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Interview with The Bukowski Family done by Patrick 6-16-2013

here is a new interview with a rather interesting band "The Bukowski Family" the band is shrouded in some mystery but one listen to the music should impress most fans of death metal mixing in some influences thrash influence as well.So after taking the time to read the interview go and check out the interview and go to the band web-site {or Artifical God web-site} and order the New download release "UNpleasantries Abundant" e.p
regards and enjoy!!

Interview with The Bukowski Family done by Patrick

1.Metal hails! How is the week going for the members of the family? Please introduce yourselves to the

My name is Herbert "Fats" Bukowski and I am an alcoholic. The week has been full of heavy moonshine
tasting with the boys. Frankie boy made a godawful batch of the worst possible firewater there can be and
oh man! We love it. So how have you been?

I'm Mimi Bukowski and I'm the one who's gonna steal your heart. Sister with the several problems they
said...Person who never able to live normal life they said. Living in her own world they said.

Is the name and pleasure, well.. for Piggy, is the game. Usually the pleasure-given-flesh-puppets broke
before the expiration date…That’s a shitty thing but thats how it goes!

2.When did you all form the band? what is the "current" line-up?And for the readers who have never had
the pleasure of listening to The Bukowski Family how would you describe the bands music?

We didn't really form a band. More so we just picked up another Family hobby. Current line-up is me and Piggy doing the hardest work screaming and yelling at the fuckers, Frank plays the bass because he reminds me of a monkey and suits the job perfectly, Mimi and Roman are the more nimble (and slacker fucks) ones so they both play guitar, Mimi plays the more melodic shit and Roman ruins it with all the disharmonious brutality. Wiktor loves machine guns so we let him play drums and make them sound like one. He is one lazy shit, we always wonder what the fuck is that freak doing now. He should be fucking PRACTICING! Describe it to someone who doesn't know what The Family sounds like? Horrible. It's like you would run a vacuum cleaner through a distortion pedal while your Aunt is fucking a bear. And growling stories of sculpting a toy plane or a rocking horse out of a living human being.

I guess Fats said it all. Last seconds of someone's life...torture, humiliation, sickness, reflection of a modern world. Simply we just sound same as we look. Snuff Metal!

What band? We have these Family-sing-a-longs, usually after the other fuckers from the severated
mothers washes Piggy with a hose. They think it’s just fucking funny. They think wrong. Like a underwear or a thong….It’s all wrong.

3.The band recently released their fourth E.P a digital release "Unpleasantries Abundant" through
Artificial God Prod. How did you all come in contact with the label? Is this your first time working with the label? Are you happy with the job they have done?

Those fucks are Family friends and help us with shit we don't have time or patience to do. We have a farm to run here and too many tunes to rape so they handle the bowel movement and releasing of our shit. They do good because if they do not, they will make a nice sofa.

Not first time, Did labeling first time for Uncle's sourcream piss bottless, If I remember right.

Would be happy for a fucking handjob if you ask Piggy! One of the dude that were hanging in the
coffeemaker at the studio, or some shit, is now contact tightly into Piggys gage. With a chains and
ducktape. Just to be the reminder that there will be violent for slacking out of the sending Familys message to the world.

4.How long did it take the band to write and record the songs for the E.P? When the band begins working on a new song does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one or two members handle everything? Who usually handles the lyrics?

Precisely 10 minutes. Then we decided we can't write shit and just played it and recorded it. Songs are always under works, Mimi does much of the composting today. I used to tackle songs but Mimi does it now so I can concentrate on screwing around. We share. Me and Piggy do the shouting parts in a day usually. We have always the songs ready and they need our shouting so we just rip out a page per song from our journal and proceed to recite them as is on tape. 1 day per full EP. Why waste time. It's non stop insanity. Piggy and I keep the journal so we handle the lyrics.

There is lots of nice memories on our family diaries...or in journal..what the fuck are these words. Mommy, where am I?

Yes. We have hands and other pieces from humans.

5.Does the band ever play "live" shows or do you prefer to only work in the studio?

