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New Metal Reviews 11-24-13 done by Patrick

here is some new reviews for everyone to check out while their on-line doing whatever it is you all do while your on here like.This time it's a little of doom,death and black mixed into one blog so hopefully you will find something to your liking!!
regards,and keep the flames of metal burning bright!

Disfigured Dead--Relentless cd {Butchered Rec/Sevared Rec.}
New York's Disfigured Dead's second release Relentless is a perfect title for their style of music.Ten songs of U.S brutal death metal with a early-mid ninties influence. Mid to fast paced guitars with some well played guitar riffs and solo's in the mix their is a mix of slower,heavier riffs and more thrashy/faster interludes.The drumming is just as frenzied and chaotic with fast and brutal blast beats before taking a slower approach to a more heavier mid-paced before picking up the pace again and attacking with blast beats.The vocals are brutal,deep growls.Defintly a must have for fans of mid-ninties brutal U.S death metal.

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For-Blakaz Asko Herto MLP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}

Iron Bonehead Rec. unleashes the Sedish beast known as "For" on the bands newest Mlp "Blakaz Asko Herto" the band mixes in raw,heavy mid paced death metal with some dark haunting slow almost doomish guitar riffs and slow pounding drumming before the dark aggressive nature of the musicians takes over again with heavy mid-paced guitars and drumming.For never really go over the top with the speed or vicious style of death metal like some of Iron Bonehead's other recent bands instead sticking to the more morbid,dark heavy death metal style.

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Malthusian-MMX111 Cassette,Cd {Invictus Prod}

Ireland's Malthusian have created some of the heaviest and bleakest death,doom metal these ears have heard in quite some time.Three songs of thunderous drums,heavy slow-mid paced guitars.The guitars are played at various speeds ranging from the normal slow,heavy chord to some faster,harsh mid-paced raw death metal riffs.The vocals are growls with some effects used that are done very effectively and fit Malthusian's music style and sound perfectly.If you are a fan of slow dreary,minimalistic death,doom then Malthusian is a band that is perfect for you.

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Mental Killing Spree-Centrifuge Of Man cd {Self-Released}

Ahhh the gods of brutal underground death metal return! after hearing the 2008 demo Vae Victis {which can be downloaded for free on the bands F.B page!} I was hooked on this german's bands catchy,brutal and just plain vicious death metal style. Fast,thick guitars that build from mid-paced guitars to all out whirlwind,fast guitar riffs and masterful played solo's.The drumming is precise with the fast,blast beats chatic in some songs while other structures are more heavy,mid-paced drum beats.Timm's vocals are vicious deep death growls with some higher screams and fit perfectly with M.K.S musical style perfectly with Mental Killing Spree's original brutal death metal style.Fans of brutal straight-forward death metal are urged to check this band out today!

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Mortal Decay-The Blueprints For Blood Splatter cd {Comatose Music}

Legends of New Jersey brutal death metal return after eight years of silence The Blueprints For Blood Splatter this is defintly a great comeback release and must have whether you are a long time Mortal Decay fan or a new fan just learning about this great band.After listening to these songs it's obvious the hasn't lost any of the fire or passion it ever had for this style of metal the band plays and mixes in brutal death with some technical guitars and even some influences from mid-late ninties death/grind gods for one of the years of best and most brutal releases.Danny Nelson {who most probably know from Malignancy} and his brutal,sick growls,screams are a perfect fit for Mortal Decay's brutal death metal style. This release should please both long time Mortal Decay fans as well as bring in a lot of new fans to the band who appreciate quality brutal,vicious death metal with touches of grind.

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Possession-His Best Deceit cassette tape {Iron Bonehead Rec.}

Possesion from Belgium have released their demo with a little help from the mighty Iron Bonehead Rec.Starting with a small intro the band kicks in with some raw,fast blackend thrash metal.Raw guitars that are extremely fast and frenzied mixed with intense drumming start out to mid paced and build up to a faster,thrashier momentum.Vocally Possession have blackend shrieks and screams the band is defintly influenced by old school blackend thrash but also has a lot of their own ideas and mixes it together quite well.Fans of aggressive original blackend thrash with some death influences should check out Possession.

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Prayer Of The Dying-Gods Failed Creation cd {Self-Released}

Prayer Of The Dying from Malta have returned with a brand new release of all new material.Main man Martin Ciappara{vocals,instruments} has some friends,musicans that help him out on Gods Failed Creation.As always Martin does a great job of writing and creating a unique style of blackend death with some doomish element.On the song "The Desert Inside" features females vocals which are only used in a few lines {and if I am not mistaken this is the first time martin has ever used female vocals with Prayer Of Dying} which sound really good and fit nicely with Martin's musicial writing style so hopefully he will consider using more female vocals in the future {as long as he does over do it like so many bands do these days} If you have heard past Prayer Of The Dying releases and liked them defintly! get Gods Failed Creation as it is the bands most creative and strongest release to date.

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Suffer The Wrath-Divine Sign Mcd {Self Released}

Suffer The Wrath is a new band out of the U.S death metal underground.Divine Sign is just a small taste of whats to come until the band can release their monster of a full-length in 2014{as far as I know no release date has been set yet but keep watching their web-site,facebook for updates} the four songs on Divine Sign are as solid as they come espically for a debut release.The guitars are heavy and fast but are also catchy and memorable with some great solo's entertwined the music.The vocalist does a good job mixing in death growls with some thrashy screams.Overall Suffer The Wrath are a very impressive new band that should not be over looked so do yourself a favor and buy this today! support the underground.

