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Interview with Visions Of Atlantis done by patrick 3-31-13

Here is a brand new interview i conducted with the Atmospheric,metal band Visions Of Atlantis usually i'm not a huge fan of this style but the band's last Mcd and fifth cd "Ethera" though the mighty Napalm rec. if you enjoy melodic,symphonic metal with some aggressive heavy metal parts then defintly check out Ethera soon!!

Interview with Mario Plank vocalist of Visions Of Atlantis,done by Patrick

1.Hello Mario how is your week going? Please introduce yourself to the readers. week is fine so far.well that's a lie.I quit smoking 3 days ago and it's hell.To all the readers out there.NEVER EVER start to smoke...I'm Mario the male singing part of VOA.

2.When did you and the other members of Visions Of Atlantis meet? What is the "current" line up of the band?For the readers who have never heard the bands music how would you best describe the bands music?

When did we first meet.since we had tons of members over the last decade it is hard to answer this question.The first time I met the band back in 2000 while drinking heavily on a concert.

currently maxi nil is our singer, cris tian plays the guitars, martin plays the keys, tom still does the drums.and I'm still responsible for the male vocals.

Our music is stuffed with melodies and soundscapes trying to cover all the emotions one can imagine.It's synthetic and natural at the same time.Our music never tries to fit in a specific genre.It's the result of our different inputs.That's maybe why our music compared to bands with a similar line up has more of a rock attitude than darkness stuff.

3.Visions Of Atlantis recently released their fifth cd "Ethera" through Napalm rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?How has the response been from the press and the fans so far?

It took us about a year to write and record the album...unfortunately we had some problems with mixing and mastering which postponed the actual release several times.
The response of our fans, which is the most important response for us was great as usual.When it comes to the magazins, thats a whole different story.Some of the magazins praise it as if it was a milestone in music history some others say that it is the worst thing they ever heard in their entire life.maybe sometimes it just depends wether the author got laid recently or not.

4.Ethera is the bands fifth release so i was curious how do you feel Visions Of Atlantis music has changed over the years?{if at all}

The sound changes from time to time but i think that doesn't affect the music too much.We still try to write catchy tunes with a rythmical guitar fundament.maybe the solos got more room on the last two records.

5.Does the band have any upcoming shows or tours in support of "Ethera"? If yes where are some countries,places the band will be playing?

We are currently on a small european tour with our friends of serenity.IncludinAustria,Germany,France,Netherlands,England,Belgium

6.Who are some bands Visions Of Atlantis has shared the stage with over the years?If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour with?

We already shered the stage with a lot of awesome bands(Blind Guardian,Doro,Nightwish,Rhapsody,Epica,Sinead O'Connor and many more...)
If we would could share the stage with Metallica it would be dream come true(At least we played the same festival once)

7.When the band begins working on new material how long does it usually take to complete a song? Does the whole band work on the music or does one or two members write everything?

Usually one song in it's basic structures is done by one member.It then travels round the globe to the other members.Everybody adds his/her instrument to the whole thing.The single parts travel back to the owner of the construct who puts it together again.When we meet for recordings we make the last arrangements.......that's how we work usually

8.Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs?What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

When it comes to Martin our keyboard player, the music is based on the lyrics.Cris does it the opposite way.In my case it is 50:50...To be honest I don't know how maxi does it.Martin is a history teacher.His lyrics most of the time try to focus on past events or event s that my happen in the future....The sad thing is, that the history of mankind is a history of failure and genocide all over the world.That's why we sometimes have put all the stories to the imaginary place Atlantis,where everything can happen the way we want it to happen.

9.Mario you handle the male vocals for the band when did you first become interested in singing?Did you take singing lessons when you were younger?Who are some of your favorite vocalists?

I startet singing when I startet talking.I also took some singing lessons in music school.To name all my favourite vocalists would not fit in this interview.In my opinion there are tons of singers that can deliver the emotions a song needs nothing else matte

10.Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or on tour?

actually I just try to drink a lot of tea with honey when I feel that my throat is soar from touring and singing a lot.Since I'm the male part it is ok to sometimes sound a little more like a sailor than usually

11.When not working on band related business or new music what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

spare time? what's that I'm most of the time surrounded with music related stuff.I also do artworks for other bands or advertisments for companies in general.

