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Interview with Pest done by Patrick 5-27-13

Here is the final interview for the day,saving the best for last well if your a old-school maniac then this is the best!! Pest come from the mighty Swedish {where else?} and produce some of the best and most memorable old-school metal in the scene today. Well worth your hard-earned dollars to buy the bands newest cd "The Crowning Horror" through Agonia Rec.
keep the flames of metal burning and support the bands/labels that deserve it like this one.

Interview with Necro drummer for Pest done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Necro! how are things in Sweden for you? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

N: Things are allright. I am one of the two founding members of the blasphemy known as PEST. PEST was babtized in fire and death in the year of 97.

2.At what age did you first discover metal?Who were some of the first bands you listened to?Who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

N: I was 6 years old and got hooked on the ”Under the Blade” album by Twisted Sister. The title track and ”Destroyer” were my favorites, I remember them as really ”dark” and ”scary” tracks. I guess that’s the truth when you are six years of age, at least. I grew up on the country side so I didn’t get ”much help” in discovering new bands that quick. But I soon discovered Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond and so on. When I was 11 I ordered ”Morbid Visions” by Sepultura. Yeah, they went crap, but that album was really harsh and different (even today it sounds weird!) and changed me somewhat. I had never heard such a display of barbaric evil before. It was this album, in combination with the early Morbid Angel records, that made me decide to someday play in a band that was just as evil soundning.
Current, allthough not very active in many cases, favorite bands include; Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Future Tense, Gotham City, Pokolg├ęp, Kat, Brocas Helm, Sarcofagus, Black Hole, Vulcano, Berserks, Drakar, Master’s Hammer and soooo fuckin’ oooonnnn…. I have tons of favorite bands!

3.when did you and the other members of Pest first meet?Was it long until formed the band?What is the current line up?For the readers who have never heard Pest's music how would you describe the music?

N: I met Equimanthorn the same year we started PEST – in 1997. We formed a band the same day we met for the first time and we soon left it to form PEST. Our current line-up, for the album, also includes Insulter. He plays the drums on most of the tracks on this release. I first met Insulter in 97 as well, but we got to know eachother around 2005 I think. I was quite often on the road with Nifelheim (the band he played with) the following years, acting as a ”roadie/fixer” and when he eventually asked us for a part in the madness, we decided It was time to let someone new into the band.
It’s hard to describe our music since we aim not to release the same album over and over again. We do what we want. We don’t care what you think. We don’t care about fame, fortune or record sales.

4.Pest recently released their new cd "The Crowning Horror" through Agonia did you come in contact with Agonia Rec.? Happy with the job they have done so far?

N: We sent Filip an email. He wanted to cooperate. So far all is well, he seems to listen to what we think is important. We don’t like to be ripped off so let’s hope he continues to play his cards right.

5.How long did it take the band to write/record the songs for the new release? How has the response been from the press and the fans?

N: Quite some time. We started working on the 7” (”Black Oath c/w Morbid Revelations”, released in April 2013 by Agonia) and the album in late 2008/early 2009. At some point we realised that it (writing and recording) would take its time this time around, and we felt really ok with that. It shouldn’t be rushed, we had no reason to do so.
We’ve not received any feedback as of yet. The album isn’t released until next month (June 18th and today is May 16th).

6.How often does the band practice/work on new music?When you do start working on a new song how long does it usually take to complete a song?

N: This varies very much. I try to start the writing of the next thing to come when we are in the mixing process of the current work. When I usually get a feeling of what has to come.

7.Which usually comes first for a new song the music or lyrics?Speaking of lyrics who usually writes lyrics and what are some topics/subjects you write about?

N: For me, it usually starts with a concept or a lead guitar riff. Me and Equimanthorn writes the music and the lyrics. The ”topics/subjects” tend to, to the common christian, be of an evil nature … No shit?! Well, you should know that it’s all about darkness and Death by now? The crowning horror, for some …
Anyway, most of the lyrics comes with both the LP and the CD.

8.Pest comes out of the legendary Swedish metal scene,so I was wondering what is your opinion of Sweden's metal scene today comared to the late eighties/mid nineties?

N: It is better now than in early 2000. But I can’t really compare it to the 80’s or early 90’s.