We have never played live or dead shows. That is merely due to the fact that we cannot go anywhere. We have to hide. And the farm doesn't sustain itself without our constant supervision. But when we do play dead, we will make it so that nothing will stand on two legs after that.

We are live all the time as well the farm.

They all lay with their legs wide open! One time there was these weddings, Ol’ Gran Pa Garrison. He’s from Romans side of a family, so these two lovebirds got each other and we were singing the Love Me Tenderizor, Love Me Blue…for the newlyweds. After that we carry them in back in the backyard…They are in their honeymoon now. Been there like five of six months now…Piggy have to say that the Ol Garrison ain’t much of a ”pen in a holster”- kind of guy, you know, ’cause only thing thats been moving around the genitals are the fucking flyes. And some other shitty bugs. But the ol’ timers are quite good at playing dead.

6.In your opinions what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene today?And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

I think pretty much all metal is underground. Or do you mean music? Underground? When everything is in the Internet and on Facebook for everyone to see and listen to? No such thing anymore. I remember cassettes. I miss cassettes. Nothing today compares to what went before. I think the only thing left underground now is the shit that not a single person besides the creator wants to have anything to do with. Now it is more like the popular shit vs the unpopular shit. There are bands like us that no one knows and wants to know and then there are bands that everyone knows and does not want to know. Am I confusing you? I am confusing myself.

There is always bad shit and good shit. Popular shit and underground shit. Popular shit is when piggy struggling with garbages or in it.. etc shit. Or in other words...playing with it and we're joining to see that show. Then underground shit is when Uncle goes down to the basement and doing that on wheelchair...alone. Did you know that shit is translated in some language as "paska" and meaning of "paska" from Ukrainian "?????" is an easter bread eaten in Eastern Europe. So simply
people eat shit. Listening it as well. About what we are talking?

Underground? Well there’s not much of a fresh air, that’s for sure…and if the only fucking lightbolt goes bye-bye..Piggy have to sit and shit in the dark like a decade. That is because the ”Janitor” is a lazy piece of wabbly cunt. Yeah! Fuck you, Upstairs kind-of-people! Bring Piggy those fucking lights back! That goes for you too Roman and Frank! Very fucking jajajajajaja for connecting the eletricity to a Piggys bucket of shit. Piggy almost burn its left ball with that funny joke….

7.Have you all ever thought of making a music video for any of The Bukowski Family songs?Any
particular songs you feel would make a good video?

DEad has a video. We are going to display some sick shit in the future too. 6teen is the perfect song for a little documentary of our hobbies. We shall see if there may be more videos in the future. There's plenty of meat to throw around so why not.

Yes... and we got some good camera from some piece of meat, who Roman and Frank brought to our farm some weeks ago. By the way, we had a very pleasant dinner on that evening.

It is going to be something like GangBangWithThe FuckingShammalang!

8.How often does the band practice/write songs? I know the new E.P " Unpleasantries Abundant" was
just released but have you all started working on a new follow up or will take some time to rest and relax before working on the next release?

We never practice. We just do shit. What we do is extremely relaxing and fun for us so we are always doing shit for the Family. No rest needed. Just a moment in the morning and evening sitting on my rocking horse drinking a brewskie watching the Tenderizer, perhaps listen to some classical. Life is good. For us. Some others, not so much.

Wiktor practising...shooting. "We just do shit" like Fats said before. Relaxing is just a word for an excuse not to do something.

The handycapped needs practice. We do our shit like hillibillies fucks their sisters…’cause it’s the only way to get shit done. Or have sex.

9.Speaking of the follow up release will it be a E.P or has the band planned on possibly working on a full length for the next release?

Full lenght trip, like when Uncle took too much acid.

Yes, next release will be a full length.

Making the stickman drawings right now! Then Piggy gives them to Fats and he makes the stories in the words! Amazing! But…but….BUTT! Piggy horny! Piggy needs to go and rub the pissing thing against some female hole!

10.Well Thank you all for taking the time to fill this out, good luck with the new E.P. any final comments for the readers?

