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New reviews for 1-6-13

Metal Hails!
Welcome to the first of many review blogs of 2013!! enclosed a little of everything. Hopefully you will find something to your liking. we are always looking for new bands,labels to work with don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a GUARANTEED Honest review and possible interview within winter torment web-zine
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Arbogast-1 cd {Nefarious Industries}{reviewed by Patrick}
When i read the description of this chicago-based band i wasn't sure if they would be able to pull it off or if it would just come out sounding like total crap.The band mixes thrash,punk/hardcore and even some sludge influences.All of the styles come through in each song but the three musicians of Arbogast know how to play and mix the music perfectly together.Heavy sludge/doomish guitar riffs slowly build up the pace until the rest of the band explode into a thrashy frenzied,noisey tornado of musical madness.The music as mentioned goes between faster thrashy,punk parts and more slower doom/sludge parts.Fans of creative yet intense whirlwind metal,hardcore,sludge mix will defintly love arbogast's maniacial sound of noise..

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Beer bear-Beyond The Invisible Line cd {Sound Age Prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
I have never heard this russian folk/metal band before.But i am defintly happy our paths crossed Beer Bear's music is honest folk music and Beer bear know how to play it! the band mixes in high energy traditional folk music with some amazing well played instruments like flutes,acoustic guitars among others.Their is also some amazing well sung female vocals,clean male chanting and operatic style singing in some of the song structures.Each of the musicans of the band know how to play their instrument and blend them nicely within each other to make a flawless and enjoyable liiisten so i highly recomend "beyond the invisible line" to anyone reading this who enjoys folk/metal beer bear have created a masterpiece!! not to be missed.

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Black Blood Stigmata-Self titled demo {self-released}reviewed by Patrick}
I always knew ohio had a strong death,thrash metal scene but i have been noticing some good black/dark metal metal coming from this great state as well.But it looks like their black/dark metal scene is growing as well Black Blood Stigmata's four song demo {i believe the band is currently working on songs for their full-length-patrick} the four tracks featured on the Mcd/demo are in the raw/mid-paced black metal vein.The guitars are raw,razor sharp but the guitarists are not afraid to let their playing skills show through with some well played riffs and solo's.But never loosing the coldness of their songs atmosphere the vocals are icy demonic shrieks that fit perfectly with Black Blood Stigmata's mid-paced black metal raw style.If you enjoy the early to mid ninety's style of european black metal then defintly Black Blood Stigmata is a band you will want to keep an eye out for an and add them to your collection.

Chapel of disease--summoning black disease cd {FDA Rekotz}{reviewed by Patrick}
FDA Rekotz sure knows how to pick out the better quality sounding old-school bands out there in the never ending sea of bands that has been flooding the underground in the past few years.Chapel of disease is the labels latest offering these germans do a great job of mixing in early 90's style tech brutal death {early} gorguts and death cd's.mixed with some more straight-forward european and u.s brutal d.m.The band also has some darker melodies for an extra layer of heaviness,darkness within the bands already near perfect sound.Chapel of disease is a great example of of how you can keep the old-school traditional
death metal sound but also add your own ideas to keep it fresh and original highly recomended to all death metal fanatics out there!!

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Dehumanized-controlled elite cd {Comatose Music}{reviewed by Patrick}
new york legends Dehumanized return with only one previous full-length under their belts 1998's "prophecies foretold" the band made quite an impact with this release.Becoming one of New York's most recognizable slam/brutal death metal bands playing shows all over the u.s.The band re-united and was picke up by the mighty comatose music {a perfect label for dehumanized style of music} and here were have the newest offering controlled elite was it worth the wait? does dehumanized still have the fire and brutality they had so many years ago? the answer to both questions is yes! Dehumanized pick up right where they left off playing heavy mid-to fast paced guitars and bass with some slwer heavier sections or the more pit inducing faster death guitars with some really well done guitar riffs and solo's.the drummer is simply is amazing playing slower,heavier/slam beats or blasting away with aggression either way this band does it to perfect great to see them back in action. if your a fan from the past defintly check this out! or if you missed them in the early 90's but enjoy brutal,slam death metal check this out you won't be disapointed.