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite Swedish metal bands?Are their any new metal bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Old: Bathory, Treblinka, Morbid, Gotham City, Dissection. Nifelheim, Neptune, Explusion, Mefisto ... to mention a few.
New: Black Trip, Dagger … (I am too possessed by the old stuff to manage to keep up!)

10.In your opinion what does the term underground metal mean to you?

N: No shortcuts, no trends.

11.Are you or any member of Pest currently working with any other bands/side projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about them.

N: Yes, some underground things. But this interview is for PEST and PEST only.

12.Necro you handle the drums for the band at what age did you start playing drums?Are you self taught or did take lessons when you were younger?

N: I got my first kit when I was 7. I took lessons from around 89-90 to 92-93, but it was rubbish. They didn’t accept the things I wanted to play. So I quit and didn’t bother playing again until around 97. I am not a skillful drummer, I am chaos with a burning will. But some people seem to actually like my ”style”. From the beginning I had to play the drums, because we had no alternative. I will continue to play, I think, even if Insulter stays with us, I enjoy doing it as much as it frustrates me.

13.Who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? Do you play any other instruments besides drums?

N: I like different kinds of drummers. Pete Sandoval (Pure genious!), Witchhunter (Iron will!), Fenriz (in the old days, when he did exactly what the tracks needed, no more, no less). Mike Mangini is maybe the sickest drummer of them all, but he’s forever doomed to play in shitty bands so you could only enjoy his drum solos really. I also like the perfection of the 70’s drummers, it’s just so fuckin’ perfect!
To answer the second part of your question, I play the guitar as well and I still handle most of the vocals.

14.Well Necro we have reached the end of the interview,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments?

N: Thanks for the support. Buy the LP, fuck the digital mp3-torture. Hail the darkness, welcome Death!

Interview with Summoning done by Patrick 5-27-13

After SEVEN long and agonizing years the fans of the legendary Austrian band Summoning fans can relax and take a breath of relief. As the band is getting ready to release their brand new release "Old Mornings Dawn" through Napalm Rec. and it was well worth the wait!! this will impress both long time as well bring in new fans.
but don't take my word for it,go get a copy and hear the bands genius for yourself. But firse take a few min. and read what the band members had to say about the bands history,the scene and everything inbetween.
Patrick and winter torment

Interview with Summoning done by Patrick

1.Hails Protector! how is your week going? Please introduce yourself to

the readers.


i feel well but quite stressed recently. now that the new album is about

to be released the new interviews are allready coming and taking a lot

of time. we also work now for a summoning earbook and create special

(non metal) version of two songs for it. but thats surely a good sign

and shows that people did not forget about us at all.

2.At what age did you become interested in playing music? What was the

first instrument you learned to played?


actualy as a child learned violin for 3 years. but because i was not

really talented for it and felt more in the mood to do something more

rhythmic i gave it up. i don't regret that decision and i dont think

that this time had any influence on my further musical development. some

years later i started to learn classical drums in a public music school.

i started with all those concert march drums, kettle drums etc but also

got in touch with rock drum styles. so finally i participated in some

band and started to write on songs. i started to play metal guitars and

also bass guitars and later i got interested in keyboards and full

orchestra arranging. recently i got interessted in learning the oriental

drum darbuka.

3.What instrument would you say was the easiest for you to learn to

play?Which one was the hardest to learn?Are their any instruments you

have not learned to play that you would like to learn how to someday?


actually it the last mentioned instrument because all those tricky

fingerrolls etc are not easy to learn, specially if i have none around

to teach me. apart from that i never dealed to much with learning

instruments, i rather focus on writing songs and just saw the instrument

as a tool to achive the final result, i never saw the instrument as the

main goal. that's why i soon realised that working with the keyboard and

controlling them by a computer so that i can let the songs sound without

playing, is a much better tool for me than the traditional rock way.

when i compose a songs i dont want to spent to much time in reprocing

the ideas with my fingers, but rather spend time to think about each

note i put and if that note is correct or where i should move it etc.