The celestial bodies cast a godlike omnipresence upon a world that has been forever abandoned by all hope. So look onto the night sky knowing that it will all end and there is nothing there to save you. Perhaps, if you are lucky, you end up as a wall light at the Bukowski Family Flesh Farm. We shall always keep you enlightened.

You are not alone, Your family is here with you.

Pissing isn’t a proper pissing unless it is done on screaming, panicin people that are on their way to our sausage factory. And from the balcony over them.


To learn more about the family or order the new e.p check out the bands "official" web-site here:

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New Reviews for 6-10-13

Metal hails!
hope everyone is having a decent start to their week? well here is a new blog reviews for you all enjoy and to hopefully check out some great new metal!! their is a little bit of everything included this time around so hopefully you find something that interests you.
remember to buy cd's,demo's merch from the bands,labels to keep the flames of metal burning eternally!!!
regards until the next round of interviews and reviews {which shouldn't be too long}
All Reviews are done by Patrick this time around...

Atrocity-Okkult cd {Napalm Rec.}
Death metal legends Atrocity return with their newest release Okkult.Okkult sees Atrocity going back to their early death metal roots of fast,heavy death metal with chaotic guitars and pounding drums that are played extremely well.Atrocity also mixes in their atmospheric and operatic side to the chaotic thrashing death metal music.The two Atrocity styles combine very well for a great sound and wild ride of complex brutal thrashing death metal with healthy dose of atmospheric choirs and keyboards.Alex's vocals have never sounded better or more vicious and angry death growls and raw screams.Overall this is one of the best Atrocity releases I have heard in years and should please long time Atrocity fans without disappointing any of the bands more melodic style fans.
Label Contact

Behexen-Rituale Satanum cd {Debemur Morti Prod.}

Bexen one of black metals greatest and most under rated bands has been unleashing blasphemous masterpiece after masterpiece.Well the fine folks at Debemur Morti Prod. have decided to re-release the bands classic debut "Rituale Satanum" for the fans who might have missed it the first time.Savage and barbaric black metal are just a few words you could use to describe this finnish bands amazing blackend sound.Thin screechy guitars,extremly fast,uncontrolled drums cold,vicious screams all mixed together to create a masterpiece of pure,ucompromising black metal

Label contact

Birth A.d--I Blame You cd {Unspeakable Axe Rec.}

Unspeakable Axe is a new sub-label of the mighty Dark Descent Rec. and the labels first release is a great one! Texas Birth A.D are a cross-over band mixing thrashy/speed metal with some old school punk influences.Insane,intense drumming and frenzied guitars riffs/solo's combined for wild roller coaster ride.Vocals are screams/hollering and some sing along vocal choruses.Fans of cross-over metal/punk will defintly enjoy Birth A.D.

Label contact

The Bukowski Family-Unpleasantries Abundant digital e.p {Artificial God Prod.}

I wasn't expecting much when I got this but when I started to listen it for the first time I was really surprised.The Bukowski Family is very impressive death metal with some grind and a little black metal influence in some areas.Playing straight-forward no frills death metal with some mid-pace heavy dark death metal riffs.The drummer plays at Inhuman speeds at times but is done to perfection with complex drum beats.The vocals are shared and fit perfectly together and with the music one vocalist is has the vicious deep growl and the second comes in with the insane,sick screams/shrieks.If your a fan of straight forward death metal with touches of black then don't miss out on this great underground band and get a copy of the new release today.

Band contact

Dark Ring--Reborn From The Inferno cd {Metal Hell Rec.}

When you think of atmospheric black metal I am sure the first place that does not come to mind is Guangzhou,China but that's exactly where this young band comes from.Dark Ring play and mix a nice blend of grim,fast black metal and well played and arranged orchestrated atmospheric parts entertwined.The guitarist keep the music interesting playing fast,harsh black metal but also are not afraid to throw in some traditional heavy metal riffs in some of the songs to keep the songs fresh and interesting.The vocals are done with pure hate and aggressive shrieks and screams that go with this music. Not a bad release at all and if you enjoy atmospheric,fast black metal you should defintly check this band out soon.

