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Italy's Heretical done by Patrick

Metal Hails
here is a new interview with Heretical from the Italy underground Black Metal scene .The band Heretical has released their new cd through Paragon Rec. called " 'Daemonarchrist "Daemon Est Devs Inversvs.
defintly worth checking this band out as soon as you can.

Interview with Azmeroth guitarist for Heretical done by Patrick Ode To War webzine

1.Hails Azmeroth!! thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Azmeroth: Of Course. Heretical were born in 1994 when didn’t exist any kind of Black Metal yet, at least here in Sicily. At that time, it wasn’t absolutely easy to talk about extreme music, all were almost exclusively interested to the Grunge. Initially we were known as Immolator, and with that moniker we recorded three demoniac tapes: De Profundis ’94; Demonmetal ’95 and I.n N.omine R.ex I.nferi ’96; then, in 1996 after a series of problems we were forced to change name in the actual one, Heretical. Since 1996 to present we produced two albums, De Occulta Philosophia ’98, Ars Infera ’01 and two EP’s, Shub Niggurath ’97 and De Praestigiis Daemonum '04 and a series of demos and rehearsal tape.

2.The band was originally formed in 1994 under the name "Immolator" why did you decide to change the name and how did you come up with Heretical? Does it have a special meaning?

A: If I remember correctly, there are two main reasons. The first regards the similarity with Immolation, and such situation didn’t satisfy us; second reason was about OWL (first bassist and co-founder of the band) that in 1996 was fired from the band taking for himself the merits of the band’s name and creating too much confusion. Therefore, to avoid future problems about the rights, we decided to change name in HERETICAL, taking inspiration directly from a famous song of Possessed, “the Heretic”.

3.What is the current band line-up today? For the readers who have never heard your music how would you best describe it?

A. Today the Heretical’s line-up is formed by Azmeroth Szandor - Guitars (Bass Studio); Orias Howard - Keyboards and Vocals; Arymon Nema - Drums and the newcomer Argus Szator – Guitars.
It isn’t simple to describe my music, but I can try. Especially I want to describe our last album, a record more instinctive and direct which presents experimental tracks and new solutions that we have adapted to our style. We are very satisfied to final result. The new songs are very hard, violent black metal.

4.How did the band come in contact with Mike and Paragon Rec.? Are you happy with the job he did for the cd release? Do you all plan to work with him again?

A. I simply sent Deamonarchrist the promo to Mike and he immediately contacted me to propose me to be part of Paragon’s rooster. After months of consultations we decided by mutual agreement to collaborate. I’m absolutely satisfied also because Mike was very fast and we have an excellent treatment. I hope to carry on to collaborate with the Paragon Rec. in the future, even if I want to say that the Paragon will deal out the new album throughout the U.S. while for Europe will be the Beyond Production to deal out it.

5.How long did it take you all to write the cd 'Daemonarchrist "Daemon Est Devs Inversvs"? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one or two of you usually handle everything?

A. Really it was very simple to compose this album. I think I took a couple of months to compose it, while the recording was very complicated, we spent almost 4 years . To 90% I composed the songs, as for all the
albums of Heretical but unlike the previous albums in Deamonarchrist there was a good agreement with the other members of the band.

6.Who usually takes care of the lyrics? What are some topics you all write about?

A. The lyrics of the new album were written by me and Orias, in the specific case of Deamonarchrist we wanted to talk about the horrors of the Christian church, it is not a concept album but it has a theme that embraces each song.

7.Does Heretical play very many "live" shows/tours? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with? If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands {past or present] you would love to play with?

A. We don’t love very much playing live, because in Italy there are no spaces suitable for supporting a worthily black metal especially in the south, though things are slowly changing. Open for Venom and Danzig, it would be a dream.

8.Heretical comes out of the Italy scene I have been a fan of Italy metal for some years now what is your opinion of Italy's scene?

A. Honestly I don’ t see a big scene, metal is slowly dying in Italy. I don’ t think we are ready to a musical scene ... I am very sorry to say but it's the truth.

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite Italy bands? Are their any new bands you can tell the readers about?

A. For many years I loved Death SS, even if today doesn’t have the fascination a few years ago, then the Necromass, Bulldozer, Schizo, Nuclear Symphony, Electrocution. Among the modern bands I cite Krigere Wolf, Deathwork, Dormin, Khephra and many other.

10.You started Heretical back in 1994 what is your opinion of the metal scene today compared to the 80's and early 90's?

A. I am a nostalgic, today everything has changed. I miss so many things from the past, there’ s no the enthusiasm and the emotion of the past. Metal is in the process of extinction. There isn’t the passion that was once upon a time. Today we talk more and more about money and less and less of lifestyle, attitude, darkness.

11.What does Black Metal mean to you?

A. The life.............

12.Are you or any members of Heretical working/playing in other bands or solo projects?

A. I have many collaborations and projects as Lucifuge, Krigere Wolf, Deathwork, I also collaborated in the past with the historic thrash metal band Schizo ...

13.Azmeroth you play the guitars for the band when did you become interested in playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when first learning?

A. I am totally self-taught and that's okay. I would liked to study music, but it was impossible to do . I started playing for the first time when I heard the sound of an earthquake as Venom, thanks to them, I approached to the Black Metal.

14.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

A. My favorite guitarists are Mike Scaccia and Brian McPhee. Yes!!! I also play bass guitar and drums.

15.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have anything you would like to add before we close the interview?

A. I would to remember that is came out our new album Deamonarchrist, a powerful record angry and dark.

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