4.When did you first meet Silenius?{vocals,keys,bass} was it long until

you formed summoning?How did you guys choose the band name?


sounds quite surprising but it was in a youth club where the beer was

cheap. i was taling with lots of people there and also with silenius. we

did not think about any own band, this time i did not even know black

metal so well. but after a while silenius talked about his black metal

passion and mentioned that he wants to make a kind of black session and

i thought it would be a good idea to take part in it. i already had a

clear view about my singing style and so the first session (with

allready prepared bass riffs from silenius) when quite fine. we even

recorded our first song (called "satans realm"). so we continued with

that sessions and i still did not think about any bands, but sooner or

later it got clear that we formed a new band. so the founding of

summoning was nothing that happened in a one day decision but grew over

the times.


i came to vienna in the early 90ties. befor that i lived in a small town

45 miles away from vienna. there i took my first band steps in a

semi-professional band called "shadow vale". i got to know protector

over tifixion whom i met first during a holliday camping. he already

played in a death metal band called "charnel god" and so he already had

a rehearsal room in vienna and there we started the fist steps with

summoning which protector mentioned above.

5.Summoning released their brand new cd "Old Mornings Dawn" how long did

it take you all you to write the songs for this release?


after the release of oathbound i already started to work on summoning.

silenius was busy so i made lots of songs or song fragments on my own in

order to continue the with silenius. but because he was for a long time

inactive i could not continue. first i thought about releasing them as

kind of solo-protector mini cd but then we gave this idea up and i

waited for silenius to put those songs on the full album. so after a

longer time of waiting we created new songs but also worked on some of

my old songs (including the title track). so there where actualyl two

creation periods, while the second was the longer one and lasted almost

2 years.

6.How has the response been from the press and the bands long time fans?


first of all we have been totally blown away by realising that so many

fans are still around awaiting a new album. napalm records made a short

trailer to bring us back to the minds of the people, and even the label

was astonished that this trailer was clicked over 50.000 times within a

month. all in all the responses have been very enthusiastical and even a

lot of those people who posted negative response first meanwhile

confessed that the album heavily grows on them.

7.Does the band have any plans to make any music videos for any songs

off of "Old Mornings dawn?Do you have a particular favorite song you

would like to make a video for?


as far as we noticed now, the title song has the most attraction. from

this song we made the one minute teaser. and you are right napalm

records already had plans to make a full lengh video out of the teaser

enhanced material. but to be honest this has no priority for us and we

told that the label, so the plans are stopped menawhile but this does

not mean that there will be no video at all. maybe when we have the head

free we will think it over again.

8.Summoning is just yourself and Silenius have you ever thought of

adding more members or are you happy as a two person band?


no, actually the start of our real style was the result of the opposite

process, removing one member:-) and since that time we never regretted

this decision at all, or even thought about adding a new members. we see

no reason for that because we are totally happy with the opportunities

the keyboards give to us. no orchestra, and now additional member could

bring anything we can not already achieve with our current line up.

9.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians{past or

present} who would you like to work with?


we know that this question is very popular in the metal scene, but to be

honest we never thought about playing with other well known musicians.

the problem is, the better the musicians are the more ego they have, and

the more problems you have to get on an equal level.


i think all people who believe if professional musician combine their

performances thats something ultra professional and cool results should

listen to the performance of metallica and lou reed:-)

10.Summoning has been in the scene for twenty years or so when you

started the band did you ever think you would still be going this strong

after so many years? How do you feel Summoning's music has changed over

the years?


i think our strengh was that we never really spend too much time in

thinking and planing the future, but prefered to work for the present

times and see what comes out. as i said, when i started with summoning i

did not even think that now i am in a new band, it just happened. and

when we make music we just think if the song is good or not, but not if

what kind of position this song will have in the history of art of

mankind. i think this way we create better and more pure musical results

and just do what our musical desire tell us, not because of any

expectations of musical fame

11.When not working on band music what do you enjoy doing in your spare

time?Any hobbies?


whenever i have free time i immediately try to leave vienna to the

country. there i spend hours by running up the mountains or wandering to

the hill side of my hometown. always having the latest music with me

which i listen for the first time while making sports.

12.Well Protector we have reached the end of the interview thank you

for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final comments for

the readers?


thanks for the interview and greetings to all our fans

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Interview with Fejd done by Patrick on 5-27-13

Here is a brand new interview with one of my favorite folk/metal bands ever,Sweden's Fejd.The band just released their third cd "Nagelfar" on Napalm rec. Nagelfar is defintly the bands most impressive and well-written musically cd released to date.If your a fan of melodic folk music with touches of metal or a long time Fejd fan then Nagelfar is a must hear!
enjoy the interview and pick up a copy of the new cd today!!