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Denouncement pyre-Almighty Arcanum cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}reviewed by Patrick}
Australia's masters of death metal Denouncement Pyre return with their second full length for hells headbangers.Denouncement Pyre like to mix up their old-school metal going from furious thrashing guitars to more controlled heavy,raw mid-paced death metal guitars without ever loosing their intensity.The production of Almighty Arcanum is perfect for this style as it is not demo/rehearsel raw but it is not the modern day over produced where alot of bands seem to loose their metal aura and sound.If your looking for pure aggressive,authentic death/thrash done in honor of the masters nobody does it better then australia's Denouncement Pyre.

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Desolate shrine--The Sanctum of Human Darkness cd {Dark Descent rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
One of Finland's most underrated {in my opinion anyways} brutal,dark death metal bands returns with their second masterpiece of destruction.Desolate Shrine released their amazing debut "tenbrous towers" in 2011 through hammer of hate rec. well it didn't take these dark finnish masters to find a new home with great dark descent rec. to release their follow cd the sanctum of human darkness.If you heard tenebrous towers you are awre of this bands brilliance but if you missed that gem Desolate shrine mix heavy fast,aggressive death metal with touches of slower,darker death/doomish style that really works for this band.Desolate shrine is a hard band to compare to any one certain band so i will just end the review by saying if you enjoy evil,dark,original sounding death metal then Desolate shrine is a band you will defintly want to hear as soon as you can.Another great release for Dark Descent Rec.looking forward to see what they release in 2013!!

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Deus otious-Godless cd {deepsend Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
I knew after hearing Deus otious debut "murderer" it would not take long for this band to find a honest/good label to work with for release number two.And the u.s label deepsend rec. {which seems to be a small but growing label if you havent checked them out before and enjoy the more old-school d,.m ,brutal side of d.m,grind i suggest you check out their site-patrick} stepped up and here we have godless eight tracks of well-played death metal with touches of thrash and a hint of black metal but only in some of the guitar tones.Whirlwind,raging guitars riffs and solo's drumming is top-notch beats with both faster beats and more controlled beats.Deus otious has released a perfect follow up to murderer carrying on the raw,aggressive old school death/thrash style heard on their debut.recomended to all metal fanatics.
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Haiduk-Spellbook cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
Luka Milojica {vocalist,guitars,drum progamming} has created some really impressive music on his latest musicial offering Spellbook.Nine tracks of fiery,intense death/thrash with alot of really well played and thought out guitar riffs and solo's.I am not familar with Luka's past projects/bands but it is obvious listening to spellbook that he has been playing guitar for quite a few years.As his guitar playing is what shines through the most on each of these songs whether he is shredding away with thrashing away with heavy metal/speed metal madness or giving his fingers a rest and going for a more mid-pace riffs.The drums which are compliments of a drum machine almost sound like a real drummer not sure how luka set it up but the drumming sounds excellent and fits the guitars perfectly.Haiduk is defintly recomended to fans who enjoy thrashing/death metal with alot of complex yet fast and chaotic guitar work.
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Legions Of Hoar Frost-Bringers Of The Black Flame cd {Black Dragon Of Chaos}Reviewed by Patrick}
louisiana is not the first place you would think of when looking for new,good black metal bands to check out.But thats exactly where Legions Of Hoar Frost hail from.On the bands debut "bringers of the black flame" the band mixes in the both the more hateful,extreme style of black metal with the raw screeching guitars,screaming vocals but the band also has some really well played and mixed in melodic almost beautifully played instrumentals entertwined some of the songs.Guitars as mentioned are crazy,frenzied with raw,thin guitar riffs drumming is just as intense and impressive with some non-stop blasting beats and occasional mid-tempo drum patterns.the vocals are shared and mixed a bit with the traditional violent blackend shrieks but also some deeper growls are used in a few songs and even some melodic,clean male chants.I defintly wouldn't label Legions a melodic black metal band as their sound is far to violent for that label.But i like how the band is not afraid to mix in different elements into their violent black metal sound.I am looking forward to hearing what this band does musically on future releases until then i will just enjoy bringers of the black flame and highly suggest any fans of black metal do the same!!