12.Are you or any of the other members of Visions Of Atlantis currently playing or working with any other bands?

Cris plays the guitar 24/7.He helps a lot of other bands and is currently working on a solo project.The same with maxi.Martin supports Labis Rogas, a great greek independent musician in some projects.I'm also singing in a band called Austrian Hillbilly Hoedown.

13.Well Mario thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.Do you have any final words for the readers before we finish the interview?

Don't take yourself to serious and always think of what you can do make this world a better one for seriously have fun, your time is limited

to order a copy of "Ethera" check out Napalm Rec. web-shop here.

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New Reviews 3-25-13

Here is a small batch of new reviews for everyone to check out.mixing a little of everything black,death,thrash etc..hope you all enjoy!! working on new reviews and new interviews to be posted soon.
keep the flames of metal burning bright!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Centurian-Contra Rationem cd {Listenable Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
After nearly nine years of dormant silence Holland's Centurian have awaken once again to spread their violent vision and sound.Unapoligetic,uncomprimising blackend death metal heavy,fast chaotic riffs.Drumming that is fierce non-stop blast assaults the vocalist reminds of {early} glen benton growls/screams but fits Centurian's brutal style perfectly.Contra Rationem is one of the best blackend death releases i've heard in awhile great to see Centurian back in action. Do yourself a favor and buy this today!
label contact

Cerekloth-In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
This is a new band from Denmark's underground metal scene but one i'm sure we'll be hearing alot about in the coming months.Heavy slow to mid-paced guitars that have a old-school death/doomish feel and sound to them.J.P's vocals are a mix of deeper death growls,screams and some gruff spoken type of vocal patterns.Cerekloth have done a great job of mixing in old-school death gods like Autopsy,Cianiade etc and mixed in their own warped,disturbed creative ideas.if your looking for something old-school sounding but with some originality to it then check out Cerekloth.

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Cultes Des Ghoules--Des Ghoules-henbane cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Occult death metallers Cultes Des Ghoules are back! Henbane is five tracks of dark mid-paced death metal with some blackend influences.The band is not afraid to unleash their violent side with violent outbursts of blast beats,raw,primitive guitar riffs.vocals are harsh death growls,screams each song is a lengthy ranging between eight and twelve minutes not a horrible release but honestly the music does get a little boring,drawn out for this style. If your a fan of Cultes Des Ghoules past release you will enjoy Henbane or if you enjoy dark,primitive/raw death/black metal you might wanna check this polish blacked death metal band out.
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Expurgate-Dementia Tremens cd {Comatose Music}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Colorado's Expurgate debut Dementia Tremens sees the light of day through the mighty Comatose Music. Nine songs of brutal,guttural insanity.I am not usually a big fan,interested in bands that use guttural vocals seems like most bands the music is not that brutal or good and all the interest is on the vocalist. But that is not the case with Expurgate the musicians know how to play brutal and intense death metal with catchy and memorable guitars and blasting
drums.As mentioned the vocalist uses the guttural style but uses them well and blends them in with the music to add another layer to the bands heaviness and brutal sound.If your a fan guttural,straight forward styled death then defintly check out the Comatose Music store and get this today!

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Impious Baptism-Wrath Of The Apex Predator cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}Reviewed by Patrick}
Australia's Impious Baptism is a one-man band consisting of J. who is no stranger to creating and playing in quality metal bands.In the past J.has performed with the legendary Destroyer 666 and Destruktor before creating Impious Baptism.Impious Baptism is filthy,raw old school blackend metal with some death metal influences in the guitars.Uncomprimsing whirlwind fast guitar riffs with some really well played riffs and solo's that stay in the fast/mid paced range.The drumming is in the same vein as the guitars fast,pummeling with some mid-pace breaks.J's vocals are raw,deep growls and screams.Fans of early Beherit,Sarcofago,and filthy raw old-school black metal should check out Impious Baptism today you won't find another band/musician playing the style better then J.and Impious Baptism.
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Krypts-Unending Degradation cd {Dark Descent Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Krypts are from the bowels of the Finnish death metal underground scene.On their debut full length "Unending Degradation" Krypts has recorded some of the most stripped down,guitar heavy death metal recorded in quite some time. The trio mixes heavy slow to mid-paced death metal Krypts does have a few moments of aggressive speed but they are few and far between instead keeping the music more to their liking of mid-paced and heavy.Vocals are deep,low death growls and go perfectly with Krypts slow,heavy sound. This is defintly one of Dark Descent's best releases to date and highly recomended to fans who enjoy their death metal stripped down,heavy and mid-paced with touches of death/doom.

