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Interview With GraveHill done by Patrick

Metal Hails
Here is a new interview I just received from Mike and Gravehill.If you are not familiar with Gravehill and love old-school death metal that is played heavy you are missing out on one of the best bands in the world. I could go and on but instead i'll shut up and let Mike tell you all about it.

Interview with Mike Abominator vocalist for Gravehill done by Patrick

1.Hails Mike how is your week starting out? When did you all get the idea to form Gravehill? When did you all get the idea to form Gravehill?

MIKE: All is well when I wake up in the morning Patrick! I can't complain from there on out. Life is too short! hahaha. Gravehill was actually formed in the year 2000 by Thorgrimm and some other, old friends of ours Mike Apocalypse and Shane Bastard Demon. Those guys were spewing out some dastardly, old style death metal, rooted in the 1980s and ugly as fuck. At the time, I was just a friend that hung around at their practices and did drugs and drank booze. Once they called it quits, I was bummed out. Fast forward to 2006 and Thorgrimm and I were chatting one day and it was decided to get a full on old school death metal band going. I mentioned that I FUCKING LOVED the name Gravehill and the whole concept about the band. The mission and how the band attitude was, everything about it. We actually wanted to get Mike Apocalypse involved but he lived up north and was focused on other projects at the time. But he gave me his blessing to move forward with it and Gravehill was back. We got going with writing and getting ready for our live debut throughout 2007 and the first shows and tours, along with the demo, all came about in that year of 2007.

2.What is the current line up for Gravehill? For the readers who have never heard Gravehills music how would you describe It?

MIKE: Our current line up is Myself on Vokills and Diatribes, CC DeKill on the First Axe of Death, Hell Messiah on the 2nd Axe of Death, Corpse on Blower Bass and Mt. Death Metal Thorgrimm on Coffins and Drums. Gravehill's "music"(sic) is a putrid stench of rotten death metal terror that reeks of blood, piss and booze. Pure caveman metal that attacks the senses and rapes the soul. It's simple and straight forward metal of death that will make you shit yourself. Sounds fun as fuck ey?!??!

3.How did you all come in contact with the great label Dark Descent Rec.? Besides the Death Curse cd do you all have any other merchandise available?
MIKE: Back in late 2010, our time with Ibex Moon Records had come to an end. And we needed a label that could step up to the plate and get our next album out. We had just been asked to play the esteemed Maryland Death Fest and our goal was to get our 2nd album out by the date of the fest, so we could sell it there. We had a short list of labels to speak with and Dark Descent was on that list. Matt was honest and up front and said he could do what we wanted, it was that simple. So we decided to jump on with Dark Descent Records. I had been in contact with Matt since his early days of the label and I always enjoyed what he was putting out, especially those killer demos he helped with. So it was a "no brainer" so to speak.

Yes, we have a few CD copies of our debut album "Rites of the Pentagram" and both vinyl and CD copies of our 2nd album "When All Roads Lead to Hell". We also have many different shirt designs and different types of patches available.

4.Gravehill recently released their third cd "Death Curse" How long did it take you all to write the songs for this release? Does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

MIKE: Once we got our guitar players in the mix, back in Jan 2012 (CC DeKill and Hell Messiah replaced Bodybag Bob and Matt Hellfiend) we started writing right away. We banged out 4-5 songs right away, then wrote the rest throughout 2013. We were actually all done writing the album in mid 2013. The whole band contributes. I think CC DeKill wrote most of the riffs on "Death Curse". Hell threw in a couple 2-3 as did Corpse and I, who threw in 2 or 3. Grimm helps shape the ideas/structure of the songs. As do I at times. But I feel this is a true collaborative effort. Someone will come in with a riff or 2/some ideas for a song and we all help put it together like a puzzle. It's a great formula.

5.Who usually takes care of the lyrics? what are some subjects you all write about?

MIKE: I handle all of the lyrics. Grimm will come up with songs titles quite a bit. Between him and I, we usually come up with good shit. But I will write all of the lyrics within a song. The guys all have their ideas as far as cadences, where to put chorus parts and backing vocals. And I look to them for advice as to how stuff fits and sounds. So again, we are a team in that aspect. MOST of the stuff that I come up with the guys will like. The subjects I write about include, but are not limited to: Satan, Death, Killing, Blood, Murder, Going to Hell, Massacres, War,ya know, all of the good stuff! haha. Mostly just a big pot of killer,dark subject matters out there.

6.Does Gravehill have any tours/shows planned for 'Deathcurse"? If yes where are some places you will be playing? Who are some bands you will share the stage with?

MIKE: We will be supporting New Zealand maniacs Diocletian on their short west coast tour stop in mid May. That will include stops in the Bay Area and Portland, Oregon. Then we head out to the forest to slay at the annual FESTUM CARNIS FESTIVAL with Nunslaughter, Inquisition, Witchaven, Night Nurse and many, many others during that 3 day massacre. We are currently in talks with some promoters about another big festival in the Bay Area up north later in the year, but nothing official just yet. And we are also in talks with some local friends about doing a big show here in L.A. with a legendary death metal band or two, but I can't mention anything just yet as it's not official. SO STAY TUNED MANIACS!!!!!!!!!!!

