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New Reviews for everyone to read for 3-30-14

Metal Hails
sorry it has taken so long to get these up but I had some shit I had to take care of first. I am back and new Interviews amd Reviews will be up soon
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Agony Face--Clx Stormy Quiblings {My Kingdom Rec]

Agony Face are from Italy and have done a good job of mixing older tech death metal gods like atheist,cynic and later era death.with some progressive metal.crazy,fast guitars with some really good solo's and and patterns.The drumming is flawless and executed just right with some really fast drumming to a more mid-paced drum.The vocalist are screams with some deeper growls.Over all this band does a good job of mixing early tech death metal with some progressive. .

Blood Mortized-The Demon,The Angel,The Disease

Ahh old school Swedish death metal one of the best and purest forms of metal period.It has defintly been way over done the last few years but Blood Mortized know how to play it and also keep it fresh.The bands third masterpiece is now available from Chaos Music and is filled with old-school Swedish greatness.heavy,raw guitars that speed up to ungodly chaotic speeds.The drums are vicious and fast with some mid-paced breaks.Vocals are raw screams and some deep growls.Highly recommended to old-school Swedish death metal.

DragonHammer---The XExperiment {My Kingdom Music]

Itally's DragonHammer play a mix of epic power metal and some heavy meta[ and progressive thrown in.Usually I'm not a fan of power metal.But I found myself really liking this band.The musicans do a great job of creating fast whirlwind guitars that do a great job of mixing powere metal and some progressive metal.The drumming is just as creative and wild for that matter with all out drum attacks to more mid paced controlled speeds.i usually don't like the vocals in power metai but these vocals are amazing not to high pitched perfect blend of hard rock melodic and aggressive,deeper vocal patterns

Glorior Belli--Gators Rumble,Chaos Unfurs cd [Agonia Rec.]

This release from France's Glorior Belli is a wild ride of musical genres The main styly I would say is black metal but the musicans aren't afraid to expirement with new ideas like sludge and old school rock.mixed with their fuzzed out harsh black metal.Glorior Belli mainly stay in the mid paced range with some faster tempo changes. Fans of the more artistic and creative black metal should defintly like this a lot.

Khaos Aeon--Koenigreich [self released]

Germany's Khaos Aeon have released their debut cd eight songs of heavy mid-paced black metal and an all out assult with vicous blasting drums,raw,fast guitars with some mid paced riffs entertwined.. Vocals are blackend shrieks/screams.If your a fan of fast un-relenting black metal defintly check out Khaos Aeon debut cd today.


Profanatica--Thy Kingdom Cum cd,LP [Hells Headbangers Rec]

U.S black metal legends return with a brand new release Thy Kingdom Cum.Carries on the bands tradition of writing the most raw,primitive black metal ever recorded.thin,raw guitars pounding,fast drums and some of the most harshest,demonic vocals ever that go perfect with Profanatica raw,uncomprimising sound Fans of the band should not be disappointed at all and if your new to the band just think of raw,primitive it's best.



Sheol--Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12 inch MLP [Iron Bonhead Rec.]

U.K based Sheol play some very impressive death metal.The two members of the band A.B.S{Vocals,Guitar and Bass] and A.H.S [Drums,Guitars have created some pure straight forward death metal fast chaotic guitars,heavy bass and some extremely fast drum work.but the drums do slow to a more mid-paced sound.The vocals are low deep death growls and fit perfect with Sheol style. If your a fan of straight forward pure death metal then this is a band you will want to hear soon.



Skelthal--Morbid Ovation cassette [Disharmonic Rec.]

From France comes Skelthal is now out for all the maniacs to hear.four tracks of dark death metal.raw guitars that will run you over like a tank.with their sheer speed and intensity.Heavy mid paced riffs and some solo's. and the drumming is just as chaotic and unpredictable going from mid paced to all out fast beats.The vocals are gruff,raw death growls fans of autopsy,incantation will love Skelthal debut demo.