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Logic Of Denial-Atonement cd {Comatose Music}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Atonement is the second release from Italy's brutal death metal mongers Logic Of Denial.Eleven tracks of fast,intense guitar riffs and solo's with some crazy and well played structures. Drumming is intense madness with some insane blast beats and nice breaks to keep the listener's attention while the band pummels their senses with quality yet insane violent death metal.Atonement is a great release filled with angry blast beats,heavy guitars and sick vocals if you are fan of Comatose music previous roster or brutal quality musick in general you should check out Logic Of Denial soon.

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Mortillery-Origin Of Extinction cd {Napalm Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Mortillery returns with their second thrash attack from Napalm Rec. ten tracks of aggressive and rage fueled thrash madness.thrashing fast intense riffs with some insane riffs and solo's entertwined in the music.Once again the music is handled by the extremly talented cara Mccutchen who has some of the best screams/vocals in metal today.Pure screams of rage and anger that fits perfects with Mortillery straight forward thrashing insanity.If you have heard Mortillery in the past you pretty much know what is in store for you,but if your new to the band and your a thrasher til death get ahold of this band today!! they won't disapoint you.

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Ruins-Place Of No Pity cd {Listenable Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
I have always liked Ruins style of metal and Place Of No Pity the fourth metal masterpiece by the australian veterans is no different.Powerful yet catchy death metal. Their are some thrash and even black metal influences mixed in to the bands guitar riffs and overall structures.The drumming is precise,well executed and flawless which is pretty impressive in it's self considering how fast and heavy some of the songs get.The vocals are a mix of brutal death growls and screams i think Ruins have found a good home on Listenable Rec.'s roster this is defintly the bands strongest material to date and shouldn't be missed by anyone old fans or new.
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Visions Of Atlantis-Ethera cd {Napalm Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
I have to be honest and say that Visions of atlantis never really appealed to me but that changed with their 2011 Maria Magdalena Mcd had some good music/songs. So i was kinda interested to hearing what Ethera had to offer and i'm happy i did.Ethera shows the band progressing with much better song writing more memorable songs that are both symphonic and memorable but also have some heavy metal heaviness to them. So their is a little of everything to keep the listeners attention.Beautiful keyboards and melodic guitar structure entertwined with two of the best singers of this genre Mario plank and front lady Maxi Nil who work extremly well together and their vocals blend extremly well together and with the rest of the music to add another layer of beauty and atmosphere.This is defintly a must have for all fans of atmospheric,epic metal.

Label contact

Vorum-Poisoned Void cd {Dark Descent Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Dark Descent Rec. digs deep down within Finland's underground scene and finds yet another gem to unleash upon the death metal fans who just can't get enough.Vorum play a raw,heavy guitar form of death metal primitive bass and guitar riffs and lines that are played at lightning fast speed,Drumming stays pretty much in the mid-paced realm for the entire cd which works good for this band.Deep growls and screams belt the vocals not sure if it was an accident in recording or intentonal but the music is alot louder then vocals so the vocals get kinda lost within the music.But honestly it fits Vorum's dark,death metal style so if you can look past this i would defintly say check this out if you are a fan of Dark Descent's other Band's or if you enjoy uncompromising,primitive death metal

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Interview withe Impious Baptism done by patrick 3-3-12

metal hails!!
here is a new interviw with a old-school metal band Impious Baptism,man man J.{vocals,instruments} took the time to fill out this interview with us. if you are a fan of raw,old-school death/thrash that is dirty,ugly then you will love Impious Baptism.So after you check out the interview be sure to head over to the Hells Headbangers Rec. web-site and order a copy of "Wrath Of The Apex Predator".

Interview with J. Vocalst,All instruments for Impious Baptism done by patrick

1.Metal Hails J.! how is life in Australia these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Things here are good, busy with music and other positive things…

2.At what age did you first become interested in playing music?What was the first instrument you learned to play?