Label contact

Darkall Slaves-Abyssess Of Seclusion Mcd {Kaotoxin Rec.}

I remembering hearing Darkall Slaves on their 2008 self titled e.p. but then the band fell off the musical radar so I just assumed they had broken up,formed other bands but apparently just been playing live,writing new music and going through line-up changes etc. according to their bio.But the band is back and now signed with Kaotoxin Rec. and here have their new release of 2 songs and intro musically it is not bad I have heard much worse but on the other hand it has been done so many times it is not even funny anymore. Darkall Slaves play mid nineties style brutal death metal with some modern heavy guitars and slammin style growls,and blasting drums.Not a horrible release just a style of music that has no originality anymore,just copycats.If your into anything and everything brutal you might enjoy this.

Label contact

Fejd--Nagelfar cd {Napalm Rec.}

It's great to see and hear Sweden's Fejd back with their third release Nagelfar.For those unfamiliar with Fejd the band plays traditional folk music with some galloping metal guitars mixed in.Most of the tracks on Nagelfar three to five minutes and are beautiful folk passage slow to mid paced acoustic guitars,mid paced drumming and very well clean sung male vocals,their are some faster upbeat sing along type of choruses and moments that fit very well into Fejd's musical style.If you have never heard Fejd before and enjoy folk inspired metal then I defintly encourage you to check Fejd out soon and if you are a long time fan of band you know what to expect.

Label contact

Forlorn Chambers-Unborn And Hollow Mcd {self released}

Forlorn Chambers have done a tremendous job on their three song debut debut.The finnish band mix fast,whirlwind guitars with some equally brutal,pummeling drumming.Forlorn Chambers is not all brutality by any means as the band does have a lot of melody and mid-tempo changes.The vocals are deep and powerful death metal growls but work very well with Forlorn Chamber's music even in more somber,melodic moments.Forlorn Chamber's have created and released a very well played and impressive death metal debut I for one I am looking to hear what Forlorn Chambers releases next!

band contact

Grift-Fyra Elegier Mcd {Nordvis Rec.}

Grift are a new duo coming out of the Swedish black metal underground scene.Grift mix harsh,mid paced guitar riffs that almost have a hypnotic feel and sound in their delievery.Drums are kept in mid paced range for the most part but their are some slower almost doomish parts .The vocals are harsh almost speaking/talking type of vocals that works with the bands mid pace range their are some harsher,more violent screams used throughout some songs.Fans of modern black metal with some very eerie ambient soundscapes entertwined in the mix.Not your typical black metal release at all and well worth a listen!

label contact

Imprecation-Satanae Tenebris Infinita cd/LP {Dark Descent Records}

This Texas death metal band has been around the underground since 1991.In 1995 the band released a comp. cd of their demo's and rare songs through Repulse Rec. called "Theurgia Goetia" shortly after the band went on a hiatus and returned in 2009.With their debut full length Satanae Infinita the band still sounds as impressive and as ever.The band doesn't waste time going straight for the kill with heavy,mid paced riffs that never really goes into hyper speed or ultra brutal instead Imprecation concentrate on writing mid paced,hevy old school death metal that is catchy and memorable.Fans of early nineties death metal that is played with passion and integrity will love Imprecation.

Label contact

Necrotic Disgorgement-Documentaries Of Dementia cd {Comatose Music}
Nine years since Necrotic Disgorgement's debut release and the wait is over! Ohio's violent sicko's are back! with their follow up and the wait was well worth it! ten tracks of skull crushing,barbaric death metal.Inhuman pummeling blast beats that are both devastating and precise in execution.The guitar duo of Ben Deskins and Tony Tipton {who some may remember from the legendary band regurgation} sounds amazing and tight with their extremely heavy and fast riffs and solo's entertwined in the chaotic riffs.New vocalist Jimmy Javins sounds amazing and has some of the best vocals I've heard in this style in a long time! sick deep death growls and screams that spew out the bands lyrics.Recomended to all fans of sick,quality brutality