7.Who have been some bands you've played with in the past? Any great shows stick out as your favorite one? If you could set up a dream tour/show who are some bands you would love to play with{past or present}

MIKE: Fuck man, so many. I guess the bands that really stick out in my memory as the best we have shared the stage with are Massacre with Kam Lee, Aura Noir, Entombed, Napalm Death, Cardiac Arrest, Hirax, Voivod, Nuclear Assault, Immolation, Repulsion, Destroyer 666, Cianide, Machetazo, Nunslaughter, Impaled Nazarene, Miasmal, Acheron, Extreme Noise Terror, Macabre, Ghoul, Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Sadistic Intent, Incantation, Doom, Goreaphobia, Mortician, Embalmer, Insanity, Impiety, Order From Chaos, Nausea, Dead Conspiracy, Bone Sickness, Bloody Phoenix, Dead Congregation and the list goes on.

8.In your opinion what does the underground mean to you?

MIKE: Life. Plain and simple. For those who understand and "get it", THIS is our LIFE! The underground is where it all starts. This is where you find stuff for the first time. I'm a lifer! Not afraid to admit it. I never "grew" out of it. It is everything to me. My friendships made! My music and noise made! The memories! The connections of pure happiness! It's a special thing!! It means the world to me. The deep underground noise movement has kept me alive, out of prison and for the most part, TOGETHER in mind and spirit. The positive influence it has had on me in my life is IMMEASURABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.The band comes out of California metal scene what is your opinion of the scene in California?

MIKE: There are some of the best and most die hard heads here in California. From the coasts down in San Diego, all the way up to Eureka and the Oregon border, there are some of the greatest people around that support what we do! At the same time, it's very hard to get people to come to shows at times since there are so many bands and gigs that might happen at the same time and everything is so spread out. We are all spoiled in the big city with many options as to just what to do with any given day/night! hahaha. Venues in the underground are also hard to come by at times as they come and go and seem to close down quite a bit. Another down side to our scene here is the amount of hipsters that seem to like "certain" metal bands that have a "buzz" attached to them at times. These fuckers are like a plague I tell ya! The trendies don't offer real support and they come and go like all of those lost venues. They stand around the venue with their arms folded and their "cool" band shirts and fancy mustaches. On the bright side, when we can pack the place full of maniacs and the Decibel Rituals are ravaging, all is right in our death metal universe.

10.Who are your all-time favorite bands from California?Are their any new bands you can recommend to the readers?

MIKE: Some of our biggest influences and a lot of my all time favorite bands are from California. Autopsy, early Slayer, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, Terrorizer, Possessed, Exodus, Cirith Ungol, Exhumed, Vio-Lence, Sadus, W.A.S.P., Dystopia, Insanity, Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, Nausea, Morgion, Excruciating Terror, Attitude Adjustment, Infest, Final Conflict, Sacrilege BC, Excel, Holy Terror, Verbal Abuse, old Suicidal Tendencies and many more! Some killer newer era bands I like from California are Unholy Lust, Madrost, Scolex, Icon of Phobos, Execution, The Death Kings, Witchaven, Necrot, Old Coven, Mortuous, Ritual Torture, Ghoulgatha, Bloody Phoenix,

11.Mike you handle the vocals for Gravehill when did you start singing in bands?Who are some of your favorite singers?

MIKE: I actually started playing guitars and bass back when I first started in 1990. I did backing vocals here and there, but never really fronteda band until Gravehill in 2006. My favorite singers are Sam Cooke, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Little Richard, Ozzy Osbourne, Otis Redding, Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and James Brown. As far as heavier music: Kam Lee, Chris Reifert, Cronos, Tom Angelripper, Evil Chuck, John Tardy, LG Petrov, Per Boder, Mike Perun, Adam Scott, Scott Carlson, Ross Dolan, Tom G Warrior and many more.

12.Do you play any other instruments? If yes what are they?

MIKE: I do play. Guitar, bass and I fuck round with keyboards and piano (but I'm horrible at it! haha)

13.when not working on band stuff what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

MIKE: Spare time is few and far between for lifers like us! hahaha. We all have 2 or more bands going, or are very active in attending gigs and fests. But we are lucky to live in California with tons of shit to do. I try to not be too fat or lazy though, yet it's hard! hahaha. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, going to other gigs, visiting with friends, hanging with family, hiking, watching movies and good TV shows, hiking and getting outside (the GREAT outdoors!), cooking, reading, writing and a few other hobbies. Since we live in such a spread out enviroment, a lot of us here in California spend A LOT of our time in our cars/trucks.

14.Well we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final words/comments for the readers?

MIKE: Mighty Hails to you Patrick for the interview! EVERYONE.... GO GET "DEATH CURSE" NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! For CDs/Vinyl, go to: For official shirts go to: ALSO, A MIGHTY HAILS TO ALL FROM OUR HORDE OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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