I was interested in music from a very young age. I started to listen to heavy metal in about 1987 and when I was 10 or 11 I started with guitar. I then got into playing drums at around age 13.

3.Are you self-taught or did you take guitar,bass lessons growing up?Who are some of your influences,favorite musicians? Are their any instruments you don't play that you would like to learn to play someday?

I am self-taught on the guitar, but drums I am still actually taking lessons (and I also teach drums). I have a lot of influences and I am listening to a wide variety of music from 60’s/70’s Rock/Prog, Metal, Ambient/Industrial etc. For example I like a lot of different drummers of vastly different styles for vastly different reasons. All the “legends” of the instrument like Buddy Rich, Dave Weckyl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers are inspirational, but I also like to hear good Metal drummers like Nico McBrain, Dave Lombardo etc. I’d like to be able to play piano, which is something I will do someday.

4.Impious Baptism is your new band when did you get the idea to start this band?How did you come up with the name for the project?

The idea behind the band was something that I had wanted to do for a long time (since the early 90’s). I came up with the name by joining two words together, that I felt summed up the sound and direction of the band.

5.You are sole member of the band when you started Impious Baptism when you started the band did you plan to work alone? Have you searched for other musicians to join the band?

Yes, Impious Baptism was and is always going to be a one-man band. There is no need to search for other musicians due to this fact alone.

6.If you could work with musicians {past or present} who are some musicians you would love to work with?

Anyone of like mind who share similar ideas about music, and someone who I can learn new things from.

7.For the readers who don't know you used to be in the bands Destroyer 666 and Destruktor.Since you have been in both one man bands and full-bands i was wondering which do you prefer? And what do you feel are the advantges and disadvantges to being in a one-man band?

Both have advantages and disadvantages to some degree. The advantage of being a one man band is the ability to work at my own pace and not having to rely on anyone else. The main disadvantage is having to take care of all other matters related to the band by myself as I cannot delegate responsibilities.

8.Impious Baptism recently released the debut release "wrath of the apex predator"through Hells Headbangers Rec. how did you come in contact with the label?

I have known Chase from Hells Headbangers for years, through trading with his label when I was doing Apocalyptor Records. I sent him the demo and he offered to do a 7”. The deal for the album was a result of that 7”.

9.How long did it take to write and record the songs for this release?Are you happy with how it all turned out?

About 12 months. Some songs were old ones I had written but never used, but all in all, about 12 months to get it all together and record it. I am quite satisfied with the album, but there are always things in retrospect that I would have changed or done a bit differently. The new stuff which is being slowly worked on is the perfect platform to work in some of the ideas I had in retrospect of recording the first album though.

10.How has the response been from the press and the fans?

Fine as far as I can see… but I’m not keeping my ear too closely to the ground on this. I don’t really care about the response to my work, it’s not something that drives me to create music or art. But for the labels sake, I hope the release is well received.

11.You have been a part of the underground for many years now so i was interested in your opinion of the metal scene today?What is your opinion of the internet,web-zines,etc.. do you feel technology has helped the underground or hurt it?

Honestly, I don’t care about any of it.

12.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene? And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Again, I don’t care at all about this stuff. But as far as my common answer goes, the underground is dead. It died when the internet replaced letters and tape trading, and when the “underground” became accessible to anyone. For me all of it changed somewhere in the late 90’s.

13.You live in the great country of Australia,i have been a "fan" of Australia's metal scene for many years now.I was interested in your opinion of Australia's metal scene?

The Australian scene is alright. There are some good bands and a lot of average ones that don’t move me in any way. The live scene is ok but for me personally, I don’t go to many gigs these days, so again, I don’t really care.

14.Who are some of your all-time favorite Australian metal bands?Are their any new metal bands from Australia that you feel the readers should check out soon?

Slaughterlord, SadEx, Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, old Abominator, Mortal Sin, Entasis, Disembowelment, Hobbs, D’666 etc. All the old classics. These days Denouncement Pyre, Erebus Enthroned, Portal, Cauldron Black Ram and a few others are at the top of the food chain in my opinion.

15.Well J. we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you. Check out the album when it’s available. Shirts, hoods and other merch will be available from me personally or Hells Headbangers in the coming weeks.