread very well.

4.The band recently released their debut Mcd "Destructive Intent" through FDA Rekotz. How long did it take you all to write and record the songs for this release?

Most of these songs are written by Totte and me some years ago. There are two songs on it which we wrote as whole band. Except the lyrics, these are all written by Alex.

We recorded „Destructive Intent“ in stages during the summer 2012 in the Englsound Studio, Berlin.

5.How has the response been from the press and the fans?

So far very good! The reviews we read were all positive. Our purpose was to deliver an old school Death Metal feeling on “Destructive Intent”. All the reviewers caught that detail and gave us a good response on the things we did. On our live shows the feedback is even better, we play the material from “Destructive Intent” as well as new stuff that will be on our first Full-length. The response is always positive!

6.Does the band have any upcoming tours or shows in support of Destructive Intent? If yes where are some places the band will be touring to?

We have been booked for some single shows for the remaining year (check the web for more information). A tour is not planned at this moment. Since we don’t like the “pay-to-play” concept that’s becoming more and more usual, we prefer to play concerts for the real underground scene for now. We’ll see what the future holds for us.

7.Who are some bands Dehuman Reign has shared the stage with so far in their career? If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to play with?

We started playing concerts in December 2012, our „stage-career“ isn’t that big so far. But we had great concerts with Defeated Sanity and Cenotaph (TUR), Wound, Goregast and Harm (these bands are also on FDA Rekotz, check’em out!). The last concert we played with Hooded Menace (FIN) and Graveyard from Spain. By the way, great guys! We’re looking forward to play more and more shows. A perfect show/tour would be difficult, cause the bands I'd like to play with don't exist anymore. It would be the triple „D“ Tour: Dehuman Reign, Demolition Hammer and Death.

8.Has the band begun working on new songs for the next Dehuman Reign release? Will it be a full release or another Mcd? Any idea when it might released to the fans?

We are currently working intensively on new material for a full length album. Our goal is to make a full length album as fast as possible after the release of „Destructive Intent“. Indeed, we first had the idea to make a second Mini Album, but we decided to make a full length. You can be sure that the material we write right now is more sophisticated. All members of the band are involved in the song writing process and we hopefully will release it in 2014.

9.When the band begins working on a new song how long does it usually take to complete? Does the whole band work on the music or does just one or two members handle all the music writing? Who usually handles the writing of the lyrics what are some topics/subjects you all write about?

We are not that type of a hard working band. It comes when it comes. The songs were written by all members, everyone got his own idea of Death Metal riffing and song structures. Alex [Vocals] writes all the lyrics. They are of a dark, philosophical nature and allow a wide range of possible interpretations, which is what he intends to achieve.

10.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term underground metal mean to you?

For me real underground means being a metal head to the bone. That’s it!

The best thing is that you can discover a new band that is developing it’s own sound based on the roots of the old bands every day.

The worst thing I think is that the underground is splitting up more and more into several sub-scenes such as the NSBM stuff. Elitism and classification suck.

11.Are you or any of the members of Dehuman Reign currently playing with any side bands? if yes please tell the readers a little about them?

Yes, most of us are active in additional projects/bands;

Tesk [guitar] plays guitar in YSPOTOPSY (Djeazz-metal, nobody knows what that means…), Rouven [bass] plays bass in a rock band and Totte is playing drums in a harsh black metal project (both bands without a name yet). I’m playing guitar in NECROMORPH (Grind/Crust/Death).

12.Ulf you live in the great country of Germany we all know of Germany's amazing metal history with bands. But I was wondering what is your opinion of Germany's metal scene both past and present?

I don’t know the metal scene from the 80’s but I could say that at present the scene is very active. There are many concerts and festivals in Germany you could visit. A lot of good bands are growing from the underground.

13.Who are some of your all time favorite german bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Oh, there are many good German bands. I think my all-time favorites are Running wild, old Kreator, Sodom, Accept, 1st & 2nd Atrocity, and so on... Immortalis-indicium de mortis is a very good old school death metal album you have to check out if you haven’t listened yet. Some new bands you should check out: Wound, Blood Patrol, Android Empire, Violent Frustration, Begraven and of course all of the FDA Rekotz releases!

14.What about metal fan or web-zines worth reading any that you can recommend to the readers?

There is a very funny and different fanzine called “Fatal Grind” I like to read, but it’s written in German only. Very good magazines written by real metal heads I could suggest are Carnage Death Metal Zine, Mystical Music and Voices from the darkside.

15.Well Ulf thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you very much! Just check out our music and thanks for readin

to order a copy of the new Mcd "Destructive Intent" go to the FDA-Rekotz web-site here.