Interview with Esko Drummer for Fejd done by Patrick

1.Hello Esko thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Well, I’ve been playing in Fejd since the start in 2001 and a short while before we started the band with the brothers Rimmerfors. Before and simultaneously with Fejd I also played with Pathos and Nostradameus but nowadays Fejd is all there is.

2. When did you and the other members of Fejd first meet? How did you guys come up with the name of the band? Does it have a special meaning?

We are childhood friends; we went to school together discovered Metal music together and started to play together in different constellations. Fejd is the same as Feud, kind of a stretched out disagreement or fight. We talked about different names after a rehearsal once and I believe Patrik popped out Fejd and we liked it.

3. What is the current lineup of the band? How would you best describe Fejd's music for the readers who have never heard it?

We have the same lineup as we’ve always had, we feel comfortable with each other and know what we can do and how to push each other. We have the same way of thinking when it comes to music and what aims and ambitions we have for the band.
Patrik Rimmerfors; Bouzouki, Swedish Bagpipe, Jew’s Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, flute and Lead Vocals
Niklas Rimmerfors; Mora Harpa, Vocals
Thomas Antonsson; Bass, Vocals
Lennart Specht, Keyboards
Esko Salow; Drums

4. Fejd recently released their third cd "Nagelfar" through Napalm rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?

Song writing is a long and constant procedure, we always work with new songs and they are not always decided for a specific album, some songs or riffs can be quite old at times. The recordings were quite effective and we didn’t spend that much time in the studio but the time was quite stretched as we worked short hours under a longer period of time, but as said, not that many hours in total.

5. How has the response been from the press and the fans?

At this point we haven’t heard that much from the press, what we heard looks great, considering our somewhat unique style that makes it difficult to label us. Fan reactions has been great, we’ve got great response both live and for our video on “Den Skimrande” as well as the album teaser.

6.Nagelfar is the bands third full length how do feel the bands music has changed since the beginning of the bands career?

Not that much really, we’ve found our niche, our sound and we don’t intend to change it that much. I guess we are more live oriented today compared to the beginning but the musical difference is marginal.

7. When the band begins working on a new song does the whole band work on the music or does one or two members handle it all?

Patrik and Niklas does all the writing, both music and lyrics. When we start working with the songs everyone has their input and we work trough all visions and ideas before we record them, everyone is involved in the arrangements and a song is not finished until we have it recorded for an album.

8. Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs? Where does the band draw inspiration for their lyrics?

Patrik does most of the lyrics, but Niklas also writes some. Inspiration can be found everywhere, books, movies or things from the ordinary life we live almost everyday.

9.Esko, you play the drum for the band when did you become interested in playing? Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

I’ve always been interested in music and being a musician is something I’ve dreamed about as long as I can remember. Drums were not the natural choice for me as I started as a guitar player and wanted to be a great bass player but actually was the singer in the band I started to play with. It was not until our drummer quit I was more or less forced to play the drums and I’ve done it since that moment.
I always used my ears and imagination to learn playing, no lessons. Today it’s easier as you can watch youtube and get hints or actually see how things are played. All of us in Fejd are self taught.

10. Who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? Do you play any other instruments?

My influence comes from the Metal world as that was what I started playing and what I listened and still listen to. I guess the ones who meant the most for me are Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Mikki Dee from the King Diamond years and Norman Leggio from Psychotic Waltz. No I don’t really play any other instruments anymore, I have some guitars and stuff but hardly ever play them.

11.Are you or any of the members of Fejd currently working with side bands or projects?If yes please feel free to tell your fans about them.

Currently we don’t have any side project, which feels quite strange since we always had other bands around where we could play. We have a bunch of Metal songs we’ve been talking about playing and maybe recording as a project within the band but I don’t know if we ever come to the shot.

12.Well Esko, we have reached the end of the interview, do you have any final words for the readers and your fans?

Get our new album Nagelfar I’m really proud of it, it grows more every day and if you get the chance to catch us live, don’t hesitate. Thanks for reading

to order the new cd "Nagelfar" check out Napalm records web-site here.

if you wanna keep track of what the band is up to,tour dates etc..