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New Reviews 9-24-13

Metal Hails!
Here is a new batch of metal reviews for your reading pleasure.This time we have some great bands/releases featured from all metal genres so defintly take a few a minutes and a look through them and hopefully you find some good bands to your liking. if you do be sure to support the band,label and BUY cd,LP,digital download and support the scene and keep the scene alive and active.
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Ancestors Blood- A Moment Of Clarity cd/LP { Heidens Hart Rec.}

Finland's Ancestors Blood return with a new cd A Moment Of Clarity is eight songs of atmospheric,epic pagan black metal at it's finest.Mid to fast guitars that never get too extremely fast or slow but are played with a lot of skill and precision.The drumming is mid-paced range with some well written drum patterns with a few moments of speed,faster beats but usually only last for a few min. at a time.Ancestors Blood use some synths that fit perfectly within their sound and a whole nother layer to their music.Fans of epic,atmospheric black metal bands like Summoning will defintly want to to check out Ancestors Blood as soon as you can you will not be disappointed.

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Craven Idol-Towards Eschaton cd {Dark Descent Rec.}

I have been reading a lot about this band's upcoming release so I was defintly eager to hear and I must it it defintly stands up to all the hype and then some.Craven Idol's debut is defintly a masterpiece of blackend thrash metal.Uncomprising fast guitars that are crazed all over the placed with riffs and solo's before being slowed to a mid-paced pattern the guitars do have some rawness within their tone for the blackend vibe which fits nicely in the bands sound.The drumming is a blazing storm of blast beats with chaotic drum patterns that are played to perfection while also being played at excess speeds. The vocals are harsh screams and raspy vocal patterns.Fans of uncompromising,aggressive blackend thrash metal will love Craven Idol's debut cd and also for you Vinyl lovers Dark Descent has made some vinyl available.

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Cvinger-Monastery Of Fallen Mcd,Digital {Self-released}

Slovenia's Cvinger have unleashed their debut of raw,fast blackness with some noisy harsh guitars and fast blasting drums.The vocals are harsh,demon shrieks and screams that fit perfectly with the bands musicial style.Cvinger are not completely all harsh/noise black as the band does have have a couple of well played mellow,melodic instrumentals that show the band can play both styles if they decide to.As you can probably tell the review Cvinger are not trying to create any new musical genre or style with their sound but the trio are very good musicians and play black metal extremely well. And if your a fan of the more primitive,fast,chaotic black metal I would defintly say give Cvinger a listen you just might be surprised and enjoy yourself.

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Dirigi-Dirgi Mcd {self-released}

San Antonio's very own Dirgi bring forth their debut of six songs of fast,unforgiving old-school death metal.Furious,fast riffs and raging guitars solo's played with a lot of precision and intensity.The drums are done extremely well extremely fast blast beats to more heavier mid-paced drums. with some really memorable and well written drum patterns.The vocals are a dual match of deep growls and vicious shrieks,sreams and fit very well with Dirgi's vicious,old school sound and style.over all Dirgi have written and released one of the best death metal releases I have had the pleasure of hearing pure death metal perfection defintly worth checking out now!

Exhumer-Degraded By Sepsis cd {Comatose Music}

Italy's Exhumer have unleashed their second beast of release "Degraded By Sepsis" eleven songs of brutal,straight forward death metal.Exhumer are not just loud and noisey these Italian metallers know how to play their instruments the music is a nice blend of mid-paced slam and full on death/grind. Mid-paced slammin guitars start out before hitting the all out frenzied guitars hyper speed riffs with unrelenting blast beats.Exhumer does have a couple of instrumentals that are dark/mellow with piano and not defintly not what you would expect from the the other songs featured but they are written and played beautifully and add a nice change of pace for a couple of minutes inbetween the frenzied brutality songs.If your a fan of straight-forward,uncomprimising brutality then Exhumer is defintly a band for you to check out.

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Fear Theories-So It Begins Mcd {Self-released}

So it Begins is the debut release from the Norwegian old-school metal/rock band Fear Theories.Five songs of high energy rock with some thrash influence in the guitars.The vocals are screams but their are also some sing along choruses and gruff deeper vocals used in some vocal lines.The guitars are mid paced with some really memorable guitar riffs and patterns written.Fans of old-school rockNroll with slightly thrash influences in a few tracks should defintly enjoy Fear Theories Mcd debut release.

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Nekrofilth-Devils Breath cd/lp {Hells Headbangers Rec.}

Nekrofilth's name surely fits the bands music and style perfectly.Thirteen songs of vicious,ugly and dirty cross over tunes.I wasn't sure at first if I was gonna like the band but honestly the band does a great job of mixing and creating the styles of thrash,old-schcool punk,old-school grind and a little death metal and mixing in their own warped sense of humor the band serves us Devils Breath! If you are a "fan" of old-school punk mixed raging thrash/grindcore you will love this band band.A must have if your looking for something different other then the normal black/death metal of the scene.

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Sapremia-Autmn's Moon cd {Butchered Rec.}

Sapremia from New Jersey are a band that have been around the death/thrash scene for quite a few years now and Autmn's Moon is the band second full length.Nine tracks of ripping,aggressive death/thrash metal.This is how it should be done fast,heavy guitars pummeling,pounding drums that are catchy as well heavy and blasting fast.Sapremia are not all brutal,speed as the band slows to heavy mid-paced riffs and heavy mid-paced drums before picking up the pace again.Lou's vocals are a perfect fit with Sapremia's music as he has a gruff,raw death metal growl highly recommended to anyone and everyone who enjoys aggressive,catchy death/thrash metal.

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Sarcofago-INRI LP {GreyHaze Rec.}

GreyHaze has re-released the 1987 classic on vinyl for the newer fans who might have missed it the first time and it and if your one who missed it the first time defintly don't make the same mistake twice.If you have never have never heard this piece of blackend heavy metal the music is very raw and fast sounding in the beginning it goes from slower music that builds to a dark mid-paced heavy metal paced tone before cutting loose a fast all out rage blackend heavy metal attack {remember this was released in 1987 so what most of us know as black metal today wasn't created yet} fast,raw sounding guitars,vocals that range from deeper demon sounding growls and high pitched screams.This release and band and release are highly regarded by both black and death metal bands,fans world wide for putting South American blackend death metal on the map and one listen you will understand why! if you have missed it and worship the elder gods of the eighties like venom,Bathory,Slayer etc... then you Need this in your collection as well.

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The True Endless-Legacy Of Hate cd {Aphelion Prod.}

Italy's The True Endless are back with a new black metal masterpiece,the musicians have created some of the best violent,cold,uncompromising black metal I have heard in quite sometime vicious but quality written and performed.fast,relentess drumming that is non-stop,chaotic and furious guitar riffs and some solos mixed in the insanity.The vocals are deep dark growls mixed with blackend screams that are a perfect match for The True Endless destructive,dark sound if you are familiar with this long running Italian blackend horde you know what to expect but if you are new to The True Endless sound and enjoy cold,violent straight forward black metal then The True Endless is a band you MUST hear.

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