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Skoll--Grisera cd [Ewiges Eis]

Skoll is the side prject/band of the mighty M.[The true Endless] Among other bands he worked/works with.M handles the vocals,guitars for Skoll presents his the newnest cd a more folk inspired black metal band.four songs that feature quite a variety metal style from somber with acoustic guitar,that are done beautifuly before the the band picks up the pace with icy,raw guitars.The drumming is done extremely well with slow to mid paced drums.M. vocals show a range of emotion mainllllly using the black metal shrieks but their are also some deeper death growls used in a few songs and even some clean vocal patterns and chants. defintly worth the price if your a fan of folkish black metal

Temple Of Baal--Verses Of Fire cd [Agonia Rec]

Temple Of Baal one of Frances best black/death bands release their fourth cd to date.Ten songs of fast,vicious blackend death metal. Blasting drums that are done to perfection and flawless guitars that are played very fast and chaotic but also have a great deal of skill to back them up. Temple Of Ball are not all speed they do slow it down to a more mid-paced on some tracks.

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Valkyrja---The Antagonist Fire cd [W.T.C Prod.]

Sweden's Valkyrja have released their third release 'The Antagonist Fire seven songs of violent straight forward black metal.The band takes no prisioners with their musical approach.With their guitars with fast riffs and some solos and mid tempo changes.Their drummer is godly on this release going from ultra fast blast beats to the more controlled mid paced style.The vocals are sick,demented blackend shrieks.Fans of violent Swedish black metal will love this release

Paragon Records Reviews

Hello Sorry for the delay and everything but here are some new reviews from the mighty Paragon Rec. hope you all enjoy them and more reviews and interviews are in the works.

Metal Hails

Elderblood- Son Of The Morning [paragon rec.]

Ukraine's ElderBlood play a symphonic and epic form of black metal that you will either love or hate.Personally I love this release as the band members are not trying to be someone else just playing what they love.The band uses a lot of emotion and their is some synths but they do it very well and it adds a nice layer of symphonic black metal.The vocals are blackend gruff screams that fit very well.If you are a fan of atmospheric black metal then defintly check this out soon.

Fornace--Pregnant Is The Night cd [Paragon records]

Originally released in 2012 through the Russian label Auto Dafe Mike from Paragon rec.heard a masterpiece and decided to release it.for the people who missed it the first time.Fornace comes out of the highly under-rated Italian black metal scene.Early ninietys black metal with some excellent melodic interludes and somber acoustic guitars before picking the pace with aggressive,faster black metal.their are some slower guitars almost doomish before going fast again.Fornace is a early nintes band but are not afraid to mix it up.with varied speeds.

Kozeljnik--Null:The Acheron Of Mutiform Negation Mcd [Paragon Rec.]

Serbia's Kozeljnik return with their second release for the mighty Paragon Rec. six songs of dark,eerie black's defintly black metal but

their is a lot going on with this band musically.mixing raw black metal guitars with some fast blast beats with some grim black metal.Kozeljnik also have a melodic side with deep clean male vocalsin a few of the tracks.Kozeljnik have released a great second release.

Permanent Midnight--Under The Blood Moon cd [Paragon Rec]

Permantent Midnight was a black,death band from the Pennsylvania's a shame they didn't last longer.After hearing this RE-release.Permanent Midnight play barbarbic black/death metal.Raw guitars pounding drums and demonic shrieks each song while primitive and straight forward the songs are different from one another.If you are a fan of nineties raw uncomprising black/death then get a copy of this before it sells out.

Root--Kargeras cd [Paragon Rec]

Legedary Root from the Czech Repupbulic has been active in the scene for decades.and have had many releases as well as re-releases.Originally released in 1996 Kargeras is roots fourth masterpiece of dark heavy metal.slow to mid paced guitars excellent drums.Big Boss does a great job on his vocals.If you are a long time fan or a newer fan of Root this is a great release with some demo tracks incuded

Storm Breeder--The Knave cd [Paragon Rec.]

This is defintly not what I iwas expecting from Paragon Storm Breeder play semi melodic heavy metal.with a lot of great guitar work and solos.The music is not bad but not my favorite release from the label.The vocals are decent and the music is pretty good.If you enjoy progressive thrash with a lot of complex guitar work then defintly check this out soon.