Label contact

Pest-The Crowning Horror cd {Agonia Rec.}

Sweden's Pest are back once again after a five year silence and what a return.Pest embrace the older style and sound of black metal of late eighties,early ninties bands and do it very well with class and honor {in other words they don't blantantly rip off the early gods} the raw production and thin,mid paced guitars that go from controlled mid-paced blackend guitars to all out screeching,intense raw guitar riffs and some solo's mixed in.Drumming is equally mixed going from crazed,bombastic beats to a more controlled mid pace.The vocals are black metal shrieks/screams with some lower raspy/whispery type of vocals that works very well with Pest's slower parts.Pest is one of the best old school metal bands I've had the pleasure I've hearing.

Label contact

Revelation's Hammer-Revelation's Hammer {My Kingdom Music}

If you thought all the talented,great Norse black metal were gone or used up shame on you and think again.Norway's Revelation's Hammer strikes with a masterful,violent black metal release six songs of epic,hateful and cold blackness.Razorsharp guitar riff cut through your ears and soul with amazing guitar work and precision. The drumming is non-stop blast beats,with some crazy patterns their is also some mid-paced beats thrown in that keeps the music interesting.If your a fan of early/mid ninites norse black metal then Revelation's Hammer is defintly a band you will want to check out soon.

Label contact

Sacrilegious Impalement-111-Lux infera cd {Woodcut Rec.}

Finland's masters of blasphemous black metal unleash their third assault on the unexpecting fans with Lux Infera.Raw,vicious razor sharp guitar riffs cut through your senses with no remorse while the drummer unmercifully blasts away with precise and ungodly rage going from blasts to mid paced range right back to thrashing,violent blast beats.Sacrilegious Impalement welcome a new vocalist on 111-Lux Infera Wrathprayer and his vocals are some of most impressive,hateful screams to be recorded in sometime and defintly fit Sacrilegious Impalement's psychotic uncompromising black metal sound. Fans of pure hateful black metal will not be disappointed by the new Sacrilegious Impalement.

Label contact

Sidious-Ascension To The Throne Ov Self Mcd {Kaotoxin rec.}

Sidious is a new band from the U.K featuring two members from the great death/doom band Eye Of Solitude{also on Kaotoxin}.Well Sidious are more of a blackend death metal band with a lot of symphonic and dark atmosphere.Mixing in heavy,fast death metal guitar riffs and pounding drums and occasional blast beats.Sidious entertwines some very well played and used keyboards into the heaviness that adds a nice layer of dark atmospheres within the heaviness.Sidious vocalist are raspy,black metal screams and deep,death growls that mix nicely together.If your looking for something original and heavy then look no further Sidious has released the Mcd for you! I am just ready for the for the full length from this great young band.

Label contact

Simulacro-Fall Of The Last Idol cd {De Tenebrarum Principio/ATMF.Rec.}

I remember hearing his Italian black/death metal bands demo a few yrs. back. So I was eager to hear this full length from them.Fall Of The Idol is seven songs of haunting,mid paced blackend death metal the guitars have a thicker sound giving it a death metal feel for most of the songs.but the guitars do cut loose with some whirlwind fast thrashing black metal riffs full of energy and hate.The drumming is precise yet all over the place playing extremely fast beats,more controlled mid-paced beats.Simulacro do a great job of mixing of the heaviness and semi brutality of death metal with the coldness and atmosphere of black metal all into one nicely woven musical package.Fall Of The Last Idol is a must have for all who enjoy straight forward blackend death metal

Band contact

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Interview with Mike Mccoy owner of The Metal Detector Music Promotions done by Patrick done on 6-3-13

Here is a another interview I have received this time it is with Mike and his new P.R business "The Metal Detector" I don't think In all my years of doing zine I have ever interviewed anyone who runs a P.R company so it was kinda cool doing this one to see what happens behind the scenes,plus Mike and I have a lot of the same ideas as far as supporting,promoting the smaller,more unknown bands/labels in the underground.So if you are band or label looking for more exposure in the underground give Mike a email and see maybe he can help you out!! AND if your a zine get in touch with him about the bands,labels he works with he has some great ones!!!
metal regards,
Patrick and winter torment web-zine

Interview With Mike McCoy owner of "The Metal Detector Music Promotions" done by Patrick

1.Hello Mike how is your week going man? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hi Patrick, I am a 35 year old Metal Head and that is all anyone would really want to know. I have been working behind the scences for the Underground Metal Music label Abyss Records for the last few years and now I am trying to start up my own PR business The Metal Detector.