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Sulphur Aeon-swallowed by the oceans tide cd {FDA Rekotz}{reviewed by Patrick}
Germany's Sulphur Aeon mix a nice blend of straight forward death metal and some melodic parts within the brutality.The guitars are non-stop riffs and mix in some decent riffs and few solo's throughout the songs.the drumming is decent but nothing really outstanding just non-stop beats no real structure.Not a horrible band as this is the bands debut but their are defintly alot better bands on the FDA roster of bands worth checking out.
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Tovarish-Red hearts in a dead world cd {Nefarious Industries}{reviewed by patrick}
Tovarish are a trio from rhode island and have released their debut full-length cd through Nefarious Industries.The bands bio {which can be found on the label site,along with other band info} describes the as a mix of blackend doom,drone.I don't hear much black metal personally but the band does a great job of creating heavy drone with some doomish influences and some apocalyptic soundscapes that are at times just plain creepy as they are heavy.the band also uses some keyboards within their music and i had my doubts but it really helps add an extra layer to the bands already dreary and crushing sound.Tovarish does not create music for the masses but if your a fan of dreary,drone,doomish metal with some soundscapes and varied industrialized noises,vocals then this is a band you will want to defintly hear soon.

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Vomitor-The Escalation cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

Australia's Vomitor return with their newest masterpiece of metal for the underground fanatics.Semi-raw guitars that are both fast and intense but also have some very catchy and memorable riffs within the mix of the songs.The drums are extremly fast but just like the guitars the drummer knows his kit so he is able to keep up the breakneck speed but also is able to throw in some really good drumming patterns without loosing any of the metal intensity that made the eighties and early nineties metal so great.The Escalation is defintly Vomitor's best work to date and the band just proves once again why they are one of australia's best metal bands hands down.

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Interview with Bane done by patrick 1-6-13

Metal hails
welcome to the first interview of 2013!! it is with Serbia's Bane!! this is my second interview with Branislav and Bane.The band released their second cd "The Accusal Fire" through the great U.S Label Abyss records. if you are a fan of dissection,and european black/death defintly check this quality band out soon!!
expect alot of great interviews,reviews coming up very soon.
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Interview with Branislav (lead, acoustic guitars & vocals) from Bane done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Branislav! how is your new year starting out? Please introduce yourself to the readers

Hails Patrick! Pretty good, thanks. Currently just taking a break from all band activities, to be honest.
Well, I am Branislav, vocalist & guitarist, also main composer & lyricist for Black/Death Metal band BANE. I am the only original member of the band, and been going through lots of problems since to 2006 in order to keep the black flame burning...but here we are, in 2013, still going strong

2.When did you and the other members of Bane first meet? What is the current line up? For the readers who have never heard Bane's music how would you best describe it? Speaking about the last line-up, well...Nokkturno (keyboards, backing vocals, ex-bass) and I met back in 2005 I guess, we use to play in a Doom/Death Metal band called Senium. I met Lukas (guitars) a while back as well, while he was (and still is) playing in his Melodic Death Metal band Dark Dawn which was a while back as well, but entered the band in 2012. Bojan (bass) and I met about 2-3 years ago, I guess the local Metal scene ot us connected, while Marko (drums) was actually a total stranger until our first gig together as a band in April 2012 haha. It was our good friend Goran from SMF Promotions who got us to know each other.
BANE's music is straight-forward Black/Death Metal, more Swedish styled I'd say - influenced by the great mid 90's scene. Put short - like Dissection? Then check us out, but don't expect a copy-cat or poor rip-off.

3.Bane recently released their second cd "The Accusal Fire" through abyss records, how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release? Are you and the band members happy with how everything turned out? how would you say the music has changed since your debut release if at all?