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Zloslut-Zlosultni horizont-Donosilac Prokletstva,ocaja I Smrti cd {Dark Chants Prod.}

Serbia's black metal masters return with a full length after a couple of Mcd's and singles the band has their debut full-length.founding member Hunter{vocals,guitars,bass} and Lord Gryma{drums} have written and released Zloslut's most mature and best release to date.Musically Zloslut's style is primitive,raw,mid-paced black metal.while the guitars are raw and sometimes harsh sounding they are well-played and have some good sections of excellent musicianship. Hunter's vocals approach is raw violent screams and vicious shrieks.Lord Gryma's drumming is really keeping pace with Hunter's

guitars and vocal patterns which range from mid-to fast range.If you enjoy raw,mid paced black metal that mixes in their own ideas should defintly check out Zloslut soon!

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Interview with Temple Of Baal done by Patrick 11-24-13

France's Temple Of Baal have been a favorite of mine their previous releases have been extremely masterful blackend masterpieces each one getting a little better {and more vicious} then the last.Well the fourth and newest one "Verses Of Fire" through Agonia Rec. is pure genius mixing the violent,blasphemies of black metal and brutality of death to a sound all of their own.
read on to hear what bass player Arkdaemon has to say about the newest Temple Of Baal cd,the scene and more!!

Interview with Arkdaemon bass player for Temple Of Baal,done by Patrick

1.Hails Arkdaemon! thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview for Winter Torment.When did you first get the idea to form Temple Of Baal? How did you all come up with the name of the band?Does it have a special meaning?

Arkdaemon : Hey, thanks for the interview. Actually I'm not the creator of the band, Amduscias already had the full concept and the first tracks when he looked for musicians. It was a strange period, one-man bands was constantly appearing, multitrack recorders and drum machines were more and more easy to buy, and raw sound was almost a standard for black metal. I think from the beginning Amduscias wanted to have a full line-up, with a band spirit and the ability to perform live. So, a night, back in 1998, I think it was at Antaeus Mkm's place, we formed the first core of the band, it was way more Thrash-Black Metal, but the intensity and the original vision are still burning from that day.

2.What is the current line-up for the band?For the readers who have never heard Temple Of Baal's music how would you best describe it?

The current line up, besides Amduscias and me is completed by Skvm (drums) and Saroth at the guitars, who is replacing our previous guitarist, Alastor, who took part of the recording and composing of Verses of Fire. The best way to qualifies our music is certainly, in my mind, "Black Metal" but you can surely note that music-wise we are way closer now to Death Metal. While I really don't like genres and sub-genres and meticulous classifications, "Blackened Death Metal" comes a lot in reviews and third parties description, I think it may be the more efficient way to describe us.

3.Temple Of Baal just released their third masterpiece "Verses Of Fire" through Agonia Rec. how long did it take the band to write the songs for this release?Did the whole band take part in the writing process or does one or two members usually handle all the music writing?

It's actually our fourth album, I think we spent at least two years and a half to get the tracks in their final versions. Amduscias wrote 8 tracks and Alastor the two remaining ones. That's how we worked, they bring the tracks and the band as a whole work on the arrangements until we are all satisfied by the result.

4.Who usually handles the lyrics for Temple Of Baal songs? Where does the band draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Amduscias is, he has a vast culture and is highly intested in many different arts and cultures. Crowley, amongst others, inspired some tracks in Verses of Fire.

5.Are their any upcoming tours or shows planned for in support of "Verses Of Fire"? If yes where are some countries,places the band will be heading out to play?

Nothing totally confirmed now so I won't spoil anything, but there are many countries we never had the opportunities the play, as Germany, England, Eastern Europe etc. I have high expectations for the year to come. Playing live is a very important component of the band so we are doing our best to play when we can.

6.Who are some bands Temple Of Baal have shared the stage with over the last few years? If you could set up a "dream" tour who are some bands you would like to share the stage with?

I honestly can't list the bands we played with these last 15 years of existence, but our very last gig was already pretty impressive. It was the Wolf Throne fest, here in France, and there were no least than Antaeus, Demigod, Disma, Dead Congregation, Proclamation, Destroyer 666, Ritualization etc etc. It was one hell of a fest. I'd like to play with Archgoat and if you want an impossible wish, it would certainly be Funeral Mist.

7.Everyone has their own idea,opinion on what black metal means to them.So I was interested in your opinion what does black metal mean to you?

Black Metal means Satanism. It's pretty simple I guess. a more subject to opinion is what is Satanism to you. Some organisations or churches exist, but none of them are canonical representatives of the movement. So we have the luck to be free to find our own left hand path.

8.Temple Of Baal come out of the French black metal scene,there seems to be a good metal scene in France right now would you agree with this?What is your opinion of the French black metal scene?

There is more than 65 Millions of souls in France, of course you can find some good bands, why not ? I enjoy a lot of French bands, but I don't really care if you want the truth. I don't feel the need to prove than a french band deserves to be listened, at least not only because of that. My opinion on the French black metal scene is almost the same than in all other countries : a few maniacs,

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite French black metal bands? Are their any new bands that you can think of that the readers should check out soon?

The all time favorites would be two actually. Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus, but it's hard not to speak of Mutiilation, Deathspell Omega, Belketre etc... "New" ones would be Necroblood, Ritualization, Christicide, but most of these bands are not really new I guess.

10.Coming back to the band for a moment you handle the bass for the band?When did you first starting playing the bass?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were first learning how to play?

I was a guitar player for an other band when Amduscias asked me to try the bass in his band, I began like that, I think I learned very slowly how to use the bass differently than a guitar and I still don't see myself as a proper academic bass player.

11.Besides the Bass do you currently play any other instruments?If yes which ones.

I'm still playing the guitar in Hell Militia.

12.Well Arkdaemon thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with me.Do you have any final comments for the readers here at Winter Torment web-zine?

Thanks for your support. AMSG.