2.When did you first start listening to metal?Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current" favorites?

I first got into Metal in 1994, I had heard a few things before then, but only through the main stream and that did not impress me, I guess at the time Metal was kind of going back underground and I didn't stumble upon that until 1994. The first bands that really got my attention were King Diamond / Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquillity, Edge of Sanity, Immortal, In Flames, etc...
As far as what I get into now, there is just to much stuff that gets thrown at me on a regular basis that I get overwhelmed, so I tend to stick to the albums that I actual own physical copies of. I have been on a big Entombed kick for the past few months, all their albums are great to me. I listen to alot of the bands that I promote for on a regular basis, especially have been into the new Septekh, Bukowski Family and Nocturne albums lately. And I am always a sucker for pretty much anything that Jorn Lande sings on.

3.I believe you started working for Abyss Rec. a few yrs. ago how did you meet Dan?{owner of Abyss} what was your job while working for Abyss for full-time ?

Yes, I have known Dan for close to 20 years now, we meet through a mutual friend and then ended up working at a small factory together for a few years... I still work for/with Abyss Records and plan to continue to do so for as long as possible. Dan runs a great label and distrubution and I like the work. I kind of keep some of the online stuff in order, help run some of the miscellaneous web pages, post reviews, make ads, flyers, promo videos, etc... and help out with whatever I can.

4.You started up "The Metal Detector Music Promotions" about six months ago I believe.What gave you the idea to start your own promotions business?

Pretty much came down to the opportunity was there, Dan / Abyss Records needed someone to take over their PR responsibilities and I had been working with him for a while and already knew kind of how he likes to run things. It has been a great opportunity for me and I have to thank Dan for suggesting the idea and giving me the chance... After that it just made sense to try to do PR for other bands and labels, so that is how things got started.

5.Are you happy with how everything is turning out so far? I believe in all my years of doing zines you are the first promotions person I have interviewed.So I was wondering what do you feel is hardest and easiest part about your job? How many hours a day/week would you say your working for your bands/labels?

So far so good, sure things could be going better, but for the amount of time I have been doing this full time I am happy so far. I would have to say that the hardest part is trying to stay on the same page with everyone, I deal with alot of people that English is not their first language and being an American myself I never learned a second language, so I guess communication is the hardest part and the long hours. It is kind of hard to say how many hours a day / week that I spend for each individual band, but I work between 8-12 hours, 6 days a week at minumum. The best thing so far has been that I have gotten to work with some good people, most of the bands / labels / sites / zines / etc. have been very helpful and eager to work with me.

6.Speaking of bands and labels Who are the bands and labels currently working with The Metal Detector Promotions?

I of course work with Abyss Records, but am also promoting for Do Or Die Records, they are a fairly new label out of Chicago and then some other random bands, Bukowski Family and Eshtadur (Colombia)

7.Are you currently looking for new bands and labels to work with you and your promotions company?If yes how can the interested bands or labels get in touch with you?

Yes, I am always looking for new bands or labels to work with, anyone interested can email me here: or can contact me through The Metal Detector facebook page:
I work for a fairly low rate for what I can provide and you would be hard pressed to find anyone else that will put the hours and effort in for the rate that I charge.

8.Mike you live in Indianapolis,In have you lived here most of your life? What is your opinion of the metal scene in your town and state?

I have lived in or around Indianapolis my entire life. I don't get out much anymore, so can't really comment on the local scene to much, but from what I see online it seems to be a little more active then say back 10 years ago.

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Indiana?Are their any new upcoming bands you think the readers should check out soon?