Hmm...Well I had already started some sketches for the second album when our first album was released, which means late 2010. The album was entirely recorded in November 2011 but released a year later, so more or less it took me about a year of processing before having the final result which can now be heard.
Of course we are all satisfied with how everything turned out - bunch of great reviews, positive feedback from the people, new fans coming in on a daily basis since we've unleashed the beast from it's cave.
Our music simply progressed, just like all mature bands have every album sounding better than the previous. My worst nightmare is to write the same album twice, and if that one day does happen, for me that will be the sign to stop with music, at least for a while. Simply put, every aspect of the new album is far better than the first.

4.How has the response been from the press and the fans?

Amazing, really. I don't know what to say more, only a big THANK YOU to all of the review writers so far from all around the world (literally, from the USA to Japan) and to the people who gave us, among a sea of great bands, a listen and enjoyed the new record.

5.Does the band have many tours/shows planned for 2013 in support of "The Accusal Fire" or will you start working on new music, take a break? If Bane is planning some tours/shows where are some places you will be playing?

Contrary to the usual touring schedule of the band, which was - gigs, festivals, tours, and round we go - no live activities are planned in 2013, at least not in this very moment. Truth be told, after 3 European Tours, countless club shows & Festivals in over 10 countries, I am taking a break from all that stress regarding band management (since I manage the band myself), and prefer to take it easy from now on. I am slowly working on the 3rd full-length album, which will probably be released sometime in 2014, if all goes well.

6.Who are some bands Bane has had shared the stage with?If you could set up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour/play with? any particular countries you want to play?

We shared stages with some really amazing acts, such as Malevolent Creation, Decapitated, Sodom, Inquisition, Root, etc...
Hm, I don't know, really...I guess by now al the bands that I would really like to see live have more or less nothing in common with BANE, so it would be a little awkward to share stages with speaking of bands that are similar genre to us, it would be Dark Funeral, Naglfar and Thulcandra.
As for coutries - personally would to play in all of them hehe, but something in particular...perhaps Russia and the United States, but for a small band like us to Tour in such big countries, not likely gonna happen, at least not sometime soon.

7.Bane comes out of Serbia's metal underground, their seems to be a small {but growing} metal growing scene in Serbia would you agree? What is your opinion of the metal scene in Serbia?

At this time being, I have distanced myself from the "Serbian Metal Scene", as from my personal point of view there is no scene there, nor will there every be. Only individuals, doing their best to make something happen for themselves, and I respect that. I've talked about this subject too many times in earlier interviews, and do not really want to share my thoughts again on this. Those who know, know.

8.Who are your all-time favorite serbian metal bands? Are their any new metal bands coming out of serbia you think the readers should check out soon?

Bands that I personally listen to and like very much that come from Serbia are extremely rare, but if I have to mention a few that I like then: Draconic, Infest, Through Art, Ancient Sorrow, Shadowdream, and a few others which I can't think of right now.

9.What does the term underground metal mean to you?

Underground culture is just a tag for us (in this case) Metal-heads, to label our music - as "underground", which in fact is, and forever will be. Simply put, Extreme Metal will always be underground, cannot and will not find it's way up to the mainstream zone (and when I say "mainstream" I don't mean it as something to be bad by default), but the music we listen and enjoy is not meant to be, let's just say "accepted" by a large number of people over the globe. Underground music is sound for the strong, particular individuals, who somehow connect with other individuals with similar interests no matter from waht country they are from, nor what race they are, what language they speak, etc...

10. Besides Bane are you or any of the other members currently playing with any other bands or side-projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about them

Currently my only active side-project is an Alter Rock band called KEYCHAIN. We have released our first single a few months back, and now are currently working on our first full-length album, which will hopefully be released sometime later this year. This is totally different stuff than what I usually did present to listeners, so give it a shot:

11.When you are not working on music/band business, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Everything that is related to music - listening to music, searching for new bands, buying and collecting CD's & Tapes, etc...apart from that I love to record, mix and master recordings. Also like to do live sound is my life, really.

12. Well branislav we have reached the end of the interview,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have final comments for the readers of winter torment?

Pat, thank YOU very much for the support. Man if I remember correctly we first spoke about 3 years back when we released our first EP, so the support is much appreciated my friend. You are a true warrior of the underground Metal scene, we need more of them like you. All the best my friend & thanks again for everything. HAIL CHAOS!

-Branislav / BANE