Like I said before I don't get out alot, so don't even really know very many bands from Indiana, but here are some that I do know and like: Radiation Sickness (Death Metal / Grindcore), Maax (Blackened Thrash Metal), The Gates of Slumber (Doom Metal), Stone Magnum (Doom Metal), Hordes of Nebulah (Black Metal), Bulletwolf (Heavy / Doom Metal).

10.I believe you and I got into the underground same time in late 80's/early 90's. So I was wondering what is your opinion of the underground scene today compared to 20 or so years ago?

Just like most things in life there are pluses and minuses. I like the fact that I can hear a track from a new album by just jumping online and clicking a few buttons, but I don't like that it seems a large portion of the Metal community is satified with crappy Mp3's, which they propably didn't pay for to begin with. I liked back when I first got into Metal you would hear about a new album a couple months before it came out and you had to wait for it, not go online and try to find a pirated copy of a less then satisfing Mp3. I think that Metal meant more back then. I miss going to the used CD shop and digging through the used CD bin and hoping to find some long lost gem you have been wanting for years. Now you just jump on Ebay or Amazon and if you have enough cash you can find just about anything. I guess being into Metal is just easier now...

11.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground?And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

The best thing about the underground is that it will never go away, it will continue to evolve with the new generations of Metal heads, just hope that I can continue to evolve with it. And the worst is the bands / people that think they are underground but are not. If you have no following it doesn't mean you are underground it probably means you are not that good or that you haven't put out the proper effort to get your name out to the right people.

12.Well Mike we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you Patrick, I appreciate your continued support... Any bands that are looking to promote for upcoming albums get in touch... And finally want to say please go out and support your favorite Metal bands by picking up physical copies of their albums, if you don't support the bands / labels you like one day they won't be there anymore. Music is a big part of most peoples lives and you should show the bands your appreciation, respect and support them for what they do for you.

to contact Mike and The Metal Detector Music Promotions

The Metal Detector Music Promotions



Interview with Sacrilegious Impalement done by patrick 6-3-13

hope everone is having a good start to their week?We have a couple of interviews to start off the week the first one is with Finland's masters of black metal viciousness "Sacrilegious Impalement" the band just released their third masterpiece of blasphemy through Woodcut rec.but I will let Guitarist and main songwriter Von Bastard tell you all about it.
regards and thanks for reading the interview{s}

Interview with Von Bastard Lead guitarist for Sacrilegious Impalement done by Patrick

1. Hails Von Bastard! how are things going in Finland? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

-Von Bastard: Guitarist and main songwriter of Sacrilegious Impalement. We have our third full-length “III Lux Infera” (which goes for “the light of/from the underworld, the grave, the dead etc. Also “the inner flame of one who have granted to go out and explore the darkness and it´s secret paths) out now through Woodcut Records and I strongly recommend you to check it out. How are things in Finland? Well, the summers here with it´s all around daylight times, no darkness now. If you ask me, I´ll say that the all day sunshine is horribly overvalued, ha! And nothing new under the sun: the priests have all day tasks to keep their child molestings secret from publicity and covering their asses up in the name of holy. The covernment is giving all the money of hard working people of Finland to bankcrupt countries with no security to get the money back ever. That kind of fucked up things.

2. When did you meet the other members of Sacrilegious Impalement? Was it long until you formed the band?

-Von Bastard: Ages ago. I met Tooloud in vocational school, we were on a same class. Others at gigs or bars… It took me years and years to get this band going. I couldn´t get the right people for the band, so I decided not to form this band until I get the right people. That only teached me that I gotta be ready to pull everything out by myself.

3. What is the current line up of the band? For the readers who have never heard Sacrilegious Impalement's music how would you best describe it?

-Von Bastard: Besides me, Wrathprayer on vocals, Tooloud Armageddon on bass, Revenant on drums and Asassin is doing second guitar on gigs at the time. Our music? It´s obnoxious vortex from hell! After listening to our music, I want people to feel like they´re dying to a malevolent orgasm, exhausted but eager to go for it again.

4. Sacrilegious Impalement just released their newest cd "III - Lux Infera” through Woodcut Rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?

-Von Bastard: It´s a long process. I follow a vision what kind of album I want to make and it comes together piece by piece. It could have started when we were doing “II – Exalted Spectres”. Recording doesn´t take that much time, this was recorded in about a week. We don´t have a possibility to spend weeks or months in the studio checking and trying things out. Instead of that we rehearse the songs and go to studio and place the mics and press record, and that´s it, we work hard.

5. How has the response been from the press and the fans?

-Von Bastard: Last time I checked the press update for the record it has received from 5/10 to 10/10, most of them closer to 10 than 5, but I don´t really care about those at all. Have read some reviews and usually they don´t know a fuck what they are writing about. It feels like the reviews are done while eating a fucking hamburger meal, and the hamburger wins your attention. Ofcourse there are good ones who know their trade, but usually they are rubbish and contains very little relevant information. The people I´ve met face to face have been giving even more praising words for this album than for earlier ones. I appreciate most the honest feedback of friends from other bands & collages, and it have been only good.

6. Sacrilegious Impalement comes out of the legendary black metal scene in Finland. So I was curious what is your opinion on the scene in Finland?

-Von Bastard: It´s somewhat vital today. I think death metal is rising again. We haven´t seen that much of a potential newcomers for black metal recently, few good demos and/or projects have still occured. The “old” ones are the ones who still carries the flag and we´ve seen some great new records from them recently.

7. Who are some of your all-time favorite Finnish bands? Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

-Von Bastard: Besides the obvious black metal gods everyone knows, I´m going to endorse some others: Peer G√ľnt, Sleepy Sleepers, Irwin Goodman, some Hanoi Rocks/Michael Monroe, old CMX, Hurriganes, Viikate, quite a much actually. Not so new ones, but if you haven´t checked Flame, Exordium, Fleshpress or Vitsaus, do it now!

8. Does the band play "live" very often or do you all prefer to work in the studio only? Any upcoming tours/shows to tell the readers about?

-Von Bastard: Yes, we enjoy doing gigs if the event is right. We just played at Steelfest (Sodom, Mayhem, Destruction etc.) and next we´ll be playing at Hammer Open Air (Venom, Candlemass, Hell etc.).

9. Everyone has their own opinions/ideas on what black metal stands for so I was wondering what does black metal mean to you?

-Von Bastard: Almost the same as the “left hand path” in general. Individual freedom, DIY, rebel spirit, hunger for knowledge, strive for supremacy, it´s a way to create from the channel from the unknown. Sometimes I use it to meditate, sometimes just a music to party with. To me black metal is more than what it consists.

10. Are you or any of the members of Sacrilegious Impalement currently playing/working with side bands or projects? If yes please feel free to tell the readers a little about them.

-Von Bastard: Tooloud and I are in Evil Angel and play live for Urn, they´re not so active at the moment. Revenant plays in a rock band which he describes as a “porn rock from the deepest jungle of outer space”. Wrathprayer is in Exordium, but I don´t know are they on what stage at the moment.

11. Von you handle the guitars for the band when did you first start playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

-Von Bastard: The reason I picked up a guitar was to learn one Misfits song, and when I would learn that I would have achieved my goal. Turned out that I had a bit more hunger and flame for it. So I just learned by ear and rehearsed and rehearsed while the skin was falling off from my fingers. I am self taught, and I can´t praise enough the importance of learning stuff by yourselve, this goes for everything. It is important to learn how to teach yourself. I know people who say “I can´t do this because I haven´t done it earlier”. What the fuck is that kind of attitude?

12. Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists? Do you play any other instruments?

-Von Bastard: John Christ, Eddie Clarke, Lemmy, Doyle, Steve Stevens. I do our bass lines and play them when needed and do majority of our drum arrangements.

13. Well Von we have reached the end of the interview, thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

-Von Bastard: Check out the new album, it will give you more than take.

If anyone is interested in ordering a copy of 111-Lux Infera from WoodCut rec can do so from this site here.

to learn more about the band and their upcoming shows,tours,releases etc...